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  1. I'm not naive at all. I read you mate. I remember the Cardinal Pell stuff.
  2. He was a paedophile. He forced himself on children. What information are you missing?
  3. Let's face it, Prez of the crazy US has a job description of (1) sympathising with victims of gun crimes, and (2) organising drone strikes somewhere. Not the toughest of jobs.
  4. Weird isn't it? If someone said to me, why do you like the guitarist out of RUSH (my fave band). I'd say, well I really like the solos and I like the way he uses different guitars to suit the mood of the songs. I wouldn't say, well he's in a band and they're popular. I don't especially blame Parley, this is the way politics is now. It's vanilla, vague and flat. And this character looks like another exponent.
  5. Piers That can't be recent, he's up in court here.
  6. I don't know what that means either. I think we best leave it.
  7. No, I've got a job. I just wondered why you thought he was impressive. Bit vague and generic those qualities, thought you might point to something tangible.
  8. I don't know anything about him, in what way is he impressive? I watched that vid but anyone could have done that. I googled him and it said he loves guns so he's got a good chance anyway. I think the Republicans will win the next election whoever is the candidate.
  9. In addition to the noncing, a bit of career perspective is also required I think. This wasn't Beethoven or Van Gogh going toes up, it was Rolf Harris. The extra leg and didgeridoo man. That said, I appreciated his concern for animals (homo sapiens excepted).
  10. Must admit, I've never heard of spice or monkey dust (brilliant name). But yeah vaping is massive, half the kids seem to be doing it on their way to school and the nicotine content in those disposable ones is quite high. They'll be banned soon and all the kids will be turkey-ing
  11. I don't think there's much in the old drug differences, I think there's slightly more recreational drugs here e.g. E's, coke, there always seemed to be more lifestyle drugs in Oz, e.g. Ice. Just personal observation. Mate of mine went to New York last week and, you know that stench of potent pot that people smoke these days, he said the whole place stunk of it, it's legal there now apparently, I never knew that (or decriminalised I don't know). Probably much of a muchness anywhere tbh.
  12. s713

    The Voice Referendum

    Sounds like the House of Lords
  13. s713

    The Voice Referendum

    Bit of a theme that when it comes to referendums.
  14. I don’t expect the Mail or Express are running daily stories about our economy being the worst amongst developed countries, the fact that companies are leaving the UK in droves, the fact that more people than ever are using food banks and more children live in poverty than in recent memory, the fact that the NHS is on its last legs, the fact that our most valued public servants can’t afford to live properly, the fact that our public transport is strangled by strikes, food inflation is 20%, people can’t afford to rent and, if they can afford a house their mortgage has spiralled due to Truss etc. I mean, I could make this 10 pages. I get that it’s not in the interests of the Mail or Express to raise this and I doubt their readers want to acknowledge it but it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Still, boats and drag queens eh?
  15. You mean the Mail and Express? They don't care about the other priorities. That's the only place 'outrage' exists.
  16. I find it ok that people think this is an issue to discuss. That's great, debate is healthy. But in terms of priority discussions that need to happen in the UK right now, this is about issue #759. People can't afford to eat. Any chance we can sort that first?
  17. Have to say I'm not a big fan of Eurovision but we walked around Liverpool centre last week and it's ace at the moment. It's being well embraced and the place has really stepped up. And long-term, I'm glad they jettisoned the heritage status, the development going on far outweighs that pseudo accolade.
  18. So, like I said, instead of crying "woke", care to explain to everyone why you really think a trans person reading to kids is a bad thing? There's no right or wrong answer, I'm just interested in your reason rather than the blanket "woke" moan.
  19. It has multiple meanings. Could be "I'm old and uncomfortable with that", or "it wasn't like that in 1976", or " the thought of this scares me" or " this hasn't been approved by the Daily Mail", lots of options. I don't mind a bit of debate as to what people think is acceptable but the blanket "this is woke" is just as bad as the "fake news"/I have no argument against this approach type conversation. At least explain yourself and say why if you don't like something.
  20. s713

    Cost of Living.

    I did think Marksies was 20%, might be wrong. My Mrs works for Sainburys/Argos and that's 15% (half the month, and 10% the rest).
  21. s713

    Cost of Living.

    Aldi and Lidl are much better than they used to be. When these discount grocers started, like Netto for example, they were a bit naff. Lidl is good but I prefer Aldi. The 'specially selected' stuff is exactly the same as the Marksies gastro stuff, and is half the price. Even that aside, their own stuff is good. My Mrs did an Asda shop a few weeks back out of necessity, and Asda isn't as good as Aldi these days, just the range of what they have outdoes Aldi.
  22. Or a sex offender