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Found 14 results

  1. hey all, I really want to work abroad in Australia but do not have a clue where to start or where to go. I am completely starting fresh and need to know what I need to do and where to look for sponsorships. I have just completed a 3 Year apprenticeship as a CNC miller setter/operator. I have a BTEC national diploma level 3 double grade PASS PASS and also I have a NVQ level 3 in cnc milling setting/operating. along with key skills level 2 in maths english and I.T, and a advanced apprenticeship completion certificate. been working for 3 years love what i do and want to up and leave for a good experiance and maybe make it permanent. any information will be helpfull like what i need to get started, where to look, whats the first thing i should do, how easy it is, how long it is. thanks guys your help will really help me out. ps i think the call my job in australia a 1st class metal machinist. thanks blake
  2. Im currently living in England and have been offered a job in Sydney which I require a 457 visa for. The problem is my criminal record, I've read posts on here where people have said were still given a visa although the had a record but I'm worried about mine as my record has a lot of charges on it. About 7 years ago I was charged 3 or 4 times with shoplifting and also assault on a pcso(police community support officer) for which I received community service and probation. The problem is I kept missing my community service so they kept adding more hours which shows up n my criminal record. I also have a drunk and disorderly chaged from nearly 5 years go which I received a caution for. I spent 2 years in Australia from 2011-2013 and got my working holida visa's; although that took a while to come through, I haven't been in any trouble since and have always had a job since I was 18. I'm really panicking that when the visa people see the length of my record (its on 4 sheets of A4) they'll reject my application. Has anyone received their 457 although their criminal record has lots of small stupid charges? I appreciate any feedback
  3. Hi all I am new to this website but I am hoping to get some help. I moved to Australia from the UK in august 2011 (best thing I ever done) I was granted my temporary partner visa 820 on the 2nd September 2014 me and my partner are engaged and have a 4 month old little boy together I am an only child what options do we have to get my parents out here, I am finding it so hard bringing up there only grandchild without them here to see him grow up and of course I miss them lots. they are aged 48 they have owned businesses in the UK ( I heard there may be a possible visa for them to come over and start a business) are there any visas which will allow them to come over and work for a year to see if they like it out here. what options do we have to get them here with us? can my partner sponsor them? if anyone can please give me this information so I can pass it on to them. if its quite a complex answer can you please simplify it down a little for me lol thank you soooooo much in advanced
  4. patrickhemming

    PMV Subclass 300 Driving me CRAZY!!!!

    Hey Guys, Just signed up to this as told of this website by a friend who's just moved to Oz. My situation is this: I was in Australia for 12 months and met my fiancee in the end of 2009. We had met a few times and lost contact etc. However a year ago we got back in contact (Thanks to Facebook) and we decided to do the whole long distance thing. 12 months down the line and she has been over for a month long holiday in July and then came back in September and is currently here in the UK but will leave around February. We understand pretty much what we need to do for the visa, photos, plane tickets, hotel confirmations etc from traveling Europe together. We also have the added bonus of her mother coming over a few weeks ago, so we have photos and plane tickets from that too ) My problem is between november and july we dont have our skype logs as we both have had our phones replaced. Skype only records the logs on the device you use so we dont have this evidence as we used our mobiles 99% of the time. would this be a problem? we have facebook chat, just no evidence of calls until July. The other things that are bothering me are the fact that she is halfway through her degree, so if/when my application is successful then she wont be working, maybe part time. I have many friends in Australia who will give me work, so our plan would be for me to come over and work and then look for a place of our own as we shall temporarily be living with her family. Again would this be a problem (the fact she does not have any savings etc)?? I also believe as i spent time on a Working Holiday Visa in Oz then I would need my police check done not only for the UK but also Australia? Did anyone send the health check and background check in with the application straight away or did they ask for it when they're ready? With the new website up and running with immigov im not sure if i should do the application online or fill it out hand written. Not sure if i like the way the website is now. Thanks in advance for your replies, it's driving me crazy as to how to approach the start of putting the application together and also worried that i may 'forget' something. Thanks, Patrick
  5. BenGriffin


