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  1. s713

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Boris officially kick-starts the Great British Bendover of 2020.
  2. s713

    How is Trump doing so far?

    The old election year tactic, start a war. Always works in America; memories and IQs in short supply over there. These days, the place is nearly as rogue as that terrorist state they spend so much time and money protecting. Don't come crying when the inevitable reprisals happen. Probably over here as well, thanks for that you thick, fat, orange maniac.
  3. Being realistic, you might struggle. There isn't much of an IT scene in Perth at the best of times (worked there in IT for 11 years), not like there is in Syd or Melb. Plus, if you are on a temp visa with the extra restriction of reduced working hours, you're not much of a catch unfortunately. As for quality of life, fine if you have the money. If your Mrs is a Trainee and you're on reduced hours, I hope you have lots of savings.
  4. s713

    UK General Election Predictor

    Ok, so jews vote Tory, muslims vote labour, neither manifestos stack up financially, Boris won't debate with Andrew Neil, the Tories try to make their website look impartial through stealth, the Tories can't be arsed engaging on climate change.... these are shit candidates all round. Post all the Krankie shots you want, Sturgeon is easily the best parliamentarian out of all these, shame we English can't vote for her.
  5. s713

    Do you believe Prince Andrew ?

    Your contributions to this thread are disturbing to say the least.
  6. s713

    London bridge AGAIN !!!

    That said, yeah probably. It's what religion does to a person.
  7. s713

    UK General Election Predictor

    Project Fear has come full circle.
  8. s713

    Sh*t towns of Australia

    Only been to Kalgoorlie out of those. To be fair, it was shit.
  9. s713

    Folau’s ‘church’ exposed

    Thank Dog for free speech. Otherwise we wouldn't have a clue about what a mindless, god-bothering gobshite Folau is. Now we can all rest easy and hate him. Welcome to your ruined career Israel.
  10. s713

    UK General Election Predictor

    Boris has somehow managed to convince people that fixing the mess the Tories have made over the past 9 years is dependent on "getting Brexit done", when it obviously isn't; they could have been fixing those things at any time. We are clearly headed for more austerity. He was such a one-trick pony in that TV debate, I was embarassed for him. He has nothing to offer other than tubthumping about Brexit. He must have mentioned "getting Brexit done" a dozen times, even when it wasn't relevant to the question. He struggled in the quick-fire question section, after all Cummings couldn't have briefed him for that. The ironic laughs both candidates attracted was telling, clearly no-one trusts Boris as far as they could throw him. Also, his answer regards Prince Andrew made me sick. I thought Corbyn edged it, not that it makes any difference. Objectivity has long been consigned to the dustbin.
  11. s713

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Probably not newsworthy. It just seems to be the case that most people think this type of behaviour is acceptable, normal even, and it doesn't alter their perception of the people involved. It's mad. It's also mad, and sad, that this election will be fought and (probably) won on Brexit. Disgrace really.
  12. s713

    UK General Election Predictor

    I agree, I don't think it should be allowed. It's like me voting in an Australian election, I don't live there and the consequence of my vote doesn't directly affect me. Therefore, I should be excluded.
  13. s713

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    So, you asked for the 'fact' that said Brexit was a factor in the UK not being considered by Tesla, you were presented with it, and your retorts then moved onto "pedo" comments. A little window there into the UK's post-Brexit future.
  14. s713

    Returning to UK

    It's not that Australia didn't work out for us, we just wanted to move back. For our circumstances, the UK suits us a lot more. We never moved to Australia in the first place because we hated the UK, we always had a good life here anyway. We were just following the wife's family, most of her family live in Perth. After 10 years, we were fed up and returned, like I say, the UK suits us more and what we're into. No regrets whatsoever. Good luck.
  15. I didn't have my ToR # when we shipped, when the dogs arrived I was just prepared to bite the bullet and pay whatever, however it was only £50 for the 2 of them which I couldn't even be arsed filling the forms in to get the money back. The ToR # came through before the MoveCube turned up, that took 6 weeks anyway, not sure how much that would have been. Didn't need the ref ID to actually move stuff.