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Found 439 results

  1. midster

    Money Transfer from will

    G'day all, my last surviving family member has passed in the UK has passed away unfortunately. When the will is divided I will need to transfer money here. Has anyone got any advice on what service they used? And maybe who to avoid? Thanks all
  2. Elenainoz

    shopping in oz

    Hi all! Recently moved from London to Melbourne, and seriously struggling with shops! UK highstreet spoiled us and we took it for granted! For a bit of background, I'm 27. Back home it would almost always be Next, Marks and Spencers, House of Fraser, River Island, New Look, warehouse, Oasis, and some bargains from Matalan and Primark. My style is simple and (i hope) young... LOL Does anyone have any tips for shopping out here? Any go to stores for particular items? I feel like there are very low quality stores (such as cotton on) that I thought might be on Matalan/primark level but aren't, and then higher end things, but not very much in the way of something in the middle! Anything I need im running to Zara and H&M at the moment, just out of habit, although i think they're AUD prices are outrageous! There are so many important issues that you carefully consider before a move like this, you don't prepare for comical problems such as this... I feel as though everything else is under control and this is stressig me out! That can only be a good thing i suppose, if this is the biggest worry!! Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Carter Parker-Burton

    Costs of living initially

    Hi all, Moving back to the UK (Midlands), what is the recommended amount of money to take back? (2 adults, 1 child) I've seen figures from $7500-$25,000 being thrown around. We will have free accommodation whilst back, staying with family. How and what are the prerequisites for acquiring a tax number? Do we have to have a residential address? Is this also the same for creating bank accounts? My partner and I have now had consistent work since leaving school (5 years), As it stands I should be back in the country 2 weeks before starting work and my partner will be actively applying closer to the date we move. Do real estate agents accept past work history and bank statements as a show of solid income? also if we are employed in the UK prior to applying for a rental property is there a certain amount of time they like you to have been working before they'll accept your application? Hope that is clear enough and not to muddled, apologies if so, any help would be great thanks :)
  4. Hello people! Can anyone advise me on the best way to reclaim tax upon ending a visa and leaving the country? I have finished a working holiday and now a training visa and will be leaving Australia next month. Previously I have reclaimed tax from the gov website but I have heard people say that you can get a lot more of your money back from tax by using agencies? Has anyone used any such tax reclaim agents before that they can recommend? Would be v grateful! Thanks!
  5. Hi. Looking for some advice please. I am in the process of finalising our move to Sydney. I have HSBC's accounts in both the UK and in Australia and will need to transfer money back to the UK account regularly for mortgage etc. Is the best way to just transfer between the two accounts? I won't be charged a fee but will the exchange rates be the best? Or should I use another service? Have searched and search and have probably confused myself more so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello everyone, I am writing because I would like to know if those who already worked at fantastic framing can give me a testimony of what they did. Also maybe you can give me more details about the accommodation they give? Am I taking risks in this company ? This company seems to have the "dream job" but I am not sure. Thanks for your answers
  7. Bulya

    Driving Around Australia

    And yet there’s always the odd Pom who will travel, and discover the real Australia. http://www.traveller.com.au/driving-sydney-to-melbourne-why-you-should-do-this-australian-road-trip-at-least-once-h131qo
  8. Hello, I am new here and really need some opinions and advice. I am 27, have a PhD in my field and have my own consultancy business which is successful. I am married and have two children. My business is really taking off in the UK and is growing very quickly. Next summer, I plan to launch my second service which will be global and entirely online. I already have contracts and travel to work in US, NZ and AUS about once per year. We have always wanted to emigrate but never really thought it was possible until last month when I was offered a consultancy contract in Aus which will last five years. This is offered via my UK registered business. The commissioner has said that I can remain living in UK and they will fly me out 6-8 times a year but I would rather just live there to be honest. I'm struggling to know what to do here. I can't find much information on applying for visas and such if you plan on remaining self employed in your own business. As an example, I often get commissioned to write research or government guidance. I can do that from anywhere in the world, so I don't need a job when I get to Aus as my diary is fully booked for about 18 months in advance. I spoke to a guy who was an emigration specialist and he said that this is not seen as a good thing and that Aus govt would want to see how I am contributing to their economy and would likely reject the visa. Is this true? Do Brits with successful businesses ever go to Aus and operate the business from UK and set up a second one in Aus? The contract value I have been offered in Aus for the whole 5 years is $2.2m ($440k per year - which would be paid into an Aus bank account and I would pay Aus tax on it - so I thought this would be seen as a good thing? Could someone let me know their thoughts? (Husband is 33, and is CEO of our charity here, which we will have to close down when we emigrate to Aus - but he has many qualifications and experience so I think he would be fine for a visa too - our kids are 10 and 8 if that helps anyone). Thanks to anyone who can provide any insight, J x
  9. EBall123

