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Found 144 results

  1. Hello everyone! I thought of starting a discussion with people who migrated from Dubai to Adelaide in the past few years! People who have already applied for their skilled visas and are waiting to migrate are also welcome to join The idea is to connect with folks on topics like: 1) How do you find Adelaide vs Dubai? 2) Looking back did the move work out for you? 3) What are the things about Dubai you still miss dearly? 4) How did you manage landing your first job? 5) Any advice for people who will be migrating soon? I applied for my SA 489 visa along with my wife and baby in Jan 2019 and I’m currently waiting for my grant. Part of us is excited but another part of us is also anxious! Our reason for the move is to hopefully provide a better environment for our baby growing up and of course get PR at some point. We do live comfortably in Dubai but it is starting to get expensive (especially raising a child) and our careers are stagnating. This is what prompted us to consider migration Your contributions will be invaluable to us and I thank you all in advance!! Cheers!
  2. Hi Guys, Well by God's grace things seem to be progressing well and hopefully if we clear our Health Check then we seem to inch closer in acquiring a 489 Visa and considering it would take 5 to 6 months i.e. May - June we should have our visa in our hand. If things go as per plan then we intend doing our landing in Sept - Oct 2018 but I have many queries on how to go about it? We are a family of 4 (2 children aged 9 and 4) which suburb in Adelaide do we decide to live in and what should be the criteria while choosing a suburb ? (close proximity to the city, schools, public transport etc) considering that there wont be any income when we reach, what is the monthly outgoing should we expect? We plan to rent 2 bedroom apartment / house. can my children get admissions in a government school? ( i know it wont be free as I am on a 489 visa) and what would the fee structure be like? (Grade 6 and Grade 1) what is the best way to scout for jobs? appreciate if anyone can share a template of CV's that are normally followed. are rental properties normally furnished or unfurnished? can we get a short term rental where we can be flexible to move out once we decide on the suburb we want to live in? I would also appreciate any additional info that you think can be useful, like from your own experiences, lessons learnt, do's and don'ts etc. Thank you. KPG
  3. My husband, 1 year old baby and myself are in the process of applying for a 176 visa. Ielts passed, skills assessment complete, case officer assigned. Then the bombshell. My husband has a 12 year old daughter who he sees 2-3 times a year if hes lucky. Immigration are saying she is our dependant child but she isnt as her mother has legal custody. Anyway DIAC are saying she needs a medical even though she is not migrating with us. The problem is there is no way on this earth her mother will let her have a health check for the sake of us moving to Australia. We have hit a brick wall big time and dont know where to go from here, DIAC just keep telling me she has got to have the check end of storey. Has anyone else been in this situation?? please get in touch if you have, would love to hear how you delt with it. Thanks Vicky :arghh:
  4. We are having a bit of a problem working out what a statutory declaration is. My partners’ daughter currently lives with her Mum but has decided that she wants to come to Australia too. In order to add her to my visa application we need a statutory declaration from her Mum (who has verbally agreed to allow her to come with us) proving her agreement and granting permission for the child to migrate to Australia. Can we write this declaration ourselves and have her Mum sign it witnessed by her GP or do we need to have this prepared by a solicitor? Does anyone have an example of one that you could PM me? I would really appreciate it. All assistance is gratefully received!! It is all very difficult and time is of the essence since we don’t want to delay the process even further!
  5. Hi all! New to the forum, but I have a burning question I've been wondering for a while. I'm a secondary science teacher, looking to migrate to Victoria at the end of this year/early next year. I enjoy teaching, and am looking forward to seeing whether the work life balance is any better over there. My question is; If I get a 189 visa granted, so I HAVE to get a teaching job over there? Say I taught for a year or so before deciding I'd had enough- could I just get another job in a different profession? Or would immigration people hint me down!?:laugh: I can't seem to find any restrictions regarding the 189 visa- are there any? Part of me thinks that unless I went onto claiming benefits, I'm sure it wouldn't be a massive issue. Or is this best saved until I've been there 4 years, become a citizen and then can no longer worry about the visa? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi all, I'm in the early process of migrating to Australia, preferably looking to move to the sub-urbs of Melbourne. I am looking to get some clear advice on the steps I need to take to be recognised over there as an electrician, employment prospects and general living. I'm 21 years old, served a four year apprenticeship, along with a further year and a half experience, gained my C&G 2330 level 2+3, 17th edition, AM2, NVQ level 3 2356 and inspection and testing 2391. I have extensive experience in all aspects of heavy industrial work and commercial work along with testing. I do also have moderate experience in agricultural and domestic work. I am also a JIB graded installation electrician (soon to be upgraded to approved electrician),- I already appreciate that a lot of people say none of my qualifications are recognised over there, but surely Electrical contractors over there can appreciate English equivalents along with written references, even my NVQ log book as evidence? Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance, Lewis.
  7. Hi everybody, I'm new to the forum, Can anybody help? I'm really keen to migrate to Australia preferable New South Wales with my partner who is a nurse and my two kids. I'm a hard working electrician who has crohn's disease, and worry that we may face problems with entering the country. I have an ileostomy and take regular medications which require routine blood checks every three months. however I do lead a normal healthy life. Does anyone know what steps to take regarding insurance/prescriptions ect. and most of all cost???? any help will be greatly appreciated. David.
  8. by way of berlin

