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  1. Hi John I'm looking at transferring a sum of money back to the uk. Are there any tax implications? Thanks!
  2. helenandstuwilk

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    We had a little problem with the nomination but the visa got granted today!!!
  3. helenandstuwilk

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Just waiting here too!!! Nomination and visa submitted 03/07/2014 Medicals 05/08/2014 Nomination approved 26/11/2014 Just waiting..........
  4. helenandstuwilk

    Telecom Jobs in Australia

    Just noticed this and see it was last month. Do you have any other vacancies you are looking to fill for a senior Field Technician???
  5. helenandstuwilk

    Would we survive on 1 wage?

    we're a family of 4 on a 457 on $62k per year. We paid $360 per week rent when we arrived in 2011 and pay a little more now. We struggle as the food costs are much higher here but we manage. (just) we can't complain too much as we were both out of work in the UK and the lifestyle here is much better for the kids. BUT on a 457 with no assistance with childcare costs it's difficult for me to find work as daycare can cost around $75 per child per day. (Half days are not an option) feel free to ask any more questions!! It's a hard decision to make hey??!!
  6. Would definately recommend Narangba with two young children!!! The Narangba Valley state Primary is the best in the area. The High school is the 2nd best performing high in QLD!!! Not too far from the beach at Redcliffe (about 20 mins drive) Good access to the City. The school has a catchment area and can be difficult to get into as it is so popular. My advice if you are renting would be to register your details with all the local Real Estates before you make the move and you may find something quicker!!! Check out www.narangbavalleyre.com.au Any more questions, feel free to ask!!!
  7. helenandstuwilk

    Advice on what to pack for flight while waiting on container

    Hi Westbound. We eventually made the move in sept 2011. We didn't get the extra allowance unfortunately on a 457 visa. We got 30 kilos each with Emirates. We have found being here too there's a lot of things we're not entitled to on a 457! (Especially hard with children!) BUT we haven't let it put us off so far we have just learnt to deal with it! AND we are loving the lifestyle and living the dream!!!:wink:
  8. Hi All If anyone knows of a house coming up in the next couple of weeks in the Narangba Valley State Primary area, 4 bed, double garage, with or without pool - please let me know! Required before 6th September 2012. Thanks! Helen :arghh:
  9. Hi we have been here a year now. We ended up in North Lakes. Viewed about 20 properties when we got here and just stayed with friends from the Thurs till the Mon when we moved in. We're looking again now as moving to Narangba as we're really not happy with the school my Son attends! Got to find somewhere in school catchment area which is proving difficult! Do you have kids? if you have young ones and you can attend a playgroup you'll prob find you'll meet people that are willing to lend you furniture till yours gets here. We were lucky that way. Good luck with your move - where you coming from? Helen:biggrin:
  10. helenandstuwilk

    The Best Christmas Present EVER!

    Congratulations!!! What area are you moving to?
  11. helenandstuwilk

    Moving to Brisbane Jan 2012...

    What type of visa are you coming over on? We're on a 457.
  12. helenandstuwilk

    Really Nervous Flyer

    Hiya Just wanted to add that I had the worst fear of flying ever! I was so scared I would have really bad panic attacks then I panicked about having a panic attack!! I had NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) prior to my flight to Oz back in September. It is amazing!! Cost £100 but worth every penny. I also picked up a fear of flying book from my local library and read it word for word before coming out. This really helped as it explains what certain noises are on the plane. When you travel on a large plane long haul it somehow feels safer than the smaller short haul ones. You have so many films you can watch that if you just get yourself engrossed in them you will be fine. NLP teaches you to remove your negative thoughts whilst on the flight and by gum it worked! I had visited my doc for Valium and I must say I never touched a single one!! One thing to do on a flight is keep yourself hydrated. Avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water. It stops any feelings of lightheadedness and makes you more comfortable. Walk around as much as you can and talk to people. If you feel the need to tell people your anxieties, especially cabin crew you'll soon feel more at ease knowing you are not alone. Don't be scared of turbulence. A plane will never fall out of the sky with it no matter how bad it gets - the fear of flying books will teach you this. If you are into reading - grab yourself a new book and get engrossed in it. Will take your mind off it. I'm not a massive reader but bought the Madeline Mcann story as I was interested in hearing her Mum's story but I only got to page 53 as there were just so many films I wanted to watch!!! If anyone wants to hear how to reduce the negative thoughts with some tips from my NLP, please PM me. I taught a lady it who was on my plane and she was extremely thankful!! Took both our minds off it and I was glad to help!
  13. helenandstuwilk

    We got it!!!!!!!!!

    any news yet???
  14. helenandstuwilk

    We got it!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you very much!!! :wubclub:
  15. helenandstuwilk

    hellooooo :)

    If you register with seek.com.au you will get several job alerts a week. There's lots going for IT at the minute. Even if they say you have to be a citizen, apply. We caught the eye of an employer and they decided to sponsor!! Make sure you have a really strong covering letter. Good Luck x:biggrin: