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  1. Good video Rachel Tilley, it does make people stop and think. You have put so much hard work into this, that I hope it makes people stop and think. Ask those 'what if' questions, make an informed decision, don't let yourself be another person stuck. Hoping one day the HC will be updated
  2. Thats OK Ali, Expat stuck mums is easy for people to find and anyone is welcome to message me if they have difficulties finding the group. But I don't log on here often, is there anyone on here who I could send the link to and if anyone can't find the FB group, they could message that person for it?
  3. The Hague Convention is gaining a lot of attention right now in the UK with one TV company interested in making a documentary. Also the UK TV program about relocating to AU has also shown interest. If you would like to find out more, there is a Facebook group. Its not just for Mums, its also for Dads.
  4. Parleycross, some people do as I am sure you are aware. Or is this sarcasm? I am confused as to why you are asking this? Prenup is mainly financial - children do not have a price tag. Unless you have been in this situation, it must be rather difficult for you to understand.
  5. Do not put your head in the sand and pretend non of this would happen to you. Ignorance can cause immense problems. This is such an issue, MAJORITY of people relocating take more time researching a new car and shopping around for the best insurance deals than they do about their own 'insurances' for If something goes wrong.
  6. Hello Quoll and Tina2, its been a while...... nice to read you are both here and helping others to see life from different perspectives. cshowell, as both above have very well said - each case is different, it would be completely wrong to assume all of the cases are where a parent misses home and just decides to up sticks and move back to where they came from. Without knowing the fine details of each persons case, your assumptions can be damaging. Each case is complicated, with mental, physical, financial and emotional abuse being aspects that are as damaging as each other. If a parent was going through any or all of these situations, the effect on the child can be even more damaging. A lot of the people who have contributed to this thread have been there in the above situations and some are still there, please have some empathy for those that you have just assumed put only themselves first. I am the initial author of this thread, my aim to was make people aware that they cannot just move back home with the children if their relationship breaks down, that they need to sit down and think about all the possible outcomes, and agree as best as they can, before moving to the other side of the world. Although we cannot predict how we would react in such a situation, it would help greatly to discuss and find out the other persons thoughts before agreeing to move the children. Its a step forward in looking out of the box, to be realistic and not assume that the new life will be a rose garden, the stresses and pressure put on families when they move is tremendous and a lot of people split up due to the pressure. As it is, I know from experience that a lot of people, without realising, put more thought into researching a new home than they do thinking about what if we split up, what would happen to the children? I can guarantee you now, most people who read this have not had the discussion with their partner, their love of their life - what would happen to our children if we split up? It is difficult to predict what you would do, but sensible to discuss it. When in a relationship it is naturally optimistic of us to think about a happy future, not the dowdy negative aspects. When moving, most people do not envision that their lives could be completely torn apart if their relationship fails. Not just themselves, but their children too. This is when it gets very very complicated. This is why this thread urges those who are looking to move abroad with children, or have children when there, to discuss the 'what if's'.....
  7. I've skimmed through these recent posts as for some reason they have popped up on my mobile (tapatalk). I havent posted on here for a very long time and after reading some of these posts I can see why. You really shouldn't be generalising either sex here..... its rather silly to assume all women or men are like your exes! We all have our own stories, but you do need to keep this as your own and not generalise, as you have no idea on what others stories entail. Bitterness is easily picked up on, even if you feel you are doing the right thing (being the wrongly done by parent), children pick up on your reactions too. There are no winners in these situations, only loses - the children.
  8. Tina - thats daunting, I found in the UK I am also better off financially (& academically) whilst studying full-time at Uni, rather than part-time study. Its a strange set up! M2M - thats great thank you
  9. Thanks Tina, looks like Aus is tightening its purse strings.... with little regard for those in the grey
  10. Just a suggestion - maybe in the 'Moving back to the UK' thread may help people more? It would probably get missed here and it really could save a lot of people a lot of money and heartache if they are aware of the laws with moving back home with children?
  11. Mods: I have just noticed this sticky has moved to the folder 'Feedback and Announcements'..... correct me if I am wrong, but I can't see how it falls within that category?
  12. 2tigers

    Pre-Cancerous cells

    Another update, I had 3inches taken away of 'me' at the end of August and once it was tested I found out they need to take more, will need a skin graft too. In the process of consultant appointments now. Its at stage 3 of pre-cancerous still, not cancer as that is stage 4, so happy we are still chopping away until its all gone. I've had angry days about all of this as I was being ignored for such a long time, being fobbed off with thrush.... at least I'm seeing the right specialists now and something is being done about it. Please ladies, read all of this and check yourselves out, if in doubt - nag until you get a proper answer. I just wish the GP's didn't just 'guess' at things like this as most people in my position would just accept the 'professionals' word and believe what they say. x
  13. Hello all you Pomsinozzers, I haven't been around for a while, had a few things to keep me occupied - health issues, operation, loads of Uni work, kids, work, home - you get the jist... I'm a single mum so the jiggling and juggling can get to me sometimes. But I have wine. And chocolate. Anyway, I've still be checking here daily, in case anyone needed advice re: Sticky - "Children, what happens....." hague convention etc. What I do want to say is, I have missed you all, all the crazy banter and lovely people.... but I really don't have much time to sit like I used to and enjoy the banter.... What I want to say is, a special thank you to Tink, randomly she has sent messages to me, thinking of me and wishing me happiness, its really made me feel wanted, that someone, who I have never met in real life, has thought of me and carried on sending me messages of good wishes.... this is what pomsinoz is about isn't it? I don't even live in Aus anymore, I'm back home - but we are a community regardless of where we live. Human and have feelings, care for each other. In a strange tinternet way You are a lovely person Tink and I am sure there are many on here who have similar stories about you.... please share fellow pomsinozzers..... x
  14. 2tigers

    Pre-Cancerous cells

    A little update..... today the Dr's told me they will surgically remove the bad cells from my vulvar. Its good news, its going to be treated and a bloody good job I found it in the first place! Hope all is well in the land of PIO, I've not been around for ages - way too busy, but do check in occasionally