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  1. Bridgeman

    Parent VISA

    T he 103 is an offshore visa, ie they need to be offshore when they apply and they will not be given a bridging visa which will allow them to stay in Australia. There is also a long processing time for this visa. There is an onshore equivalent, the 804, and if they were eligible to apply they would be given a bridging visa after applying which would allow them to stay in Australia, but they would need to be 65 in order to apply for this and coming and going might be difficult. If they don't wish to emigrate permanently maybe one of the visitor visas would be ok for them. There is also a new temporary parent visa in the offing which would allow them to stay for up to five years. I am not sure what the rules would be regarding coming and going. As suggested it might be better to consult with one of the reputable agents who post on here.
  2. Bridgeman

    173 Parent Visa/Buying a house

    The information you need is here. https://firb.gov.au/resources/guidance/gn02/ As already mentioned you will need to be permanent residents to qualify for any kind of homebuyers grant, but you need to check out the rules for the state where you will settle as they do vary. For example, in Queensland you cannot get the grant if you have previously owned a house anywhere in the world.
  3. Bridgeman

    Parent temporary contributory visa subclass 173

    We applied for the 173 first and then went for the 143 once we were here in Australia. At the time we applied the processing time from the 173 to the 142 was about 6 months. The processing time is considerably longer now. I am not exactly sure how long but if you post in the main parent visa thread I am sure someone will be able to tell you. Also processing times seem to be getting longer and longer and there are certain advantages to being a permanent resident rather than a temporary resident. For example, the clock for various things that you may be entitled to only starts ticking once you become a permanent resident; you need to have been a permanent resident for 10 years before being entitled to claim an Australian aged pension.
  4. Bridgeman

    Waste bins.

    It depends on the council. We have to pay for all our bins. It makes me cross as our council are on a drive to encourage everyone to use a green waste bin but won't provide them free. Any green wast which goes in the household bin has to be put in a plastic bag. Also ridiculous as Queensland has just banned the use of plastic bags in the supermarket yet the council are encouraging their use. We are not in a new build however, maybe its different for a new build.
  5. Are you saying your sister is on your parents visa application as a dependant? The 143 is an offshore visa and so all applicants need to be offshore when the visa is granted.
  6. Do they qualify for a parent visa if they meet the balance of family test?
  7. Your parents can apply for the Commonwealth Seniors Health card if they meet the age, residence and income tests. See here https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/commonwealth-seniors-health-card/eligibility/residence-descriptions This will give them access to subsidised prescriptions (currently around $6??). Plus in Queensland they will be eligible to apply for public dental treatment. They will need to contact the local public dental clinic to be put on the waiting list. It varies from area to area but currently in SE Queensland this is 18 months. However, once on the waiting list when their turn comes around they will be called for a checkup, but can also access the system if they have an emergency. The Queensland Seniors card is more of a discount card which gives discounts off travel, some cafes offer discounts and other businesses.
  8. Bridgeman

    804 bridging visa work rights

    I was under the impression that the bridging visa has the same conditions as the original tourist visa which has no work rights. Could you confirm if this has changed? I thought that if you were on a bridging visa waiting for the 804 which has not yet been granted then you would not be able to work on the bridging visa as this would have the same conditions as the tourist visa?
  9. Just a thought, but is there any possibility that those who have applied for a 173/143 will be barred from applying for the new temporary parent visa? After all, there is no need to meet the balance of family test and the new visa allows those who do not meet this to at least spend some time with their family in Australia. It might be considered unfair for those who do meet the BOF and can apply for a permanent visa to take up a visa place at the expense of others who wish to spend some time in Australia with family and are not so fortunate.
  10. Yes, but only for a short while. It was reinstated. Whether this visa will still be available in the long term remains to be seen.
  11. Not necessarily: https://www.yourlifechoices.com.au/news/new-age-pension-eligibility-rules
  12. You can currently apply for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card when you have been in Australia for 2 years permanently and meet the income requirements. They now want to change this to 4 years. In addition some doctors will bulk bill holders of the CSHC as ours does so we do not pay for doctor's visits. Also in Queensland this card gives us access to the public dental system, so we do not have to pay for basic dental treatment. States and utilities companies vary in what concessions you can access with this card.
  13. Bridgeman

    QLD 489 relative sponsor

    I would also like to know for a relative whom we are thinking of sponsoring. There is no information on the immigration website about how long it takes if you are sponsored by a family member. If anyone out there has recently received an invitation for 489 family sponsored it would be interesting to know how long you had to wait and how many points you had, Thanks.
  14. Bridgeman

    Tax rebate on UK teacher's pension???

    No problem. Just to be clear you need to send the statement from Teachers Pension with the form and its the amount you paid yourself from your salary they are interested in, not any employer contributions.
  15. Bridgeman

    Tax rebate on UK teacher's pension???

    I believe that was me who posted in relation to this. You need to contact Teachers Pension and get a statement from them as to the actual pension contributions paid by yourself from your salary, then complete the form and send it off to the ATO who will then work out and let you know your tax free amount.