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Found 46 results

  1. Hello, if you are like me and interested in how long it is taking the high commission in London to process applications for Spouse, Defacto and interdependency (Subclass 309 via the 47SP application), then please add your details to this thread. 12weeks is their standard quoted time but it seems some are granted much faster, especially if front loaded (Medicals and police checks completed prior to submission). Please add your details if you submitted a 47sp Application for Subclass 309 Spouse visa, including the following information: Application Submitted: Case Officer (C/O) Email: Visa Granted: Please also include any additional information, like if you front loaded your application (ie, included your police checks and medicals), and also any additional information that may be useful (like if you were asked to complete an 80 form, if and what type of interview was required). If there is a better thread out there on this topic, Please paste a link to it.. Here is a short history I have gathered so far: (Sorry If I missed yours! Please add, I will Edit the Post so the list below is always comprehesive.) APPLICATIONS IN PROCESS: 30th April: Sent Application (Frontloaded with 80 form). 6th May: We have had no news yet 30th April - Visa application sent (spouse visa 309) 5th May - Money taken from account 11th May - Email from C/O asking for further information (Police Check & ID card) Sent UK police check and form 80 also. 25/4 - App Sent Front Loaded 27/4 - Payment Taken 6/5 - Email from CO stating application and that processing times are currently 3 - 4 months 24th April: Sent application 24th April:Medical done 24th April, should be sent on 29th April, police checks almost ready, will send by first week of May 2009 28th April: payment taken 11th may: contacted by c/o, requested to send police certs and form 80, 11th may 13th may sent police certs and form 80 17th April sent 309: (front loaded with meds and police checks) 20th April: Received and payment taken: 23th April:CO contact requesting more evidence 27th April: Further evidence sent 29th April: CO requested further evidence 9th May: Further evidence sent 13th May: CO contact stating enough evidence and requesting phone interview: 18th May: Phone interview arranged Submitted 15th April CO on the 17th with the standard letter, & requested further information which all in all we managed to provide by the 24th April. On the 24th we had an interview where our CO said he would be approving the application we just needed to get the police checks. On the 24th i also asked about the processing times and he said average was 4-12 weeks. The police checks were sent off and received on the 28th April and since then we have not heard anything further from the CO. Spouse visa application and police check sent 21.1.09... c/o contact 30.1.09...medical done 6.2.09.....and still waiting... COMPLETED SUCCESSFUL APPLICATIONS: (Post Creator - SR1992s timeline) 3rd April 2009: Sent Application for Spouse Visa subclass 309, using forms 47SP and 40SP (Fully front Loaded wtih PCs and Meds) 6th April 2009: C/O Replied & Payment taken 7th May: Got impatient and Phoned CO to check if more info is required, no information given other than standard line "3-4months processing time due to backlog of applications". 15 May: email from CO stating that the 309 was approved. No additional information or interview was requested. 9th April - sent Spouse visa application via registered mail from Ireland (We frontloaded with meds & police checks (no form 80).) 14th April - application received in London 15th April - money taken out of account 20th April - received photos back in the mail 5th May - rang Aus House, as we've had no confirmation of receipt (supposed to confirm within 3 weeks of receipt of application). The lovely lady said our application was with a case officer and we should hear something soon! it was actually approved on 16th April - we just never received the email to say so Defacto App sent 2nd March 09, C/O contact 18th March 09, VISA GRANTED!! 20th March 09 Sent the app on 26th Feb, 09 Visa granted 19th March 09 Date lodged: 9th November 2008 Case Officer Allocated: 18th November 2008 Sent Form 80, medicals & police certificate; 15th Dec 2008 VISA GRANTED: 19th January 2009 309 Visa sent 17/10/08, Email from CO 3/11, more info requested 13/11, sent back 28/11, phone ints 12/12 & 05/01, VISA GRANTED 09/01/09! Spouse Visa Application posted 8/11/08 Meds done 8/12/08 Visa granted 15/12/08 Lodged application 12th September 2008, C/O replied 14th Sept 09, Telephone interview 16th September Visa granted 19th September 2009 June 11th 2008 - Sent off visa application! June 18th 2008 - Request for further docs & form 80 July 2nd 2008 - Granted Spouse Visa! Defacto visa submitted 21.05.08 frontloaded Police checks Payment taken 22.05.08 Meds done 23.05.08 VISA GRANTED 17.06.08 application sent 14/04/08, payment taken 16/04/08, CO assigned 21/04/08, police & meds requested 21/04/08, police cert sent 06/05/08, meds sent 15/05/08, VISA GRANTED 21/05/08 Cheers!
