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Found 1,034 results

  1. Hi All Can anyone recommend any good recruitment agencies in Melbourne specialising in Retail Industry? Currently, working Head of Division with prestigious retailer in the UK. Also, would it be be beneficial to have my resume done by services in Australia? If so, any suggested companies to use? Any feedback or suggestions greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi there We run a successful bathroom and laundry renovation company in Mordialloc, Melbourne and have some positions available at the Victorian Bathroom Company. Originally from the UK, we moved to Melbourne 10 years ago and the Director/Owner is a Licenced Plumber and a Registered Builder. If you're interested in viewing the position details, and to apply, please follow the Seek link below: https://www.seek.com.au/job/59429987?type=standout#sol=5815e9c9c266576fb191117d1232f30bb5debe3e We look forward to hearing from any suitable applicants.
  3. After completing Master of Public Health in a regional University, are there enough jobs for international students?
  4. Hi Guys, Need some advise.. I'm a Singaporean looking to start out a career in Australia however i have no idea where should i start from.. I've done a bit of research and found that i was suppose to obtain a work visa first? Is that so? As i hasn't gotten any job in Australia yet, by any chance can i actually applied the job online with companies before i get the visa?
  5. TattooNurseGym

    Nurse looking to come to OZ with WHV

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum but just wanted to throw a question out there and possibly get some Info so I apologise if this has already been posted. I am a qualified adult nurse at degree level from England, I currently have just over a year post qualification experience in Emergency Department but will have around 2 years by the time I am am looking to actually move over to Oz. I have family In Melbourne so would be looking to go there, I am currently looking at the working holiday visa as my best option but I was wondering how those of you who have already moved or are in the process have found getting jobs? Have you gone through agencies? And are there any better ones to look at? Also what are wages like for agency workers as they dont seem advertise this info. Any extra Info or advice is also appreciated TIA
  6. Are you a qualified electrician with your VISA ready to come to this wonderful country called Australia? Are you looking for a job before you book your flight? I am a recruiter (originally from the UK - West Midlands), and looking for a Field Service Technician to work in and around Melbourne, some interstate travel, and possibly some overseas travel (Singapore). If you are interested in exploring further / apply, I have attached the job link below. Good salary with fully maintained vehicle. https://www.seek.com.au/job/54836546?type=standout#searchRequestToken=9d9f1ac9-f767-4248-947b-619fc1c5bfe1 Please feel free to message me if you want any further information. Jo Right Recruit
  7. Hi folks, I am a former PomsinOz user from 2007-2010 and this forum helped me significantly in being able to figure out how to emigrate from the UK to Australia. I am returning to the forum as I am looking for a place to move to after 11 years in Darwin, NT. I am considering Canberra as it appears that the job market might be reasonably okay. Can anyone give advice on how easy it is to find a job in Canberra at the moment? (Or PM if they prefer privacy). I think a position in the Federal Government would be good after 11 years in the NT Government. Of course, it quite often depends on the resume of the individual. So here are some basic points: I have 11 year working for the NT Government full-time (Social Housing, Remote Housing, Tenancy Management & Property Management), as well as weekend jobs at Bunnings (4 years) and the Quality Hotel (6 years). I am a former teacher and former bookkeeper. I have a strong interest in ICT. Looking ahead I am looking at getting a business broker & real estate licence in the NT, which could be transferred to other states with reasonable ease. Any advice on how to find a job in Canberra would be greatly appreciated. (On the flip side, if anybody is looking at going the other way - ie. to Darwin, NT - and wants similar advice about Darwin, feel free to PM me). Kind Regards, Gary
  8. Hey guys, hope everyone is well and to anyone affected by Covid our thoughts are with you all. I used to be a member of this site back in 2010 ish, we moved to Oz in 2014 and not needed to log in until now. I have since completely forgot my login details so I created a new account. This was BY FAR the best resource tool for us when we was going through the stages back in 2009 when we began our search down the rabbit hole. We now have a podcast here in Perth, WA called Expats 'n' Cork Hats. We are on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts and all the others too. If you want to be a guest on our show we would REALLY LOVE to have you on to discuss everything about your journey. You may be here in Oz wanting to go home, or you may be still in the UK thinking about coming here... Whatever your circumstances we would love to talk to you. We have done a few recordings now via Skype, it keeps it personal and intimate. We don't show the video, we just use it for the audio so don't worry, no one will see you. So, if you want to share your story to help or inspire others, please get in touch. Mark Rogers (One half of Expats 'n' Cork Hats).
  9. Deliver a high standard of auto electrical work to a wide of range clients across the Peel region. Contribute to the excellent reputation of the business by maintaining a professional and high standard of customer service. Vehicle Electrical Services is a small local business based in Mandurah delivering mobile auto electrical services across the Peel region to a wide range of clients on all makes and models of light vehicle, as well as trailers, caravans and boats. We are seeking a qualified auto electrician to provide mobile auto electrical repairs and installations on 12v and 24v systems. This is a customer facing role, with a varied workload. As a mobile auto electrician, the individual would need strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work on their own without assistance. A work vehicle would be provided; however, basic automotive electrical tools would be required. Qualifications Essential qualifications: Qualified Auto Electrician (Certificate III). Motor Vehicle Repairers’ Licence. Manual Drivers Licence. Work experience Essential experience: Minimum 5 years’ experience. Excellent understanding of 12v and 24v systems. Diagnostics and fault finding. Aftermarket accessory fitting. Experience with a wide range of light vehicles. Customer service experience. Desirable experience: Experience working with mine spec vehicles. Experience working with caravans and trailers. Experience working with marine electrics. Solar installations. Personal qualities and skills Proactive attitude with strong problem-solving skills. Ability to work on their own. Excellent communication skills. Professional approach and takes pride in work. Punctual with excellent timekeeping. Excellent customer service skills. Please forward your CV to Mat Fellows at vesautoelectrics@outlook.com.au
  10. PaulTM

