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  1. Fair play to them, they'll pull ahead further now the UK is on an isolation path. Shame.
  2. Our head office is in Melbourne and I would say 75% of new starters are from India, so that bears out.
  3. s713

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    It was you who brought the IMF into the conversation as a way of demonstrating how well the UK was forecast to do compared to EU countries. Which was later contradicted by the facts. Now they're faceless bankers who don't care....
  4. When we lived in the UK last, fair to say we'd gotten into a rut and stopped doing as much as we could have. Certainly, living in Perth improved our get-up-and-go, at least for the time that we could actually find new things to do anyway. One of the things I did to help smooth our impending return to the UK with the Mrs was map out places that we either routinely drive to now or don't think of as that far; places like the Hills, Swan Valley, Mandurah, Busselton etc. I plotted them on a UK map to show her what sort of similar area we'd be able to cover for days/weekends out etc. and the extent of what you can do/where you can go is absolutely staggering. Even the distance covered from our home here (NOR) to Perth CBD, the choice in the UK of things to do/places to go is unreal; there's not really anything of equivalence here (apart from Hillarys, which I refuse to go anymore, been 1000+ times).
  5. s713

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I certainly wouldn't be surprised to hear him come out with a statement along the lines of restrictive Presidential terms being a constraint to getting things done, and that he should be 'Life President'. Probably why he meets Putin and Mr Kim, getting tips.
  6. s713

    Trump pushing for 4% of GDP on military.

    Great u-turn Don. He's flat-out got to be the worst politician of all time, absolutely staggering that he's President. Mind you, less so when you remember this is America we're talking about.
  7. s713

    Moving Home!

    I guess you either feel isolated or you don't. We do. I don't find Perth buzzing, I find it sterile, samey and unimaginative. Once you've done it a few times, it's boring. We've tried to get into everything and some stuff works, but only for a while. It's like shopping at a supermarket that only sells 10 products. I mean, they're ok things that you like but, hey, ask me again in 12 months.
  8. Thanks Andrew. If said individual is not a citizen and PR has lasped @ preservation age, then does that change the process of releasing the lump sum or incur any taxation?
  9. Similar position. So, if I leave mine in Australia until I reach preservation age in the UK, what then? Can I just draw lump sum and transfer it to a UK account? What are the tax implications? And is it easy to just transfer a few 000ks of dollars to the UK? Sorry to hijack thread but similar questions. Thanks in advance.
  10. s713

    Pay TV

    We have Foxtel and stream. I have Foxtel basically because the wife and her mother who lives with us are unable to get to grasps with technology. So, Foxtel is their get-out. I do watch some of BBC First, a couple of other channels and some sport, but not much personally. I never watch free-to-air TV, it's horrible. Actually, I watch the 6 o'clock news, that's it.
  11. s713

    Christmas in July

    We've never done it but I don't see the harm in it. Xmas doesn't feel like Xmas in 38 degrees heat so may as well do it when it's freezing!
  12. s713

    World Cup Thread

    Congrats to France. Some hard luck on Croatia in that final but the French probably deserved it over the tournament.
  13. s713

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Good to see The Donald confirm that Europe is the real "foe", just prior to his meeting with Putin. Tells you all you need to know, and what they'll be discussing.
  14. Totally, I'd have killed to have been there this last month. We are moving back Apr/May next year. Knowing my luck, I'll have to wait another 42 years for a great summer (wow, that's 2060).