    Second year visa wait

    Hey Everyone, I applied for my second year visa on the 19th of Dec and haven't heard anything. My boyfriend and I worked on the same farms for the same time and he got his visa approval back straight away. The only question we answered differently was that I had been outside of the UK for more than 6months. Is it because I out this that it is taking longer? We wanted to fly back out on the 23rd of Jan bit worried it will take ages as some people have said they are still waiting 2/3months later? My mum is flying out in the 4th of Feb so I hope I get it! Please help with any other similar stories or why you think it is taking so long? I am really stressing!
  10. Hello, If all goes well, then my family and I are planning to move to Adelaide in the month of Aug - Sept 2018 and have a few concerns / questions on money transfers. can one open a bank account from overseas, i.e. before arriving in Adelaide? If so then how do we go about it? (Money transfer from UAE, Qatar) any recommendations on banks? Some with low service charges etc? is the transferred money taxed? If so then what % Appreciate any other additional info that you may think is useful. Thank you. KPG
  11. KangaKit

    aussie bank account for trip?

    Has anyone got any ideas on opening a bank account in Australia for holiday purposes as I don't fancy paying loads of charges when I use my cards on a holiday?
  12. Hey, my friend and I are both thinking of moving to the bay next year even though parents aren't happy so the won't help us find the information on the bay. We would like to know is it worth it for a year fresh out of school? Can we study there? Is it expensive? Will we find work? Are the bills manageable on a teen wage? Is there financial support there? Is it recommended for two best friends who want out of home?
  13. A fair budget or a budget sucking up to the masses?
  14. Interested in potentially getting a better deal than your bank when sending money overseas? If so, you should consider using a foreign exchange specialist company when sending money to or from Australia. A specialist company, like Moneycorp, can offer you great exchange rates and free expert guidance on the Australian dollar to save you time and money when transferring money abroad. When using Moneycorp you can expect exchange rates that are typically up to 4% better than you would get from a high street bank - this can make a huge difference to your finances. Special offer - no transfer fees Your bank may charge you anything from £20 to £40 (or currency equivalent) to send your money to or from Australia. Moneycorp don’t charge commission and exclusively for Poms in Oz members all transfer fees are waived – so you can save money on transfer fees alone. How can I register for a free Moneycorp account? Thousands of forum members have saved money by using Moneycorp. It’s simple to register for a free account and the process only takes a few minutes – click here to register online with Moneycorp.
  15. Looking for some non-judgemental advice from you clever folks... Myself and my wife bought a flat in London in November 2007 on virtually a 100% mortgage (I know, I know.. insane, but back then everyone was at it, and it took us two years alone to save enough for the stamp duty and fees!). After the market went pop, within 6 months, it was worth about 60K GPB less than we paid for it. Coupled with being unlucky (or stupid) enough to buy at the peak, we bought terribly, an old flat in a questionable area that needed a lot more work than we could have imagined. We have tried to sell twice, and not one offer, even below asking price. Since departing the UK, we are renting the property out behind the back of the mortgage company as they refused our request to let it out when my industry all but disappeared (construction) I had no choice but to up sticks and move abroad chasing work. We're making a fair go of it living here and