    Finding UK job from Australia

    Hi there, My family and I will be aiming to move back to the UK around April this year, after 12 years in Sydney. Can anyone offer their experience on finding a job in London or the South of England, from Australia? What is the likelihood of securing a job before departing? I work in SaaS as a Service Delivery Manager but have had a variety of roles in customer service and contact centre management. Also, has anyone moved back during Covid and could offer experience on the job market activity within IT / customer service & finance? Many thanks, Paul
  11. tony_bezza

    lift engineer jobs

    wanting to go out to Aus once i have passed out at NVQ level 3 in lift engineering. once i am a trained lift engineer with a years experience i want to emigrate with my girlfriend to Perth. Was wondering what my chances are and if i need to find a sponsor etc... I have heard that the lift industry in Aus is split into mechanical and electrical and was wondering if anybody on this forum knows how my nvq level 3 in lifts would stand up. Also how long do you have to be in Aus before you can apply for residency and then citizenship.
  12. Animals+Aus=Dreams

    Animal Attendants sponsorship

    Hi, I have an occupation that doesn’t seem promising for migration, but it is still on the list! Animal Attendant and Trainer... I hope that I get the chance to apply for regional 491 visa when things start moving again, with an EOI, skills assessment and English test done and waiting in the wings. If anyone has a similar occupations (in the 3’s), and has tried this route or similar route in the past, I’m curious how you found it went. I also wondered if animal or wildlife jobs are ever open to sponsorship for overseas applicants. This may be a bit of a far cry, but I can’t find the information anywhere else and hoped Pomz community could help. Thanks!
  13. StaceyL530

