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Found 117 results

  1. Hi. Patiently awaiting to hear from CO...kinda have been hoping for a direct grant. Having doubts now tho...should I have had my docs certified? They are all colour scanned copies but none have been certified. TIA
  2. Hi all, This is a very specific ask and I am not sure if I have put it in the right forum, but here goes. I have my 189 visa and I am moving to Perth. I am a teacher. To teach in WA I need to apply to the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA) I have done that from the UK. But. And this is the big but where I am drawing blanks- I need an Australian citizen to certify my documents who is registered to work in their profession in Aus from the list of occupations on this document: I live in the NE of the UK. If I go to the embassy in London they charge £41 per document!!! I need about 10 docs certifying! Which is unaffordable and unrealistic. I can’t wait until I am in Aus as there is a time limit, and I will not be there within the time limit. So I am reaching out to the community to see if anyone has contacts with an Australian citizen living in the UK who can certify some documents for me!! ??? Any info or help would be greatly appreciated! Anyone been through this? What did you do?
  3. Hi I'm resident in Australia and in the process of selling my UK house - I need to get some ID documents certified for use in the UK. If I get documents certified by a Justice of the Peace (JP) here in Australia, will these certified copies be considered valid in the UK (Wales), or I do need to use a solicitor? I would like to use a JP rather than a solicitor as the JP is free. Thanks very much.
  4. Hi all, This is my first post! My partner and I have found this site extremely useful for other things, so first of all a big thank you and congratulations to anyone who's recently received their visa! My questions is regarding getting documents certified. I have photocopies of both our passports certified, and we both have certified copies of our birth certificates. Do other documents, such as tenancy agreements, utility bills, invitations, cards and any other supporting evidence have to be certified copies as well? Or can they just be colour photocopies? If anyone could please share with me their experience with this part of the application, I would really appreciate it. We are applying for a 309 de facto visa, and have lived together for approximately 22 months. We are submitting the application without an agent and are almost ready to send it off. Thanks very much! :biggrin: Chris
  5. Hi everyone, I am preparing to lodge 175/176. I am in the process of getting my documents certified. I am worried about those documents which are printouts of soft copies/emails. For eg., payslips, emails and even ACS assessment letter. These are either scan copies received by email or internet printouts. How to get these certified - because there really are no originals. Regards, Joy
  6. Guest

    Certified Documents

    Hey all I am having real trouble getting certified documents done for the ANMAC(Nursing and Midwifery). I wondered if anyone else has used a doctor for this or does it have to be a listed member i.e lawyer. confusing??? any help would be good thanks Paul
  7. Hey all I thought I would share our experience of getting our certificate copies certified up here in Scotland. We got a few done a few months back at a Solicitors and were very lucky as they only asked us to donate something to their charity box in the office. Then I read on here that a Justice of Peace can do it for free in Scotland also. So for the main application we contacted the council who gave us a list of names, I then called one two days ago and he said to pop around his house this evening. He sat there and very kindly signed 20 odd documents for us and didn't ask for a penny...he said he wasn't able to accept anything anyway, monetary or gift (although we did leave a bottle of something) and that's it. All done and dusted within a few days. I just wanted to post this for anyone in Scotland to show how easy it is Especially after hearing so many stories where people have paid a fee per document! Away to finally put in our main application...soooo excited!
  8. mwgster

    E-Visa - Certified Documents

    Hi, I have completed my 175 Visa Application on-line. Most of the documents that I have uploaded are photocopies that have been certified by a solicitor. However, our birth certificates are genuine certified copies (i.e. from the registry office and not photocopies). I have uploaded these, in colour, but they have not been stamped by a solicitor as it states they are genuine certified copies in the header.. Is this OK? Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks Martin :biggrin:
  9. adamexmouth

    degree certificates certified

    Can anyone help?. I am trying to find out where the best place is to get my Degree certs verified for the skills assessment.
  10. Danandclaire

    Certified copies?

    We have our solicitor lined up to help us with our copies but have what's probably a daft question - do we take originals and copies and our solicitor stamps them or do we take just the original and she copies and stamps? Thank you all
  11. Hi guys may I just ask since im planning to apply for ss in wa, does all my documents need to be certified? And do I need proof of funds just like other states usually they require $20,000 aud but in the wa website i cant find any stating how much is the proof of funds. Also, im applying for architectural draftsperson occupation since the ielts requirement is lower like only 6 band in all parts, though im an interior designer, i do have 3 year relevant work experience as an archi draftsman so i hope there will be no problem for that.
  12. Danandclaire

    Where to get certified copies

    Hi all, we are just about ready to submit our partner visa application and have collected up our evidence...... Where has everyone got their certified copies from? Thanks in advance!
  13. path2aus