    weighing up the UK vs Australia

    I've been reading these forums long enough to see that weighing up Australia versus the UK is sport around here, but it usually from the perspective of someone moving from - or back to - the UK. My wife has UK and Aus. passports, but for the past 10 years we've been living in Los Angeles and, more recently, Berlin. For a time, we were really trying to move to London (where we have friends) or Brighton (where we might be more likely to afford). We've been a bit put off by the difficulty of finding a school for our daughter, and since most of our friends don't have kids her age, they wouldn't be able to be much support. Also we have no family in England. But in terms of culture and lifestyle, I think it suits us well. When we learned that a second child was on the way, suddenly Melbourne started seeming like the more reasonable choice, in spite of the cost of living that seems London-esque from these parts. My wife's friends from school are living there with kids our daughter's age. We've gotten her into a good public school, we've already found a place to live till the end of the year. There is family in Perth. And with a visa coming in by September or so, I'll be eligible for getting funding for a PhD or something like that (whereas I'd need to wait for 5 years in the UK). To be honest, I'm pretty nervous about the isolation and cost. My wife is a little apprehensive about 'going back.' But it does seem like the more sensible option, since we'd be forcing the UK to work for us (in the same way that I think many in these forums seem to force Aus. when it might not really be a good fit). Maybe time will change my conception of what's sensible, who knows? But I have been enjoying lurking on these forums to try and get a sense for both sides of 'the fence'.. and which side the grass is greener on for the person who's not already on one of the sides.
  9. Fisher1

    Telling parents

    Hi all I have just been reading a post from yet another person quaking in their boots about the reaction from parent's to the news that their adult offspring are off to the other side of the world -er - for good. As a parent, can I make a suggestion to anyone in a similar position? TALK TO YOUR PARENTS. Parents are not all selfish monsters and most want their adult kids to have a good life. Apart from the occasional 'mummie dearest' most parents would put their kids' needs above their own when it comes to location, lifestyle etc. We just want you to be happy. Granted, I'd prefer my daughter to be happy a bit closer to home but hey, life's not perfect. I think that an early discussion about the possibility of emigrating, followed by frequent updates, is in the end much kinder than just suddenly dropping the information out of the blue. I also think that the 'trial year' approach could be helpful. We just need to get used to the idea. Nobody would say it was easy, but I for one appreciated the idea being broached gradually. Good luck all. Wishing you short lived hysterics and early visits. Plus lots of skyping. Kath
  10. Guest

    Transferring to UK school.