    Teaching qualifications

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone is or has been in the same boat as me that could offer advice. I am a primary school teacher in the UK. Worked in education for over 10 years and in my 5th year of teaching full time. Have a 1st class primary Ed (BA honours) degree with Qts. I know qts isn't valid in oz, so I have been looking into doing a pgce top up course. However, I am aware that my UK qualifications must be equivalent to 4 years. This top up degree will be another year but part time. Designed to work alongside my current work. Would this be sufficient? I grew up in Sydney as a child and gained citizenship via my parents but would love to go back but would love to continue my profession. I'm aiming for Jan 2023. So I will need to start the course this year ideally. I don't want to do it and find out afterwards it isn't enough. I would really struggle going back to uni full time without the wage etc but keeping my options open. If anyone could point me in the right direction of who to ask that would be great. Smart teachers advised that my qualifications be 'equivalent to 4 years' my degree was 3 years plus the part time 1 year top up? Would that work? Thank you xx
  14. Hi my hubby is about to do his aqf3 and is a ceiling fixer 22+ - what is the job situation like over there would anyone advise to get the visa or the job first? Can we apply for our visa over there? loads of questions - just want to get out there :daydreaming:
  15. I'm looking for another person to join the team at bdh Tax. If you have experience in a professional firm preparing UK tax returns and are looking for an opportunity to join a friendly firm that is adding to our client base quickly please feel able to send a message to me, or to send your CV to the address at this web page. Thanks! https://www.bdhtax.com/join-us/ Best regards.
  16. Getting in to the Mining Industry in WA with no experience. What you need to know. My background, I landed in Perth in Jan 2010, with no knowledge or interest in mining as I had been a plasterer in England. I decided that I’d had enough of that so I got into a few other things and after I found they weren’t for me I decided to go full tilt at the mining industry….easy work….loads of money and only working half the year….hell yeah… let me at it… and then it got complicated. The following is the result of all my mistakes. Read it and hopefully you will save yourselves a ton of time and money. First - the DO’s. Get your HR license (HGV license or similar in UK). Book this as soon as you can as it gets booked up pretty fast. They do it Perth but it’s easier if you can do it somewhere quieter. You will need to do the ‘unrestricted’ or ‘open’ Road Ranger gear box course! Regardless of the fact that the majority of trucks on a mine are automatic. Keens Brothers in Bunbury do a two day course for about $1000 but you will need to do your learners permit at a licensing centre first, 17 questions and they ask you about 12. Costs about $120. A HR license is the absolute minimum pre-requisite. You will see some that don’t ask for it but most will and I have seen countless jobs pass me buy because of my dithering over whether I needed it or not – You do. An Australian Police Clearance certificate – post office about $50 – they need to know you’ve been a good boy. Even if you’re a crim in England it won’t show up here so be nice…until you get a job at least!! The should DO’s The most popular things that are looked on ‘favourably’ are; Forklift license – Consolidated Training Services do a one day course - $400 Senior First Aid – St Johns ambulance Australia two day course – about $150 Four Wheel drive and Defensive driving – 2 day course – Eureka 4WD - $300 (ish) Elevated Work Platform (EWP) – about $500 MARCSTA – Mining Safety induction – one day - $120 (not necessary but some like it), most companies will do their own version in the induction. A medical Examination – you can do this yourself if you really want or most co’s will require it anyway in addition to a pre-employment drug and alcohol screen. For people who want to really get stuck in; Dogging and Rigging (rigging crane loads and crane communication) – about $1000 DON’T DO!!! Don’t spend $3000 on a dump truck course, as with no experience it’s meaningless and you will still have to be a labourer or TA (Trades Assistant) and any good company will pay for your training if you want it later. Don’t touch ‘Hogan Mining’ or any