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Found 1,263 results

  1. Hi guys, Not sure this thread is active or not. I am currently applying for my Skills Assessment as Management Consultant and need help as i am unable to find sufficient material online and agents i contacted are not much aware of specifics related to Management Consultancy. Education: Bachelors in Actuarial Sciences and Risk Management(Overseas) - Masters in Banking and Finance(Australian) My core courses revolve around Risk Management - Finance - Financial Management - Economics/Econometrics - Statistics Currently Working as Commercial Analyst (Not in Big 4) - My roles align greatly with that of Management Consultant. This is an internal role. Our department is Business Solutions Team and works independently providing solutions for internal and external clients. Can anyone advise if its worth going for Management Consultant Can provide additional details if required
  2. Hi all, Have you recently applied for a child's 1st UK passport from abroad? If so, can you share your experience in particularly, how long it took from submitting the documents to having the passport in your hand? My wife is expecting a baby in February next year. We want to travel back to the UK ASAP after the birth but obviously we need to wait until the new child's passport arrives. I'm trying to get a feel for how long this will take from people who have actually gone through the process. I've already spoken with the UK passport office and every time I get a different answer ranging from 4 to 14 weeks!
  3. Increases in the Visa Application Charges for parent applications, effective for applications lodged from 1 July 2023: Subclass 143 - A$4,765 for main applicant, plus A$1,605 for a secondary applicant aged 18+ (currently A$4,355 and A$1,465) Subclass 864 - A$4,765 for main applicant, plus A$2,380 for a secondary applicant aged 18+ (currently A$4,355 and A$2,175) Subclass 804 - A$4,990 for main applicant, plus A$2,495 for a secondary applicant aged 18+ (currently A$4,560 and A$2,280) Subclass 870 - A$1,145 for each applicant as a 1st Visa Application Charge (currently A$1,050), plus A$10,325 per applicant for a 5 year visa; A$4,590 for a for a 3 year visa (currently A$9,430 and A$4,190) No changes have been announced yet to the 2nd VACs for permanent parent visa applications. Best regards.
  4. I applied for my 417 in June 2020 and have still not been approved, yet my (now) ex who applied on the same day had hers approved 2 weeks ago. My waiting time went from 3-6 months, then to 84 Days - 4 months, now the waiting time has completely disappeared... Does anyone know what might be the hold up or anything I can do the check the status?
  5. Hi there, I'm about to apply the visa 186 DE - chef. My experience is 5 years working in my country and 1.5 years in Australia as a chef. The problem is when I came to Australia I didn't declare my 5 years employment in the last visa application, because I was working 2 jobs so I only mentioned the other one. Now I need to claim my experience to be eligible for visa 186DE, so it'd be something conflict between 2 applications. I have contracts, payslips, reference letter from my employer in my country and my boss is able to do reference for me. Will it be very risky for my application? How to explain to DHA about this? Anyone got experience please share, much appreciated.
  6. MMoran1

    VISA application Help

    Hi, Myself, my wife and 2 kids ( 2 & 4) have decided to emigrate to Melbourne from the UK. Prior to kids my now wife and I lived in Sydney for 1 year on a working holiday visa and loved it. We are now wondering if anyone could recommend a company to deal with the visa application. I think we are looking at the skilled independent Visa as both our professions are on the list. I am a Design draughtsman and my wife is a secondary Maths teacher. We thought about doing the application ourself but seems a bit complicated and would really like to get it correct first time. Any help/information would be greatly appreciated. Martin
  7. Hi all, would appreciate some advice regarding applying for the 485 visa (post-study work stream) I'm currently on a student visa till the 31st of January. I am as yet undecided between continuing with postgraduate research or applying for a 485 visa, and was planning on making that decision around mid-April, upon which I'd know whether my research scholarship will be approved (in which case I'd apply for a student visa), or rejected (in which case I'd apply for a 485 visa). However, I came across the following stipulations that states that applicants must either have: held a student visa within the past 6 months before your application and now have a Bridging Visa A or Bridging Visa B, granted on the basis of a valid application for a visa held a student visa within the past 6 months before your application and now hold a substantive visa I had been planning on returning to my home country after my current student visa expires, whereupon I'd apply for the 485 around April (still within the 6 months period). However the condition that I must be within the country and holding a substantive or bridging visa prior to application concerns me. Is there any way I can still apply for the 485 visa after my current student visa expires? Could I potentially come in on a 3 month tourist visa (which I believe counts as a substantive visa, correct me if I'm wrong) prior to making my application for the 485 visa? Or should I just cut my losses and apply for a 485 visa anyhow before my current student visa expires? I'm less inclined to the second option as the 485 visa can only be applied for once (not to mention costly), and it'd feel like a waste to me if I'll end up just replacing it with a Student visa. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  8. Hi Doea anyone know if we could swap our Oz Skilled visa application to a NZ Skilled application? We applied for a 175 skilled visa under the Austalian system, however, circumstances have just changed and we were wondering if we could switch it over to NZ. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks Lisa & Steve Steve - Carpenter
  9. I am looking to submit my EOI for a 189 visa, with the following points: Age: 30 Education: 15 Experience: 5 English (PTE): 20 My migration skills assessment by Engineers Australia says the below. Within my EOI, will I have the option to choose my occupation based on the below ANZSCO Code? I know there are both 'professional engineer' and 'civil engineer' streams, which is confusing me a little. I am also currently awaiting my police certificates (Aus & UK). Should I wait until I have received these, or go ahead and submit my EOI now? I have read that all documents need to be submitted 60days after invite, is this the case?
  10. Dazspy

