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  1. A registered Migration agent would be the best to contact in this scenario.
  2. AAT hearing for my wife = 18 may 2018 case remitted back = 22 may 18 pcc / med request = 5 june 18 docs uploaded = 15 june 18 visa grant = 5 july 18 hope it helps
  3. yes you can apply, there is no restriction of one year relationship if you are applying for 309 ....
  4. you can say that for USA where there is a processing time difference between citizen and green card holder sponsor but in Australia there is nothing like that. I was Australian citizen and my some of my friends were citizens when they sponsored there spouses and all of us went through same long processing.
  5. musmanasghar

    309 visa : Dol september 2018

    go to this thread, the majority of the applicants are from PAKISTAN
  6. you are replying to your own posts???? what is happening here....
  7. no one has any idea about how long it will take ... the estimated timeframe has already been discussed and shared by the members. which is 14-19 months roughly and could be more than that if there are additional checks. I agree with @Nemesis that yes due to the additional applicant within your application. it will take extra time .... Apologies if you do not like it but it is how it is. and i would be thankful to some one who actually took sometime to think and share about there views ....
  8. He did the right thing, told you about another aspect of delays. don't forget you are here to ask/share timelines. and how can you expect that, he knows the exact timeframe ... adding a Parent is unusual and it attracts additional processing times.
  9. Totally wrong. There are SLA's and KPI which were strictly followed .. no one can just put a task aside only because S/he is annoyed ... may be in your Country people do this but no one in Australia, That's for sure ... why i know this? because i am familiar with the practice and work within same environment. @applicants Please note there are multiple factors which CO consider and they go through those case by case ... every application is different... if you think you want to make an official complaint then Please do ... No one will be annoyed .....
  10. Hi, Welcome to the forum, no this thread is not specific for Pakistani applicants. but most of the applicants here are from Pakistan. Not many Afghan applicants were here but i have seen one sharing his timelines but he never came back and confirmed the outcome. application processing goes through multiple checks, which include sponsor's history and the way S/he got visa and current financial status as well as applicants background and security checks.
  11. doesn't matter where your agent is ... they will lodge it online ....