  2. Hi everyone! Could some one please help me with this? I've been in Australia since 2002 and on a overseas student visa. I've met my partner, a 457 visa holder from UK (visa is valid for 4 years), one and half year ago and we've been living together for almost one year by now. As we both are quite serious with each other and are considering long-term commitment (leading to possible marriage), we would like to know after the 12month period for living together, what the process and steps to add me to the 457 visa as the de facto partner? Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Prior to yesterday's suspension, quite a few of us managed to lodge applications and are now sitting with fingers crossed, touching wood etc etc hoping our applications are accepted. There's also been speculation about how quickly [or not] these applications may be processed. Please could you add your details below and update on your progress? I'll start... Names: David & Nicky [he's the applicant] Visa Type: 176 QLD sponsored CSL: yes Job: .NET Developer Progress: got the TRN number and they've taken our money...
  4. Hi Everyone I Have been lurking around the forum for a while now as we have had our 175 visas for almost 3 years! One thing and another have kept us making the move, most recently a new baby! - Well a year ago already. My hubby has now been offered an amazing opportunity in Melbourne, fabulous relocation package and we are all set to go! This has happened within the last month so all been so quick! Our one problem now is we don't have the visa for my youngest and have been told it could take 7-8 months? We've also told she may be able to go in on a tourist visa until her visa is granted. The company taking us over in Oz is going to apply for the child visa for us I just wanted to see if anyone had had a similar experience and could offer any advice? We are looking at leaving end of June at the latest. Thanks Faye
  5. I’m trying to add additional baggage to my Qantas flight. On the website it says “Visit Manage Your Booking to purchase an Additional Baggage Allowance.” For the life of me I cannot find any options where I can pay to have my baggage allowance increased. :arghh: Have any of you experienced the same problems? TIA
  6. Hi there My partner and I just spent 1 year in Aus, he was on a WHV and me on a Student Visa and I want to go back again in May to do my 2nd year of study. We were going to go and get married in the Caribbean or Florida, but as we're going to Aus in May, we have now thought, we may as well get married in Aus when we get there. Although this raises visa questions. (We've been together since October 2008 but don't have enough evidence of Defacto, as when in the UK, we've always lived with relatives and friends and in Aus we lived with friends, so no proof of rental agreements etc and its actually too expensive for us to get our own place together for 12 months in the UK, when we're trying to save.) Getting married in the Caribbean would mean we could apply for a Student visa in UK online, like I did last time and then fly to Aus, no dramas. But if we want to get married in Aus, I'm guessing we'd have to go over there on a 3 month tourist visa first, get married, THEN apply for our Student Visa, whilst there. But I don't want to do this the wrong way, if maybe there is another way. Should we do that or should I apply for a Student Visa in the UK, then add him to it once we're married? P.S - if you're an agent that can advise and have a pretty good idea of what we should do, please contact as I WILL pay to get the right advice. Feeling confused Thanks Alial :err:
  7. As the tile says, we kind of have to take the old mum in law, cannot leave her on her own here, so where is the form on the DIAC site where I can add it to my current 176 visa? im sure its there somewhere, any pointers would be kindly recieved:wubclub:
  8. Hi, Do we really have to pay DIMA Aud 1,100.00 to get a sub class 136 P.R visa for our baby daughter ? we are living in UK now and relocating in october. This seems extorsion at best :mad:and they want 3 months to process it and medicals etc. we are thinking of just bringing her with us on a tourist visa and then as we are staying indefinitiley it is not really our problem. anyone know how to reduce this horrible cost ?
  9. Hi We are in the process of filling in the 1022 form to add our baby to the visa. I have just looked io the website to add the documents electronicly and it has asked for visa details which I have and then a password. I don,t ever remember using or having a password. Has anybody else come accross this. The whole thing just confusses me. We did not apply online we used paper application. Thanks for any replies and help . Just wanting to get it all sorted now. Karen x
  10. Hi Guys, We are thinking of applying our 176 online, however our SS has not arrived yet. Please advise, should we wait till our SS arrives or shall we go ahead and apply now 176 and upload Sponsorship later. Will there be any problems later, I know, earlier upgrade from 175 to 176 was allowed but not now. Please advise, we want to apply before the rules change again. Suggestions?
  11. woodymcfc

