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Found 68 results

  1. i know i need 2 as i have to send an original with visa application, and i also need one for AHPRA, but does hubby need more than just the one that we are sending for the visa? Also is it worth doing a copy and getting it certified before we send the originals off for the visa application thanks
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to get organised and create a nice neat file of all the paperwork I need for my visa application, god help me if I get burgled, they'll have my identity on a plate! How many copies of all the docs will I need? I'm guessing at least two copies to cover skills assessment and visa app - are there any other things I'll need paperwork for? Probably a stupid question but hey, I'm new to all this :tongue: Thanks :spinny:
  3. Hi everyone, I am preparing to lodge 175/176. I am in the process of getting my documents certified. I am worried about those documents which are printouts of soft copies/emails. For eg., payslips, emails and even ACS assessment letter. These are either scan copies received by email or internet printouts. How to get these certified - because there really are no originals. Regards, Joy
  4. Danandclaire

    Certified copies?

    We have our solicitor lined up to help us with our copies but have what's probably a daft question - do we take originals and copies and our solicitor stamps them or do we take just the original and she copies and stamps? Thank you all
  5. Danandclaire

    Where to get certified copies

    Hi all, we are just about ready to submit our partner visa application and have collected up our evidence...... Where has everyone got their certified copies from? Thanks in advance!
  6. I have certified copies of some documents dated 11 Jan 2011. Could I use the to apply for a visa nowadays?
  7. sebahat

    Certified copies

    Hi guys, I wonder if someone could help. My husband needs 87 documents certified. What`s the best way to do it without costing a fortune? Many thanks in advance
  8. wanderinred

    Certified Copies

    Hello all, This may or may not sound like a daft question, but I'm getting conflicting information on this! I am a UK resident and I'm about to submit my qualifications / work experience for skills assessment. Is there a definitive list of who can sign these? Thing is, I am a public servant and I know I can sign peoples passport photo's etc within the UK, and have done this numerous times in the past - could a colleague do the same in regards this? Would this be acceptable for this purpose? If public sector workers are not relevant for Australia, a list of who can actually do this would be helpful. Thanks in advance for any info or experience users may have. All the best
  9. Do you have to take colour photocopies, or are black and white ok? And what does the certifier have to write on them? Can anyone tell me what was written on theirs? (This is for my skills assessment at the moment, and am allowed to get a GP to do it, so getting my best friend to do it, but don't think she's done it before!). Many thanks
  10. At the 11th hour Australia House has decided that the Police Officer who signed our birth certificates etc is now not good enough, the whole application was hand delivered early december, they asked for a new set because some were signed on the back so not to obscure the info on the front, every single certified copy we have done for the entire partner visa application (and there has been plenty) has been done by the same person and now it is decided that a ploice officer is not good enough, I personally cannot find any reference to who is authorised outside Australia, a police officer is ok in Australia (I have the partner migration handbook) but no mention of outside Australia. What have others done, are they being difficult again, they now say it must be a solicitor, magistrate, JP or Notary Public, no one else.
  11. Guest

    DEfacto offshore documents

    Hi, I am applying for a defacto offshoresubclass 309 and 100 from London, me and my Ozzy fiancee have been together for over 3.5 years so we have heaps of bills, joint accounts etc... Can we send the originals or do we have to get EVERY documents copies and certified?? we have hundreds of it and we would be happy to send originals but I cant find anywhere if its ok, most articles says to send certified copies.. can I just get them certify from the post office? Thanks!!
  12. Hi All, I am in the process of applying for a partner visa and am gathering bank statements, bills etc. As most of our bills and statements are online I was going to print copies out in order to send them with our application. My question is whether these need to be certified? I am aware that copies of my birth certificate, passport etc will need to be certified but is this also true for bills, bank statements, copies of plan tickets, photographs etc? And if so I am confused as to how I am meant to show the originals if they are all online :wacko: Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Many Thanks, Nicola
  13. Guest

    copies or originals?

    Hi everyone! Me and my Partner are due to submit our Visa's offshore in the next two weeks, we are just waiting for our police checks to arrive. Can anyone tell me how they submitted their visa with evidence and did you send originals of all evidence or copies?? Thank you so much for reading :biggrin:
  14. Does anybody know which people can certify our documents to send to TRA? Can a priest do it by any chance? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks
  15. Hi there Does anyone know how you are meant to submimt certified copies of your documents when you make an online application? I am just starting out and trying to get everything in order/decide the best way to do the application. Thanks very much, China :wink:
  16. Peach

    Certified Copies

    Hi has anyone recently tried to use a magistrate to get certified copies of their docs? I used one before Xmas very cheaply, just tried to do the same now and was quoted £60 per document...
  17. Guest

    Certified Copies

    I am applying for PMV, am I right in thinking a police officer can certify copies? the immi website says : 'Certified copies' are copies authorised, or stamped as being true copies of originals, by a person or agency recognised by the law of the country in which you currently reside. Does that mean a copper?! im a bit blonde, sorry! thanks for your help
  18. I was in process of getting medical/dental records together and wondered if others have done it and found it advantageous, or is it worth saving up to £50 (depending on case notes) per set and leave without them. Thanks Karen
  19. Guest

    Certified copies

    Hello everyone We are confused. We have just put in the electronic application and are just attaching our documents. The information is really confusing about what documents to scan in. Do we scan in certified copies or the originals? I am thinking we should send both - therefore giving them more than what they need - so they can't refuse us. but does anyone know different or have had any experiences. I know it says don't send originals, but if they are scanned then we are not sending the hard copies - if that makes sense. Would be glad of some advice. Yours Emily and Jon:goofy:
  20. Peach

    Certified Copies

    Do I need to get certified copies of documents that I can easily re-print? There doesn't seem much sense in printing a holiday itinerary, then paying someome to sign-off on a copy?
  21. Guest

    Meds and PC's - passport copies

    Morning PIO'ers !!!!:spinny: Can somebody please confirm whether the photocopies of your passport bio page for meds and pc's needs to be colour or is black and white ok? Many thanks, Kirsty x
  22. I have just copied numerous cards, letters, bank statements etc and was wondering if I need a JP to certify them as true copies or could a pharmacist/doctor type person do it? What do they write? Its getting to the stage now where I am starting to stress!! Also on the form 888, where the person signs it says "signed by........., on the ......... at........." what does the at bit mean? is it the place or the time?? Sorry so many ????!! Linz:arghh:
  23. I made a 457 e-visa application last month, and got an e-mail requesting amongst other things "a certified copy of my degree certificate". Well, I've arranged certification for Monday but it doesn't make sense - which do I upload; the scan of the degree certificate or the scan of the certified copy? :arghh: They also asked for passport biodata page, proof of licensing/or ability to be licensed (can't be licensed 'til I'm legal to work & vice versa!), signed employment contract, CV, 5 years of employment references (difficult when you're self-employed!) These they haven't specified certified or otherwise; it says not to send originals except for Police checks - but they haven't asked for Police checks yet... Sorry, I seem to have spent hours searching on the DIAC website and through old forums. Maybe I'm just stupid?:huh: Please help! Thanks in advance
  24. Majestic

    certified copies?

    Just need a bit more clarification on who or whom are ableto sign my certificates etc? Immi gov mentions people or agencies recognised by the law of the country. So, Police, Lawyers, and? who else please
  25. Hi, our Migration person has asked for certified copies of the biodata pages of my wife and the kids Aussie passports. I asked what does she mean, a photo copy of the picture page of the kids on the passport. or does she mean we have to have the photo copies signed by someone special i.e. police, accountant, school teacher or bank person. please can someone clarify for me. Kindest regards Glynn and Family:confused: