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Found 12 results

  1. Mining employment from Backpacker Trade News Australia: A report on the Australian Mining website has suggested that mining jobs are experiencing a boom in in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland, with plenty of roles available. According to the report, engineers, electricians and safety professionals are expected to be in demand until later on this year.... .... However, when we spoke to Australian Mining a few weeks ago, they suggested that the industry was ‘slowing down’.
  2. Here's a list of IT job search resources I've compiled for my IT career search in Perth. Would like to hear any feedback on the agencies and please add to the list. Agencies http://www.michaelpage.com.au http://www.chandlermacleod.com/ http://www.hays.com.au http://www.candle.com.au http://www.recruitment.titan.net.au http://www.robertwalters.com.au http://www.roberthalf.com.au http://www.talentinternational.com.au http://www.deltapeople.com.au http://www.sense-it.com.au http://www.brooklyngroup.com.au http://www.finite.com.au http://www.command.com.au/Jobs/Location/WA http://www.randstad.com.au/ http://jobs.au.hudson.com/ http://www.beilby.com.au/ http://www.pra.com.au/ http://www.therubygroup.com.au http://jobs.maxxprofessional.com.au Search Engines http://www.jobsjobsjobs.com.au http://www.jobserve.com.au http://jobsearch.careerone.com.au http://mycareer.com.au/search/jobs/wa/perth/sector/it-telecommunications/?s=777 http://nowhiring.com.au http://westjobs.com.au http://www.jobseeker.com.au http://www.alljobs.com.au http://www.seek.com.au https://www.snipey.com.au http://www.workingin-australia.com/jobs/it-and-technology Sites to post your resume https://www.linkme.com.au http://www.sixfigures.com.au http://www.linkedin.com https://www.visualcv.com/ http://au.iprofile.org/ IT Services Companies http://www.kineticit.com.au/ http://www.ajilon.com.au/careers http://www.csc.com/careersau https://tas-ey.taleo.net/careersection/gexp01/jobsearch.ftl?lang=en&location=76340070193 http://www.uxc.com.au/careers.html http://www.iinet.net.au/careers/ Companies http://www.bankwesttalent.com.au/contact_centre/index.html Tim
  3. Hi there looking for advice from anyone working in this profession. I work in HR, although I'm one of these people who fell into HR rather than holding a specific qualification. (I've a degree in psychology and beginning to wish I'd pursued this as a career!) HR is not on the skilled list for emigrating so I'm wondering how easy it is to come across HR jobs and how likely it would be for an organisation to appoint a brit into this role? I work in organisational development and have noticed quite a few jobs on recriutment sites. Also, I have no idea what sort of salary an OD consultant can expect to earn over there so this makes it difficult when trying to work out possible earnings agains cost of living etc. On the jobs boards, OD professionals seem to have very high salaries advertised but this is so out of sync with the UK that I keep thinking it can't be right? Any advice? thanks! Julie
  4. Does anybody know if various savings accounts, ISAs, Shares etc. count as financial resources for Northern Territory SS? Also, I think it’s easier to get an original statement than certified copy of these accounts, so does NT accept original documents in this case? Could anybody give me a hint please what I should imagine under: “”evidence that the applicant has undertaken research about the Northern Territory and has knowledge of the relocation costs, living expenses (e.g. food, utilities, rent etc) and accommodation costs involved with settling in the Northern Territory”” requirement? Thanks for any tips.
  5. Hi there. I've just joined the site today and it's great to see so many people with so many interesting things to say, all dedicated to getting the heck out of the UK for a life in Oz. Ok, so I'd like to ask if anybody knows the current state of the jobs market in Oz for the HR industry. I'm 36 and the Group HR Manager in the UK for a reverse logistics company specialising in gaming consoles and laptops for the most well-known global manufacturers. My mate moved out to Manly last year after a completely freak job opportunity landed in his lap whilst working in Italy, and now he's living it up next to the beach! It's getting really hard Skyping him when it's freezing cold here in Cornwall and he's telling me he's surfing in boardshorts :arghh: So I've made the decision - the time's come to split and check things out downunder. I think I need to therefore find an employer who will be willing to sponsor me down the 457 visa route. Human Resources is apparently increasing in demand in Oz so I want to make the most of this window. Would love to hear back from anyone who could point me in the right direction and chat with about moving to and working in Australia. ESPECIALLY anyone currently working in HR out there. Is the CIPD recognised out there? I'm MCIPD. Thanks guys.
  6. mr luvpants

