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  1. s713

    Conspiracy Theories

    The biggest conspiracy theory in our household is the emergence and prominence of sweet potato fries. My Mrs hates them and thinks it's a ruse to rid the world of a sweet potato surplus. Whereas, I think they're great, particularly with some salt and pepper seasoning on, which I wholeheartedly commend to the house. What say you all?
  2. s713

    Conspiracy Theories

    Biden's had a facelift, Trump's had a facelift and been sprayed by the council gritter. Is that a conspiracy theory?
  3. s713

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Conservative woman? I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh. For the record, I don't think Simmo is a bully. There's nothing wrong with different opinions and opposing viewpoints. Each to their own. We all learn something from healthy debate, whether we choose to carry that forward or not. But still, Conservative woman
  4. s713

    15 minute city. What do you think?

    The bit I don't get about conspiracies, any would take a massive amount of set-up, intelligence, co-operation, secrecy etc. I just don't see that being coordinated on a World scale. The opportunity for whistle-blowing and the fame that would come with that would be immense. Like Covid, how could that be coordinated across the whole World when our Govt can't agree with Norway where to fish. Are you telling me that, all that is put aside for some higher purpose to subvert people? I just don't buy that Govt's are that clever and aligned. Face facts, we landed on the moon, Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK and terrorists colluded to orchestrate 9/11, not Dubya. He couldn't find his arse with both hands. The simplest answer is usually right. And social media is bollocks.
  5. s713

    Turn Back the Boats Comes to Europe

    No offence, have you read the posts you've made in the last hour? Argument aside, they're nonsensical. Each post does't seem to follow the logic of the previous. But hey, it's crazy world, who knows eh? God bless.
  6. s713

    Turn Back the Boats Comes to Europe

    Brexit has made it much worse. We've just paid the French £500M to build a new shed, reduce the numbers slightly and we can all claim a win-win. The Express will be doing cart-wheels (from the Cayman Islands).
  7. s713

    Turn Back the Boats Comes to Europe

    Is that the many people you don't know and don't speak to on a very regular basis? Or are you guessing? Honest to God
  8. s713

    Turn Back the Boats Comes to Europe

    I bet Macron was pissing himself as Rishi got back on the plane, another £500M off the rosbifs. From a Govt who couldn't even find £100M to pay for kids school dinners.
  9. s713

    Turn Back the Boats Comes to Europe

    I'm glad you know and speak to a lot of people. Really, I am. The asylum system in this country functioned, and worked well until it was dismantled by the Tory/Clegg alliance. The next election result will bear out whether the UK people accept the token efforts that this current Govt are serving up. Let's wait and see.
  10. s713

    Turn Back the Boats Comes to Europe

    Aside to what Govts do, when it comes down to it, British people won't accept what Australians have accepted. Obvs some do, we know who they are, the majority won't.
  11. s713

    Turn Back the Boats Comes to Europe

    The Govt don't want to stop the boats. They know they can't stop the boats. All they're promoting is rhetoric and soundbites to try and blame 'lefties' for their own failures, again. I can't understand why even their own supporters aren't bored of the slogans and non-delivery by now. How many goes is this at addressing the issue? Their track record on this issue is appalling. Look at the facts as to how this worked prior to the Tories and prior to when we left the EU.
  12. s713

    Perth Mint Scandal

    The real scandal is Perth mint is a totally tedious day out.
  13. s713

    15 minute city. What do you think?

    Tucker Carson
  14. s713

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    It's a perfect example of seeing what you want to see out of social media/News and getting drawn in. Like you, I only saw Gates a couple of times, Lavers sees him wherever he turns. You can apply this logic to the other thread on conspiracies too.
  15. I'm glad you said that, I totally agree. Most people think I'm mad.