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  1. Hi currently living on Sunshine Coast (Yandina) anyone else living here that wants to meet up I got 3 children age 14, 7 , 2.
  2. Arrived in September living in Yandina got 3 children aged 13, 6, and 2
  3. Donnapow33

    Want to meet new people!

  4. Donnapow33

    Want to meet new people!

    Hello, my name's Charmaine I have just moved here and don't really know many people, I would love to meet a couple of people before I start my new school ( Nambour High) on the 8th of October, so if anyone around 13/14 would like to meet let me know, thanks x
  5. Thanks for the info will have a look in to it
  6. Anyone? Not sure what to do about our mail when we leave in couple of weeks
  7. Has anyone used any of these? Any recommendations thanks
  8. Donnapow33

    Who's Migrating in September???

    We are flying out on 19th sept to sunshine coast