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  1. Hi all We've been living in Oz for 5 years now and my step daughter who's 31 lives in the UK with her 3 kids. Her mum passed just over 2 years ago so she's on her own in the UK now. No other family contact. She's also single. Are there any options for her to come over here to live or is it a definite no unless she meets skills in demand etc? Any advice appreciated. Thanks all.
  2. LisaR

    Parent Visa

    Hi there My parents have shown an interest in emigrating but I'm unsure if they are eligible. I live in Oz but have 2 siblings in the UK and 1 in canada so the balance does not qualify them. What other options are there? I said I would look into it for them. Lisa
  3. Hi all Asking for my Bro in law - he's been a painter and decorator in the Uk for 8 years with no qualification ie never been to college to get the certificate. Can he emigrate based on this? He's 45 and can obtain payslips/references from his employer. If not, what options does he have. We live in Oz on a PR. Thanks all Lisa
  4. Hi there I hope someone can help. We are due to move to Perth in September and our PR visa (175) expires in December. If we wanted to leave the country after the expiry date for a holiday, is this possible? I'm aware RRV's are possible but do we have to remain in the country for 2 years to even be considered for this? I'm also worried about having to leave for an emergency i.e. have to go back to the UK. If this is the case, do I need to arrange the RRV within Australia or can I do this from the UK? Also, if the visa expires in Dec 2015, can we apply for citizenship 2 years after being in Australia or is it 4 years as a PR? I keep reading mixed reports on this. TIA Lisa
  5. Hi all, thank you so much for your advice. I think we will keep it here and rent it out for 2 years. Hopefully this will give us enough time to decide whether we stay or go. I live in fear of regretting things all the time so think this is the best option. Thanks again.
  6. I'm in 2 minds what to do with our UK home. Do we sell and go with all the equity or rent it out for 2 years to see if we like living in Perth. I'm panicking about the money side when we're in Perth. Hoping to live NOR in Perth but rent and cost of living is so high. Partner in Site Mgt (Construction) and I will need a part time role (Legal Asst in UK) due to child at school so not sure if we will have enough to get by on. We have some money to take but I don't want to be living in poverty. Has anyone regretted selling up here?
  7. Apologies, it's Perth, WA.
  8. Hi all, thank you for all your replies. What would I do without PIO! lol XX:smile:
  9. Hi all I am confused with the schooling system (it doesnt take much). My son will be 9 in March 2015, could you tell me what year he will go into when we arrive? Thanks Lisa
  10. Hi all I'm sure it's on here somewhere, but can anyone let me know if I can apply for a tax file ref and join medicare if I am in a short term let? Plan it to book a 1 months short term let then look for a long term rental within the month we arrive but I wasn't sure if I can use short term rental address to get these things. Thanks, Lisa
  11. Hi all We have had our Visa since 2010 but still can't decide where to live. We hope to go permanently next July but we have absolutely no idea where to go. Initially it was Sydney (quite expensive), then Perth (too far away from other states) and then Sunshine Coast (still a thought), now my partner is thinking Melbourne!!! We have a 6 year old boy so good schooling is a must plus my partner is a Carpenter/site foreman. For anyone who has lived in different states, what suggestions do you have? We visited Syndey and Brisbane last year and liked both for different reasons. Lisa
  12. LisaR

    Renting a house with a dog in Perth

    Thank you for the reassurance. As we own our home in the UK, we have never had a landlord but I could ask the current dog walker to write a reference regarding his personality and behaviour before we go. Lisa
  13. Hi to any dog owner Like many others, I am in a dillema about whether to take our cocker spaniel to Oz. The cost is scary but I'm prepared to pay it so he can come. He's used to a crate although not sure how he will cope with the length of time it takes to get there and the quarantine but he's been in kennels before for 2 weeks so I am hoping he will be ok. The only real issue now is whether landlords allow you to rent their property with a dog. He is not destructive in any way and I trust him but will the landlords feel the same! I don't want it stopping us getting a house to rent. We hope to move to Kallaroo in Perth. Has anyone managed to get a rental okwith a dog and if we put up a dog bond? If so, how much was the bond? Lisa
  14. LisaR

    Primary schools in Castle Hill

    Hi Rudi Thank you so much for the quick reply, I will take a look at them now. Regards Lisa