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      1. ENS 186 Nomination Question

        Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I was wondering if anyone can help me with my question? My manager lodged my ENS 186 nomination in March this year. I also lodged my visa application a couple of days after (without using a migration agent). My problem is that my manager is never around at the moment as he is so busy with business meetings and overseas trips, so I never see him to ask if he has had any news on the nomination application. My question is, is there a way to view the nomination progress through my IMMI account? All I see is my visa application. I have tried emailing and texting my manager but I don't want to sound too pushy! I know it's only been a few months but I'm worried that if anything goes wrong with the nomination I will lose my fee. Would I hear something through my email about the decision of the nomination? Also everyone seems to be using agents, am I the only person not? It was purely a financial reason why I chose not to use one, hope it doesn't back fire on me??? Thanks Shaun
      2. I entered all the details it asked for and I got stuck at Page 4. One of the following issues is preventing this application from continuing: The applicant does not hold an appropriate visa. The applicant cannot be identified. The applicant will not be able to continue. The applicant should review the eligibility information on our website. Please help! Thanks in advance.
      3. Hi, I have been living and working in Australia since February 2015. I have, however, been with my current employer since October 2016. My employers would like to sponsor me for PR, but since I have not been with them for 2 years, I require a skills assessment with Vetassess. I have 12 years experience in my role, however I am not degree qualified. I have contacted a company called Get Qualified, and they said my experience can be transitioned/recognised as comparable to a Graduate Diploma - . This qualification is nationally recognised. This is actually higher than a Bachelor Degree (Undergraduate program). On Vetassess website, it says that in order to get a positive skills assessment, I require a qualification comparable or higher than a Bachelor Degree for my chosen occupation. So, in theory, if I get this qualification, would that be sufficient for a positive assessment?
      4. WHV Approval

        Hi! My partner and I recently applied separately for WHVs (in the last week of February roughly), I'm from the UK, he is from the Rep. of Ireland. I got my approval through within 48 hours. However, after a week they asked him to supply a copy of his old passport (from when he was previously in Australia when he was 2yo). He did so, and they thanked him and said they can continue to process his application. Its now been 4 weeks, and the only time frame the bureau gave us was "weeks to months', before he gets a response. Additionally, I have also been to Oz before when I was younger, but was never asked for my old passport. Has anyone (from Ireland or otherwise) ever been in this position, and know when I can expect to hear back from them, or why his application has taken such a different route? They said they have no reason to reject his application, but theres some nervousness that makes me wonder why they are taking so long! We are very keen to book tickets, look for accommodation and start sending off CVs etc, but the wait means that everything is getting delayed (and more expensive) as we are planning on going in September. Thanks
      5. Question about visa application

        I currently have an active carer visa subclass 116 application. Can I ask if my father can apply for a separate 457 working visa? I'm the only person in my application and I'm over 18 so I'm not a dependant of my father. He is planning to apply for a 457 visa along with my mom and my little sister. Will this work? Also, I want to ask if how long will it take for me to wait for my visa? I lodge my application last March 25, 2011 and is currently awaiting for my visa up until now. How longer do you think I have to wait??? Thanks! Hope for your replies. :smile:
      6. Hello, I applied for a Partner Visa 820 with all the required documentation in Melbourne over four weeks ago. I have not heard anything yet from Immigration, does anyone know roughly how long it takes to get a case officer and decision time? Perhaps I am expecting things to happen to quick, but having paid all that money I need to start working pretty soon. Thanks for any help you can give!
      7. Visa 189 grant DELAYED!!

        Hello Everyone I have lodged my application on the 18th of November 2014 and I have not got any response yet nor an email from a case officer so far. I am very concerned about this situation as the processing time has taken about 4 months. When I read the immigration webpage there I found that the average processing time is 3 months and I've seen some cases where the response has lasted less than 3 months. Could anyone tell me how long this could take or what could be happening? I made sure all the information was attached and I carried out the medical checks as soon as the webpage allowed to do so.
      8. Help - Ready to Lodge 189

