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  1. bonza2211

    Medicare vs Private Health Insurance

    Wow!!!! Can someone please help me understand this? My brain seems to be melting.... From what I gather, even with Medicare I still need to take a private insurance cover and that too within the year of my PR? Can I take the policy out even though I haven't made my medicare card yet so that I don't get stuck with the tax burden? I turn 32 in April 2015, I got PR on 7/11/13 and did not bother applying for my Medicare card (I will take an appointment tomorrow). P.S. I am undecided whether I will stay in Australia forever (i.e. retirement) for now at least that's the plan.
  2. Thank you. My employer is a private limited enterprise, therefore I guess I cannot be considered for any sort of exemption and will have to wait till I have spent the required time here.
  3. Hi Guys, DIAC states the following : "not have been absent from Australia for more than one year in total, in the 4 year period, including no more than 90 days in the year before applying" I'm curious as to whether there is any truth that this is not enforced as a hard rule (the 90 days in the year prior to applying)? Anybody here with first hand experience? My situation is that since I was granted PR in November last year and since then I have traveled on and off for about 120 days partly for business and holidays. Timeline : 10/01/2009 - Arrived in Oz on TR xx/11/2013 - ENS186 Approved xx/11/2014 - Complete 1 year on PR and 5 years residing in Oz Disclaimer : I understand rules are rules and I do not seek advice on how to "cheat" the system. I am merely inquiring as to the experience of PIO members who may have applied for Citizenship even though the had a cumulative travel of 90+ days in the immediate year.
  4. bonza2211

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    It's a personal decision I guess I was the first ENS applicant for my company but I was almost a 100% confident the nomination bit would come through (even if it took ages). Now that mine cleared most people are jumping to apply. They held off paying fee's. Me on the other hand I actually paid my lawyer the DIAC fee and legal fee back in Feb... Applied only in August. Go figure! Good luck and keep in touch.
  5. bonza2211

    Form-80, question no:59

    Ok. (note I said minor conviction, not major or criminal). My apologies. The OP does NOT NEED to consult an immigration lawyer, poor choice of words on my part. Do not want to derail this thread any further. Good luck to OP.
  6. bonza2211

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    True. I didn't consider that and paid for everything upfront. I guess you have reason to be cautious. Remember the C.O gives you 30 days to respond to the request (this doesn't mean 30 days to submit the required documents... just 30 days to respond and/or evidence progress on the request or ask for an extension). Has your company recently had any ENS approved?
  7. bonza2211

    Form-80, question no:59

    Can you evidence that DIAC has never approved a visa for an applicant that : 1. Has had a minor conviction 2. Has a pre-existing health condition? For #2 there was a poster here the other day who got a 186 approved with Type 2 diabetes. So either him and I are both liars (which you are completely entitled to believe and state here as this is a public forum) OR....
  8. bonza2211

    CO & Medical timeline

    I'm assuming you applied for retirement visa to Yugoslavia? Just making sure. If you are talking about an Australian PR visa then how about some details please : 1. Visa subclass 2. Your history (e.g. have you ticked off all the check boxes on the visa checklists, any supplemental info etc) cheers
  9. bonza2211

    Form-80, question no:59

    There's people with previous minor convictions and health issues that get approved every now and then. 1. You need to state the facts 2. You need to pay for a consultation with an Immigration LAWYER (not an agent) - Let them know your situation and what paperwork you should keep handy if Immigration asks for more. Good luck!
  10. So I do have my PR! Based on the following : 16/02/2010 - Entered Oz on student visa 16/07/2011 - Granted TR457 07/11/2013 - Granted ENS186 07/11/2014 - Am I technically eligible for Citizenship if rules don't change and I meet the necessary criteria Thanks. p.s DIAC website calculator confirms I can. Just got to sit tight now
  11. bonza2211

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Thanks Hayley and welcome aboard YES the BAS/P&L statement is not mandatory therefore my employer chose not to submit it for the Nomination and I did not apply as DRC(Decision Ready) for the Nomination part. When I was allocated the Case Officer (CO) the request was for P&L statement for 2 years or the most recent BAS I think. This is actually great! Go ahead and complete your Medical History online and then make an appointment for your medicals - www.emedical.immi.gov.au/eMed/eMedicalClient In my experience (student visa prior to 457) being allocated a CO is big hurdle to clear. Once you have a CO if you provided all information in a concise and consistent manner as per the checklist you should have a fast approval. Also go ahead and get your police checks and submit them too. If you are in the unique position of having the same CO for your Nomination and Visa then approval can be very speedy. Good luck!
  12. bonza2211

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    ENS 186 Occupation: Marketing Specialist Option: ENS 186 Transition Stream Location: Parammatta Timeline: Applied for Nomination - 8/8/13 (NON-DRC) Applied for 186 Visa - 19/8/13 (DRC) Case Officer Assigned - 21/10/13 [*=1]CO Requested Medicals and Form 80. [*=1]CO Requested updated financial summary from Employer [*=1]Medical fee receipt submitted (as proof if intent to complete medicals) - 25/10/13 [*=1]Medicals completed (eHealth system) - 01/11/13 [*=1]Submitted Form 80 (Visa requirement) - 07/11/13 [*=1]Submitted Employer BAS statement (ENS Requirement) - 07/11/13 Visa Grant - 07/11/13 Time for approval : 3 Months (8/8/13 to 7/11/13) Thanks every who has been of encouragement and support, Raul(ABA), TickledPink and so many others. Those waiting - Keep the faith and don't give up!
  13. So in my case : CO requested medical, my lawyer has access to the portal so I could not see the message. However he copied this for me : Once the eMedical declaration is completed, it generates a PDF which you must present at the time of your medicals. I then used the HAP on the Medibank site to schedule my appointment which I will do in a fortnight.
  14. Bump!!! Similar situation, what was the outcome?