getting to love the place and being back working in a busy industry, and have three kids now. The constant sending of cash we cannot afford back to subsidise repairs and mortgage payments is becoming a pressing issue to say the least - probably about 8 grand GBP this year alone... We are only paying interest on the repayments and barely afford this, thus haven't paid a penny off the mortgage yet, five years on... I have a small credit card debt in the UK, about 3K, from paying for a new boiler last month, but nothing else debt wise - just this bloody mortgage. We've just been told the entire property needs new windows and a new kitchen (!!), so another 20K debt is flashing before my eyes... SO - I have been looking at bankruptcy. I don't have residency yet here in Oz but will start process next Feb when I have been here two years and it should be quite straight forward as I have a good secure job earning a good wage. I don't foresee going back to London as it's such a mess there and things going well here, so looking long term to citizenship for myself and my happy brood. I'd love to hand back the keys and have spoken to a few insolvency agents who seem a bit too enthusiastic, and make it all sound too easy - if you l know what I mean! used car salesman springs to mind... I understand you need to pay a few grand to get the process managed for you but my main worry is being left with a 60-70K debt I have to pay off from the flats negative equity, which would pretty much ruin us financially for ever. Anyone been in the same situation and can offer advice, I'd be very grateful. Anything will help, we're getting a bit low here worrying about this. Thanks guys!
  16. Hi All:smile: I am new to PIO, wish i had found the site earlier!, We have our visas , flights booked and moving to the Gold Coast in Oct 2008. My OH is a Roofer and we have 2 teenage sons who will be 19 & 16 when we land!!!!( a load of postings to come re them 2) Are there any sites similar to the Money Saving Expert/money supermarket or good comparison sites that allow you to compare insurance, travel, utilities etc Ta Michelle
  17. I'd like advice on ordering presents in the UK for relatives in Oz. Few companies accept UK credit cards and the only one I've found needs the purchaser to collect the goods and show the card so I'm having to get a refund! Another has told me I can use Paypal but this costs a lot in poor exchange rates and fees on top. Why no Amazon I'd be lost without them but the don't ship to Oz
  18. aaylabrassington

    Do I still need sufficient funds?

    I'm planning on coming over to Australia on a working holiday visa for about 6 months. I will be living with my step dad and his wife in their home in Perth. My step dad will be supporting me whilst I look for employment. Do I still need to have savings in my own bank account even though my step dad has the right amount and more to look after me until I find a job out there? If so - is it possible for him to transfer the money into my account to show that I have the money, and then when I get over there... I just transfer the money back into his account? Or is that illegal? Thanks!
  19. cooper1984

    how much money?

    don't want to sound cheeky but how much money did people save up to go over to Perth with? we are planning to take £20,000 is that enough?
  20. Hey, Me and my friend start our travels October 2nd to Sydney to hopefully stay there for christmas and new years. Any advise on how long to stay in a hostel for and any recommendations would be great, iv seen on google, bounce? Initially we were thinking a week in the hostel as we are wanting to make friends that we can have a house share with. Anyone who has done this and has any advise on this is greatly appreciated Also how much money are people taking to start with, we are wanting to work but as a starting point would £2,500 be enough? Feeling a little clueless Thanks, Jade!
  21. PityTheFool

