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    Considering a move to Sydney

    Well working for a huge company who sponsor people all the time we didn't think for a minute they were about to sell ! We were happy with our choice of area so buying didn't seem an issue, we did go for a very easily resale able property though just in case, so shouldn't have a problem selling. parking would be provided Well probably maximum 1100 a week rental and maximum 750k purchase price. For that we would need 4 bedrooms, minimum 700sqm block and a pool !!! If that's not too much to ask ! Lolz
  2. barnabus72

    Considering a move to Sydney

    Hi all, our story so far :- we we arrived in Brisbane last September on a 457 visa sponsored by my husbands company. Very settled now, bought our own house south east of Brisbane. My son who is ASD took a long time to settle into his new school, but is now just about happy and making friends. fast forward 10.5 months and my husbands company has sold up, leaving us with a very uncertain future, and we now have to follow the work and an offer of PR sponsorship in Sydney. at the moment we are one hours commute by train from Brisbane cbd in a suburb by the sea and we would like to replicate that. Don't mind being up to 1.5 hours commute if it gives us a quieter more affordable suburb. We are looking at Woy Woy, Umina beach area. Any other suggestions ? happy to drive into the city too as we can leave by 5.30 in a morning, so don't mind an early morning commute that takes longer on the way back ! also what good schools are there in those areas possibly with special ed units attached. thank you
  3. barnabus72

    Thornlands state school

    Hi everyone we've just had an offer accepted on a house in thornlands today and will have to think about moving schools for our 7 year old son who has some learning difficulties and high functioning autism. we started him in wellington point primary when we arrived in October and they were great with the support they gave him. I am loathed to move him but our new house is easy walking distance from thornlands primary and bayview. Just wondering if anybody had any opinions on either school, if possible from a special educational needs perspective too please
  4. barnabus72

    457 visa buying property

    Thanks everyone for your quick responses, question 4 relates to established property. I take it we would be ok if we bought a new house or vacant land ?
  5. barnabus72

    457 visa buying property

    Here's a question - what happens if you own a house here on a 457 visa and suddenly were to lose your sponsorship and were given 90 days to leave the country. would we be allowed to keep it and rent it out, or would we have to sell ? If we had to sell, how long do we get to sell it ? we would really like to buy a house but scared to in case we had to leave and might lose all our capital. thanks in advance
  6. barnabus72

    Victoria Point??

    Hi, we're in cleveland just down the road from you, I have a son who is 7 and a daughter just turned 4. We've been here two months and loving it. Can meet up if you like x Kathryn
  7. Hi, we arrived here on Monday me (41) OH (43) son (7) and daughter (3) From Manchester. Just in the middle of sorting out the usual, tax file numbers, mobiles phones, Medicare, cars etc and then hoping to meet people and make some new lifelong friends. would love to hear from anyone ............
  8. barnabus72

    South Sunshine or North Gold Coast?

    Hi, we arrive on 2nd September, hubby's job based in brisbane and we are looking at wellington point and cleveland at the moment. Never visited either before so fingers crossed ! We are also looking or somewhere close to a gym with lots on for families, our son is 7 and daughter is 4 in October. Happy to have a meet up when we're over the jet lag.
  9. barnabus72

    Special education needs and provisions

    Thank you, that's what he had in the UK, I am sure he will thrive. Thank you
  10. barnabus72

    Special education needs and provisions

    I am also very interested in this, we arrive in brisbane in 3 weeks time and my son has just last week been diagnosed with some mild autism spectrum disorders. The 457 for does not ask about children with special educational needs, so do the state schools have a right to refuse you a place ? We are quite willing to pay for any out of hours additional tutoring he might need, but there is no reason why he cannot attend a mainstream school.
  11. Hi, I got a quote from pet air to take our 10 year old springer spaniel from Manchester to Sydney of £4500 - which is the price of a small car and we simply cannot afford that. Is this the kind of price I should expect or could we do it cheaper ? leaving him will just break my heart
  12. Hi, arriving in September and got my 7 year enrolled at Wellington Point primary - just wondering if its worth me buying him some shoes before we get there ? do they have to wear black like the Uk? its great that this is currently my only worry, given we are leaving in 5 weeks !
  13. Hi, arriving from Manchester to Brisbane in August and looking for a short term rental for 4-6 weeks in Wellington Point so that we can do a reccie of the area and find a more long term property. need 3 bedrooms at least. Can anybody help please ?
  14. Hi, we are leaving for Brisbane in August with our two small children and I was just wondering is there anything that is majorly expensive that we should really think about stocking up on before we get there, such as clothes ?
  15. Hi, help ! just about to lodge a 457 application to come to Brisbane in August and been advised we need proof of health insurance. I understand we can get a letter of intent from a company, but what I don't understand is that coming from the UK we can also apply for Medicare when we arrive ? Do we need both ? also if we get a letter of intent, do we HAVE to buy it from that company once the Visa is granted ? can anyone recommend any companies for a family of 4 ? thanks:biggrin: