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  1. sadsmile23

    Can anyone help me with Oz tax self-assessment?

    OH has work ute with finance on it - know I can claim something on tax return for this vehicle, just not sure how much - is it a % figure for depreciation? Am I right in thinking I can claim the interest on the finance payments? If so, how is that calculated? Thanks!
  2. sadsmile23

    Can anyone help me with Oz tax self-assessment?

    just bumping myself back up!
  3. Hi Hoping to do our own tax return this year, to save us some money as we are short of cash right now, am quite confident in most of it but just have a couple of queries. Should be pretty straight-forward for someone in the know - is there anyone out there that I could PM with my questions please? Thanks!
  4. sadsmile23

    Constant Cycle of Making New Friends

    Hey Cazz, just noticed that you are down the road from me in Meadow Springs! Perhaps we could get together and break the cycle of "billy no-mates"??!!!!:biglaugh: Send me a PM if you are interested Jill x
  5. Hi Rachel Thanks for the advice, I did see the Transperth job advertised the other day, so definitely considering that! Yes, he ABSOLUTELY wants to get out of the trade situation and into something completely different. We have applied for countless positions over the last couple of years, but he has always had to turn back to his trade when nothing has materialised. Will keep trying x
  6. Can't believe I'm having to come on here (again) and say this. Hubby is plasterer and has (again) been told today that there is no more work in the pipeline which therefore means no income for our family. He SO wants to get out of the self-employed rat race, we have never been able to build any security in the almost 3 years that we have been here, no savings behind us, with 3 kids to look after I am truly scared and frightened as to where to turn now. How does anyone with one particular skill, who cannot sustain long term secure work in that skill, move onto something new? He is a hard worker, reliable and trustworthy, just looking for a fair crack at life. Has been told he cant get into the mines as he has no experience, but how do you get experience if no-one gives you a chance? How does an average guy get a break over here? We are not asking for hand-outs, just a chance to give our kids a future, and to keep the roof over their heads. Is it really too much to ask? Can anyone offer any advice please? Honestly dont know what to do next.
  7. sadsmile23

    Non-Resident Landlord Scheme

    Hi Not completely sure of the ins and outs of this because its a while since we did it, but we rent out our house in the UK (privately). We had to let HMRC know we were emigrating and register as a Non-Resident Landlord for tax purposes. All we have had to do is fill out the form online every year, with all our expenses offset against the rent we receive - if you receive below a certain amount profit every year you do not have to pay any tax on the rental income. Any agent fees, repairs, insurance cover etc can be deducted, so the aim is to try and make sure you don't come out with a profit!!! Sorry its a bit vague, but if you look on the HMRC website they will have all the info you need there (thats where I found it all). Hope that helps
  8. sadsmile23

    Constant Cycle of Making New Friends

    Hi Hilton, know exactly what you are saying here. Not for quite the same reasons as you, but have found "friendships" here quite demoralising too. We have made what we thought to be terrific friends, only to have them betray or abandon us when we have served our purpose, or outlived our usefulness. It has made us very wary of making new friends anymore, and we are nearing our 40's so would have thought we were all a bit past this "playground" mentality of bitching and backstabbing:unsure: Saying that, through the tough times there have been some "shining stars" who we will, hopefully, cherish in our lives for many years to come.
  9. hi Michelle, you have made a great choice in Mandurah, lol!! We love it here! Make sure you book up early for a short term rental over the Xmas period, Mandurah is a "holiday" town so places will be in short supply. Feel free to get in touch if you want to ask any questions and good luck with all the organising: I remember it well! Jill x
  10. ok thanks, will keep my eyes open for the next one! x
  11. hi everyone haven't been able to make any of the previous meet-ups due to work commitments, just wondering if there were any plans over the long weekend for a get-together or another meet in the near future? x
  12. sadsmile23

    Mandurah, tell me what its like?

    so glad you gave Mandurah another go, especially Halls Head which is where we are :wink: We have been here 2.5 years and loved it from day one! Good luck with the birth of the twins and feel free to send me a PM when you get down here, I'm available for coffee, chat if you fancy it. Jill xx p.s sorry forgot to say: haven't used the hospital that much, but a friend had her baby there with no complaints and my kids are a little bit old for playgroups now, but i do know of a few (have a friend who works for family services so could pick her brains for you too!) x
  13. sadsmile23

    Help from Tradies please ~ Worried

    Hi Kelly OH is a plasterer here and has also worked in property maintenance and in a steel factory. Yes, he gets hot and sweaty but like the others say, he drinks plenty and slaps on the sunscreen and hat and just copes with it.......and theres always the pool or the ocean at the end of the day to cool off in, lol!!!
  14. sadsmile23

    Visa granted today!!!!!!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Know how long you have been waiting and now its finally happened!!! Can't wait to see you guys again and welcome you to your new sunny home in WA!!!! Talk soon, Jill, Mick and the kids!! xxxx :cute: