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  1. The AFP check arrived in Sydney through the night, so we've now provided everything requested in the RFI. Hopefully, the grant comes through as quick as yours!
  2. JMcKie

    Online Banks

    Hi All, Me and my Aussie partner will be moving over some time in the New Year. We currently have personal and shared Monzo accounts here in the UK, I've been reading a few articles about what Australia's equivalent options are. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions?
  3. That's good news! I keep checking the post here every day and come away disappointed when it's not arrived. Hopefully you can get your visa granted soon!
  4. Do you think yours may be taking longer due to state restrictions?
  5. I have asked them to send an additional copy to my partner's mother in Sydney. I was just wondering how long it took for other people to receive theirs. Have you uploaded your medical or waiting to get it done?
  6. Hi @Jbaker, how long did it take for your AFP certificate to arrive from Australia? That's the only thing I'm waiting on before I've supplied everything requested in the RFI.
  7. I have just got an email from AFP advising that international post has been delayed by 8-12 weeks. They have offered to send out an additional copy to an Australian address for me. The police check was completed in 24 hours for me, but the postage delay could force people to be waiting longer than expected.
  8. Hi All, It's looking like visas are starting to get approved again. I've also been asked for an RFI (medical and police checks) similar to others. Medical has been completed, I'm just waiting on my police checks coming. Is anyone also waiting for the AFP to send the police check over in the post?
  9. Hi All, RFI request came in today, applied 27th May 2020. I'm currently trying to fill out my UK police check and I have gaps in addresses due to traveling etc. but it won't let me go any further. Has anyone else ran into this problem?
  10. JMcKie

    820 partner visa from UK

    You will need a migration agent to clarify this, but if you lodged your visa with 9 months evidence and can now provide the additional 3 that could be okay. However, as the visa asks for minimum 12 months of evidence unless there's exceptional circumstances I don't know how your case would factor into that.
  11. JMcKie

    Partner visa - 309 vs 820

    You will need to prove you've been living together for 12 months prior to lodging, so my advice would be to collect evidence in the meantime (bills, travel, etc.).
  12. JMcKie

    Migration Agents Recommendation

    Hi Paul, I've sent an enquiry through on the website. Thanks James
  13. Hi All, I am a British Citizen living with an Australia Citizen in the UK. I will soon be looking to apply for a Partner Visa and I am currently looking to get quotes from migration agents. If any could be recommended that are UK based that anyone has used previously that would be great. Many Thanks James