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  1. Alan Collett

    Working for an Australian company in the UK

    The tax position here is driven by your tax residency and Article 14 of the Tax Treaty between the UK and Australia. Unfortunately it's not straightforward! Please feel able to send a PM to me, or an email at my bdhtax.com email address (see below). Best regards.
  2. Alan Collett

    Aussie Tax Returns - Overseas Resident

    Have just seen this thread. It sounds like you are on track now - excellent! You know where I am if you need me! Best regards.
  3. There's no minimum per se - but the costs of the exercise can become disproportionate,. Maybe enquire of @Andrew from Vista Financial ? Best regards.
  4. Alan Collett

    870 parents temporary visa

    Currently - yes, for applications being allocated to delegates now. But unfortunately not for an application lodged today - unless the Government significantly increases the annual quota for CPV grants. Best regards.
  5. Alan Collett

    870 parents temporary visa

    Hi Lisa. The numbers being quoted by Linda are from a FoI request made of the Department. and are CPV applications only - unfortunately. Best regards.
  6. Alan Collett

    870 parents temporary visa

    Happy to help if you are open to us assisting in a formal capacity. We're a busy practice, and time is valuable! Best regards.
  7. Yes, Article 14 of the Tax Treaty between the UK and Australia has a role to play in respect of employment income paid from one country to a tax resident of the other. Tax residency is therefore also relevant to the question. Formal advice might be needed - and assistance with tax returns. Feel able to contact me directly for a freebie chat. Or we might have spoken already - sorry for the lateness of this reply! Best regards.
  8. Alan Collett

    870 parents temporary visa

    As the enquirer doesn't appear to require professional assistance I'll let others answer these questions ... Best regards.
  9. Might be of interest to some ... Best regards.
  10. The Australian Government has published its report on the delivery of the 2020/21 Migration Program. While there is good news for partner visa applicants with the largest program outcome in this regard for some 25 years, page 56 of the report discusses parent visa processing activity and clearly shows the number of visa applications awaiting decisions continuing to rise, with new parent visa application lodgments comfortably exceeding the number of visas being granted annually. For program year 2020/21 (with 2019/20 in brackets) the numbers are as follows – these numbers include Contributory and non Contributory parent visas: Number of applications – 14,827 (12,664) Number of visas granted – 4,500 (4,399) Applications on hand at 30 June – 114,359 (108,659) Best regards.
  11. Alan Collett


    I'm not sure whether Moneycorp is still sponsoring this site, so I'll send a private message to you. Best regards.
  12. Alan Collett


    TransferWise (now rebranded as Wise) has a role to play in the forex market. I think you may find their offering is good for spot rates, but if you want to speak with someone and/or are looking to target an exchange rate the fuller service offerings from other forex companies may be more to your liking. Best regards.
  13. Congratulations! The timeline for the onshore 143 visa grants to 173 visa holders is nice and quick! Best regards.
  14. Alan Collett


    Feel able to ping a message to me (click on my name to the left of this post) if you'd like an alternative solution ... Best regards.
  15. Very happy to have an initial freebie chat - feel able to send a private message to me at first instance (click on my name to the left of this post). Article 14 of the UK - Australia Tax Treaty may have a role to play here - it is likely your salary should be solely taxable in Australia given your tax residency status after you've moved to Australia (resident in Australia/not resident in the UK): ARTICLE 14 Income from employment 1 Subject to the provisions of Articles 17 and 18 of this Convention, salaries, wages and other similar remuneration derived by a resident of a Contracting State in respect of an employment shall be taxable only in that State unless the employment is exercised in the other Contracting State. If the employment is so exercised, such remuneration as is derived from that exercise may be taxed in that other State. However, until the employer gets a different PAYE Coding from HMRC they should simply continue to use the one they're using now. Best regards.