    IELTS test resources

    Hi Once again the bloody goal posts have been moved! QNC now requires that all nurses need an IELTS test result of 7 in all 4 sections. My wife is really worried as this is something that we did not factor in. Can anyone point us in the right direction as to where to get help on the internet please? Also how hard is it to get a 7 in all sections? JOHN
  7. Since number of home-schoolers rises and parents hope that their kids could be outstanding. Many people refer themselves to some online learning resources. My DD now is using the beestar. A curriculum-based online programs. It offers Math, English Language Arts (ELA), Vocabulary, Science, Social Studies, and GT (Gifted & Talented) Math exercises. And math is for free. Their exercises are full of vivid pictures and interesting stories. I think it really does help my dd a lot. Is anyboby interested in these? And any suggestions in how to use them better? Lisa
  8. I thought to share the following information with you all. There exist a need in the Australian job market where employees can communicate directly to prospective employers who are looking for suitable employment. This is all part of finding the hidden job market where positions exist but according to recruitment agents they cannot find suitable candidates. Until now; I came across this website Home • Mineblogger • Connecting People and Resources. Jody Elliott is the innovative drive behind this concept and with permission I publish her email to me below: “This is only phase one – our intent is to assist employers to become comfortable with the idea of blogging or posting messages and engaging with candidates in bite sizes and in a less formal sense. Our ultimate objective is to create the premier website for the Australian Resources Sector which includes a job board, blogging, video conferencing, candidate profiles, and webpages for every employer that can be changed as often as they wish..... and a whole lot more. It is intended that we create a hub for employers only (no agencies) and where candidates don’t have to search every careers page – it’s all there at their fingertips. Industry are moving away from SEEK because it’s too full of agencies. If you click on now, only 10% of the nearly 5,000 oil, gas and mining jobs are posted by employers. The problem is then, there is no aggregated location for all direct employer opportunities. That is just one of the gaps we will fill. The idea of the blog is to provide the background story to the job opportunity. As an industry, we are extremely poor at communicating the real story to candidates. As Manager Recruitment with BHP Billiton, I was extremely frustrated that I couldn’t quickly and effectively communicate when we were doing roadshows, how many applications were received for apprenticeships and why so many wouldn’t have got a shot, what specific projects were underway in our organisation etc. Trying to change the average careers webpage is nearly impossible for large organisations. Your question is probably best answered by creating an individual login and reading what is already on the blog posts. We’re just preparing this week’s which will go live Sunday night/Monday morning. We provide a balance between where the career opportunities are now and coming down the track, together with educating candidates on job search strategies and skill specific to our industry. I hope this assists. Kind regards, Jody Jody Elliott, Chief Blogger E: info@mineblogger.com.au Please post your finding.
  9. After 5 months in Victoria, I may be of some help in providing information pertaining to relocation and all that it encompasses. Feel free to contact me. Kind regards Tina-marie
  10. Hi New to the site. Just posted off my skills assessment to AIMS today - does anyone know how long it will take? It;s for Human Resource skills. Also, does anyone have any ideas on what it is like to find a job in HR either HR Manager, Head of HR or HR Business Partner and what the salaries etc are? We would be on regional sponsored visa which means we can live in: South Australia Queensland Tasmania We are looking at Adelaide - are we on the right track?
  11. Someone asked me what can he go and study part-time that will help him to get easier access into the mining industry or Resources. Most jobs ask for 2-5 yrs mining experience. He is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant (but not registered in Australia) with 7 years Corporate Finance experience. On another thread someone mentioned: Health & Safety and Bluecard What else? He wants to stay in finance but needs to understand the "mining-language" Please help?
  12. I am in the process of applying for a state sponsored skilled worker visa for SA. I am applying with an occupation from the SA occupations in demand list and meet all criteria except one. The sufficient standing resources rule which states you need a minimum in assets of $25,000. However, there is an exception to the rule that if you are a recent graduate a parent is allowed to sponsor/guarantee your application if they have sufficient funds. I graduated in November 2005. Will I still be classed as a recent graduate making me eligible to take advantage of the above rule or is it too late? Does anyone know the period after graduating before you are no longer classed as a recent graduate for the above rule? Thanks for any help you can provide.