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  1. JMcKie

    Partner visa queries

    I would have a consultation with a migration agent to fully disclose all your information just for your own sanity. There a few on the site here that are very reputable such as @paulhand.
  2. Were they for 309 or 100 specifically? I've just passed the 6 month mark since I put my 100 application in.
  3. I know that the processing times listed are for all nationalities, but I haven't seen or heard of any movement lately.
  4. JMcKie

    Multi Currency Provider

    I think I will continue to use Wise for the time being as I can't really find any other suitable alternatives.
  5. JMcKie

    Multi Currency Provider

    Hi All, I'm just curious who people use to send people backwards and forwards to the UK/other countries i.e. a multi currency account. I am currently using Wise, but I have been looking to explore other options. I thought Revolut would be a good choice, but they only allow 1 primary currency account, so I cannot add a GBP account within the app and then send it on to a British account, it only allows me to spend GBP from the account not transfer in or out with the UK.
  6. Hi @paulhand hope you're well. Just wondering if you've had any movement on any 309/100's lately? It all seems to have slowed down a bit...
  7. JMcKie

    Bank account pre move

    I was also able to open an account prior to moving but for NAB. I had to go into the branch to verify details before receiving the card.
  8. JMcKie


    Just send them an email or give them a call and you will get an answer from them.
  9. JMcKie

    What to do after you get your 190 grant?

    Congratulations! As you have been granted a visa, you don't need a visitor visa. Once you walk through immigration your visa will be activated. It isn't always needed, but carrying a paper copy or having access to a digital copy of your visa grant can be useful in case an immigration officer asks for it. When I left the UK I had to show the airline proof of my visa and when leaving Australia for Bali I had to show it then as well (this might not be the case anymore).
  10. JMcKie

    Partner Visa - help!

    You are correct with saying this and a recent scenario I know of may be different due to it being a student visa initially rathern than a tourist visa. My friend had a bridging visa recently while waiting for his 820 approval after his student visa expired and the employer just asked brief questions about the strength of their relationship and explained if the visa was denied they wouldn't be able to sponsor him (I would imagine most companies would be the same).
  11. JMcKie

    Advice on possible pathways

    The demand to get sponsored or a PR related visa (189/190) is so high especially in IT related roles. I initially had the same plan as you (as a backend developer), but then I met my Aussie partner and went down that route instead. It's also very difficult to get any IT related jobs on a 417 due to the 6 month rule, I pushed for a while and got no joy so ended up in sales related roles instead.
  12. JMcKie

    AFL Grand Final Tickets

    It looks like the AFL reserve tickets are fully sold out.
  13. JMcKie

    AFL Grand Final Tickets

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has any access to AFL Grand Final tickets (it's a long shot I know)
  14. JMcKie

    Partner Visa - help!

    As both @Marisawright and @Jon the Hat have said I would apply ASAP for the 309/100 visa. I was in a similar scenario with my partner's UK visa expiring in less than a year, but we ended up having 4 months to make the move before the visa expired. I would recommend an agent to take the stress away and for me personally it did speed up the process for when I could apply. Good luck!