    Notorized or Certified

    Hello All, I am preparing the documents for ACS submissing and I am confused about the Notorization/Certification of my docs. I have been calling few local lawyers here in illinois, USA and none of them certify documents, so I am kind of confused. Are notorised copies enough for ACS/DCIA or do they have to be certified. Please let me know. If certified copies are necessary, do you guys know who does that in the US? I learnt that Notory public in the state of illinois do not have the power to certify documents and this is beginning to be a road block for me. Thanks for the help.
  14. Source I will need to get a number of copies of documents (passports, birth certificates, university degrees, etc) certified. Q1 - I am in Australia - Where do I go, and what defines certified? i.e. Who can they be, what details do they need to put down, etc Q2 - Will they sign everything? Would a police station not question a photocopy of a university degree from England? I am just going off the checklist, but apart from my birth certificate, passport (and maybe my degree?)... Q3 - ...do I need anything else certified? I already have signed letters from my previous employees in England, so no problems there. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hey guys so i've started to get the ball rolling with my 309 partner visa. Decided to do it ourself's and have a quick question. Just in regards to the documents needed in the Part I document checklist i am wondering what everyone included with their application. What is a "Certified copy"? We are currently in England and I "Being the Australian" need to send a certified copy of my birth certificate. The original is in Australia with my parents. Also just what people included for evidence of relationship? do i need to send in photo's, email's, things like that. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  16. Right, about a month after our initial deadline we're nearly read to get our application handed-in. Just waiting on the last couple of stat decs to wind their merry back through the postal system from Oz. I just wanted to make sure I don't miss anything obvious. One thing that I'm unsure about is the document certification requirements. I have previously read the following in a forum post which has been extracted from an email from DIAC: Do I send Originals or Copies of my Documents? We require originals of character clearances only. You should provide certified/notarised copies of key documents such as birth, marriage and divorce certificates. In all other cases provide simple photocopies of supporting documents such as rental agreements, bank statements, insurance documents and the like. However, this was dated 2009. Can anyone confirm that it is still OK to send non-certified copies of documents such as bank statements, bills, etc and just get the important ones certified (passports etc)? Has anyone had any problems with non-certified documents?
  17. Hi We are currently in the process of applying for visa 176 skilled sponsored Kelly (34) Alex (34) Gracie (2) We have submitted all the paperwork to the Victoria State for sponsorship so now awaiting the decision. My husband's job comes under telecommunications linesworker and I am now sorting out all the paperwork to get his skills assessed by TRA. Has anyone recently submitted documents or can anyone advise where or who can certify the relevant documents? have tried my local police station but they are not willing to help! My cousin is a police officer in Essex but i'm not sure if this would be acceptable? do the documents need to be stamped? Any other advice would be appreciated Thanks
  18. Guest

    documents and certified wording

    This might be a stupid question but we're about to lodge our 176 and need some documents certified. Firstly- do we need every single document/payslip that isn't colour certified? (payslips are email print offs) Secondly- A JP is going to certify them for us- what wording does she put? Thanks all x
  19. Almost done guys, the mrs is goin for her medical tomorrow so we can front load our app. police check done aswell.... just need documents certified now... Which ones should be certified? Obviously we dont want to send anything original unless they request it because if it gets lost in the post we are back to square one. So Can we just send a photo copy of everything? And which ones should be certified? Cheers
  20. I have certified copies of some documents dated 11 Jan 2011. Could I use the to apply for a visa nowadays?
  21. traceyd

    certified documents!

    Hi all, I am having problems getting my documents certified. I contacted my local Magistrates court - Gloucester and was told that they are charging £60 per document. I almost passed out there and then. I have about 10 documents, and need 3 copies of each (for skills assessment, AHPRA, and visa). This will amout to £1800. Does anyone know of where I can go to for a cheaper option close to Gloucester. Thanks. Tracey
  22. Guest

    EVERYTHING certified?????

    I am almost ready to send away my onshore partner visa application...when the booklet says everything must be photocopied and certified. does that mean every little bank statement, letter, photograph... everything?? as part of our evidence we have included a letter i sent to him when we were apart for a few weeks...so does that need to have each page of the letter photocopied and certified and the original envelope too??? sorry if this seems like a stupid, obvious question but i'm at the fretting stage where every little thing seems like a big deal!! thank you!!!!
  23. Another question about the partner visa, I'm afraid!! Any help would be much much much appreciated! I am Australian and sponsoring my husband on a partner visa and we are putting together all the documents. I am confused as to what is required to prove our marriage. The Partner Migration Booklet says you must provide "if you and your partner are married, a certified copy of the registry extract showing details of your marriage; Note: The department does not consider the decorative marriage certificate to be acceptable evidence of marriage." However, the actual visa form says to attached a "certified copy of marriage certificate". I rang the Australia Visa phone number and spoke to a girl today who told me that "she thinks" I only need to submit my marriage certificate but we obviously want to get it right the first time. We were married in Ireland and they have informed us that there is no way we can get a copy of the registry book at all as they have made all their files electronic. So sounds like we don't have a choice anyway! Has anyone had their visa approved on the basis of marriage certificate? As always, truly truly grateful for any help!! :confused:
  24. Guest

    Certified Document requirements

    Can anyone tell me if a scanned original document, eg: skilled assessment form, be acceptable for Online Visa Application? If not what is the best way to get a copy Certified without paying Solicitor fees?
  25. sebahat

    Certified copies

    Hi guys, I wonder if someone could help. My husband needs 87 documents certified. What`s the best way to do it without costing a fortune? Many thanks in advance