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  1. Hi, sorry for the delay, shall we put another date out there?
  2. Hi to all, Welcome Triciabright and Duke of arms. hows about a byo BBQ on Saturday 1st March? we can sort which BBQ point when we know who's coming (park for kids, beach etc) Its always good to meet new people so let me know if you can make it
  3. That's great teeneep, look forward to seeing you too :-)
  4. Sorry cubic, yes that's right 6pm at Mooloolaba coffee club. Teeneep, I'm taking my 10 year old along, so come with your little one. If you can't make that time let me know and we'll see if another meet can be sorted
  5. Hi Teeneep - the more the merrier. Think we have day and a time organised - just need to confirm the location. There are plenty of Cafe's to choose from - all supplying the usual array of CAKE :-). You need to be a member of the surf-clubs - and we've not gone down that road (yet)
  6. Hi Cubic, I've just thought that we don't have a membership for the surf club, and as no-one else is joining us, do you fancy meeting in the coffee club in Mooloolaba? Hopefully we can do another meet and have a BBQ with more pomsinoz members, skippy1 let us know when you touch down and settle and we can arrange a meet jackie
  7. Hi Cubic, if others decide to meet, we might be better to go to a BBQ point so kids can run around etc. otherwise we're good for the surf club. Hopefully others that asked for a meet will also join us, the more the merrier. Looking forward to it Jackie
  8. Hi all, is there anyone taking charge and arranging a meet? If so I'm also interested. I live in kawana island, close to Buderim, Mooloolaba, maroochydore. I'm 38, husband 41, son 10. Let me know if anythings been sorted Look forward to hearing from someone Jackie
  9. Kimorjack

    Sunshine Coast Schools

    We've recently moved here and heard lots of positive things said about Mountain Creek (and just 1 negative from a fellow student), also Buderim Mountain state school has been highly spoken of. After looking at 3 private schools we chose Immanuel; reason being is that my husband and I felt it had a closer family/community feel to it, the children seemed to shine with happiness (this could've been due to finishing for christmas lol), it just felt smaller close knit than the other 2 (Matthew Flinders & Sunshine Grammar) and came across that they're all for the child's personal development and not just academic results. Don't get me wrong, we had our son in a good private school in the U.K. and we were all for the results, and to be perfectly honest; if you're looking at school websites from U.K. then you may not even consider Immanuel, as I had that down as my last choice of private schools just based on website. Plus it is the cheapest of the 3. Our son starts 28th Jan, so just hope the school is everything we think it is.
  10. Kimorjack

    First Few Days in Brisbane

    thanks for all the replies. I've done the commute - and yes I can see it would/could be a total nightmare…I've done one trip where it was peak time - and it does slow down around North Lakes - but still got into the CBD in about 1.20 - but I've also had a trip where there were 2 accidents…and this added 20 mins to the trip…(ps. these were at 6.15 start from Kawana). My last few roles in the UK were roles that enabled me to work from home if required (Im a Project Manager…and normally work on Global projects). It is a balancing act. I understand the various poster's viewpoint that the travel will be a nightmare - but at the moment my priority is making sure my family are settled (some might say…but you won't see your family…but let's try it first). It's early days in the S.C - but we've done so much in such a short time - son has completed a sailing course - and loved it - we'll be joining him soon on the water. I may post back in the coming months that the commute is a nightmare and I can't stand it…but my son is in a good school, the wife is enjoying the laid back lifestyle, I look forward to quality time with them. We've all made the hard decision to move to Australia - and I've made the hard decision to try the SC and commute. I hope it works…if not then I'll re-think. But the same ethos as coming here - I'd rather try than think What if... I also have options on the train…but unfortunately the infrastructure isn't quite there at the moment - it would mean a drive to Landsborough - then a 90 min train ride.
  11. Kimorjack

    First Few Days in Brisbane

    Another quick update... As expected Property at this time of year is competitive. Lots of people looking to move (either via Emigration or Interstate) - which means many people looking at the same property. It's also clear that the quality of accommodation available isn't that great - probably because people simply dont want to move before Christmas/New Year…the Agents say the quality of property will be better at the end of January…this leaves us staying in short term accommodation longer…so we're now looking at a 6 month rental in an apartment (there are plenty of these on the market). This will give us more time to find the location we want. Apartment may be too small for all our stuff (still on it's way) but we will look at storage options in the short term. Been really impressed at all the activities that we can do…from simple days at the beach to sailing! Cant wait for our bikes to arrive. So top tip now - is if you are coming over or thinking of a Christmas "entry" into Australia - there are positives and negatives - positives - you have the kids on summer holiday - so less stress for them to deal with (our son has already made some good buddies) - negatives being the property market…but this may be different in other states. Will post again soon…Christmas shopping in the sun doesn't seem that bad :-)
  12. Kimorjack

