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  1. doesn't matter where your agent is ... they will lodge it online ....
  2. I don't think so, Lawyers can only write to Immigration but they can not do anything to speedup the process. Internal/External/integrity checks takes time and if your husband is going through those checks then no one can speedup the process. These checks are beyond departmental control and they have to wait for the outcome. from memory (Apologies its been 7 years now) you can lodge a formal complaint with IGIS and they will check whether your husband's case was sent to them for checks or not. If case was sent to them like atleast 12 months ago then they can speedup the result and will send it back to immigration. if its less than 12 months or if its not under checks then its entirely immigration department delay.
  3. She said, she is Nikahfied means they are not living together from last 12 months and application was lodged only 14 months ago so no i do not see that it would be subclass 100 .... For subclass 100 you need to satisfy the criteria that your relationship is more than 2 years old and ongoing.... (I hope that, i am not wrong on this)
  4. Good Luck with that, I had a heart attack and I am on medication for rest of my life but this change was still not enough for Immigration for quicker processing ....
  5. Medicals are only valid for 12 Months. you will receive medical request if they are expired. As Ahmad said, your HAP id is no longer active so CO will activate it once they will ask you again ....
  6. Male Applicants usually go through additional checks. these checks could be known as Internal/External Checks or Integrity checks but most commonly they are known as security checks. Most of us went through same checks and it took them 12 Months to 2.5 years to complete, As name suggests they are externally done by other agencies and Department of home affairs has no control on them. Security checks normally takes more time if applicant is from (or has any connection) KPK or Bluchistan. We went through these checks about 10 years ago and most of my highly skilled friends and colleagues had same experience. Seems like your husband's case has been referred to additional checks. There are many threads related to these checks so patience is the key. wait and good news will come soon.
  7. Feel Sorry for everything you went through but complaining against Department does not result in PR cancellation. during my visa processing I lodged a complaint and it resulted in faster outcome.
  8. musmanasghar

    AAT Appeal

    15000$ for an expert advise? I am sure it includes Approximately AUD 7000$ for visa fee and rest would be Lawyer's fee. To pay 8000$ to a lawyer just for visa application is something i will never do as it is too much to charge. (unless your case is really complex and it needs some extra ordinary amount of work) My Wife's partner visa was refused and i went for a professional advise and hired the lawyer. he only charged me 2200 AUD including GST and we won that AAT appeal within just 10 minutes of hearing .... you seriously need to rethink what you are trying to do and how you want to do it.
  9. no i didn't applied for special consideration. 13-14 months is the standard time for hearing. are you representing yourself or is there a lawyer representing you? do you know your case ? if yes then are you checking DAILY LISTING on AAT website. check those listings and see how far is your case according to current listing in Melbourne.
  10. I will advise you to wait for your partner visa grant rather than going for a Visit visa... It is Frustrating as i went through this but it is better to wait for your Partner visa outcome.
  11. August 2017? In which city you lodged your AAT application? I am in Brisbane and i got hearing with in 13 Months for My wife's partner visa refusal.
  12. If some one want to go through my previous posts then i had shared some Interview questions listed in a Excel Sheet. Go through them and see what you can get. Keep in mind that those questions are not Cheat sheet but only for an idea that what sort of queries would be asked. I have seen applicants who were so confused and some times too hyper to reply to a question where interviewer asked them about Family planning and refused to answer by saying that ts there personal matter... No its not there personal matter, you have to prove that your relationship is genuine so Its better to be polite and reply sincerely as much as you can. Case officers are there to verify your relationship and your claims made on the application so be gentle. Me and my friend applied within a week's difference and both of us had only nikah. we were honest and upfront with AHC and we clearly mentioned that, Rukhsati will be planned in later stage and we will notify immigration department about that. Our interview were conducted before rukhsati and interviewer was satisfied with our intensions. she advised us to update AHC as soon as rukhsati would be done and send them photographs, travel details if any and invitation cards. which we did. My friend's wife got her visa after 2 months of rukhsati (over all within an year) My wife's visa was refused because of an error in the divorce certificate of my previous marriage ... Bottom line is: do not Lie, Do not be hyper, do no try to think that AHC staff doesn't know Pakistani Marriage Law.
  13. yeah 900 out of 5600 is a peanut. considering the wastage of time and money. you do not need to apply for half fee refund. AAT sent the instructions along with the decision record. i just replied with my account details and refund was there in 2 weeks time.