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Found 12 results

  1. Im currently living in England and have been offered a job in Sydney which I require a 457 visa for. The problem is my criminal record, I've read posts on here where people have said were still given a visa although the had a record but I'm worried about mine as my record has a lot of charges on it. About 7 years ago I was charged 3 or 4 times with shoplifting and also assault on a pcso(police community support officer) for which I received community service and probation. The problem is I kept missing my community service so they kept adding more hours which shows up n my criminal record. I also have a drunk and disorderly chaged from nearly 5 years go which I received a caution for. I spent 2 years in Australia from 2011-2013 and got my working holida visa's; although that took a while to come through, I haven't been in any trouble since and have always had a job since I was 18. I'm really panicking that when the visa people see the length of my record (its on 4 sheets of A4) they'll reject my application. Has anyone received their 457 although their criminal record has lots of small stupid charges? I appreciate any feedback
  2. elesmith

    457 Visa Help

    Good Morning All, I am looking for some help and advise if at all possible. My partner is on a 457 visa until 2017 and I am on his visa, I am currently 14wks pregnant and due to the cost here in the NT we wont be able to afford to stay. I am wondering if my partner is to terminate his visa early will his employer still have to pay for the flights back to the UK or will we have to pay as we are terminating his employment early and how much notice do we have to give them if they do pay for the flight. Thanks in advance
  3. Rossi46

    457 self sponsorship

    Hi , Does anyone have any advice about the process of gaining a 457 self sponsorship visa . I am currently on a 457 visa but want to go self employed. I have been in oz for 2 years and have a further 2 left on my visa. Tired of being controlled and trapped by the constraints of a visa. im over it ! :confused:
  4. Hello, could somebody advise me on what a new employer or myself can do/ have to do, in order for me ( a RN) to switch employer. My current situation is, I came on a 457 visa, with my partner and daughter as a skilled worker, but am not happy with current employer. Went for an interview this morning and the manager said she will talk with her HR and meanwhile for I to do some homework on how it works with the visa. I am in a position to pay for it myself, that's how strong I feel about my existing employer. if anyone can direct me, I would truly appreciate your knowledge. I am here with my existing employer 15 months. Thanking you....
  5. dannysarath1

    Whv to 457 help!!

    Hi Guys, So I came over to Perth on the 6th April 2013 on a 1 year WHV. I am currently working as a finance broker within the John Hughes group and have been told by John himself that they are prepared to sponsor me for the 457 however, I have only 3 weeks left to get it lodged. I guess what I really need to know is, do I have enough time to get it lodged and onto the A bridging visa, and does anyone have any advice for transitioning over to 457 from WHV? I have looked at going through an agency however it seems all they want is a s*** load of $$ ! If anyone has any good advice it would be highly appreciated and if anyone knows a decent agent please pass on the details! All responses are highly appreciated
  6. movingtoaussieland

    Working Holiday whilst waiting for 457?

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this has already been covered (there's so much information on here I may well have missed it) but I was wondering if it's possible/advisable to go to Australia on a WHV while my company sorts out my 457 sponsored visa? Bit of background - I already work for the UK entity of the company and am being transferred to work for our Australian entity in Melbourne. I haven't submitted my application yet as I'm waiting for the company to get their application in to enable them to nominate then sponsor me. However, the company are being a little slow and I originally had a target of early November to be in Melbourne (I'm actually already essentially doing the job from the UK but the early morning conference calls will eventually drive me insane!) I am wondering if I could head over in November on a WHV while we sort out the 457? I've seen a couple of posts advising people not to waste their WHV and be patient, but given that I've recently turned 30, I would lose out on the chance to do a WHV in a year anyway. Of course there is a chance the 457 won't be granted, but presumably if I can go on a WHV I can work for the company for 6 months in Melbourne while we figure out an alternative? Any help/advice from the knowledgeable souls on here would be gratefully received! Thank you. :-)
  7. cengix

    Long long wait for 457 visa

    Hi guys!!! I'm going crayz because of very long processing time on my visa applicaiton. I've been checking the visa tracking information on daily basis from the immigration website and there is no update since 29 May 2013. It has been almost 4 months and still no good news (( I would really appriciate it if anyone can advise me what the reason could be for this long delay and when should I expect to receive an update???? Application 457 Business Long Stay Primary - XXX 28/03/2013 Application received - processing commenced 28/03/2013 Application fee received 02/04/2013 Application being processed further Person 1 XXX 02/04/2013 Further information required 29/05/2013 Health requirements finalised 08/04/2013 Further medical results referred ??????
  8. pokaser

    Plz help! 457 visa delays...

