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  1. There is no cap - there is a ceiling. No, I don't think the ceiling has been reached. Rather, I think the Government/the Minister has a desire to see the total number of visas granted for 2017/18 come in under the ceiling so he can demonstrate action is being taken in response to "the concerns of the Australian public" about the liveability of Sydney and Melbourne, and population growth. This is manifesting itself in a marked slowing of visa grants. You may call me a cynic, but I follow which way the political wind is blowing - and it is in favour of reduced migration presently. No politician with ambitions - at least none these days - is going to disregard concerns raised by opinion polls. The days of conviction politicians seem to be long gone. Best regards.
  2. Long ago I realised that fairness and equity are attributes one cannot use when describing Government Departments in the UK or in Australia. Decisions are usually driven by political imperatives. All one can reasonably do as a concerned and annoyed member of the public is make oneself a nuisance and seek to persuade those in a position to influence change. Write to your MP and Senators. Find journalists who write or who appear ion TV/radio on matters pertaining to migration - and contact them. Peter Mares is a name that springs to mind. Don't post on here - send emails and letters! Best regards.
  3. I humbly suggest that time is best spent writing to Senators in an effort to have the instrument disallowed. Best regards.
  4. Hi LindaH. The Australian Government funds itself on the horns of a dilemma. Clearly the number of people applying for parent visas is way in excess of the number of visas available each year. Even with a given number of visas available for each program year the number is now seen as a ceiling rather than a target. We are already aware of a shortfall in parent visa gramts for 2016/17. I dare say we are looking at the same for 2017/18. Processing times for parent visas have blown out massively in the last couple of years. So what does the Federal Government do? Outrageously (IMHO) it introduces legislation to increase the AoS income requirement with retrospective effect. It has legislation apparently needed - though it is not clear why - to introduce a temporary parent visa stuck in the Senate. This legislation pertains to domestic violence and the need for greater check on sponsors of family visas. As if sponsors are going to commit d/v against their parents. Dysfunctional? You couldn't make it up. I'll keep a look out for any disallowance motion in respect of the recent AoS instrument. Best regards.
  5. It was manifestly obvious many years ago that a problem with the parent visa program was in the offing - the skilled program was stepped up markedly, creating a scenario where more parents would be eligible for visas. And the Government did nothing. Until now, when it decides to introduce legislation with retrospective effect. Is anyone surprised there is so much contempt for our elected representatives? Onwards!
  6. It has been made clear in the last couple of weeks that the number of visas published in the migration program at the time of the annual Federal Budget is a ceiling, not a target. What we are seeing now - ie inaction on visa processing at the PVC - is a manifestation of that principle. I agree that the lack of transparency does the nation no credit. Best regards.
  7. Tax on the gains from the GBPAUD changes

    PS. If you are selling a residential property in the UK as a non UK resident don't forget the obligation to lodge a Non Resident CGT return with HM Revenue & Customs within 30 days of the completion of the sale. Late lodgment of the NRCGT return will most probably mean late filing penalties, starting at £100. Please ping a message to me - or complete the enquiry form at www.collettandco.com - if you would like to discuss further.
  8. Tax on the gains from the GBPAUD changes

    Not sure I wholly follow this - sorry! The UK won't tax you, as you are not tax resident there - from what you have said. Australia can tax foreign currency gains and losses - but there is a "private and domestic nature" exemption from the application of the forex rules. Much depends on the type of the GBP bank account in which you retain the proceeds of sale of your former home in the UK - a currency gain from funds held in a term deposit account can be taxed differently to gains on monies retained in a day to day transaction bank account. An obligation to file a tax return in Australia will arise if you derive a forex gain - but you may already have an obligation if you are a PAYG salaried earner. Hope this helps!
  9. Consider an onshore applicant - eg subclass 804. Lodged the application say 10 years ago. Has now been asked to arrange the AoS. Family can't meet the new income requirements. Is the Government seriously suggesting that the elderly parent must now leave Australia? This change to AoS income requirements is manifestly retrospective and ridiculous. It surely can't survive in its present form. Best regards.
  10. Don't forget the cross benchers ... Best regards.
  11. http://guides.dss.gov.au/guide-social-security-law/9/4/3/30 As discussed here ... Best regards.
  12. I sold my interest in an accounting practice in the UK to move to Australia back in 2000, so I understand the drivers. But that was a very different time - accountants were in demand back then, as GST had just been introduced in Australia - those of us brought up on the rigours of VAT reporting were seen as able to help Australian businesses cope with the new regime. And £1 bought close to A$3 ... Good luck!
  13. Google is your friend ... Best regards.
  14. Please see the AoS income calculator on the Centrelink web site. Best regards.
  15. An AoS is not required for a 173 visa application. It is required for the 143 application. Best regards.