    How do you add your timeline ?

    Hi All, I know i've seen it somewhere on PIO before but cant find it, how do you attach your timeline to the bottom of your posts ????...................Thanks
  12. Hi, Please can someone help. My husbands kids (from a past relationship) mother has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. They are 18 & 23. We have been state sponsored and have just been requested to go for the medicals. Is there anyway we can add them to the visa application as dependants so they can come with us or is it too late. We have not mentioned them coming with us yet as we did not want to get their hopes up. As you can imagine it is a terrible time for us all but I could really do with knowing what the options are - many thanks
  13. Guest

    PLz add timeline on spreadsheet

    Plz add your time line on this link so we have latest info Only for CAT 2 applicants:wink: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=trvSLEeXO8luhhU03UkoI8g&hl=en#gid=0
  14. Hi I have a skilled independent visa. I came over to Australia but it didn't work out. I had to return to the UK and have since met my partner. Together we are looking at moving down under. Does anyone have any advice about how to add her to my visa. We have been together for well over 12 months. Thanks in advance.
  15. I studied in Australia for 1.5 years and graduated with Bachelor of Psychological Science. Hence, I do not meet the requirement to apply for PR. I do not meet the 2 year requirement and B. Psychological Science is not accredited by APS. Can I do Tafe courses like aged care or community services so that I'll meet the 2 year requirement? Other than that, my partner has already lodged his PR application almost 2 years ago but he is still on his bridging visa. Is it possible for me to add onto his application? We've been together for 8 years. Please help. Thanks , Lin
  16. kellyjamie

    TAS SS Timeline Thread - pls add

    Morning to all you tassie hopefuls! So i thought we could do the same as all the other states and have our own timeline for state sponsorship and visa grants? Dont think its been done yet but apologies if it has, and if so Mods could you merge Thanks kel xx I,ll start altho were just at the start..... Name: KellyJamie Trade/profession: Youth Worker Visa type: 176 Date of SMP Applications: 30 Dec 2010 Confirmation SS received: 5 Jan 2010 Date of SMP Granted: 12 Jan 2010 Onshore/offshore: offshore Medicals submitted: Police check submitted: Date CO assigned: Date of employment verification (If applicable): Date of Visa application: Nationality: British High/Low Risk: Low Date visa granted: Good luck everyone xx
  17. Hi All I have lodged evisa ( SA SS 176) application at 3rd Dec, 2010. I made a big mistake, forgot to provide my family members information in the application who are non migrating. But last week i have uploaded/attached all required docs to website. There in Form_80 i have given all necessary family members information. I actually found the mistake when i was submitting form 80. Now i do not know what to do? Is it a big mistake? or how DIAC will treat this mistake? Anybody has faced this kind of problem before? If so, then what is the way to add further info in a lodged application. Please help.:sad: BR// Scorpio123 Skill Assessment: 5/06/2010, SA SS Applied: 09/11/2010, SA SS Recvd: 24/11/2010, Visa Application (176) Lodged: 03/12/2010.
  18. hi guys, i have applied for my gsm visa ( 885) in may 2010, i m getting married in april 2011 and my would be wife is on a student visa in australia and her visa will finish in august, at present i m on bridging visa, so i juat want to know that after our marraige can she stay with me as a dependent because we will be married at that time, but the problem is that when i applied for my gsm visa i was single at that time and i m going to get married now, i m really confused i donot know what to do, plz assist me, waiting anxiously for ur replies
  19. Guest