company that offers to find you work for money!!! Things you need to know Recruitment agencies won’t touch you without a HR license and two years experience. I am seeing jobs now only requiring one year or the really crappy jobs, which you WILL have to do which do not ask for any experience. The fact that less experience is being required is a good thing as it shows that industry demand is exceeding the supply of experienced staff and therefore they are willing to look at ‘Greenies’ (you and me) as long as they have some tickets. Why do they need so much experience? Simple, a mine costs millions a day, the last thing they want is an idiot with no idea coming and getting himself eaten by a machine and having to shut the whole thing down to salvage his mangled corpse. A guy died recently in a Mine in South Africa, I think, possibly run by Rio Tinto or BHP and they had to close the mine down for a day or so, they lost millions in production and then their share price went down as a result. Register with the big boys. The likes of Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, FMG, Newcrest, HWE. Go to their sites and fill in all the forms, pain in the rear but has to be done. Mining co’s a re split into different areas, Mine operators, Drilling companies, Exploration and labour hire (there will be more but this’ll do for the mo). The mine operators are the big companies and as you have no experience you might want to target these first due to their high numbers of staff and high turn over of employees. Yes, there are plenty who think they want it but after a month or so they’ve had enough. This is another reason why they are sceptical of those with no experience. The exploration co’s are generally small groups of specialists and unless you have a very special qualification or skill you will find it difficult to get in with them. Drilling companies, again small and will generally require a high skill / knowledge level. Labour hire co’s such as ‘skilled’ and ‘integrated’ will have the low level jobs such as labourers, TA’s and Field Assistants, they will generally employ you for 3 months (probationary period) and then you might get taken on by the mine operator. FACT – you will have to do a crap job to start with – swallow your pride and stay positive – no-one likes a moaner, everyone is away from home and we all have problems. Don’t give them cause to label you a winging pom. Been there, done that!! After all that….the good news, once you’re in, you’re in!! If you can get a start all you have to do is work hard and keep your head down, don’t get involved in politics, talk to the people in the sorts of roles that you would like to do like operators (excavators, graders, dump trucks, cranes etc) and you can easily move into a more exciting role. This is Australia remember, they are not famed for their work ethic and innovation, the British are so if you do what you should do and you’ll shine in no time. So where am I working??? The answer is, I’m not. It’s taken me a year of messing around to get to the point where I’m actually employable. I want to get into Health and safety and training and have had to do some hefty courses, despite this I will still have to go in as a labourer / TA. The only difference now being that I know I can actually get a job and I know that after a year or so of crap I can use my qualifications to move on up. I’m applying for jobs at the mo as well as studying and after my parents have visited in Jan I should be ready to go. I have been working up North in construction too. Just for interest I have done the following courses; HR (Heavy rigid truck license) including learners permit - $1200 (sitting license mid Jan 2011) 4 wheel drive - drive and recover course - $200 Defensive driving course - $200 Forklift Course - $400 Senior First Aid - $200 Cert IV OHS (Health and Safety) $2500 Cert IV Training and Assessment $1200 If you’re looking to do any Cert I, II, II or IV courses don’t go with Seek Learning, I paid $2500 and found out that I could have got this for about $1500 if I went direct!! I hope this will save you some time and effort and if you need any other pointers please feel free to contact me. Good luck….you going to need it….and a lot of patience.
  17. hi all! anyone here on a 300 visa or was previously holding a 300 visa? how did you go with job applications? does it really discourage potential employers that we are on a temp visa? been applying with no luck Thanks in advance.
  18. tony74