    Importing a caravan

    My caravan is "on it's way" - and don't currently have any plans to sell it - but eventually I may. My understanding is that as long as you have complied with Australian Regulation's - then the caravan can be sold. Maybe speak to another dealer? Also look at the Private Market - you may get better returns. The trader you contacted may not want to have an European model on his books…I drove past a few dealers in the Sunshine Coast yesterday but didn't see any European models there - but that doesn't mean they won't trade…if they can make money on it - they will buy it...
  13. Kimorjack

    First Few Days in Brisbane

    My UK Commute was up to 2 hours EACH way… I would rather settle where I want to "live"/"play" than stay closer to Brisbane and travel on the weekends etc.. In my line of work I hope to be able to WFH some days - everyone is different - and have a different view point. :-)
  14. Kimorjack

    First Few Days in Brisbane

    Another quick update (especially for the one's looking at the Sunshine Coast). We've visited 3 schools - Matthew Flinders, Sunshine Coast and Immanuel - we liked all 3 - but Immanuel had the Family "Feel" that we wanted for our son. It is however naive to think we can just walk into a school - there are waiting lists. So if you are looking - it's worth talking to the school in advance and look into putting your child on their waiting lists (if you can). The sunshine coast is a great place. We initially liked Buderim (still do) - but think the rental market is very competitive. We've looked in Mountain Creek, Sippy Down, Twin Waters, Alex, Kawana and a little further (but only 15 mins away) in Pelican Waters. All these places are accessible to the Motorway - and the drive into Brisbane (so far) doesn't feel that bad (between 60-75 mins) - but I've not done this in peak traffic. The biggest change We've seen is the "Day" - we get up early - and make use of the early sunshine - and run/walk/swim before getting ready for the day ahead…and all done before 7am! (I usually run about 8 miles - nice loop that comes back on the beach…so many people enjoying the water at 6am). Food seems expensive at the moment - but i think this is down to us not earning the $ yet…big mistake is to convert…don't - you will only panic! Look for the deal's - it's like the UK - they are there - you just need to look for them. Getting Internet is crucial...-well worth buying a Portable Wifi until you are in your rental (normally Internet access takes time anyway). Make sure you research the best signal…not the best "deal". If anyone is wanting to come to the Sunshine coast and wants some information - ask and we'll try to find out for you.
  15. Kimorjack

    First Few Days in Brisbane

    Finally arrived in sunny Australia :-) flew in with Emirates (from Manchester) - found the flight via IOM - and the extra 40Kg was great. Container for Caravan and car left on the same day - eta middle of Jan 20Ft Container for House Content is well on it's way - we did this with John Mason…so far so good... Decided to stay in Novotel (Brisbane) for 3 nights before we leave for Mooloolaba tomorrow - had some "points" via an UK Credit Card - so used these for the hotel (didn't realise I had them - so look out for them!) Hotel close to CBD - and a good place to chill out after a stressful few weeks. Car hire via Apex (Airport) …look up on the various Insurance options before coming out - you may have enough cover on the various Credit Cards/UK Car Insurance etc (if you still have one) - the Car Hire will try to sell you all kinds - but thats personal choice..we have decided to hire for 20 days initially with their full insurance. Initial view on Brisbane - nice compact (and clean) City - love the City Cat's --> Get the Go Card - it's worth it…like any major city - it's the cheapest way for travelling. Southbank - great part of the city and well worth a visit- Museum close by - great! (Science Museum fantastic - especially as it rained on our 2nd day!). Went for a wonder around Hamilton/Ascot to see how the "other half" live :-) - had a wonder around -and nice lifestyle if you can afford it! Will be staying in Bluewater apartments in Mooloolaba for 20 nights - hope to get a rental in that time..looking at Buderim and surrounding area. Going to visit various schools next week - so will update the post. Initial thoughts - love it :-) - but need to get settled. Need to get Internet/Mobile Phone's organised asap so that comms' back home is easier (Hotel not cheap). Will update post when we have been in Mooloolaba for a few days