    Melbourne - One year in

    Started this as a reply to another thread but it became a vent so though it best to start a new thread! Anyway, we moved to Melbourne a year ago from England (East Midlands) and are not sure we chose the right place, here's why; The weather is pretty bad, summer was nice but not for long, the was a week of 40+ which was a shock to the system but other than that it's been pretty poor. I'd say in the last year there has been prob 2 months that had the weather we expected, the rest of the time it's been very similar to England just not as cold. Saying that it's colder at night coz the houses just aren't insulated like in the uk, if it's cold outside it's cold inside!! Based on my experience the work situation is very bad! (I'm an electrical engineer). Very, very small industry and almost impossible to crack - I was refused one interview because I was from England!! Everyone wants local experience but no one wants to get you the chance to get any. Melbourne may be big but everybody knows everybody, not what I expected and very different to the UK, very much who you know not what you know!! Work life balance, what's that all about, Aussies are very happy to work all week and in some cases the weekend, 12 hour days are normal and in most cases necessary to cope with the workload they expect you to handle. Beaches - nice but nothing special. Our favourite is Mt Martha which is very nice, although I'm sure there are far better around Oz, well, I know there are coz we've been to some of them. People - not as friendly as we'd have hoped. We are 33 and 30 with two boys 8 and 7, being young with children of our age is pretty much unheard of in Melbourne, people in the city are either single or couples without children, however they are the same age as me and my wife. The vast majority if the parents at our boys' school are mid to late 40's, with children the same age as ours. Not saying this is a bad thing, just very different for the UK, generally speaking Aussies don't have children in their early to mid twenties like people do in the Uk. I commute an hour each way to work on the trains - which are shocking!! I thought public transport in the UK was unreliable, this takes the biscuit!! Melbourne is great for sport. Our boys love the AFL, which is far more accessible to the average family than English football, a family ticket to a big game at the MCG is $50, about £25-30!! The boys play way more sport here than they ever did in England, especially basketball which they love. In terms of money; cost of living is higher but then so are salaries (although they make you work for it!) we are far better off now than we were in England. We don't have to be careful with money like we did in England and still have some left over for savings. The outdoors is amazing, national parks, wildlife, etc. I'll never get bored of seeing kangaroos and koalas!! The prob with Melbourne is it's always to cold or raining to enjoy it!! our experience hasn't been all negative, just not as expected. Would we go back to England - no definitely not (despite the above Australia is much better), would we conserved anywhere else in Oz - definitely! We've started to discuss other cities, possibly Brisbane but the boys and their experience, i.e. changing schools too often is a big concern, we feel we can prob get away with one more move so who knows!! Anyway commute over....comments / experiences would be appreciated....
  22. Hi guys. This is my first post here so be nice haha. I'm landing into Perth on the 5th of August on a WHV, and as many others have done, been looking at the best way to manage my UK finances when I arrive in Australia with regards to transferring money over etc.... Done quite a bit of research with all the UK banks to find out what my options are and I thought it was worth putting it out there that's Marks & Spencer have brought out a new current account which enables you to withdraw cash free worldwide from ATM's - without the foreign exchange charge! I thought this was worthwhile posting as it might be pretty good for anybody in similar circumstances to save yourself some pennies when you're thinking of setting off on your travels! Andrew :-)
  23. Does anyone here use bitcoin in order to transfer money between countries so that they don't pay the exorbitant exchange rate fees? I'm interested to find out whether people are actually doing this, because I'd like to see if hostels and the like would be interested in being able to accept bitcoins for their services. It's supposedly becoming a wide-spread practice, but there is very little discussion about it?
  24. Hey PIO, This forum is certainly the most extensive for all things OZ but I can't seem to find the best discussion for this topic. I am Currently in Oz on a WHV 417...this is my second one and expires on the 15th Nov. My plan is Study (Graduate Diploma of education Primary) and whilst studying get Defacto Visa with my current Girlfriend..then live an amazing teaching life in OZ! BUT Since the course would start in Feb/March 2015 I am wondering what happens for me between 15th Nov and the start. If I get a visa granted would it start from the course start date or the acceptance date? AND It states clearly on the Immi website no work can start until your course does, is there any way to stay on the bridging visa I really need to keep on working to save for the mammoth amount I am paying for the above visas and course! Any thoughts, suggestions and questions would be appreciated, I am a little at a loss! Thanks David
  25. kaners


    How much money in general as everyone started off with when they first went to australia with a WHV?? just so i get general idea as i hear you have to have least $5000au dollars when you enter? have people taken less? Thanks