    Hi Can anybody tell me if the the work for bricklayer's in Perth as picked up any and if so whats the going rate ? Thanks
  19. Deano Nicholson

    Job Agencies - Sydney

    Hi all, I am Relocating to Sydney from the UK in Mid-December and was looking for any recruitment companies I could start submitting Resumes to, to help me get some interviews as soon as possible after I land. I am a Senior Planner/Scheduler. I have already started applying directly for Jobs but was advised employers would not be interested until I was physically in the country. Any help or pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated!! Thanks Dean
  20. Alan Collett

    Tax accountant/s wanted!

    bdh Tax is looking for a person (or two) with knowledge/experience of UK tax return preparation, based in Australia. You needn't be fully tax qualified, and can work from home if preferred, albeit that attendance at one of our offices periodically will be desirable. We are happy to help you upskill in Australian tax return preparation, including paying for a suitable course or two. If you are interested and would like to know more please feel able to send your CV to tax@bdhtax.com Best regards.
  21. Hoping someone is able to help me out and offer advice! Little bit of a different topic. So I've been over to Australia a couple of times and fell in love with it. And in typical British fashion, would love to up sticks and move there. I've got quite a lot of close family friends and school friends who live out there so luckily I wouldn't be completely alone over there. I'm currently studying a Masters in Professional Acting in London and for the last year, I have been contemplating moving after I have graduated. It's now or never right? But my main concern is my career choice. I'm well aware that the acting industry is tough and very competitive no matter where you are - however I was wondering if anybody on here knows a thing or two about the Acting Industry over in Australia - specifically Sydney, or even Melbourne? If so, I have a couple of questions. What is the industry like? Is it a good place to be for a career in Acting? How tough is getting an agent? And are the agencies good out there in terms of getting you auditions? Do you get many opportunities in terms of Film & TV? Is it possible to get representation if only on a Working Holiday Visa? Do they offer opportunities to audition for US TV shows & Films? Any advice would be amazing!! Would massively appreciate it as it is hard to find advice on this through google. Thank you, Zoe
  22. Hi all, I am a permanent resident who was granted a skilled migration VISA based on my skills and experience. Back in the UK, I worked in IT for 7 years for the biggest IT company in the world. I have professional certifications as well as academic and in my previous role I received 2 promotions. I consider myself very skilled and experienced. When I moved over to Australia in November and begun my job search I assumed it was a bad period due to the Christmas holidays coming up so didn't think much of it. After the new year, my partner joined me and we both started looking for work. I have met and spoken to job recruiters on multiple occasions who have been very impressed with my CV. Everyone keeps telling me ' you will find work in no time ' or ' you will get massive interest and job offers thrown your way'. Months have gone by and I am still unemployed.. I have been sending multiple applications a day. I have tried directly phoning up job advertisers only to be told how impressive my skills and experience are and that they would get back to me soon. They never do. Once I've rang 2-3 times I give up because I begin to perceive it as me harassing them. I am applying via SEEK, via Linkedin and through job recruiters. The only jobs I apply to are the ones posted on that same day(to increase my chances of them having been filled already). The only replies I receive are to tell me I have been unsuccessful. I have had 2 interviews in total. They completely praised me and told me they would be getting back to me. One of the guys even said ‘ we will be moving fast before someone else snatches you up’. I never heard back. When I called to follow up, he didn’t even remember my name. That was 2 months ago. My partner has had NO interviews or interest. He is also working in IT. I’m beginning to feel very low about the whole situation. We had a lot of money in savings to keep us going but it really is starting to run out after months of no work. We still have a monthly rent, bills and expenses and Australia is expensive. I am an extremely active person but I feel I can’t even travel far from Melbourne, either due to limited funds or because I want to make myself available for potential interviews. I am at the point where I am just tired and bored. We still get out for walks but we really can't afford doing much else other than staying in and watching movies.. (and the multiple job applications per day). Have other people found it this hard getting into work here? I am in Melbourne and have no idea what it is I’m doing wrong. I'm trying to stay positive but it really is affecting my state of mind. I'm beginning to wonder if this move was a massive mistake. I don't understand why I was even granted a skilled VISA if there just isn't enough work for skilled young people.
  23. Perfect Hire are currently seeking general, skilled and qualified labour. We work with Tier 1 and Tier 2 Construction companies in Sydney and are seeking hard working individuals to join our team. We offer sponsorship for the right candidates that have trade qualifications. ABOUT US Perfect Contracting - specialised subcontracting in demolition works and asbestos removal. Perfect Hire - provide skilled labour and equipment hire to construction companies. Perfect Concrete Care - Provide all concrete related services, such as, concrete cutting, coring, grinding and scanning. We are currently seeking General Labourers, Skilled Labourers and Carpenters to join our team of professionals. We are looking for a punctual, reliable and committed person with a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. We offer ongoing training and promote qualification achievement. We require the candidate to hold a valid Australian White Card. A valid driver's licence and own transportation would also be highly regarded. Only a candidate with full and unrestricted Australian working rights will be considered. Previous construction labouring experience is desirable and any current and valid industry tickets or qualifications are highly favourable. --------------------------------------------------- GENERAL LABOUR RATES Job Type: Casual Hourly Rate: $26.50 /hour Experience: Construction Labouring: 1 year (Preferred) License or certification: White Card (Required) Language: English (Preferred) APPLY HERE: https://perfecthire.com.au/apply-for-job --------------------------------------------------- SKILLED LABOURER Job Type: Casual Hourly Rate: starting at $27.20/hour www.perfecthire.com.au Job Type: Casual Salary: $27.20 to $30.00 /hour Experience: Construction Labouring: 2 years (Required) License or certification: White Card (Required) Language: English (Preferred) APPLY HERE: https://perfecthire.com.au/apply-for-job --------------------------------------------------- CARPENTER / JOINER RATES Full-time hours + weekend and night work available Rates: $45.00 to $60.00/hour + benefits + super Job Type: Full-time Salary: $45.00 to $60.00 /hour Experience: Carp: 5 years (Required) Licenses or certifications: Carpentry (Required) White Card (Required) Australian Driver's Licence (Required) Language: English (Required) APPLY HERE: https://perfecthire.com.au/apply-for-job
  24. Lokesh

    Jobs available

    I am going to apply student visa. Should i plan for tasmania? Are their jobs available? And what is living expense in rough. I am very tight in spending money. You can say I spend money when I need to else no. Please if someone can help. Rooms rents and all
  25. I wonder if anyone can help?! I am looking at applying for a Visa as a Early Childhood Teacher but am a bit concerned about getting a job before I land in Oz. Has anyone had experience of gaining a job before they arrived in oz? if so how did you go about it? where there any extra checks you needed? do you apply for a recruitment agency? Any help at all would be great. I am open to do teaching in general when I am in Oz but know its not easy to get into over there.