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  1. s713

    Corona Virus

    Normal Aussie night in anyway that, isn't it?
  2. s713

    Corona Virus

    Nice to see Trump actually accepting the opinion of people who know what they're talking about for once. Must have killed him. His 'quote timeline' throughout this crisis is an eye-opener, why anyone would buy into anything he says is beyond me. The economic fall-out from this is going to dwarf 2008 (the 2008 crash that the Tories were still penalising people for in 2020). Don't bother making any plans for a generation.
  3. s713

    Corona Virus

    Hardly surprising considering he's said he'll have it beat in the next couple of weeks. TREMENDOUS work Don.
  4. s713

    Corona Virus

    How typical. Banks looking to cash in on misfortune. The Government should impose much tougher regulations on these parasites https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52043896 Banks have been criticised by firms and MPs for insisting on personal guarantees to issue government-backed emergency loans to business owners. The requirement loads most of the risk that the loan goes bad on the business owner, rather than the banks. It means that the banks can go after the personal property of the owner of a firm if their business goes under and they cannot afford to pay off the debt. Their main home would be protected but the bank could go after other assets.
  5. s713

    Corona Virus

    It would be great if this proved a bit of a reset for human values. Some people think that progress and technology mean that we've beaten Mother Nature, that things will always carry on as they are or that we're invincible. Two short weeks prove otherwise; we live on a knife edge and should respect that. Taking everyday life for granted is wrong. The News is scary at the moment and very humbling; the human race looks very weak very quickly in the face of such adversity. I hope this is remembered moving forward. Human spirit is amazing when channelled correctly, it's a shame it takes something like this to prove it. Can't we live like that ordinarily? Let's house the homeless, respect those who make a real difference to our lives, pay health workers/carers/teachers/difference makers what they deserve, half the bankers' pay, stop chasing the dollar, make less billionaires more thousandaires, stop making icons out of idiots, forget our differences and embrace our similarities, forego nationalism, stop the hate and negativity. It really shouldn't be that hard. I'm not interested in this being political, bores the pants off me, just whoever is power, do it and people will support it. I don't feel that we learned from 2008, this feels like if we don't learn from this, we never will. And if that's the case, why bother fighting anything?
  6. s713

    Feeling torn and unsettled

    Paul (above) works for the Perth tourist board (in his mind) and won't be happy until everyone in the world lives there and puts it in writing how much they love the place. Also, he (or someone he knows) has done everything you have done and it's not as good as being in Perth. So, you may as well just move there. Hope that helps.
  7. s713

    Corona Virus

    Asthma is on the gov. uk list of 'high risk' conditions. I wouldn't be surprised if phase 1 of the lockdown is announced tonight, a lot of people have been totally irresponsible over the weekend.
  8. s713

    Feeling torn and unsettled

    Nice update. We had a week in Bakewell earlier this month, absolutely beautiful round there. Loved it.
  9. s713

    Corona Virus

    Yeah, I get the theory. But if the range of defined 'key workers' is so large that schools are a third full anyway, what is it actually achieving? Why not just leave all kids in school?
  10. s713

    Corona Virus

    So, UK schools are out after today. Or are they? The school they just had on the lunchtime news will have 120 of their 300 pupils still there from Monday, as they're the kids of 'key workers'. So, what's the point of that then? Why not just let all the kids stay there?
  11. s713

    Corona Virus

    Confused as to why Boris didn't order the closure of hospitality venues, like other European countries have. It couldn't possibly be that they'd have grounds for insurance compensation due to loss of earnings would it? That would've really upset his paymasters. The usual teflon accountability from these cowards. And a glimpse into the way this place will be going with these at the helm - it's your problem, not theirs.
  12. s713

    Any vegetarians?

    I am a failed veggie, been a veggie 4 times probably 10 years in total. Started eating meat when we moved back to the UK a year ago, simply a reaction to wanting to eat all the foods I hadn't been able to in Australia. I was surprised how many people are veggie over here, massive business. The choice in supermarkets and restaurants is brilliant. My Mum has just officially gone veggie at 70, although she has been a light meat eater for years. She's done it for no other reason than she thinks meat is poor quality these days compared to how it used to be. I'm not so sure but, her choice.
  13. My own experience and sense of right and wrong is the valid source. If you are happy with instiutationalised sexism, fair enough. I'm not. I'd hate to have a daughter in Australia. Even what happened in Parliament in 2019 has never been righted, disgrace. And don't tell me it's the same in the UK, I live here, you don't, it's not. Blokes here are nothing like that on a similar scale.
  14. Hardly surprising is it? From a list of sexist, racist, alki, pothead, icehead, gambler, mental health case.... 80% of Aussie blokes are ticking at least 2 boxes.