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone could give me some advise on the 457 visa process time. Its been a nightmare.. just sitting and waiting for the visa. The history of my visa application is... ============================== Nov 14, 2012 - Applied for the 457 visa with all the necessary documents Nov 20, 2012 - Received an email from the immi, saying that I have to conduct further medical check (x-ray) due to a possible TB Nov 20, 2012 - Submitted a new x-ray result on the same day Dec 03, 2012 - The immi asked me to take the 'Sputum smears and TB cultures' (although my doctor told me that I do not have TB!!). Feb 04, 2013 - Submitted the 'Sputum smears and TB cultures' test results, and was confirmed that I do not have TB! ============================== The problem I have is that, since I submitted the last medical check results, I have not heard anything back from the immi. Given that, I was wondering if anyone could answer some of my questions... . 1) Could anyone know how long it would normally take to grant the 457 visa after conducting the 'Sputum smears and TB culture' test? 2) Given the recent 457 visa crackdown issue (http://www.skynews.com.au/politics/article.aspx?id=848457&vId=3826530&cId=Politics), is it possible for the immi to reject the 457 visa applications after processing commenced? 3) Is there any way I can speed up the process? (e.g. contacting the case officer or something) Your help (...any help) would be greatly appreciated!!! Thx
  9. Hi everyone, My name is Kim McGuire and I work for a design research company called Symplicit (www.symplicit.com.au). I am looking for people to help with paid research, specifically a 60-90 minute telephone or Skype interview and/or a 20-minute survey. We're trying to understand the experiences that people have when moving to Australia. What I'm looking for is people who fit the following profile: Moving to Australia. Moving from the UK or Ireland. Are still in their country of origin (Have not yet moved to Australia). Have a 457 visa (skilled migrant visa). Would be willing to complete a paid telephone interview and/or survey about their experiences. If you would like to help or if you know someone who fits this profile, please contact me at kim@symplicit.com.au. I'd love to hear from you. Cheers, Kim
  10. Hi all. Curious about 457 temp visas. We have the opportunity to go to Canberra on a perm 190 but heard Canberra is not all that for fun loving partying 30 something's. So the other option is to go to Perth on a 457 but we are concerned that if hubby loses his job or gets made redundant he only has 28 days to find another job. If that happens can he get a temporary job or does it have to be another permanent job? I understand it has to be in the same field of work. What does everyone think? 190 in Canberra for 2 years or 457 to Perth? Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, Posts on the forum have really been helpful to me in the past and here I have a question and need some advice so I decided to speak up. I'm currently on a 457 visa and applied in January 2013 for a 820 partner visa. While the application is being processed, Immigration granted me a bridging visa A with full working rights (issued after 24 November 2012). However, it will come into only after when my 457 ceases. And here comes my confusion, I'm sure that I'll switch on the bridging visa if my 457 expires but what about if I quit or my employer terminates me? To be honest, I've been on a 457 for over a year now and late changes in the management of my company made the workplace horrible. The sooner I'm able to look for another job, the better for me and my family! If someone is in the same situation or has been through it or have a valuable piece of advice for me, that would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hello All, I really am struggling to find new employment, i am not experiencing a happy employment experience whilst here and am desperate to change employer. I am on a 457 business visa and have been in Brisbane since November 2012, could anybody ppppppppppplease help. I am an aged care nurse of 7 years but 20 years in the same field. Loving Australia, but my employment is taking the joy out of it, its so hard.. Thanking you