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  1. British-style pubs in Melbourne

    I was in the Charles Dickens in Melbourne last week, bit pokey, like sitting in an air raid shelter with beams. I think if you're coming to Australia for a holiday, a bar that has windows (at least) is probably in order.
  2. Aussie weather

    As summer draws to a close, this has been by far the mildest WA summer since we moved here 11 years ago. No real heatwaves, no 40 degree days, fairly cool at night most of the time, consistent wind, below average temps. Been a bit of a surprise but not a problem, have fairly enjoyed it. Only been in the pool twice though.
  3. Raising kids

    We have nieces and nephews of all ages and, in my experience, Australia is better when the kids are very young, the weather helps as do parks and beaches galore. The family young uns over here have a better life than the ones living in the UK. But, when your kids are teens and into clothes, music and stuff i.e. kids culture, there's not much going on and it's not very contemporary here. Keep your teens into studying or sport otherwise they'll be glued to their phones. When we have the teen nephews over on holiday, they seem well more clued up than the ones here.
  4. It has been really windy this summer, which is OK during the day but it does make it feel colder once the sun has gone. I find the Northern beaches are very choppy, other than a walk and a paddle I don't bother. We have friends in Shoalwater and (for some reason) the currents are nowhere near as bad there. Snake signs are a standard but, considering I've probably walked on the beach about 1500 times since we moved here, I've never seen one.
  5. I suppose you could argue that living in Perth gives you some things that you can't get in the UK. Whereas, every time I have been to Melbourne, it's been pissing down and freezing. So, there might be theatres, shows and art coming out of it's backside, but then there is in Manchester as well. And you don't have to move 10,000 miles for that, or the shite weather.
  6. All capital cities are becoming more expensive to live in. Anywhere that people WANT to move to and live in is becoming more expensive. Places that are cheap are probably so because no-one is arsed about them.
  7. Which are the best performing states ?

    At a guess, probably NSW & Victoria as they nick and keep the money off the states who actually produce stuff. So, wouldn't be surprised to see WA & QLD near the bottom.
  8. I get the isolation thing as an excuse to charge more or cover bad services. But geographically, I don't feel isolated, where would I be going? We have offices in all the major cities and, whenever we meet up, everyone flies in, regardless of where we're meeting. It's not like everyone else walks it apart from me. The flight takes a bit longer, no-one dies or anything.
  9. Perth to Sunshine Coast?

    Worked in Maroochydore for a couple of spells. Lovely place but if you think Perth is pedestrian, wait till you get there. Also, I'd say that I have found Aussies to be fairly similar, irrespective of where they're from.
  10. Yeah the first time I went back was winter, never again. Every time I've been since has been Jul/Aug/Sep and it's been OK in the main.
  11. I knew a family who moved back after being here 3 days. It was too hot. Seriously. Sold UK house, gave up jobs, took kids out of school, came here in January and went back complaining. Talk about research. The only others I know are a family who moved to Tassie, a family who moved to Singapore and family who moved back to Scotland but are back here now. It's not easy moving to another country. You never stop missing people, you never stop comparing, it's hard to feel settled. There's a lot about Australia I like but there's a big part of me that wishes I'd never bothered as I feel in constant limbo. That said, I've just spent 3 weeks in the UK where I am from and I'm not convinced I could move back, I didn't really enjoy it. That just makes it worse rather than better though.
  12. The driving gets a bit longer after Augusta. If it was just me and the wife then yeah, agree.
  13. The whole Busselton to Augusta coastal stretch is great. My Mum comes over every February and we always do it, it's her fave place in the world.
  14. Go for it while you're young, if it doesn't work out you'll claw it back. There's not much traction in the opinions of others, most have agendas. The figures say a lot are moving back, I go through spells myself however I have to say, I don't know anyone else contemplating it right now. The only people I know who moved back to the UK from here did so after 3 days as it was too hot. And that's a true story. At the very least, for 3 or 4 years you'll feel like you're on a great holiday, if that leaves you wanting more, you can always move back. And if it works out, hey presto, life sorted.
  15. Is it time?

    I'm in a similar boat after 10 years. That said, I just went back recently and moving back to the NW wouldn't work for the wife and me, it's just too depressing. There's nothing going on and the weather's always shite. We've looked at other areas to move to but that might not alleviate the homesickness as every person I know never ventures outside their postcode. So, bit stumped.