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  1. s713

    Moving home with older kids

    I didn't. If she'd have wanted to stay there, we'd still be there. She eventually reached the same point that I had, only a few years later. She has lots of family there which obviously impacted her thinking. Yes, we're all good now, pigs in muck, thanks.
  2. s713

    Move cube feedback

    We used a Seven Seas move cube, a large one like you. The service was great and the cube was plenty big enough. Left in their storage for a couple of months on arrival in the UK, fairly reasonable.
  3. s713

    Moving home with older kids

    The problem with moving country to country, whichever way round you're doing it, is that if everyone isn't on board it stands a fair chance of failure. That's not to say you shouldn't try, it's just the reality of the situation. We were in Australia for 11 years and I wanted to leave after 4 or 5. My wife loved it back then and I knew even attempting to talk her into moving back to the UK wouldn't work, if we'd have moved back she would have found fault with every little thing, I knew it. So, I stuck it out until she arrived at the same point I had, took a while but it has meant that our move back now is fully embraced and enjoyed by both of us. I don't know if this helps you but if your lad is happy where he is, it could be an issue. He might never want to move back. And he is 18.
  4. s713


    Only just.
  5. s713

    Living in or around Kinross

    I saw someone catch a shark beach-casting at Quinns once. Was a tiddler but his Mum might have been lurking for all I know. There is a shark net there now I think.
  6. s713

    Relocating to Perth

    The Breakwater was $14 a pint and went down the nick after a couple of years. Nice to hear that they've re-evaluated, like Print Hall did which was even more expensive. I remember paying $54 for 3 pints there (Bob's Bar). No thanks. Not when you consider it's a fairly average place at best anyway.
  7. s713

    Living in or around Kinross

    We lived in Joondalup, near Kinross. I mean, it's OK for a couple of years but, after that..... And, despite what is said here, Joondalup isn't get more established. If anything, the accent is on getting away from places like that i.e. extremities. Applecross has been mentioned, that's much better. More expensive, and you won't get as much, but a better place to be.
  8. s713

    Relocating to Perth

    'Isolation of Perth' meant a few things to me. Firstly, it drives your basic prices sky-high because you're dealing with a finite market. Eating and drinking out in Perth costs a fortune, much more than it does anywhere else. More importantly, when you're looking at travelling anywhere it takes ages. There is absolutely nob-all of worth (maybe 1 visit) North of Perth unless you like driving 10 hours to find somewhere the same after the same again after the same again to visit. Going South is marginally better but doesn't take that long to become utterly tedious. We did 4 'down South' visits to box it off. After that, where you going to go? Bali, acquired taste, cheap and nasty. SE Asia? Wasn't for me. 'Closer to Europe'? A day's flight isn't close in my book. Took 3 or 4 years for me to feel like I'd 'done' it.
  9. Exactly one of the reasons we got out. Once you're past 30, you're over the hill.
  10. Perth is a lot more expensive for a beer than other places in Oz. I spent a lot of time travelling with work and Perth tops the lot. As said, you can get a schooner in QLD for $4 or $5. In Perth, it's pints and they're £10-$14, dependent on where you go. Well, unless you go to some ridiculous dive. The best con trick they pulled whilst we were there was introducing schooners to WA and charging the same prices as for pints. I remember when the Midland Hotel reopened and I paid $12 or $13 for a Squires and it came as a schooner, fuming. It was only when the West Australian ran a story on it they were shamed into admitting it.
  11. I always thought they don't make enough of the coastline. I mean, it's the best thing about the place and they don't cash in on it. I don't drink coffee so I won't go to a Dome but in terms of somewhere to get a drink (NOR) there is a pub at Mullalloo, Hillarys (which I couldn't stand), Trigg has a beach cafe, Scarborough has a couple of decent places as do City Beach and North Beach. After that, you're in Cottesloe and Freo. Cottesloe was the biggest let down for me, considering its reputation. The pub on the front is a bit dark, not really a coastal place. And the fancy area they did build is at the back, you may as well be anywhere. Freo was our favourite place, could have a decent pub crawl there and there was a good vibe.
  12. s713

    Brisbane or Gold Coast?

    Melbourne always reminded me of Manchester, not as good of course. Plus, the weather is crap a lot of the time so you will feel right at home . From your description, it does sound like Melbourne would suit more.
  13. s713

    Yorkshire Ripper

    why on earth would you put that out there? Is it a clue or something? John Smith?
  14. s713

    What Have You Learned Today?

    I'd always assumed that Ralph Fiennes was Ranulph Fiennes son. He's not, they're obvs related but not father son. No particular reason to learn that today other than I was on a massive wikipedia mission.
  15. The NatWest wouldn't let me open an account without proof of address, the Halifax would, so I went with them. Also, they gave us a mortgage based on our job offer letters, we didn't need 3 months of slips or anything. I'm not even sure I had even started working when they made the offer as I had some time off beforehand.