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  1. s713

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    It will eventually come down to £0. When we realise we need people to do things.
  2. s713

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    This border argument is pure nonsense. We always had control over our borders. And whatever you think Brexit is going to do to reinforce that, it won't. And can't.
  3. s713

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    All fine. Except we're about to lose access to the European Criminal Records Information System and the EU's Passenger Database. So, we'll never know.
  4. Goes further than that now, up to Yanchep or so. I think the 'dream' is that one day, the Metro will extend to Jurien Bay
  5. That's brochure talk Paul, the reality is much different. To call it a City is a stretch in the extreme, it's about a 400 yard length of Salvos and chippys. The pubs and restaurants are crap, the leisure centre is OK bit outdated now, I don't play golf, I don't go to Uni. We moved there as it was advertised as a Perth satellite (before we knew what Perth was like) but it was a ghost town. Absolutely dead of a weekend apart from the shopping centre. And if the best thing in your life is a shopping centre, time to re-evaluate.
  6. s713

    Corona Virus

    We have been in tier 3 for 2 weeks now and the infection rate is not reducing significantly. These halfway measures don't work. We need a Wales-style lockdown or nothing. Yesterday's deaths were 210 or so of which only 6 people didn't have underlying health conditions. There are a lot of nutjobs here who think coronavirus isn't a thing, of course it is. But, for most people the chances of succumbing to it are very small. So, why aren't the Govt. encouraging vulnerable groups to isolate whilst the vast majority of people, and businesses, continue to go about their lives? 222 hospitality businesses have gone to the wall in Liverpool, since March. The cost of these lockdown measures is going to change our landscape for ever. We need an exit strategy, once it gets to December everyone is going to ignore these measures anyway, there's no way anyone is going to observe lockdown over Xmas. Which reinforces why we should have had a hard lockdown now. Unfortunately the people in charge are clueless.
  7. Joondalup is fine if you've moved from Chernobyl. That's about it. Those other suburbs are expensive, there's a reason for that, that's why I'd rather have a small place there than a mansion in Joondalup or Burns Beach or similar.
  8. s713

    Relocating to Perth

    Some people do, just because you didn't doesn't make it the norm. You're obsessed with once a year holidays, the reality is a lot of people have shorter breaks in the UK much more often than that. And you don't need a plane.
  9. s713

    Free school meals

    Well said. Don't stop posting.
  10. s713

    Free school meals

    Also good to see the campaign to remove FREE food and drink for MPs has over 800k followers now.
  11. s713

    How is Trump doing so far?

    I notice Simmo removed his Rudy Giuliani post. Yes, this Rudy.
  12. We weren't typical movers, I loved my life in the UK, had never thought about emigrating, had no ambition to whatsoever. But, the Mrs family moved over en masse and she missed them, so we went for it. We lived in Perth for 11 years, I enjoyed the first 3 or 4, the next couple of years were by-the-by and the last few years were a torture for me. I don't hate Perth, I don't really have anything that bad to say about it, I just didn't want to be there. It wasn't worth me moving to the other side of the world for. My salary was high, we had a big house and an 8m pool in the back (that no-one went in for the last 4 or 5 years) but I was bored silly, ran out of ideas for things to do. I remember family coming over on holiday and when one of the kids asked what we were doing and I mentioned the beach she said "what again?". Couldn't blame her. Like I said, nice place, clean and shiny but not for me long-term. The UK works out much better for us.
  13. s713

    Free school meals

    The sheer amount of companies coming forward now to provide for these kids is absolutely amazing, reinforces the belief in humanity. Well done to all. Also reinforced is seeing the people you would expect to object to it doing so on here. Personally can't work that rationale out but, each to their own.
  14. s713

    Free school meals

  15. s713

    Free school meals

    This is children we're talking about. Take a look at the people opposing it (here and everywhere) and ask yourself about everything else they stand for. Tells you all you need to know about them.