    Family unit evidence

    Hi there, I am about 90% complete with my/our application and I am uploading the evidence and document scans etc. I find myself confused and a bit stuck with the Family unit evidence area. My wife is the lead applicant and requires no evidence [Family unit] I have uploaded, my Marriage certificate and our joint mortgage statement... BUT our 3yr old son has very little paperwork to support this aspect. This is what the 'Help' has to say ..... Provide evidence that you are a member of a family unit. This may include a certified copy of your family book/household booklet/family composition or adoption document. Information about which family members are considered to be a 'member of your family unit' for migration purposes is available on our website. I have never heard of these documents [ignoring the adoption document, which is irrelevant to us anyway], are we expected to pay for a Genealogist to create a family tree or something?? if I leave the subject 'blank' will I a) be able to complete and submit the application? b)be requested to provide this so called 'required' documentary evidence later? Hoping for some of your usually helpful guidance D
  11. Please can anyone help I don't know what to do. I just realized I might have made a silly mistake on our application for our 176. With all the talk of form 80 I wrongly assumed I had already filled it in as part of our application as I remembered filling in details of my OH siblings. It was only when I pulled out the form today to have a look I realized I may have totally misread a heading. It says NON MIGRATING DEPENDENTS OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS. I added all my OH'S family members ie: brothers sisters mum and dad only thing is none of them are dependent on us OMG I FEEL SOOOO STUPID How the hell did I miss the word DEPENDENT. I have sent them an e mail to explain dont know what else to do should I ring them later? Has anyone else had a smiler experience. Feeling a bit sick now.
  12. Hi all, Was wondering if anyone on here could give me some insight into my problem, as i cant seem to find any information on it on the forum. My problem is that i'm a UK citizen, who has PR here (gained Feb this year), so qualify for citizenship February 2019. Problem is, me and my Mrs were going to move back to the UK as we have been here for a few years now and the parents back home are getting a bit older and such, so we want to go back and spend some time with them. The predicament is that i was going to wait until i got my citizenship before we left for the UK as we don't know how long we intend on staying there, so thought it would be easier if i just had an Aussie passport if we decided to make the move back here. I never realized that the citizenship process lasted so long (14-17 months according to the website!!) Does anyone know if i can apply for the citizenship in Feb, move back to the UK, then fly back for the ceremony? or do i need to stay in Aus for the entire time that the application is being sorted out? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  13. Hi! I am looking for more information, I am married to an Australian citizen with dual citizenship to the U.K and we are planning on moving to Australia. We are due to have our baby in November and would like to get the visa application ball rolling sooner rather than later. Has anyone else done this? We have been married for 2 years had a house together for 4 years and we also have a dog to bring with us. Any Advice or tips we would be very grateful for. Thanks, Corrinna
  14. Hi, Really struggling to find information on this, basically we would like to launch our application, however we are not sure if we can lodge our application before my partner has completed her ILTS test to prove her English proficiency . Or can we add this evidence post lodging of our application. Any help would really appreciated. Thanks Ben
  15. andrew2307

    Visa 820/801 question

    Hi there I got on immigration website filled form 47sp then it disappeared. Can I fill form 47sp and then apload it online, then pay visa charges and then my sponsor/partner form 40 will be uploaded? Can I do this way or all the forms must be completed online for online application? Thanks
  16. Vkhadka

    Mistake on application

    Hi i just lodge my visa 887 . I provide my parents and.siblings in non accompanying section. When i complete my lodge file, i opened my immi account but i saw parents details as well. I think i dont supposed to put my parents name in non accompanying section. Does it effect anything to grant my visa 887. Could anyone help me? Thanks.
  17. ShaunR6883