        Hi All I got my invitation to apply for the 189 visa this morning and I want to apply straight away (I'm not using an agent) but I have some queries as follows and was hoping somebody would be able to help me..... 1. Once I submit the application, do I then have to wait for it to be processed before I submit all my necessary documentation? I didn't find anywhere on the application where I am required to do so 2. When do I make the payment for the visa? 3. Can I go ahead and have the medical completed so that it doesn't delay me further down the line? I'm aware that this is all I need for the medical? (a medical examination, a chest x-ray and (if aged 11 years or older or considered appropriate on clinical grounds), an HIV test (if aged 15 years or older or considered appropriate on clinical grounds)) I'm really confused on this question Does the applicant have any dependent family members not travelling to Australia who are not Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents? My boyfriend is currently in Australia on a 457 visa and I've already stated on the application that we're defacto as well as the date the relationship started as requested, I'm not currently adding him to my visa application (although that may change later) I would really appreciate it if anyone has any experience of any of the above and could shed some light on it for me Thanks in advance
      9. We're lodging tomorrow (14th) - we are just waiting for a couple of things to be 'notarised/certified' (if notarised is actually a word) I wanted to ask - when you submit your visa application, what happens next? do you start uploading proof and docs immediately, or do you wait to be asked? NB - we are doing this ourselves. Any info much appeciated. I am guessing when you lodge, you pay the bill - then I am guessing you start uploading documents?
      10. Hey Everyone, I wondered if there is anyone out there who has been in the same situation as us. We have not used a migration agent and lodged our 457 visa application ourselves using the immi-account online. This was done 2 weeks ago. We are struggling to understand the 'status' of our application because the website is somewhat ambigious and illogical. To put you in the picture here are the points of contention: 1. We uploaded a number of document attachments in support of our 457 application, after logging back into the account we noticed that the attachments have the progress status as 'received' but at the same time there is a small blue highlighted question mark next to each attachment, when we click on these blue question marks, it tells us the requirements of the attached documents. We are not sure if this is the case officer requesting the correct documents because our initial uploaded is wrong? or this is just a generic general guideline that pops up after you have uploaded your attachments. 2. We are confused because there has been no correspondence from the account, so we are not even sure if the status of the application has actually even been viewed by a human eye!? which leads us to believe the 'blue questions mark' are a automatic generic pop up, but then what makes it ambigious is that for one of the attachment (marriage certificate) there is no 'blue question mark' which then leads us to think someone has deliberately left out no question mark there. So does it mean some human eye (case officer ) has looked at our application and deliberately assigned those 'blue question marks' to only those that need attention to tell us to reload the correct attachment documents. 3. What adds to the confusion is that above the attachment progress column, there is a sentence that basically says 'not all attachment are required or necessary and only a status of 'required' is when attachments needs to be provided. Well all our attachments just says 'received' which makes me think its ok, because it doesn't say 'required' however then what is the point of the blue question marks being there?, because it feels like they are personal requests from the case officer to get more documents uploaded! but then why don't the case officer write us a correspondence to tell us specifically that you are required to re-submit these documents? I'm really confused by the ambiguity of the mix messages of how the eVISA process is presented, I would be grateful if there is anyone out there who has gone through this progress and can throw a light on the interpretation of the website and its presentation of the status of your online visa. Its important for us know because if those 'blue questions marks' are direct action requests from a case officer (and not a generic guideline) then we need to get alot of 'certified documents uploaded' that can cost alot of money and time, which if it is not necessary we don't want to do. Looking for any experienced advice please, tearing our hairs out with stress as to what this online eVISA is all about. It really doesn't help either that there is no correspondence from a case officer and no direct way of contacting the immigration for answers (if anyone has contacts for this purpose I would also appreciate it if they can share that too). Thanks a bunch in advance to all you lovely helpful people :-).
      11. Citizenship Application Checklist

        Hi all, I am finally eligible to apply for citizenship in June (I will have fulfilled the 4 year requirement) and planning to get started on the paperwork early. Can someone please advise a checklist of exactly what paperwork is required? I don't want to go to the expense of asking a migration agent (maybe one on here can answer my query?) and I find the Immigration website too confusing! thanks!
      12. When to Apply for PR, from 457.

        Hello, I'm currently on a 457 visa and sponsored by my employer. In 6 months time I will have been sponsored for a total of 2 years, I have also just been offered permanent employment with my company. As I understand it I technically could submit an application for PR now (before my 2 years sponsorship have finished)? If I was to apply now would this cost considerably more than riding out my sponsorship for the next 6 months? I'm somewhat unclear as to what the process is and how much I can expect to pay to move over to my Permanent Residency. I went through a Migration Lawyer to complete my 457 application, so with all my references stored on file I'm hoping I can pick up that application where I left off, update and then submit in the PR application format. Is this realistic? Any help and advice around what I can expect during this transition would be most appreciated! Many Thanks, Leswan21
      13. I know its stupid but I have attached a file to my online 885 application. The name of the file has a space ( like 'xyz abc.pdf' ) . The DIAC website suggests that we must avoid using space in the name of a file. Is this an issue of concern ? Can I remove the attached file somehow or should I just let it be ?
      14. Hi Guys, It would be great to hear from anyone who has also lodged their Prospective marriage Visa (subclass 300) offshore and get a better idea of timelines. February 12th 2013- Lodged my application (everything expect for police and medical checks as I was advised this would be requested by the CO later) February 14th - Payment taken from my credit card. I believe it is now a 10 day wait to be assigned a case officer and then a much longer wait until the visa is potentially approved. Is anyone else doing this at around the same time as me? My wedding is in October this year, praying it comes through pretty swiftly!! Thanks H x
      15. I have a question around lodging the de-facto spouse visa application offshore in London. The plan now is for my partner (the applicant) to go to Australia House and hand in the application over the counter in person. I have a few silly questions: 1. Do you put all the application form, documents and supporting evidence sealed in one big envelope for handing in? If so, what do you write on the big envelope? Also, we are a little stumped with the 47SP question where it asks "Have you paid?" and if you answer No, it directs you to the next question "How do you intend to pay" - where you have to provide your credit card details. 2. If the application form is lodged in person, do we hold off completing that question and pay on the spot to the staff, then mark the question as "Yes we have paid"? After that place the application form in the big envelope and the staff will take it in? 3. Or should we answer "No" and then just leave the credit card details in the following question and assume the case officer would process the payment based on the card information provided in the application form? Appreciate the advice. Thanks.
      16. I completed the online application for a student visa, completed the medicals, paid the fees etc. A message appeared on the application status page, saying that further info is required. I did not receive an email with info about this, so I also used the 'contact the department' function, but haven't received a reply after almost a week. Does anyone know if it is possible to contact the office (western australia) another way, like to phone them to inquire? as they only indicate phone number to be used within Australia. Or will they still email me to indicate what is needed? although I have been waiting a week since the message appeared on my online status...
      17. ​My partner is currently in the process of putting together documents to support a 457 visa application however one of his employers over the past 5 years has since gone into liquidation and therefore he is unable to obtain nor provide a reference for this position. He was in that role for just under a year. He has been in 3 roles over the past 5 years however he has worked for his current employer, who is sponsoring his 457 visa, for almost 3 and a half years. Has anybody experienced this when applying for a 457 visa (I would imagine so!) - any advice on what to do in this situation? Any info would be appreciated!?
      18. January 2013 189 Visa

