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    one way flights

    i found trailfinders was the cheapest i found too
  2. joyjoy

    police certificate .....

    hi, thanks for your response i havnt put the app in yet im in the process of gathering info so i can send everything in all at same time, ill do that with character refrences it was in a bad time of my life a long time ago
  3. joyjoy

    police certificate .....

    got my police certificate this morning ....kinda shocked me as i didnt think they'd put old things on like driving offences from 1994 :0/
  4. joyjoy

    qualifications in australia

    Thanks for that, I'm not actually going oz on skilled migration I'm going on defacto but I'm looking into job aspects, a couple of month ago I found a thread on this forum on about which qualifications meant what in oz & I've searched for it for the past 2 days & can't find it anywhere :0l I've got 5 city & guilds in welding & 1 nvq in engineering & would love to get a job in oz trying to find out if there accepted is a different matter lol
  5. Hi, I have a few city & guilds & nvq's would these be accepted in Australia or are they like equivalent to something else out there ? Thank you :0)
  6. How about my oldest hasnt seen his dad for 16yrs csa have tried finding him solicitors even his family but he's changed his name apparantly and moved, big sigh with all of it sorry to those that have posted its just stressing me so much with the whole situation all I want is to be with my other half in oz & everytime I get excited about going a problem arises :0l I'm dreading the waiting game when I've actually applied reading the 404 pages of every1 getting different times for processing
  7. Ahh these things are sent to test us lol
  8. Just seems a bit daft putting kids through medicals if there not going just looks like another way of getting more money would cost another 600 :0l my 16 yr old lad would have a right mardi on if I told him he'd have to have medical even tho he ain't going lol as 4 there dad he's a ex which don't like doing anything for me so this could still be a problem :0l
  9. I hope so thanks hun its the not knowing its driving me up wall lol & I ain't even sent it all in yet :0l just getting all the info & proof etc in b4 sending x
  10. Children not migrating do they still have to have a medical ? I'm applying for defacto 309-100 & some of these forms are confusing :0l it says write em down if there over 18 if they migrating or not mine are below 18 ? Quite worried about it as I have 3 kids & medical for each would cost :0l what's the point if there not migrating :0 hope some1 on here knows about this as its worrying, thanks in advance Joy :0)x
  11. joyjoy

    newbie alert :0)

    Thanks for the welcome & info :0)
  12. joyjoy

    newbie alert :0)

    Hi every1, well thought it was best to post instead of just reading, my names joy my other half is a Australian he's just gone back to Sydney ...gutted missing him lots were trying to sort out a visa for me to go over there as we got engaged just before he left, applying for defacto visa subclass 309-100, (my printer took some hammering) lol well I've applied for character police check waiting on that, does any1 know how much the medicals are roughly ? And also I read somewhere on this forum a way of finding out about qualifications ? I have 6 qualifications in welding & engineering & wanted to check out if I could use them in Australia any info would make my day big thanks