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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Guys, I have reviewed the SkillSelect system that has been introduced and see the following options for me to get PR : 1. Transition Stream - Pretty straight up. PRO - Pretty much a win under the newly announced rules, employer absorbs costs. CON - I become "eligible" to apply for the Transition stream on 16/07/2013 if I stay with the same employer My 457 was granted ONSHORE on 16/07/2011 and I have been with the same employer since. Employer is eligible for sponsorship and I have aready discussed te possibility for when the time comes New CSOL has my nominated occupation for the 457 (i.e. I can nominate the same occupation which was approved for 457) 2. Direct Entry - Ambiguos as to whether I will be eligile even PRO - Possibly get PR sooner and get my personal life on track CON - I understand I need to submit a skill assessment, Need EOI fulfilled, costs and ambiguity Age : 29.4 Education : Masters in Marketing from the University of Sydney completed Dec 2011. Work experience : 1.5 years relevant Austrlian work experience. 3 years work experience in Asia prior to starting my Masters in 2010. IELTS score : 8.5 (expired) I plan on finding a sound Migration Agent/Lawyer to discuss my situation, however I aware that there are some reputed agents on here such as Raul who tell it like it is and will enable me to understand what things really mean. Waiting to apply under the Transition stream is a good year away but high chance of things going smoothly and economically viable. However it leaves me battling my personal life due to curtailed freedom. If applying under Direct Entry is a viable option and will see me even save 6-8 months in the process towards becoming Permanent I an live with the ambiguity and costs as it means a whole lot to me. Your thoughts?
  2. Hi all Could you please clarify what is the tax benefit due to Lahfa and the take home payment that i am going to enjoy with the package that i have negotiated with the company? Salary gross will be 120k € , composed by 62.272 as base salary 16.328 Lahf food 36.400 lahf accomodation Supperannuation and relocation package are also considered in the full package.... My questions are in particular, what is the difference in case i had not enjoyed lahfa, and are both concepts (food and accomodation) paid monhly in cash? By other way they offered me to participate in a salary sacrifice arrangement for the school fees, what does this mean in practice? I am looking for a private school. Could you please ilustrate me with an example how it works? Thanks in advance for your help¡ I will be in australia in january¡
  3. Guest

    LAHFA and super

    Hello guys I am closing the salary package with my company to move to australia in october. Salary base will be 120 k $ + 10 % super + LAHFA (including accomod, food and school fees) My question is regarding super, is Super affected depending on the size of LAHFA included in the package? Regards
  4. Guest

    Help with LAHFA confusion

    Just a quick question about LAHFA eligibility. (Sorry if this is basic but I'm trying to learn about it all). I am on a 457 visa at the moment, paid the minimum rate for my occupation of $48,000 pa. I have been trying to find out if I am eligible for LAHFA before I bring all the info to my employer about it and I gave my information to an independant company (http://www.lahfa.com.au) to assess whether I was eligible but they said I didn't earn enough to qualify for it. I'm searching for info which states eligibility for it but cannot find any. Can anyone please help me??!!!
  5. Guest

    LAHFA Details - 457 Visa

    Hey All, My husband and I are moving to Sydney during the 1st week of June My company is providing me the LAHFA component in my offer. I wanted to know how do I become eligible for the same and how do I apply for it? Does it take a lot of time to apply for the LAHFA to get tax exemption? How much is the approx tax exemption that we can get? Any help in the regard would be highly appreciated. Thanks,
  6. Guest

    Lahfa limbo!

    I'm wondering if you pay more rent do you work out with a greater take home pay? For example if we decide to pay 500 dollars a week in rent or 750 dollars a week in rent what would the difference be in take home pay if we can claim up to 32,700 in LAHFA? I could have this totally wrong, as I've been trying to understand the LAHFA for the past 4 months! Am I correct in thinking that we would be better going for a bigger house with more rent as we can use that to reduce my hubbies tax bill? These are my calculations: For example: Gross (ex Super) = 80,000 Your taxable income must 57,000 dollars per annum Therefore if my gross minus the taxable requirement = 32, 700 dollars Does this then mean that I can try and get my LAHFA as high as 32, 700.00 I'm really confused! Does this mean a rental of 500 dollars a week and a rental of 750 dollars a week will not change how much you get in your take home as it's all coming out of the gross which you would be paying tax on anyways??? Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :arghh: I'm so confused, we have to decide on a house to apply for and I'm desperately trying to see if I'm right. Basically the way I see it is you might as well pay a higher rent because you would just be paying it in tax anyways? No/Yes? Is there anywhere I could find a LAHFA calculator? Basically I want to calculate: A. What my take home pay would be on 80,000 per annum less medicare and less income tax and based on the LAHFA of food allowance for 2 kids and 2 adults which comes to 459 dollars a month and a rent allowance based on a rent of 500 dollars a week OR B. What would my take home pay be if: What my take home pay would be on 80,000 per annum less medicare and less income tax and based on the LAHFA of food allowance for 2 kids and 2 adults which comes to 459 dollars a month and a rent allowance based on a rent of 750 dollars a week If anyone could help me calculate these take home pay amounts that would be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also just wondering what the bloody hell is a "Novated Car lease?" And anyone managed to get a car loan on a 457 thanks y'all Couldn't possibly cope without this site and the stressful move down-under! The odd glass of Aussie Sauv Blanc helps too :wub:
  7. Anyone out there come over on a 457...claimed LAHFA...gone to another employer ,got a new 457 and started claiming LAHFA again. Is it above board. Not sure wether the fact I gained this employment whilst in Oz rather than being recruited from overseas as originally happened would have an effect on it or not.