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  1. Hey All, for the sake of new applicants and the one's who are waiting for interview I am sharing some interview questions in attached file. practice hard Please It was an effort done when i was waiting for my Wife's visa. Good luck 309 interview.xlsx
  2. You would be fine, as long as Divorce effective date and new Nikah dates are not overlapping. you should be good,
  3. If you can share the effective date of divorce as on your Divorce certificate (Issued by NADRA through Union Council) and your current Marriage date then It would be simple for me to explain. In my case it is a looong story ....
  4. It was due to some misunderstanding, Delegate misunderstood some details related to my previous marriage so rather than asking for clarification, she just refused visa application.
  5. Alhamdulillah Received Visa Grant for my Wife. DOA: 11 APR 2016 DOI -1 : OCT 2016 DOI-2 : FEB 2017 Rejected : 2 - MAR 2017 AAT Files = APR 2017 AAT Hearing = May 2018 AAT won on same Day. MED/PCC request : 1 JUN 2018 Grant = 5 JUL 2018 (Straight Subclass 100) Good Luck Every One
  6. musmanasghar

    Partner Visa from Pakistan

    You can Follow this thread and will get a rough idea of timelines
  7. Please find attached the Compiled interview questionnaire for Pakistani Applicant's, you can Thank me later. Courtesy Of one of the forum Member and my friend "Pumpkin Head" Edit: Please note, this is not a cheat sheet, these are general questions and should be answered responsibly and honestly. Good luck ? 309 ques.xlsx
  8. Any Grants in last few Months ? only 1 I saw is on another forum. AHC ISB ... applied in Aug 2017 and grant was 6 june 18
  9. You can ask couple of your Friends or cousins who attended you wedding and knew about the relationship, they can provide you declaration. Write your relationship statement as affidavit, print it on stamp paper, get it signed by Notary public.
  10. musmanasghar

    AAT WON for Offshore partnet Visa 309

    Ok an update from my side now. Received request for updated Medical and PCC on 01 June 18...
  11. an error on Decision Maker's part when he misunderstood some timelines about the marriage and divorce about my first marriage ....
  12. Hey All, 309 applied for my wife = Apr 2016 Refused = Mar 2017 AAT lodged = APR 2017 Hearing = MAY 2018 ----> Won same day. Application remitted back to Immigration for reconsideration along with new directive. ============================================================================================================ Any one in Similar situation or recently went through similar situation can share there timeline please ? Just want to get a rough Idea about priority and current processing trend. Cheers,