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  1. Try putting a word or two in the subject line. Best regards.
  2. A BVA is likely to be issued. You will need a BVB if you want to travel. Best regards.
  3. Alan Collett

    Capital Gains Tax on UK Property

    Hi Carrie. In short - you might, or you might not. There is a CGT exemption in Australia for a former main residence that is let - for up to 6 years, so long as you don't have another property treated as your main residence. Subject to this I (or anyone else who is advising you) would have to "crunch the numbers" to reach a conclusion. Don't forget the Non Resident Landlord scheme in the UK, and the requirement to submit a Non Resident CGT return in the UK, even if the property is sold without a capital gain arising. And Inheritance Tax in the UK. You are very welcome to send a private message to me to further explore these issues. Best regards.
  4. Alan Collett

    Tax accountant/s wanted!

    bdh Tax is looking for a person (or two) with knowledge/experience of UK tax return preparation, based in Australia. You needn't be fully tax qualified, and can work from home if preferred, albeit that attendance at one of our offices periodically will be desirable. We are happy to help you upskill in Australian tax return preparation, including paying for a suitable course or two. If you are interested and would like to know more please feel able to send your CV to tax@bdhtax.com Best regards.
  5. It is patently ridiculous that the AoS has become such a significant hurdle for almost all applicants. In times gone by an AoS was assessed by the Department of Immigration - it was a painless process that was finalised in two or three weeks: http://guides.dss.gov.au/guide-social-security-law/9/4/1/20 In the name of efficiency (so I understand - maybe there were other reasons, but they are lost on me) the AoS process moved across to the Department of Social Services through Centrelink. This was fine initially. Now the delays are inordinate and inexplicable. I can only assume that the delays result from policy decisions within Federal Government in the context of the politics of the migration numbers. Why the DSS can't embed half a dozen staff within the PVC is beyond me. Interviews with Assurers could be conducted on the phone. Income details could be delivered electronically, and validated with the ATO. It's not rocket science! Time for an email to my local MP. Best regards.
  6. Alan Collett

    Aged parent visa 804

    I would be happy to advise you, but as I am a registered migration agent ethically I ought not if you have appointed another migration agent already. Best regards.
  7. Alan Collett

    Aged parent visa 804

    Hello Kenneth. Your migration agent should have advised you regarding Bridging Visas, when they are granted, when they come into effect, and how these work (eg the difference between a Bridging Visa A and a Bridging Visa B). Clients of mine have noted that once a BVA has been granted they are usually able to ship their belongings to Australia. Best regards.
  8. If you have an agent ask him/her to follow up. If not maybe make enquiry directly of the PVC. Maybe ask whether the Department can please defer the initial entry date by 3 months in view of the delay in finalising the AoS. Or re-do police clearances and the medical examinations. Best regards.
  9. Were you asked to submit police clearance certificates, and to attend medical examinations - or did you do them on your own initiative? Best regards.
  10. Not quite right. The must enter by date is (usually) 12 months from the earlier of the date of medical examinations and police clearance certificates. Subclass 143 visas also have a "cannot arrive after" date, which is 5 years from the date the visa was granted. In other words the travel facility on a 143 visa expires after 5 years. Best regards.
  11. Alan Collett

    Business Innovation Visa 188

    This doesn't align with my experiences advising and assisting business owner clients. Which State sponsored you? What type of business did you operate in Australia? Best regards.
  12. I've sent feedback to that site, inviting them to check the position. Best regards.
  13. I have found the news article you are referencing. Looks like old news to me. There's only one forum you should be visiting! Best regards.
  14. What's the web site address please? Best regards.
  15. Alan Collett

    Depositing uk Bank draft

    Suncorp is mainly Qld based, and the OP is moving to SA. Might not be so much of an issue these days given ATM charges have largely gone when using the ATM of another bank, but could be important if there is a desire to attend a bank branch in person for any reason. Best regards.