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  1. All persons who are interested: send a private message to me if you'd like the name and contact details of my go to person on the voluntary NICs question. Best regards.
  2. Alan Collett

    What to do with Super When Return To UK.

    I recommend taking some professional advice - the tax outcome if you get the timing wrong can be most unwelcome. Best regards.
  3. Alan Collett

    Residency, tax and split year treatment

    https://www.gov.uk/hmrc-internal-manuals/residence-domicile-and-remittance-basis/rdrm12000 Split year tax treatment in the UK is discussed here. If you need help feel able to contact me directly. Best regards.
  4. Alan Collett

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    First I've heard of this scenario - and I like to think I'm pretty close to the action on the visa front. Indeed, I'm not sure the course of action you've described is lawful. Are you sure there's not another reason the visa application was refused after the investment was made? Best regards.
  5. Alan Collett

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    Tread carefully when you hear from a friend ... a lot can get missed in translation ... Best regards,
  6. Alan Collett

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    Please advise where you heard this. Thanks. Best regards.
  7. The Government will need to markedly increase the annual visa allocation to parents if subclass 870 visa holders don't use up their 10 years before their 143 visas are granted. Best regards.
  8. Latest statistics re Contributory Parent visa applications that are in train are now available ... https://www.gm-parent-visas.com/just-in-the-latest-statistics-regarding-contributory-parent-visa-applications/ Hopefully of interest to a few. Best regards.
  9. Alan Collett

    Parent visas - cost and options

    https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/understanding-costs See also ...
  10. Alan Collett

    Parent visas - cost and options

    https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/assessment Not sure it is - though I haven't drilled down into it in any detail. Best regards.
  11. Alan Collett

    Parent visas - cost and options

    I think you may find this is not in fact the case ... I've seen an authoritative comment on another forum to the effect that Government funded aged care support at home and in a care home is not restricted if you are lawfully in Australia. Best regards.
  12. Alan Collett

    Power of Attorney

    I'd speak with a local solicitor. Note also: https://legalvision.com.au/q-and-a/enduring-power-attorney/ A power of attorney however is not recognised in Australia when it has been made overseas. Best regards.
  13. Alan Collett

    UK Tax in first years arrival

    Yes, the timing of the sale of property and the releasing funds from Australian superannuation can be important in the context of tax outcomes. Please feel able to send a private message, or to send an email to me at bdh Tax if you'd like to explore these issues more fully. Best regards.
  14. Alan Collett

    Taking the 25% lump sum from UK private pension

    Happy to have a freebie initial chat. If of interest please feel able to complete the enquiry form at www.bdhtax.com Best regards.
  15. Lodged for subclass 309/100. One was granted the 309 with the 100 granted a few minutes later. The second was granted the 309 only; the 100 will follow in due course - additional documentation to be delivered going forwards that evidences the ongoing and genuine relationship. Hope this helps.