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  1. Alan Collett

    Overstaying in Australia

    Short answer: because if an individual chooses to roll the dice and lodge an application without taking professional advice it's on his or her head if the application doesn't go as planned. Professional advice that is worth having is worth paying for. IMHO. Best regards.
  2. Alan Collett

    Overstaying in Australia

    Respectfully, you decided to lodge a visa application without professional assistance - I'm not able to help in this circumstance. Best regards.
  3. Alan Collett

    491 English Requirement?

    WA has had a focus on heathcare only occupations for a while. I recommend considering revisiting your visa strategy, rather than pinning your hopes on your occupation being added to the WA skilled migration list. My reading of the WA Premier - albeit from a distance (I'm in Victoria) - is that tradies in WA will be protected as we emerge from COVID. Best regards.
  4. Alan Collett

    491 English Requirement?

    Hasn't been on the WA wanted skills list for several months. A visa strategy that was contemplated at the outset of the journey often has to be altered in response to amendments to lists and points thresholds. Best regards.
  5. Alan Collett

    Changing subclass 103 into contributory 143

    Yes, it is. Best regards.
  6. In answer to the question in bold - yes, they should. Best regards.
  7. I am awaiting some statistics ... watch this space. Best regards.
  8. Alan Collett

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    And ... https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/money/2020/09/coronavirus-how-new-zealand-s-recession-compares-to-the-rest-of-the-world.html How did New Zealand do? Professor Ilan Noy, chair in the Economics of Disasters and Climate Change at the Victoria University of Wellington said New Zealand's GDP fall of 12.2 percent was expected. "This is not really news to anyone; practically every country around the world (maybe with the exception of China) has experienced a deep recession in Q2 2020. The news is the amount of decline (for us 12 percent)." Head of the school of economics and finance at Massey University professor Martin Berka agreed. "The fall in GDP is within the range of economic forecasts and reflects, amongst other things, the strength of New Zealand’s economic restrictions during level 4 and 3 lockdowns that lasted much of the second quarter. "Although the relationship between economic cost and COVID-19 outcomes is nonlinear (having no restrictions and having maximum restrictions both achieve negative economic outcomes), New Zealand clearly opted to go for the more hardline approach regarding COVID-19 health outcomes, and on the margin, this resulted in worse economic outcomes relative to similarly-well-organized countries that chose a lesser degree of economic restrictions (such as Germany, South Korea, the Netherlands, Taiwan, etc.)." He said ultimately the decision for New Zealand to go into lockdown was a societal choice made by the Government. Prof Noy said New Zealand now needs to look towards the future and recovery. "The important question is the recovery in Q3, and I think that we are well placed to see a stronger recovery in Q3 than elsewhere. So, this should not be a gloom and doom story, but rather one that points out that what happens next is what matters. "Since this is a self-imposed recession, and we have done many of the right things to keep the economy on a lifeline during lockdown, the questions that should be asked are around whether we are doing the right things to recover in Q3 (and Q4, since Q3 is almost over already).” Other notable changes for countries GDP for the second quarter of 2020 according to OECD Stats include: Austria -10.7 percent Belgium -12.1 percent (provisional) Canada -11.5 percent Chile -13.2 percent Columbia - 14.9 percent The Czech Republic -8.7 percent Denmark -6.9 percent Estonia -5.6 percent Finland -4.5 percent France -13.8 percent Germany -9.7 percent (provisional) Greece -14 percent (provisional) Hungary -14.5 Iceland -9.1 percent Japan -7.9 percent Mexico -17.1 percent Romania - 12.3 percent Russia -3.2 percent Spain - 18.5 percent South Africa -16.4 percent China +11.5 percent => It is perhaps too early to say who's got it right and who hasn't. Best regards.
  9. Alan Collett

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    https://www.bbc.com/news/business-54186359 Or maybe not ... Best regards.
  10. Absolutely. Of course the political judgement call that will be required at that time arguably isn't a concern of the present Minister/Government ... Best regards.
  11. See my post above. If you're still not clear and want a 143 visa application processed as quickly as possible its time to instruct an advisor. Best regards.
  12. Once all of those with June 2018 queue dates have been processed - these will be processed based on the date of the visa application - the queue date will decide who gets processed first. I've seen this with the non Contributory subclass 804s and 103s, where the queue date is the reference date for the subsequent processing of visa applications. It's a change subclass 143 visa applicants need to get their heads around. Best regards.
  13. So long as you cite the source - feel free! But please also check the forum rules, as I know some have concerns about me hogging the limelight! Best regards.