    Hi, I'm 17 years old and I have recently completed Business level 3 Extended Diploma at college in the UK, and I am moving to Australia with my Parents after xmas, whats next? I have no idea how the Australian education system works.. I was hoping to go to University and study Business, will I still get in with UK college qualifications? Thanks, all feedback is welcome.
  6. Emmie2010

    Migrant agents/ Visas

    Hello, i'm new here so please bear with me. My family and i are looking to move to Australia from the UK within the next year or so. My husband is a Australian Citizen and our 2 children have both been granted Australian Citizenship by decent. Now its just me that's left to sort, so we can start getting things moving along. Now i'm in need of a spouse visa, a lot of people have said we should be using a migration agent to help with forms and to move application along quicker. Has anyone had any experience with them? We have had a quote from one and the charge is almost the same as the visa charge :err: Also is there a company that you would recommend? Thanks in advance Emma
  7. Hey I have been living in Australia for the past 2 and half years, and had decided to lodge for a visa 187 sponsored rural visa as am currently working and living in Ingham. I tried to seek as much help through immigration when applying for this visa and thought I had all the requirements to apply for this visa when lodged. However it has turned out that I did not meet the skills assessment due to me incorrectly stating while lodging the application that I did not need a skills assessment when I did. When asking immigration about this I thought I only had to supply references and evidence of working In my nominated occupation of 3 years prior to lodging the application. Since this has been lodged I have been notified that as I did not have a skills assessment done, I have not met required criteria for this visa and this will not be granted. This leaves me $3,500 down and no visa ! I now need too look at applying for another visa before this is withdrawn and and official non-grant letter is sent. I have been in a de-facto relationship for 12 months however do not have a joint bank account or even though living together no evidence of bills as this is accommodation supplied though my current job. What other evidence can I give and will that be enough evidence for them to grant this visa? Someone please helllppppppp! Thanks
  8. Hiya, So I have submitted my Prospective marriage visa application (subclass 300) and today recieved confirmation of my case worker. She stated that it would take 8-9 months for the visa to potentially be granted. My issue is that my wedding is in October (so literally 8 months away). She said that if i got married BEFORE the visa was granted, i would have to inform them and they would change it to a spouse visa. I'm slightly confused as will this mean I will have to start the process again? I was hoping to return to Australia with my partner once we are married but I assume this would mean I would have to wait in the UK until the visa is granted. Also, one of the terms of the prospective marriage visa is that you must enter australia, before you ahve been married on this visa to validate it. What if i am granted the visa too close to the wedding and I am unable to fly? Has anyone else suffered this predicament? Help! Honestly, a wedding is stressful enough to plan- all this visa stuff is driving me insane! Thank you in advance!
  9. Hello lovely Poms in Oz'ers! I am new to this forum but having read many other links I really hope you can help me with my sticky situation. So, I'll start from the begining. My partner is Australian, we met in London whilst he was on a working-holiday visa here for two years. We were together for 8 months until his visa was due to expire and he moved back to Australia. This was in March 2011. Since then, due to work commitments (and also because I come from a culture where I am not really allowed to just live with him until we are married) we have been in a long distance relationship. We have both flown to each others countries as well as meeting up in Dubai and Sri Lanka to ensure we maintain our relationship. We also speak every day through skype and various other means. Anyways on one of our travels, my partner (NP) proposed! I of course said yes but he still had to return to oz and myself back to London. We are now in the process of planning a wedding. The wedding will take place in London but we do not intend to live here, the plan is for me to go to Australia with him straight after the wedding. The wedding is in October this year (2013) so 9 months away but I am so stuck when it comes to what type of visa i should be applying for based on the time constraints. The fiance visa says it takes 5-10 months to process and also prior to the wedding day i have to enter australia in order to validate the visa. I feel like this is cutting it rather close! The other option is to be married here in London and then I fly to Australia as a tourist and once we are on shore I can apply for the partner visa as we will be married and I will also be living with him at that point. I am concerned about any risks in doing it this way. What would you all do/ advise in this situation? Thank you so so so much for any help, I'm so confused! H xxx
