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  1. mr luvpants

    QLD driving licence

    Living in Boyne Island and recently transferred to Road Policing Command. Still loving this wonderful country.
  2. mr luvpants

    QLD driving licence

    There is no requirement to exchange your driving licence to a QLD driver licence if you are on a temp visa. However you still can if you wish. The three month time limit only applies to someone who becomes a permanent resident. You have three months to change it to a QLD licence otherwise you are deemed unlicensed. Regarding the OP. His WA driver licence is no longer current as it would have been replaced with the UK driver licence (you can only have one driver licence). My advice would be to exchange it for a QLD drive licence as soon as he/she arrives as the three month rule won't apply as he/she is already a citizen. Hope that makes sense. JOHN
  3. Been in Australia for nearly 8 years and have moved to Boyne Island for work and have to start again on the social front. We are both aged 50 with no kids. Anyone fancy coffee?
  4. mr luvpants

    Be a pal !

    Very well, thank you. still loving it and its been nearly 7 years. How are you?
  5. mr luvpants

    Be a pal !

    H Cal Im always lurking! JOHN
  6. mr luvpants

    Be a pal !

    Where are you based Sunnycoaster?
  7. hi. Wife is a Nurse at Nambour. PM me if you fancy coffee? We have been here nearly 6 years.
  8. mr luvpants

    Been here 4 years today

    and where are you in this beautiful country?
  9. mr luvpants

    Been here 4 years today

    No Idea. I would be lying if I said I have not a had few "moments". In fact the last was about 8 months ago when I would have been in the UK fire service for 20 years if I was still in the UK and saw all my colleagues on FB getting their 20 year medals. Out of the blue it hit me and I thought " what am I doing here"! I had a good chat with my wife about my feelings and I give myself an upper cut and it all went away. It was a big thing moving away from the UK and it is not to be expected that "things" are going to pop up. I am super settled now and in the words of Susan Boyle "wild horses would not drag me away". How are you getting on?
  10. mr luvpants

    Been here 4 years today

    Where do you LIVE?
  11. mr luvpants

    Been here 4 years today

    UPDATE: So after nearly 5 years here we finally became citizens last week and my ozzie passport rocked up today. Our house is up for sale and we put in and had an offer accepted for a piece of land to build our dream house. Life is great here. Yes we miss family but as a couple we are stronger than ever and can honestly say we enjoy life here and will not be going back.
  12. mr luvpants

    Social work questions!

    Hi all Been doing some research for my SIL. She is a degree trained social worker with two years experience and she is looking to move to QLD under the state nominated scheme. My understanding of the visa system is that she can can apply now to get her skills assessed for migration purposes (she achieves the required 60 points with the skills assessment) but she can not apply to join the AASW yet as she has not got 3 years experience. Does she need membership to be considered for a social work job? JOHN
  13. mr luvpants

    Been here 4 years today

    Wow! How time flies! This day four years ago Lisa and I stepped off the plane at Brisbane to start another chapter in our life. It's been hard sometimes as we miss family and friends in the UK but overall it was a great move and we love our life and our jobs here and have no intention of returning to the UK to live. We love exploring Australia in our camper and we are able to do more as a couple due to the life style here (and the weather). If you are interested, our updates are in our post history. Tomorrow we can apply for citizenship. To all those thinking about it, JUST DO IT. If it is not for you then return but at least then you will know. JOHN http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/reccie-arrival-reports/104518-luvpants-have-landed-our-arrival-report.html http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/reccie-arrival-reports/202316-we-have-been-here-three-years-we-going-back.html
  14. How old are you? Most charges before the age of 18 are null and void (except murder obvioulsy).
  15. mr luvpants

    "No further stay" for Aged Parents Migration.

    Need to be aware guys that if a bridging visa is granted then the bridging visa does not allow you to go out of Australia HOWEVER you can apply for another bridging visa which allows you to go of Australia for UP TO 3 months per year and no more.