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  1. It's clearly obvious, not for the first time, that they've been working to ideology over the national interest. The only benefit available to Brexiteers is the old "we won, get over it" rhetoric. There are no tangible national benefits currently being delivered by Brexit, or likely to be. But, as said, we knew that would be the case. That Brexiteers are happy to see the country suffer to celebrate that pyrrhic victory says a lot about them. The cult of Brexit reminds me of those cranks who say "the world is going to end on the 15th of November". When it doesn't, they come up with an excuse and a revised date. That's why this division will never end, they'll never admit they were wrong.
  2. s713

    Most enduring international chocolate bar

    Don't bother wasting your time and effort arguing. He won't be happy until Australian chocolate bars win gold at the olympics.
  3. This thread aged well . It's a disaster, was always going to be, always will be. This says it all really: Mr Eustice told the Commons that now he is on the backbenches he "no longer has to put such a positive gloss on what was agreed". There's an awful lot of them distancing themselves from the shit-show now. Luckily, we have social media to remind us of who they are. The only G7 country whose economy is worse now than pre-pandemic. An economy that used to be 90% that of Germany, now less than 70% of the size. The clues are there. They were there up-front and were dismissed.
  4. s713

    RIP Leslie Phillips

    There was a brilliant series on the BBC about the old school comedians, dramas. Michael Sheen played Kenneth Williams, David Walliams played Frankie Howerd, there was a Steptoe one as well. The historical accuracy was dubious but the acting was brilliant, particularly Sheen as Kenneth Williams who was exceptional.
  5. s713

    Most enduring international chocolate bar

    I love cheap chocolate. That cocoa argument is too highbrow for me and the stuff is too bitter. Toffee Crisps cannot be beat.
  6. s713

    Netflix & Stan

    My wife watches a lot of shows on Netflix. I don't for the simple reason that they seem to take 6, 8 or even 10 episodes to tell a story that could quite easily be told in 2 or 3. She's watched 'The Watcher' and 'Dahmer' recently and they were on in the background whilst I was working. I defy anyone to say that those shows needed to be of those lengths (7 & 10 episodes respectively).
  7. s713

    Cost of Living.

    True. But I'm sure there are countries whose Governments aren't throwing petrol on the flames.
  8. s713

    Cost of Living.

    The ONS is saying supermarket food has gone up 17% in the UK in the last year. I knew it was considerably more than the 10% standard inflation. There's more to come yet as well.
  9. s713

    Cost of Living.

    PS, inflation is 10.1% here now. Which is an under-estimate IMO. Food and drink is at least 1.5 times that.
  10. s713

    Cost of Living.

    The Buffoon being suggested as PM is a bit baffling, a lot of his own MPs thought him unfit for office 6 weeks ago. Work that one out. From their perspective, anything other than Sunak is surely political suicide? He knows his onions on the economy and at least conveys the gravitas that the current situation requires. Why would you go for anything else? I get that they think The Buffoon is an election winner but, get him in, and a load more MPs will walk. But a load of party members 'down South' will be chuffed. But they would vote Tory anyway if Stalin was in charge. You only need to see Tory MPs on the telly today to further realise that, for them, it's party over Country; they don't care about the big picture. What the Country needs is a new Tory leader, a defined fiscal policy (from the 3 different ones they've had in the last 6 weeks) versus Labour and whatever their fiscal policy is. And a GE to allow people to choose. That would be democracy in action. And then let's stick with that. I think most people are losing the will to live over this so, at least, let someone step out of this with a mandate and a plan.
  11. s713

    Cost of Living.

    She's gone. GE please.
  12. s713

    Cost of Living.

    No mandate from the people (no GE), no mandate from her MPs (they wanted Sunak), no mandate from the party members (everything she campaigned on has been thrown out). She says she's a fighter, not a quitter. But, she's not a good fighter is she? She's in hiding most of the time and, when she's not, she's being humiliated by the political middleweight that is Starmer. No strategy, no policies, no continuity, this is winging it of the highest order, on a National level. The serious right-wing media now turning on everything that has come before this, austerity, Brexit, you name it. The last 12 years has been an absolute catastrophe. Deadbeats, has-beens and never-beens throughout the cabinet. And a leader without a vision or a clue. And without a mandate. Hilarious, cringeworthy and outright dangerous in equal measures. Bring on the GE ASAP.
  13. s713

    Cost of Living.

    This Government
  14. s713

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I'm in the over-50s group and I'm about to have the 4th jab I've been offered. My folks are 75 and about to have their 5th. By the book, you'd have to be in an extremely vulnerable group to have had 6 although I have heard a few stories about GP surgeries asking older folks if they want one when they're in for something else. So there's probably a good few.
  15. It is illegal mate but I guess they can't put everyone in prison. I use it for the footy, my Mrs watches all the Netflix/Prime/Disney shows on it. It's great.