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  1. that's the point of this thread. take a look at some of timelines. there maybe be one similar to your situation.
  2. You may be right. Or they could win and receive instant processing and or compensation. Its a tough decision to make and can take time and money. But it may be worth it for some win or lose. You have to be in it to win it or you have already lost.
  3. How any here are going to be affected by the new changes?
  4. Date applied City/Council area Online / Paper Date received the acknowledgement email Date of the Citizenship Test Date of ceremony Type of ceremony (Urgent/Normal) Date applied: 27/03/2015 City/Council area: Randwick - Ceremony sponsored by a club in Sydney not council Online / Paper: Online Date received the acknowledgement email: 01/04/2015 Date of the Citizenship Test: 29/04/2015 Date of ceremony: 28/06/2015 Type of ceremony: Normal
  5. Randwick tries to process within 3 months. But of course it depends how many there are. We got our letter beginning of May . We were also Randwick. Fortunately a club wanted to sponsor a ceremony and we were asked if we wanted to do it with them at the end of June. So we got our citizenship 2 months after our test.
  6. Hopefully this thread will be finished soon.
  7. Everybody's journey is different. A year after finally getting PR we now have our citizenship. Yes there we some ups and downs, but with a bit of luck, lots of hard work and connecting and networking life is good. Hope the rest of the category 5's get processed soon so they too can gain control of their Australian journey.
  8. That just says it will come into effect on 1 July, not when they will release it.
  9. Are you in Category 5? If you are and have never received any information from DIBP or your agent, if you have one, it is always good to find out what your status is. Have you checked your status online at immiAccount?
  10. The New Zealand shuffle
  11. I wouldn't plan to much until you get your visa approved. Anything can happen on each step of the process from both the employer and DIBP side of things. You maybe able to see your F1 on a visitors visa, but if the 457 isn't approved or falls through you can't work.
  12. Maybe so, but it worked for us at the bank, centrelink, work and Medicare. If it isn't accurate then DIBP should be contacted.
  13. http://www.immi.gov.au/Services/Pages/vevo/vevo-help-and-support.aspx?tab=0
  14. As mentioned it will have the information from the grant. You can also get free info from the VEVO system on the DIBP website. You can print out or direct the email to another recipient. Others can also access the site if they have the particulars of the grant. Best thing is it saves you $150 per label. http://www.immi.gov.au/Services/Pages/vevo/vevo-overview.aspx
  15. True. But sometimes they wave it or when they want new customers reduce it?