    Can I add IELTS

    Hi everyone, I need to know can I add a successful IELTS test to my GSM visa which I applied for in June 2009? I made a mistake in my visa application by claiming the full points for my english, thinking because I'm english I could (Doh!!!) as I can't this leaves me 5 points short of the 120 mark. So could I sit a IELTS test now, pass then add it to my visa application? Any info or advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks Sanks
  20. My family were hoping to move to Sydney, my husband is AUstralian and I am a permanent resident. We have three young children. My husband will have a salary of around $100k. I had hoped not to work initially. We have a deposit of $70k. Turns out we are not able to borrow more than enough for a small shed!! ($380k) We wanted to live in an 'affordable' area 45 mins outside Sydney where threebedroom houses range around $600-$700k (consider that this is relatively 'cheap' for Sydney). So for a family with an average (high for average OZ) income, you aren't able to buy an average house!! With the same money, we are able to buy a three bedroom house in greater London, certainly a decent house 45 minutes comute from London. I just don't understand!! All you guys who have bought in Sydney, what sort of money are you earning, what sort of deposits have you had in order to secure an average house? ANd obviously millions of people live closer to the City/beach, requiring even more money! We (naiveley) thought our money would take us further in Oz. Looks like our AUssie dream has crumbled instantly (don't tell us to go elsewhere please, this is where we want to be, also: property prices are the same in Perth but salaries lower, Adelaide, lower property prices but no relevant jobs etc etc)
  21. I'm starting this thread for all the Primary School Teachers waiting for the new SS lists. Not sure if Primary Teachers are going to be on any state lists but if anyone does come across any information please do post on this thread. We are currently at the bottom of the pile (Cat 6/7) even TA's have made it on to the Western Australia priority occupation list but no sign of Teachers. Thanks 175 submitted May 2009 waiting :arghh:
  22. Oh's son isnt coming with us but we had added him to our 176 incase he changed his mind. we are now doing a 457 application, should i also add him to this, does it make any difference that hes not coming and wont be visiting till november at the earliest??
  23. Hello People in PIO, I am planning to apply for 886 visa within two weeks and interested to add my GF in my application who currently lives in UK as a post-study visa valid until 2012. Can I be able to add her in my Family Sponsored PR (886) visa as because we are not married yet but will once she will arrive here? As well I am also not sure, whether I should add her now or later? What are the advantages of adding her when I am applying for 886 visa or later (for example after 2 to 3 months when she will get her IELTS result, which she hasn't done yet)? And when she is likely to come in Australia? Is it only after when I will be granted my "PR" or before that? Please need advice.
  24. Guest

    Add spouse after lodgment

    Hi, i have lodged my visa application in Oct 2009 SS Vic nonCSL as main applicant as my bf didn`t want to migrate. Soon after that we started to live together and now we plan to marry for few days and of course he change his minds about migration to Australia. We would like to add him after wedding as spouse. But... In booklet 5 about dependants said "you must include a certified copy of your marriage certificate." On the other hand on website i found info that we need to include evidence that your relationship is genuine and continuing, and you have a commitment to a shared life together. So, i am bit confused is copy of marriage certificate enough or do we need to include other evidence too?! Pls advise us :spinny::hug:
  25. my wife and I are applying for our Visa, while fighting with the ex husband of my wife over bringing their 7yr old son with us. We've been advised to apply without the permission of the ex as we believe that he will back down and give consent eventually, so the question we have is: do we apply and omit him from the original application or put him on the original app and write a letter to the DIAC informing them of our siuatiuon? if we do option 1 and its granted, how do we go about adding him on after we get consent from the ex?