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  1. Hi, we are selling our 2001 Holden Commodore VX sedan. Blue 247000km rego until 12/09/13. automatic air con car runs great and no problems with it. we have had a new radiator and radiator tap fitted (receipts can be seen) We are asking $3800 as we would like a quick sale as we have seen a 4x4 that we need to carry our sons motocross bikes.

    Car hire at Brisbane airport without a credit card?

    Hi I am not sure if they still do but when we came in November 2010 we used East Coast car rentals. They accepted our debit card. x
  3. Hi we from Oldham, hubby staying with our mates in Parkwood and they are from Buxton. Me and boys coming over in January and we have just secured a house on Genesis Estate at Coomera. Cant wait Jill x
  4. Thanks everyone. the school we wish to send him made a mistake in saying year 7. He will start year 6 in January 2013. Queensland education emailed me back to say he can go in year 7 but would depend on his academic ability etc... His dob puts him year 6 thank goodness. x
  5. Thanks guys, I think I will ring them like you said. I have also emailed Qld education for confirmation. xxx
  6. Hello I hope someone can help. My son is turning 11 on Saturday, his date of birth is 01/12/01. He is currently in year 6 in the UK. I have enquired to a school on the Gold Coast about enrolment and they have replied saying he will have to start year 7 in January 2013???? This would mean he will never complete year 6. I am really confused because when we lived on the Sunshine Coast, he was enrolled in year 4 in January 2011. I really wanted him to go to this school and don't know how to proceed. Please can anyone advice what year he should be in. Thanks Jill xxx

    High school age, QLD

    Hi, I am a little (well lot) confused with what year my son will be in when we return in January 2013. He is 11 on Saturday and his date of birth is 01/12/01. He is currently in year 6 in UK. I have had a reply from a school on the Gold Coast to say he has to start Year 7 in January 2013??? This means he will have never completed year 6. When we lived on Sunshine Coast, he was in year 4 in January 2011. Please can someone advise as I am very worried that he will miss out and his education will suffer. Thanks Jill xxx

    Genesis Estate, Coomera?

    Thanks xTINKSx We are arriving in January and cant wait. x

    Genesis Estate, Coomera?

    Thanks Carla We also like Coomera Waters too but wanted to be a little nearer Coomera Rivers school. x

    Genesis Estate, Coomera?

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone had any info on what it's like living in Genesis Estate at Coomera? We have had a drive around last year and really liked the look of it, all new houses and nice rec centre. Any info welcomed. Thanks Jill x
  11. Thanks. I have received an email from the hotel and they have confirmed escalators and stairs, phew x
  12. Thanks everyone for the info. x And dustyroad, no way, sounds like my worst nightmare. I would move haha. Jill x
  13. Thanks Hippychick, I can do escalators haha. x
  14. Thanks. I have just emailed them to ask. I am petrified of lifts, its the confined space and the feeling when they move. It's daft I know. x