    Hi. this is my first post. Finding the site really useful. Having been in Oz for ten years, we are thinking of moving back home (yes the Uk is still home). We now have a 5 year old child and wonder how we go about finding schools etc. how long would we have to get him into a school? Although we know roughly where we would like to live, we don't have an exact location so are concerned about having to choose a school before we have bought a house and then perhaps having to move him again (something we really don't want to have to do). Is there a period of time a child can stay out of school for migration purposes? Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks so much.
  11. According to Australian immigration and citizenship minister, Chris Bowen, this year has seen India become the top source country with the largest number of immigrants to Australia. When visiting recently, Mr Bowen told The Times Of India: "The strongest link between Australia and India is people to people through immigration. India has for several years been our third largest source of permanent migrants. This year so far, India has been the largest source; it has beaten China and the UK." In the past there has been some negative press regarding attacks on Indian students when studying in Australia. Regarding this subject, he told The Times Of India: "Those incidents are in the past. Indian students are now again one of the highest numbers in Australian universities". Also mentioned were recent positive changes to the Australian international students program, potentially enabling more students to apply for the Australia visa application for students.
  12. This article made me smile: http://www.perthnow.com.au/fed-up-with-britain-and-heading-down-under/story-fn6mhct1-1226330320345
  13. Hi there, I have received a good quote from The Moving Partnership who have told me that Hamiltons Removals.co.uk will be conducting the move. Did anyone use this company or know anyone who has - looking for reviews as obviously it's a big decision to make! Thank you
  14. Hey all , it looks like almost everyone is either with someone ,Migrating to join someone or is migrating with a family ? I certainly feel like the minority , single no kids . At times i feel this is a bonus as everything to do with the process is what i want to do , certainly no arguments about wich state to go to or the other half hetting cold feet . Occasionally im a little down because it would be totally amazing to share this experience with someone Anyway , couples and families obviously need to sort out a home sooner rather than later , take care of the kids , school etc , get jobs as soon as possible to bring the money in and then hopefully settle into the new life . As a single chap im sort of the opposite end of the scale , Ive worked hard all my life ( im 36 BTW ) and when i cash in my UK life im going to use it as a once in a life time opportunity , with no commitments for the first time in 20 years , bank ballance in the black and no fixed abode im going to take 6 - 12 months out and tour OZ before getting back to reality and settling into WA ( i picked WA for work in the mines , 2 weeks on and a week off will suite me , and its pretty good pay , plus its probably very similer to my old job wich will be a good rourtine for me ) Getting a camper , starting in Darwin and going around clockwise , finishing up Geraldton area maybe a little further north ( is exmouth north of geradlton ?? ) Time and funds allowing i may start at perth and again go clockwise finishing in pereth 12 months later :-) What are your "single " plans , straight into work , tour a little , do u want to get stuck straight in , are you daunted by the fact youyr on your own , are you making decisive plans or just going to take it as it comes ?????? Thoughts and comments welcome . lee
  15. Hello dear forum members i think a was another victim of this confusion , i lodged a subclass 175 application on March 31st , in which when i got the question of mentioning my parent ( mother and father ) , i mentioned them in the area NON migrating dependents , as i thoughts it was the logic answer 2 days ago i got the e-mail from the CO , which advised me to add further documents ( PCC , MEDs , form 1023 ) here is what was mentioned in the form 1023 section " You have included in your visa application your parents. If you have included these applicants in error please submit the enclosed Form 1023 Notification of Incorrect Answers, requesting their removal from your visa application. " now i understand that i must have added them as OTHER family members So , i am filling now form 1023 , but there is a problem question 11 : do you have a partner and / or any dependents who are / were included in your application ? as i did actually wrote my parents as non migrating defendants by mistake in the application , i think i should list them in this answer . BUT , this means that i am going to be giving wrong information in 1023 i am confused , any help ?
  16. zara283

    Books about migrating to OZ

    Hi there Somewhere on here I posted a comment on someone's thread & someone replied with advice about a book I should get on migrating to OZ, for the life of me I can't find that thread!!! I just wondered if anyone knew what the book was called, that may help??!! Thank you!! :cute:
  17. zara283

    Books about migrating to OZ

    Hi there Somewhere on here I posted a comment on someone's thread & someone replied with advice about a book I should get on migrating to OZ, for the life of me I can't find that thread!!! I just wondered if anyone knew what the book was called, that may help??!! Thank you!!:cute:
  18. I applied for PR in Dec 2009. My wife application as 2nd applicant was deemed invalid because she was on a tourist and didnt hold a qualified visa for a PR application. Now i have got a CO and i was required to get a new medical. In the email from the CO mentions my wife as non-migrating member. She is still in Australia legally and waiting for a student visa. I have a a few questions to ask and hopefully you guys can clarify it for me: 1. what is non-migrating member? 2. I have talked to a few migration lawyer about my wife's situation and i was advised that she cant be added without a qualified visa so my plan was me getting my PR and apply a partner visa for my wife afterward. This non-migrating member thing is confusing me as does my wife has to submit extra documents as well? if she does then will she get PR when i do? Thanks a lot.
  19. I am currently living in the uk i am 21 years old and work as a builder! i am still at college just about to start my second year as a bricklayer so i have my certificate for when i come out to oz. would i be able to get a job even if i didnt have my papers? my partner of 4 years is also planning of coming to oz with me and she is currently in college on a artistic makeup course and she would like to pursue with that in oz?? i would be very grateful for any feedback
  20. Hi there, we have submitted our spouse visa application and have received a request for medicals for my husband's 2 non migrating children who wish to remain in the UK with their Mother. One of the children has been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum with Dyspraxia. How could this affect our application and what are the alternatives for migration. Myself and our three children are Australian Citizens - will this help the application? Any tips would really help. The medicals are booked for late September. Regards
  21. Guest

    Migrating with a young baby

    Hi All, Well we are finally doing it, we are making the move to Oz next month, myself, hubby and 10 month old baby. It feels a bit crazy but exciting at the same time. We are a bit worried about the flight for a couple of reasons. Firstly our little boy is crawling so with his new found freedom doesn't like to stay in our arms too long. Secondly is the issue of jet lag and adjusting to the time zone when we get there. We are travelling straight through, no stop offs and are lucky enough to have family in Oz to take baby once we get there. Does anyone have any experience of doing the long haul flight with a young baby and how best to (a) not go crazy on the flight and (b) get him to adjust to Oz time without having to stay up 24 hours a day for a month. :wacko: Any advice appreciated!!
  22. The Expat Explorer Survey focuses on expats’ experiences when bringing up children abroad. The report looks at which focuses on six key global locations the best opportunities and experiences for their children. Expats rated childcare, education, ease of integration, costs of raising children, time spent outside, and time spent taking part in outdoor activities. In addition, they also rated the relative ease in which they were able to do the following in their new country of residence. Read The Full Report Here Expat Survey Full Report Key findings One in three of the expats surveyed (31%) have dependent children (children under the age of 18) living with them abroad in a total of 26 different countries around the world. Of the top six countries (UAE, US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia), expats in Singapore are the most likely to have children who currently live with them (46%), while just a quarter (24%) of expats in the UK have dependent children. Generally, 37% of expats have experienced an increase in the quality of family life since moving abroad. Of the top six countries, Australia had the largest proportion of expat parents (55%) who reported an improvement in the quality of family life compared with where they used to live. Some expats reported that moving to the UK can have a negative effect on their family life – 45% reported a decline in quality compared with only 16% who reported an improvement. Australia Takes Best Overall for Children Of those countries surveyed as part of the Offshore Offspring report, expats living in Australia feel the country provides the best environment for healthy and active children. For example, parents report that these children are the most likely to spend more time outdoors than in their previous country. Children in Australia are more likely to have increased the amount of time spent playing sports (68% vs. 44% globally) and are also the most likely to spend less time watching TV and to eat healthily when compared with their home country; making Australia the best place for children to adopt a healthy way of living. Read The Full Report Here Expat Survey Full Report <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->__________________
  23. Children not migrating do they still have to have a medical ? I'm applying for defacto 309-100 & some of these forms are confusing :0l it says write em down if there over 18 if they migrating or not mine are below 18 ? Quite worried about it as I have 3 kids & medical for each would cost :0l what's the point if there not migrating :0 hope some1 on here knows about this as its worrying, thanks in advance Joy :0)x
  24. Danandclaire

    Medical for non migrating child

    We are migrating in January - my OH on a partner visa as I am a Aus citizen. He has a son by a previous relationship awho is not coming with us. His son lives with his mother who takes all financial responsibilty for him. Because of this we think he won't be considered a dependent and therefore won't need a medical. Has anyone got any idea? We have the opportunity to get him a medical and are wondering if we should just do it anyway if we may be asked by our CO???!!?!?
  25. paddymacs

    URGENT Non Migrating Family Members

    Hoping someone can help us we are filling out our ONLINE Visa application form it is asking us to provide details of ALL non migrating family members including parents does anybody know is this just for main applicant or do we need to fill out both our families hope to hear from someone soon thanks in advance