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  1. xTINKSx

    Genesis Estate, Coomera?

    Hi Jill, i dont know first hand but have heard only positive things about the place. Its all very daunting when you first arrive trying to sort out the good from the bad and the ugly. lol When are you arriving in Oz? All very exciting hey. Good luck with everything hun. x
  2. xTINKSx

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Think we just set a world record on fastest processing time...... Had resigned ourselves that would be through well after xmas after reading some on your stories but heres my timeline....... there is hope, think its just a case of who's desk it lands on. 457 since Feb 2009. Employer Nomination for 856 Onshore approved August 2011. Medicals carried out onshore and Police checks received back Oct. 2011. Submitted DRC Application to DIAC Parramatta via Migration Agent 2nd November, Acknowledgement letter confirming DRC received 4th November, Approval Received and 856 Visa Granted 15th November 2011. Woooo Hooooo. Still in shock!!!!!
  3. xTINKSx

    Carlo Sandblow, Rainbow Beach, Queensland

    ****The kids body boarded down the sand dunes but they didnt slide all that great so take a Volkswagon Beetle bonnet with you,lol..***** Lol thanks for the advise Cal. Im off to the breakers yard to hunt me down one of them bad boys, not like I dont have enough to pack, everything including the kitchen sink goes on our camping trips x Gonna love the ole mans face when I say, pack this aswell babes x
  4. xTINKSx

    Carlo Sandblow, Rainbow Beach, Queensland

    We're off to Inskip again for Christmas & New Year. Will definately check it out. Thanks for sharing x
  5. Does anyone have any idea how long they are taking to process ENS 856 onshore visa applications. My employers nomination has already been approved and we have at last couriered ALL our paperwork off, medicals, police checks etc., to our Migration Agent and they are anticipating that it will be "decision ready" and will be forwarded to immigration within the next day or two. We are in Brisbane so not sure what processing office. Any feedback or personal experience would be greatly appreciated. Waited so long to get to this point, cant help but get a little excited
  6. xTINKSx

    What options are there for a 16 year old

    Hey Thorpes. For your son socially I would say join the local footy team. Best thing we ever did for our children (and us too). Great for socialising and meeting friends / parents too, they always have social events going on post season. Good luck with your return to Oz. Where are you heading btw x
  7. Hi Guys, thanks for your comments. I have passed on the info to them and hopefully the agent will have some more reliable contacts in finding him another sponsor. My relative is a carpenter by the way. Just such a horrible scary situation for them to be in isnt it. Fingers crossed they will find something soon before the 28 day restriction kicks in
  8. Yeah Joe, I agree. Hubby, I n kids came out initially on a 457 3 years ago and everything panned out of us, biggest risk but only in hind sight eh. lol. I think they are concerned that if they talk to immigration then will start the 28 day clock on them (they dont think the employer has informed immigration yet) but yes I agree I think its time for them to get a new agent on board. I think they just need a few definate FACTS, to know where they stand. Very sorry situation to be in hey! So if anyone knows anyone who has come across this situation, or maybe an agent on here can shed some light your advise would be appreciated.
  9. Hey I wonder if anyone can help me on this. Basically our relatives have recently arrived in Adelaide on a 457 Visa and the employer has informed them on arrival that he has no work for my relative. They have an agent working for them in Adelaide (who processed the whole of their application) and seems to be as good as a chocolate tea pot in advising them on the best step forward. I have today looked on the DIAC website to find information on such a situation and it appears that have three options. (within 28 days) 1) They basically leave Australia and return home (of which I might add has been sold up, furniture on a boat somewhere, dogs in quarantine.... you get the jist right). lol. 2) They find another Company that is willing to sponsor them on another 457 and start the process again but they can stay in Oz until it is processed? 3) Apply for another visa ........ Which is my biggest question/query. The info on DIAC website is pretty vague where this is concerned. It was their intention to apply for a RSMS initially so is it an option for them to do so now (get it applied for like NOW) and mores to the point will they be able to stay in Australia until approval is granted on a bridging visa???? If anyone can shed some light on this it would greatly be appreciated. I feel so sorry for them, they've come here with all the best intentions of starting a new life and this has happened!!!! Many thanks in advance
  10. xTINKSx

    Police Checks.

    Hey, Does anyone know if you can put more than one application in an envelope or does each application have to be sent separately.... Was wondering this for payment purposes... wasnt sure if I can put one cheque in as opposed to our required 3 application fees. This is for both UK and Australian police checks btw. Also with regards to UK police checks, will the UK ACRO accept an Australian Bankers draft in pounds sterling??? Thanks
  11. xTINKSx

    457 Visa Help Needed!!!

    From my own personal experience the visa start date is determined as the date it is approved. So basically depending on when it drops on someones desk and puts a big fat tick next to it is the day the visa commences. We got caught out on this little gem, we only wanted our 457 visa for two years as we were going for a permanent one as soon as the two years were up so employer put two years on the application. Basically what happened on ours was it was approved at the end of 23rd December(making this the start date of the visa), we didnt actually receive the confirmation email until 2nd January, we then had to book our tickets, arrange the move etc., and didnt get to Australia until mid Feb, giving us a 7 week shortfall on our visa, so had to apply for another one for the sake of 7 weeks!!
  12. xTINKSx

    friends my age in brisbane?

    Ive sent you a p.m.
  13. xTINKSx

    friends my age in brisbane?

    Hi Lauren, Where are you in Brisbane. My daughter is 17 and we live in South Brisbane. Im sure she'd be happy to meet up for a shopping, shes always heading for SouthBank and the City and down to the Gold Coast to the Parks & Beaches with her friends, im sure they'd love for you to join them. Unfortunately she's still a bit young for the clubbing scene, although she denies this. ha ha. She has a facebook account if you'd like to add her, just PM me. Bye for now.
  14. xTINKSx

    Best airline for travelling with a toddler

    Can personally recommend Singapore Airlines. Came out here with 4 kids - 18 months, 7, 9 & 15. They were fantastic with all of them, especially my youngest, we were even allocated bulk head seats with an extra bassinette which we didnt even pre-order as I had paid for a seat for her. I thought she would be too big to go in it but although a little snug, turned out to be a life saver as she had trouble sleeping in the normal seat. They bring the kids meals round first too, so you can see to them and then they give you yours later. Also kept her amused while I and the rest of us ate too. Nothing was too much trouble for them.... AB FAB!!!!
  15. Hey Sharon, Yes I did read there was a meet happening tomorrow. Unfortunately hubby is working and my little boy has a play date. Deffo try for next time though, keep me posted if you rearrange. Have fun peeps Jen x