        Hi, Been a struggle but the Visa application has finally been submitted. just thought i'd start a new thread for the 189's. Seem to be plenty for the 190's. Please update timelines etc and expected date of migration. Cheers Tony
      19. Hi, I am applying for my 175 and would like to add my mother as my dependant, she is widowed and fully dependant on me. I am wondering if anyone has done it before who could advice if this is possible and the necessary processes, documents, health check that she needs to undertake for the application. Really appreciate your help.
      20. Hi, I am in the process of applying for State Sponsorship to WA and need a bit of help on filling out the form. It askes to estimate the cost of relocating to WA I was going to put down cost of flights and removals, is there anything I may have missed? also the cost of living there too and provide the details. Any help would be great. Thank you :smile:
      21. We are in the process of completing our 457 visa application (my husband is main sponsor, I'm the dependant), I have just found out I am pregnant. We are unsure now how to proceed and if this means we cannot move to Oz as planned. Does anyone know: - if pregnancy is covered by the reciprocal healthcare agreement or would we be expected to pay for treatment? (all private insurance i've looked at will not cover pregancy for the first 12 months in Australia) -Is it now likely our visa won't get approved? I am now in such a dilemma! I can't find any specific australian governement info about this and I don't know how relevant threads pre-sept 09 are because of the rule changes with visa applications! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Kim
      22. I have noticed many individuals inquiring about the time it takes to concretize one's citizenship. If you have details regarding your citizenship application, please add it here :-) I'm still waiting for a citizenship ceremony and am wondering how long it will take before I receive word of a date...! Key details that would help include (my dates are noted below for other's reference) Current location: Sydney, NSW Date called DIMIA to schedule citizenship test: 15 Jan 2009 Date took citizenship test: 29 May 2009 Location of citizenship test: Paramatta Date submitted citizenship application: 29 May 2009 How submitted citizenship application: IN PERSON Date received approval: 2 Jun 2009 (dated 1 Jun 2009) Date received citizenship ceremony date: Waiting..... Assigned citizenship ceremony date: Waiting..... Thanks in advance for everyon'e help! And all the best to those still waiting!
      23. Hello everyone, I am 175 Visa applicant , I got a CO on 16/04/2011 , he asked for Medicals/PCC, updated form 80 and spouse IELTS. We took the medicals last 10 days ago and now shows finalized , also i have forwarded PCC and form 80 yesturday. Now he asked for the second installment as we have indicated that my wife will not sit the test. Does it mean that our application is finalized and the visa grant will follow the payment directly or there are still other probabilites for further internal/external checks? :mad: Thanks & best regards Moataz
      24. Delayed VISA - your help needed!!!!

        Hi everyone - we have been told my spouse VISA (permanent) may not be processed until April 2013 and we are set to move in January 2013. I would be grateful for your help with a couple of worrying issues: What options do we have regarding me working from January onwards - during the interim? A tourist VISA will obviously not do nor (as I understand it) will an eVisitor VISA (Subclass 651)? All of our belongings have been shipped and as I understand it we will not be able to get them released by customs unless *all* the VISAs are in place - so if I do not have anything or it is still being processed, our container will not be released to us?! Any advice about this would of course be much appreciated - we have had an immigration officer in Oz working the case but I am keen to get some alternative opinions - thanks in advance for your expertise and help.
      25. Hi All ....:wub: My Name is Gill (from Wigan (UK) and i am currently awaiting a reply for my Subclass 300 Visa Application. We have booked our wedding for the 14th April 2013. I spent a full 3 months collecting all our documents and data (statements, police check and evidence of our ongoing relationship) before sending the completed application on the 1st August 2012. Within 1 week we were asked for me to complete my MEDICAL examination to which we did immediately (they received the results on the 17th August 2012). We have had no requests for further information and are under the impression that the immigration are happy with all the documents sent. I am just wondering if anyone knows the approximate timescale from the MEDICAL to getting an answer? ANXIOUS is an underestimation!!! :twitcy: