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  1. connaust

    Switching from uni n UK to Oz

    Most practical and economic way to start study would be transferring credit to NSW TAFE advanced diploma to degree (2nd year) pathway, they will assess credit, and make offer including how much (cheaper) study is needed to reach 2nd year at university. Such study would be accepted by all universities, if she still wishes to continue on that route.....
  2. connaust

    Student Visa 2015

    I'd agree with Sean, do a technical or vocational trade which is good for the future, everywhere. The Oz govt. has website http://joboutlook.gov.au has salary levels and specific occupation outlooks, and still cookery has opportunities, plus electrotechnology, medical technology, many trades etc. All occupations are cyclical in demand, as is the economy.....
  3. connaust

    TAFE college entry requirements?

    Whatever your residency status, TAFE should be the most attractive option for 16+ yo due to lower fees, and ability to transfer credits direct to university programs. Further, it offers structure, practical learning, small class sizes and time to work part time, which then gives time to decide which career or occupation you can pursue.
  4. Mining employment from Backpacker Trade News Australia: A report on the Australian Mining website has suggested that mining jobs are experiencing a boom in in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland, with plenty of roles available. According to the report, engineers, electricians and safety professionals are expected to be in demand until later on this year.... .... However, when we spoke to Australian Mining a few weeks ago, they suggested that the industry was ‘slowing down’.
  5. connaust

    TAFE college entry requirements?

    Main entry point is February, and many courses have July 2nd semester entry. For application depends upon course, generally equivalent of year 11, however if you are mature age any work experience or training counts under RPL recognition for prior learning (& experience). I'd suggest having CV outlining work and education background. Are you local, pr or offshore?
  6. It depends upon what you need quals for?
  7. connaust

    UK qualifications for Aus Uni

    Universities will accept UK and other qualifications, including local vocational, through credit assessment under the AQF Australian Qualifications Framework (you must show your transcripts and subject descriptions). I'd suggest targetting a few courses at a few universities, and contact faculty direct, someone should be able to guide you through non VTAC application.
  8. connaust

    University fees for citizens

    Like I'd suggest to Australians nowadays, if you are not sure about future career etc., go TAFE university pathway, less of a financial burden, either way. Much lower fees, and you can transfer credits e.g. Adv/Diploma allows 2nd year university entry. Several Melbourne TAFEs now offer both pathways and their own associate and bachelor degrees (in some cases superior quality to university), same price for both local and international $AUD12-15000 p.a. which compares well with the U.K.
  9. connaust

    DIBP has secret blacklist of immigration lawyers...

    Study agencies or education agents should not be offering immigration advice. If onshore it is illegal, and my understanding is that MARA agents can neither make any guarantee nor keep up with constant DIBP changes..... If an education agent offers immigration advice they can be reported to the institution and/or Dept. of Education as it is illegal under the ESOS Education Services for Overseas Students Act., this is stipulated very clearly in standard agency agreements. However...... many enquirers often ask directly.......
  10. connaust

    DIBP has secret blacklist of immigration lawyers...

    I'd agree. A fairly decent MARA agent (not lawyer) we used to cooperate with said that over half of his cohort doing MARA registration were able to pass, but practically incompetent. Even this one for whom we used to place candidates for study used to send mountains of legal/DIBP attachments for us to interpret..... we had to explain that he was the MARA expert not us...... so simply tell us which course type, then we can do it. However, due to the sales nature of MARA i.e. taking fee/making contract up front (vs we as education consultants only being paid after candidate commences study by institution), too many 'square pegs' not fitting in 'rouund holes'. Of course study candidates left with no PR outcome after legal changes in Oz, were left stranded, and he did not return their calls and messages..... And MARA agents at one point were demanding that only they should be allowed to assist with student visas (for those not looking at immigration), when most had no idea about education.....
  11. connaust

    gym/fitness instructor

    No, you just need to get them assessed for RPL recognition of prior learning via certified workplace assessor and trainer for sports and fitness (any prospective employer who delivers training should be able to do).
  12. I'm past 50 and still don't know what I want to do..... don't push them, let them experience life, travel, work and make up their own minds... too difficult to predict. However, there is a useful resource from Australian government for students to research, think and plan a little for future career and employment MyFuture. PS Living frugally allows lots of options too
  13. connaust

    refrigeration qualificatins transfer

    You could also look at having skills assessed by registered training organisation
  14. connaust

    Students studying from oversees work entitlements

    Students can average 40 hours every two weeks, and work full time at school vacation. Some vocational certificates/diploma, and degree courses include training hours, plus internship or industry placement semesters excluded from student hours, but generally unpaid. Mostly likely paid occupational areas of study are hospitality e.g. hotel management and cookery, with student work rights on top during those times.
  15. Don't dismiss the idea of working/teaching in TAFE or vocational VET registered training organisation RTO. Could be a foot in the door, plus higher education teaching/lecturing at TAFE or university. For higher ed a master degree allows teaching under grad, assuming you have an under grad degree, even if not your 'school of life' or 'real world' experience has become more important vs academic only qualifications. Opportunities for training, teaching and lecturing maybe limited in Adelaide, but on other hand more flexibility in hours, and generally no 'crowd control' issues that may appear at school.