    ENS 186 Nomination Question

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I was wondering if anyone can help me with my question? My manager lodged my ENS 186 nomination in March this year. I also lodged my visa application a couple of days after (without using a migration agent). My problem is that my manager is never around at the moment as he is so busy with business meetings and overseas trips, so I never see him to ask if he has had any news on the nomination application. My question is, is there a way to view the nomination progress through my IMMI account? All I see is my visa application. I have tried emailing and texting my manager but I don't want to sound too pushy! I know it's only been a few months but I'm worried that if anything goes wrong with the nomination I will lose my fee. Would I hear something through my email about the decision of the nomination? Also everyone seems to be using agents, am I the only person not? It was purely a financial reason why I chose not to use one, hope it doesn't back fire on me??? Thanks Shaun
  18. I entered all the details it asked for and I got stuck at Page 4. One of the following issues is preventing this application from continuing: The applicant does not hold an appropriate visa. The applicant cannot be identified. The applicant will not be able to continue. The applicant should review the eligibility information on our website. Please help! Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi, I have been living and working in Australia since February 2015. I have, however, been with my current employer since October 2016. My employers would like to sponsor me for PR, but since I have not been with them for 2 years, I require a skills assessment with Vetassess. I have 12 years experience in my role, however I am not degree qualified. I have contacted a company called Get Qualified, and they said my experience can be transitioned/recognised as comparable to a Graduate Diploma - http://qualifyme.edu.au/qualifications/graduate-diploma-of-management-learning/ . This qualification is nationally recognised. This is actually higher than a Bachelor Degree (Undergraduate program). On Vetassess website, it says that in order to get a positive skills assessment, I require a qualification comparable or higher than a Bachelor Degree for my chosen occupation. So, in theory, if I get this qualification, would that be sufficient for a positive assessment?
  20. meharvey1

    WHV Approval

    Hi! My partner and I recently applied separately for WHVs (in the last week of February roughly), I'm from the UK, he is from the Rep. of Ireland. I got my approval through within 48 hours. However, after a week they asked him to supply a copy of his old passport (from when he was previously in Australia when he was 2yo). He did so, and they thanked him and said they can continue to process his application. Its now been 4 weeks, and the only time frame the bureau gave us was "weeks to months', before he gets a response. Additionally, I have also been to Oz before when I was younger, but was never asked for my old passport. Has anyone (from Ireland or otherwise) ever been in this position, and know when I can expect to hear back from them, or why his application has taken such a different route? They said they have no reason to reject his application, but theres some nervousness that makes me wonder why they are taking so long! We are very keen to book tickets, look for accommodation and start sending off CVs etc, but the wait means that everything is getting delayed (and more expensive) as we are planning on going in September. Thanks
  21. Guest

    Question about visa application

    I currently have an active carer visa subclass 116 application. Can I ask if my father can apply for a separate 457 working visa? I'm the only person in my application and I'm over 18 so I'm not a dependant of my father. He is planning to apply for a 457 visa along with my mom and my little sister. Will this work? Also, I want to ask if how long will it take for me to wait for my visa? I lodge my application last March 25, 2011 and is currently awaiting for my visa up until now. How longer do you think I have to wait??? Thanks! Hope for your replies. :smile:
  22. Hello, I applied for a Partner Visa 820 with all the required documentation in Melbourne over four weeks ago. I have not heard anything yet from Immigration, does anyone know roughly how long it takes to get a case officer and decision time? Perhaps I am expecting things to happen to quick, but having paid all that money I need to start working pretty soon. Thanks for any help you can give!
  23. colombiu

    Visa 189 grant DELAYED!!

    Hello Everyone I have lodged my application on the 18th of November 2014 and I have not got any response yet nor an email from a case officer so far. I am very concerned about this situation as the processing time has taken about 4 months. When I read the immigration webpage there I found that the average processing time is 3 months and I've seen some cases where the response has lasted less than 3 months. Could anyone tell me how long this could take or what could be happening? I made sure all the information was attached and I carried out the medical checks as soon as the webpage allowed to do so.
  24. Joachim

    Help - Ready to Lodge 189

    Hi All I got my invitation to apply for the 189 visa this morning and I want to apply straight away (I'm not using an agent) but I have some queries as follows and was hoping somebody would be able to help me..... 1. Once I submit the application, do I then have to wait for it to be processed before I submit all my necessary documentation? I didn't find anywhere on the application where I am required to do so 2. When do I make the payment for the visa? 3. Can I go ahead and have the medical completed so that it doesn't delay me further down the line? I'm aware that this is all I need for the medical? (a medical examination, a chest x-ray and (if aged 11 years or older or considered appropriate on clinical grounds), an HIV test (if aged 15 years or older or considered appropriate on clinical grounds)) I'm really confused on this question Does the applicant have any dependent family members not travelling to Australia who are not Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents? My boyfriend is currently in Australia on a 457 visa and I've already stated on the application that we're defacto as well as the date the relationship started as requested, I'm not currently adding him to my visa application (although that may change later) I would really appreciate it if anyone has any experience of any of the above and could shed some light on it for me Thanks in advance
  25. We're lodging tomorrow (14th) - we are just waiting for a couple of things to be 'notarised/certified' (if notarised is actually a word) I wanted to ask - when you submit your visa application, what happens next? do you start uploading proof and docs immediately, or do you wait to be asked? NB - we are doing this ourselves. Any info much appeciated. I am guessing when you lodge, you pay the bill - then I am guessing you start uploading documents?