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  1. Davo453

    We are home at last

    What's bad we'll that's very hard to judge isn't it. It depends so much on where you live both in the UK and Australia, how much money you have and where your family or support base is. For us we felt that to be honest we wasted the 11 years in the UK, financially at least we would have been much better off staying in Aus. However we had many adventures in europe but we had to work and making money this proved to be a real battle. Nothing is cheap in the UK especially in the cities housing and the general cost of living always goes up and wages are quit a bit lower than aus. Then there is the weather, all i can say there is i didn't have bad arthritis before we went and rightly or wrongly i attribute that to working a market stall in mid winter. So it's horses for courses really but I wish we hadn't gone.
  2. Davo453

    We are home at last

    So after a week back in Perth we are still in the honeymoon period i guess but my it's good to be home. We lived in the uk for 11 years having gone there for just 5 to spend time with family, life and business just got in the way really. There have been many changes in Perth in the intervening years and not for the worse that we can see. There are a lot more people but unless you do something daft like joining rush hour traffic or going to Ikea on a Sunday morning you wouldn't really know. What is staggering is the difference in prosperity between WA and the UK they honestly don't know what a down turn is here. Sad to say that the UK is in a bad way right now no matter how much they fudge the figures. We are not staying in WA though, we are doing a road trip to the East and will see if we like it but if not we will be back and will not be going back to the UK.
  3. Fingers crossed, all gets collected in about 3 weeks
  4. Nope have gone with PSS for a full 20ft door to door. What with everything else to worry about it was a step too far really.
  5. Davo453

    Mobile Phone SIM

    $45 a month https://www.aldimobile.com.au/plans/xxl-value-pack/#
  6. Davo453

    Mobile Phone SIM

    Tricky isn't it Good to hear that are alternatives and we can change later if necessary. The aldi xxl pack is probably what I will go with 20GB the data roll over is attractive and unlimited calls to uk.. Doesn't look like international texts are included though?. But we use whatsapp mostly anyway. Someone has told me that aldi is only 3g is that correct? I have a friend that will post a couple of sims to us in the UK so we have them ready when we arrive.
  7. Davo453

    Adelaide v Gold Coast

    Can agree with that very different attitudes. Even more so when you take in country people and places and city people. Country for me......
  8. Davo453

    How Patriotic Are You?

    As an Australian living in the UK desperately trying to go home I get more patriotic every day. 11 weeks into a house sale and still no certainty that it will go through, a pathetic system.
  9. Davo453

    Woodwork tools

    Apparently the smell of disinfectant is a good idea our place stinks of Jeyes Fluid at the moment. I'm taking a lot of tools probably a third of our 20 foot container.
  10. Davo453

    Mobile Phone SIM

    Thanks for the reply that's great just the info I was looking for. My present mobile is only just out of contract and has been extremely good so i will keep it for a while and go for the Aldi Sim. I just wish there was an Aldi in the center of Perth I wonder if they sell them elsewhere....
  11. Davo453

    Mobile Phone SIM

    I've searched the forum and can't find this topic but it must be there somewhere.... Which mobile phone SIM to get. I need pretty good rural coverage loads of data min 30gb sounds ok and would like international calls Aldi mobile XL plan looks interesting does anyone have that? Any recommendations appreciate.
  12. Davo453

    The UK house selling system

    A bit of good news today the buyer (the one holding things up) have had their mortgage approved, so with a good lump of luck maybe next week for contract exchange. Might get my life back then
  13. Davo453

    The Impact Brexit Will Have On The £

    Thank you for the reply what was the spot rate when you got those quotes? for example https://www.poundsterlinglive.com/ (my favourite site) is as of today quoting a spot rate of 1.8548 Need that to work out the margin percentage you see. I'll drop into my local branch and ask them about it anyway.
  14. Davo453

    The Impact Brexit Will Have On The £

    Any idea what margin HSBC charge when doing that? I can't seem to find any info on it.
  15. Davo453

    Depositing uk Bank draft

    interesting re the HSBC accounts do you know what margin they are taking on the exchange? In my experience the margin that banks demand is pretty huge but i'd love to be proven wrong and if it wasn't much i'd do it too.