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  1. Alan Collett

    870 parents temporary visa

    No, as you apply for the 870 offshore (as a rule). Best regards,
  2. Alan Collett

    Tax on rent from U.K. home

    Then you will need to include the net rental income on your Australian tax return. Please feel able to contact me directly if you think you will need some help preparing and lodging your 2019 tax return, and would like a freebie chat. Best regards.
  3. Alan Collett

    870 parents temporary visa

    Almost certainly not the issue. One needs to be incapacitated in some way to access permission to lodge the 870 visa application onshore. Best regards.
  4. Alan Collett

    Tax on rent from U.K. home

    What is your visa status in Australia please? Best regards.
  5. Alan Collett

    870 parents temporary visa

    Why is condition 8503 relevant please when the visa applicant had to be offshore to lodge the subclass 870 visa application? Best regards.
  6. Alan Collett

    ATO closing in on undeclared foreign source income

    You can rest easy - I won't be buying you a drink. Best regards.
  7. https://www.ato.gov.au/Media-centre/Media-releases/ATO-watching-for-foreign-income-this-Tax-Time/ If are living in Australia, can't access the temporary resident tax exemptions, have UK source income and haven't been declaring it in Australia - be warned! Best regards.
  8. Alan Collett

    Nhs pension in 'straya.

    Yes, an Applicable Fund Earnings calculation is likely to be required. Maybe speak with an accountant who can help prepare the computation? Best regards.
  9. Alan Collett

    ATO Capital Gains Tax on sale of U.K. home

    Please feel able to send a private message to me. We can then perhaps tee up a date and a time to have a free initial chat. Best regards.
  10. Alan Collett

    804 Visa

    Hi Linda. The page I'm looking at says: The following condition(s) might be attached to this visa ... Not " ... will be attached to your visa ..." Best regards.
  11. Alan Collett

    Uk house sale and taxation of currency gains

    How long have you been living in Australia? Are you no longer resident in the UK? If so have you submitted a Non Resident CGT return with HM Revenue? The forex question is probably too detailed an issue for a general discussion forum. Best regards.,
  12. Alan Collett

    804 Visa

    Yes, I would expect that to be the situation. Note that the conditions attaching to the visitor visa remain until the BV comes into effect. Best regards.
  13. Alan Collett

    804 Visa

    There is usually no work restriction applying to a BV granted to an applicant for a subclass 804 visa. Best regards.
  14. Why not start another thread for parent visa application timelines? This thread is a mixture of technical questions (fine) and (increasingly of late) posts that are asking what's happening. Can we not have a separate thread for each? Please?! Best regards.
  15. Again we're back to requests for timelines. I'm unsubscribing this thread for a couple of weeks. Good luck to all!