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  1. We brought all our camp equipment with no issue. Although we have since bought a tent in Aus... Our Scottish tent had limited ventilation... One summer camping trip here in QLD where we felt like we were stewing alive overnight was all it took to make the decision to buy an Aus tent with lots of ventilation.
  2. Joob joobs

    457 health insurance

    Sorry for the confusion, I should have said that we took out the Bupa Classic Visitors Cover plus extras.
  3. Joob joobs

    457 health insurance

    We took out Bupa visitors cover plus extras... And have been happily paying that for the last three years thinking we were paying for private hospital insurance. However, I've just been referred for a procedure which Medicare say isn't covered under the reciprocal agreement. Called Bupa only to find out that the visitors cover basically tops up the limited cover you get under the reciprocal agreement to the 'normal' residents Medicare cover. I can get the op through Bupa but it must be on the public system. Also, when you are on a 457 as soon as you apply for PR you can request a new 'interim' Medicare card which gives you the full residents level of Medicare cover rather than the reciprocal visitors cover.
  4. I'm after some advice! I am currently on a 457 visa and have been with my current employer for over 2 years. My employer has agreed to sponsor me for PR (ENS 186 subclass) through the Temporary Residence Transition Stream, on the condition that their preferred migration solicitor is used. I have filled out all the required forms and submitted these to the solicitor, together with police checks (13 March 2014) and it was my understanding that the application had now been submitted. However, two months down the line it has come to my attention that the solicitor has only submitted the nomination and wants to wait until this has been approved before he submits the visa application. Is this normally the way it is done? I thought that it would save time by submitting the application at the same time, or just after, the nomination submission in order that both could be considered on the first touch by the Case Officer. Am I wrong in thinking this? Does anyone have any similar experiences with this? I would hate for legislative changes to be made before my application is submitted, as we all know, Dept of Immigration regularly implement changes and the changes do not always go in our favour! Plus the longer things drag out the more likely it will be that the police checks expire before the visa is granted! Any advice would be appreciated. I want to make sure I have the correct information before I contact the solicitor again. Thanks in advance!
  5. Joob joobs

    Police Checks/Medicals

    I'd be interested in finding out what folk say about this too. My PR application is due to be submitted in January and I'm not sure if I should be arranging things like this before hand or if it is safer to wait until asked by the CO.
  6. Joob joobs

    Driving in australia !

    I have to agree that the standard of driving I've encountered in the two years I've been living in QLD is atrocious!
  7. Joob joobs

    First Few Days in Brisbane

    Welcome to Brisbane! If you are looking for internet to keep you going, remember that a lot of the shopping centres and some parks around Brisbane are set up with free wifi. (I'm not sure if this is as common in Mooloolaba)
  8. Joob joobs

    457 visa buying property

    I was looking into this recently and read online that if it is an older property then you will have to sell up if you are asked to leave the country. However, if it is a new property then you will be able to retain the property and rent it out. I can't remember the website I read this from though, sorry.
  9. Joob joobs

    UK Landlords insurance - Any recommendations?

    Mines is arranged via Letsure. I've never had any problems with them... but on saying that I've never had to make a claim. I arranged my contents insurance via Letsure back when I was a tenant too.
  10. Joob joobs

    Life's Too Short!

    :hug: Thinking of you. xx
  11. Joob joobs

    457 Question regarding School certificate

    I only had to provide a certified copy of my degree and professional qualifications. They didn't ask for my school certs... thank god as I've no idea where they are either!
  12. Joob joobs

    nice areas around toowong brisbane

    Anything along the Ipswich train line would suit you for getting to Toowong. Try Indooroopilly, Chelmer, Graceville, Sherwood, Corinda etc.
  13. Joob joobs

    Seeking short term rental in brisbane asap

    Check out http://www.stayz.com.au.
  14. Joob joobs

    Working from home

    We used Expedict in the UK, there's bound to be something similar in Aus. The only problem with working for Expedict is you'd have to check that they would pay in AUD and not GBP.... http://www.expedict.com/6-what-we-do