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  1. Yeah the first time I went back was winter, never again. Every time I've been since has been Jul/Aug/Sep and it's been OK in the main.
  2. I knew a family who moved back after being here 3 days. It was too hot. Seriously. Sold UK house, gave up jobs, took kids out of school, came here in January and went back complaining. Talk about research. The only others I know are a family who moved to Tassie, a family who moved to Singapore and family who moved back to Scotland but are back here now. It's not easy moving to another country. You never stop missing people, you never stop comparing, it's hard to feel settled. There's a lot about Australia I like but there's a big part of me that wishes I'd never bothered as I feel in constant limbo. That said, I've just spent 3 weeks in the UK where I am from and I'm not convinced I could move back, I didn't really enjoy it. That just makes it worse rather than better though.
  3. The driving gets a bit longer after Augusta. If it was just me and the wife then yeah, agree.
  4. The whole Busselton to Augusta coastal stretch is great. My Mum comes over every February and we always do it, it's her fave place in the world.
  5. Go for it while you're young, if it doesn't work out you'll claw it back. There's not much traction in the opinions of others, most have agendas. The figures say a lot are moving back, I go through spells myself however I have to say, I don't know anyone else contemplating it right now. The only people I know who moved back to the UK from here did so after 3 days as it was too hot. And that's a true story. At the very least, for 3 or 4 years you'll feel like you're on a great holiday, if that leaves you wanting more, you can always move back. And if it works out, hey presto, life sorted.
  6. Is it time?

    I'm in a similar boat after 10 years. That said, I just went back recently and moving back to the NW wouldn't work for the wife and me, it's just too depressing. There's nothing going on and the weather's always shite. We've looked at other areas to move to but that might not alleviate the homesickness as every person I know never ventures outside their postcode. So, bit stumped.
  7. 1 day in Perth

    Yeah I'd swerve Hillarys if you're just there for a day. It's OK but I wouldn't go out of my way for it. Cottesloe, King's Park and Freo are much better.
  8. It probably is. However, that lengthy analysis is also probably useless. Been reading stuff like that for 20 years and nothing changes. Pity these great soothsayers weren't about in 2008.
  9. My Dad used to work up there in the 80s, it is very bleak.
  10. Perth Airport Upgrade

    Like most things in Perth, when work finishes on something it is already outdated. They have been working on the airport and surrounding roads for years, they still are. And by the time they finish, they'll have to start again. The absolute lack of foresight/future planning here beggars belief; the time, effort and money wasted must be enormous. Why not just do it right in the first place?
  11. There's a 'British' chippy in Currambine that does haddock and it's great. It also does cod, which is rubbish. That said, I have recently been back to the UK and the cod there was bland in the extreme too so I think the problem lies with cod in general. To be fair, Australia is well stocked for decent fish, I'd say in general it's better. The chips on the other hand, are usually disgraceful.
  12. Perth Northern Suburbs

    Hey Paul1, I don't know what that Whitfords Brewery is, would be keen to hear more. I literally can't stomach Hillarys anymore, 10 times a year for 10 years does that to a person.
  13. Migrants Healthier Than Most Australians

    Most immigrants aren't alcoholics, ice addicts or raised on Hungry Jack's. That could skew the results.
  14. Perth Northern Suburbs

    I like the Northern beaches for a walk but I'd never go swimming anywhere other than the Lagoon, far too choppy for my liking.