  10. Hi all, Would really appreciate the benefit of your experience on this one. We had our visa granted about 4 weeks ago and we are unbelievably excited about making to move to Perth. As we have limited funds, we decided to wait until I secured a job (VET teacher/lecturer) before making the permanent move out to Perth. However, so far, this has proved more difficult than I first thought. Despite having mountains of experience and qualifications and a diversity of skills, I am even struggling to get shortlisted for even a basic teaching role. I have changed my CV to suit, tailoired my letters to meet the criteria in the format that the Aussies are loking for, but time after time, they are shortlisting Aussies over me and after speaking to a number of employers (who have been brutally honest), they are stating that I am a risk to employ because of not being there for a face to face interview and the chance that I might not come (which isn't that case). I completely understand where they are coming from and know that if I could get my foot in the door somewhere, I would be fine. We have sold everything (and I mean everything short of our clothes and a few small bits we want to take) and are currently residing with family. Not the most ideal situation. We also have a 16month boy to consider. We vhave enough money to cover costs for the first month, possibly 2 at a stretch. Our dilemma is this: Do we sit and wait until I eventually get offered a job. Or, do we book our flights, apply for jobs notifying them of when we are arriving and do some serious job seeking when we get there. Any advice you guys could offer would be much appreciated. Thanks Chris
  11. Hi all, we move out to oz in 3 weeks. We are looking at properties in Lowood however have been told by family it is a rough area, we can't take kids to park because there is needles lying around and in general is pretty dire. Not sure if this is biased though as it is reasonably far away from them and they want us close by. However the prices and houses seem gorgeous there?? really need an honest opinion!!?? Thanks in adavnce!!
  12. hi all just a question for u as a nurse with ten years experience i have a diploma in nursing and just wondering what would you advise PR visa or sponsorship??? i have a partner and 2 children and am 31. money is tight bt would be hoping to get to Oz in nx two years if able. hubby works in airconditioning so could get work once there though i was gonna get visa through nursing??? short and sweet sorry bt was originally doin visa myself bt read some posts on diploma nurses not as valid as degrees and now nt sure??!! thanks in advance x
  13. Hi all, Just sign up to PIO as i have a issue at work that is coming to ahead. Details so far. I been sponsored and in oz for just over 3 years. I move here to see if my relationship with my very long distance (uk to oz!) girlfriend for the UK would work. She is from the UK, has been here for 6 years and is now a aussie citizen. Last year we went back to the UK and got married so we're happily in Australia, with my wifes brother and parents now over permanently over here. I am sponsored with an 457 visa. It was a 4 year visa and i have until August 2012 until it runs out. I have applied for the partner visa (sorry, ive forgotten the number of it) and the forms were put through approx 2 months ago into the Sydney office. I hear scare stories of a year for this to come through!!:arghh: Anyway. The job promised things that have never happened, which i let go really, but due to this i have been doing 2 peoples jobs, so the stress gets to me and sometime i can be short with the manager and owner. Not in a bad way, but pointing out i have a lot on my plate. This is never is in front of or directed to the clients. Because of this i have just received a written warning. I basically want out of this and have wanted to for a while before the written warning on friday but im worried that i going to be pushed before i can jump and that they don't really want to hear my side of the story and want me gone. I understand i will have 28 days to leave the country if they sack me, and that they technically cant cancel my visa (but i guess them sacking me does the same thing!). What options do i have? Is it going to be another 7-9 months before i get my residency (all the health and police forms are done so no waiting)? Can i get a bridging visa?, which one do i get? I basically would like to be free to apply for jobs. Any info would be much appreciated.
  14. Guest

    175 application.

    Hi, hope someone can help me and give me some much needed advice!! Filled out my 175 application with the DIAC, now i was in full belief that i would make the pass of 120 points, fully qualified electrical, electronic and mechanical engineer, also 17th edition qualified electrician, and ex British army vehicle mechanic. single with no dependents!!! Thing is i only got 110 points at the end of it...:dull: Should i still lodge my application with that amount of points? will i be assessed and possibly get a higher mark? Any advice would be much appreciated, many thanks in advance. Justin.