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  1. s713

    British Corner Shop

    Expensive though. Most of the stuff is, I never really treated it as anything other than a novelty. Think I paid about $5 for a Pot Noodle once.
  2. s713

    British Corner Shop

    They have one of these near me in Joondalup WA, called UK Central I think. Like a mini supermarket, also sells M&S bras and PJs. I used to spend about $150 on crisps and sweets every Saturday when I first got here, less so now
  3. s713

    What's up with the fruit?

    My wife works with an Italian bloke who grows everything himself, has chickens, the lot. He gives her loads of veggies and eggs and the difference in taste between what he gives us and what you buy from the shops is unreal. We had more eggs last week and they're taste sensations. The problem is, when we have to revert to shop bought ones, they're bland as hell. It's really made me think seriously about growing our own stuff. For taste reasons as well as avoiding nasties like preservatives.
  4. s713

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    It's the 'no deal' that will lead to the Airbus problem I've mentioned. Mrs May's plan might address it but will her plan get past Parliament, that's the point made. If her deal is rejected, what next? Clearly, her position will be compromised and she'll walk. So then there'll be no leader, no plan, potentially no Government... how could anything possibly be progressed in that scenario? It'll probably get passed, that's why the likes of Gove and Boris are now talking about accepting anything and changing it down the line. Biggest con job fiasco I can ever remember this.
  5. s713

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Brother works for Airbus in Broughton, they've been briefed that a 'no deal' is going to be bad news for them. Not least for the fact that they wouldn't even be able to fly parts to the rest of the plants in Europe until a new aviation agreement was in place!! Madness. Good to see the dangers of a 'no deal' are being discussed at every turn. Hopefully Mrs May's plan doesn't make it through Parliament, the Government resigns and Article 50 is revoked whilst people actually debate the best way forward. Or preferably just put it to bed and carry on as normal.
  6. s713


    I have used Nord VPN although I find a lot of the servers actually make my speed worse.
  7. s713

    Workplace Huddles

    Your meeting's too long and your team is too big. Sack the scrum master!
  8. s713

    God is NOT a man!

    I wonder if the world has previously experienced a period of such tedium and pernickety as that which we are currently living in. I personally doubt it.
  9. The mother-in-law lives with us so I don't want to encourage this type of thing.
  10. s713

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    The Republic? You do know it's a separate country from the UK?
  11. s713

    Has Serena lost it?

    Bollocks. Complete and utter.
  12. s713

    Burt Reynolds: Hollywood star dies, 82

    I read an interview with Jeff Goldblum some time ago and he said the same, for about 20 years he has only ever had roles where people ask him to be 'Jeff Goldblum'. Back on topic, RIP Burt, enjoyed watching your movies with my Dad when I was a kid.
  13. Fantastic career Cook, and a good egg to boot. And, as said, well done to India for grace shown in the face of a beating.
  14. s713

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Minford thought the Poll Tax was a good idea.
  15. s713

    Bonking Boris - Should we care ?

    Cheating on his Mrs is bottom of a long list of reasons why that dim-witted buffoon should never be PM.