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  1. We're an Aussie company, based in sunny covid-free Perth and are looking for a control systems engineer to join the team. The applicant should preferably have: Experience working on vehicles (trucks, railway equipment, military vehicles etc.) CANBUS (J1939) experience Used IFM control system hardware Experience of Codesys software Sponsorship will be available for a suitable applicant. Expressions of interest should be emailed to me at phil@ariesrail.com.au You can see more about the company on our website www.ariesrail.com.au
  2. My wife and I are about to apply for citizenship and looking online, there seems to be a lot of companies trying to profit from the process by selling lists of hundreds of questions and answers. Whilst the official Home Affairs website points you toward a simple 2 page practice sheet and have an 84 page PDF on Australian history etc. other websites make it out to me much more involved. So, for anyone who has done the test recently - How much did the questions differ from what you were expecting? Did anything catch you out? What resources did you use for learning?
  3. Goochie

    City Centre issues.

    Is it a mental health issue or a drugs issue? Its difficult to say someone is mentally unwell simply by observing them from a distance. How do you know that's the case and they're not on meth/ice?
  4. See our ad on Seek Our company is Australia's number one in our field and operates in an industry which, has not seen the down-turn others have in recent years. For several decades we have designed and manufactured mechanical equipment which, is fitted to a range of vehicles and mobile plant. During that time our electrical system design and installation has been sub-contracted but with sustained growth in recent years along with an imminent expansion to the East Coast, we have decided to take control of all electrical aspects of the product by creating an in-house electrical division. We are seeking a Mobile Electrical Systems Designer with experience of working on vehicle based systems who can help us take this important step to further expand the company, bringing with them a working knowledge and experience of vehicle based systems and hardware designed for mobile machines. Vehicle based electrical system design PLC and HMI Programming Selection of hardware appropriate for the application Creation and maintenance accurate CAD drawings Creation of bills of material Creation of instruction manuals, test procedures and other documentation. Providing support to shop-floor, stores and purchasing staff Liaison with suppliers and customers Applications via Seek only, please.
  5. Goochie

    Finding work before you land

    I got my job several months before I'd left the UK - I found applying through the job sites a waste of time though and in the end used Google StreetView to trawl the streets of industrial areas of Perth. I looked up the details of companies based on the signs on their buildings and spent a couple of hours per night for a week doing this. One evening I got a reply from the owner of one company saying their engineer had just handed in his notice and that he wanted to chat. Two phone calls and two SKype sessions later I was signed up and contracted ready to go before I'd even left the UK.
  6. I came to Australia in 2012 having received a lot of help from members of this forum. I love it here and the company I work for as Engineering Manager is looking to expand but we're really struggling to find a suitable Mechanical Design Engineer. We have previously employed people on a 457 Visa and may do so again (or the current equivalent of a 457) Ad details below. Please send me a PM if interested as the original ad on Seek has expired. Aries Rail design and manufacture Road-Rail Vehicle conversions for the Mining and Rail industries. Aries has been Australia's number one road-rail vehicle manufacturer for the last 10 years with the company showing consistent growth over that time. Aries Rail carries out conversions on a wide variety of vehicles from the Toyota Land Cruiser to large trucks (MAN, Hino, Volvo, Isuzu etc.) and excavators. The company is seeking a degree qualified mechanical engineer to further strengthen the engineering department. Please ensure that you have read this entire advert thoroughly before applying - Applicants that do not meet the basic criteria listed within this advert will be disregarded. Key Responsibilities: Mechanical design of steel fabrications, sheet metal and machined components (Solidworks) Structural FEA and fatigue analysis. Creation of well-written engineering reports, instruction manuals and other supporting documentation. Providing support to shop-floor staff Liaison with suppliers and clients Qualifications, Skills and Experience This position would best suit an engineer who has at least 5 years post-graduate experience and can demonstrate the following: Essential Degree Qualified Mechanical Engineer Eligible for membership of Engineers Australia Experience of mechanical design and FEA analysis using a leading 3D CAD package Ability to work on multiple projects and provide accurate updates throughout the design process Ability to confidently carry out hand calculations to establish loads and verify FEA results. Advantageous Any of the following would be advantageous but not essential. Experience within the rail industry Experience of vehicle chassis, subframe or suspension design Knowledge of hydraulic systems Knowledge of PLC type control systems Knowledge of Solidworks and EPDM About Aries Rail Based in Perth's northern suburbs, Aries Rail is a small privately owned business with over 10 years experience in road-rail vehicle manufacture. The business serves the biggest mining and rail companies in Australia but unlike many is not reliant on new mining projects to sustain continued growth. Working as part of a small professional team you will be exposed to many aspects of the business and the work will be interesting and varied. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions that can help improve the product and maintain the company's position as the number one road-rail vehicle manufacturer in Australia. All Applicants: Last time we advertised a similar position we were flooded with applicants. In anticipation of a similar level of interest, please note the following: Please keep your CV / Resume concise and relevant, preferably no more than three pages. We are unable to answer questions relating to this position via telephone, in person, Linkedin, Facebook, email or any method that is not this website. Applications should include a covering letter giving examples of the kind of work you have been involved with, particularly where it demonstrates the skills and experience listed above. Please ensure you meet the minimum qualification and experience requirements before applying. Due to the high number of applications, we will only contact those we wish to interview. Applications that do not meet the criteria specified in this advert will be disregarded. Please include details of your Australian residency/Visa status.
  7. Goochie

    Whose in Railway Signalling?

    Hi Abi. I work in the rail industry in Australia and can tell you that it is currently boom times in Victoria and New South Wales! There may also be some opportunities in Perth too as there is some network expansion going on. I have sent you a private message.
  8. Goochie

    moving back to UK and voluntary repossession in AUS!

    Not really complicated at all. The debt becomes statute barred if you dont admit to it being yours, you dont make a payment and there is no CCJ against you. The first two are obviously easy to control yourself and the CCJ is not. However, if you can demonstrate that you were not a resident in the UK when the CCJ was filed, it becomes null and void thus ensuring all three criteria for being statute barred are satisfied. Remember the website you have linked to above has an interest in trying to tell you otherwise.
  9. Goochie

    Perth Suburb advice

    Where will you be working? traffic in and out of scarbs is a nightmare most of the time and it will take a LONG time to get to the freeway in peak hour traffic.
  10. You can also have your medicare card and TFN sent to a family member or colleague's address if required - That's what we did when we arrived.
  11. Goochie

    how much money?

    Having lost a massive amount on the sale of our UK house but committed to coming to Australia, we came over in 2012 with a job secured for me, including the use of a company vehicle for an indefinite period (turned out to be a couple of months). We had paid for 2 months in holiday accommodation before leaving the UK. Upon arrival we had about $3000 to our name which lasted until my first pay day, 2 weeks after we arrived. We used our $3000 carefully, only buying food etc. By the time we left the holiday accommodation after 2 months I'd been paid 3 times which gave us a healthy rental deposit and deposit on a car. It was VERY tight at times but we're now living comfortably. It depends on how confident you are of finding work and what visa you're on, but I would have though 20k would be plenty.
  12. Goochie

    Driving License's

    How long you can drive on your UK licence depends on what kind of visa you'll be here on. I'f you're on a Permanent Resident type visa you'll have to get a WA licence within 3 months. I suggest leaving it for as long as possible - If you dont have an Aussie licence they cant put points on it when you get caught speeding by a man in a bush with a camera!
  13. We supply vehicle mounted equipment to all of the big mining companies. What we've been seeing over the last 12 months is that they're focussing on maintaining what they already have rather than buying new. Truck dealers are struggling to sell anything but maintenance people are doing OK. Back in the boom times we'd have trucks roll into the yard for work and we wouldnt even know who it was for until a few days later because people were too busy to tell us it was coming. Now we have to negotiate on the price of everything. The people spending the money at the big firms now have to be accountable for every dollar they spend and that has resulted in a lot of costs being squeezed to the bone. There has also been a shift to leasing vehicles rather than purchasing them - This keeps the costs associated with an individual lower so they look better to the boss! I dont think it will be long until we see a "price correction" in the Perth housing market due to the mining downturn.
  14. Goochie

    Reality Check

    I saw this thread title and was just about to post that info when I saw someone had beaten me to it Personally I dont see how anyone with a combined pre-tax household income of less than $90k could ever survive in Perth. Some guys in our workshop have been here for years and are still paying the same $300 weekly rent as when they arrived 7 years ago but many of them say they cant move because the rental prices on new leases are simple too high.
  15. We got loads in ours. The key is planning as this will help you get more in and get it in there fast on the day. Mark up the space with masking tape in a room or garage then do a dummy run. This way you know exactly what will fit. The only thing we threw in at the end was some coat hangers. When it arrived, customs and quarantine had obviously been in there as the vacuum cleaner had "quarantine passed" stickers on the box (it was brand new). It had been packed right in the middle of the move cube but they'd un-pack and re-packed it perfectly, I really don't know how they did it but if it weren't for the quarantine label, we wouldn't have known they'd been in there!