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  1. Hopefully it's a similar timeframe then. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Hi @paulhand, just wondering if you're aware of any approval timelines for 100 visas that are less than the published timelines on the immi website?
  3. JMcKie

    HELP debt and 309 visa

    It didn't affect my visa application whatsoever. My partner has HECS and I was granted a 309.
  4. JMcKie

    Bali Travel Insurance

    I found suitable cover with FastCover. They also won Finder awards last year which is always a good sign!
  5. JMcKie

    Bali Travel Insurance

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has been to Bali lately and if so what travel insurance did you buy? The latest rules state travel insurance must cover COVID as a minimum under medical coverage. Thanks in advance
  6. I would just upload photos and any joint bank statements as @psuwara mentioned. I wouldn't say a stat dec and communications are required. @paulhand could verify this for you.
  7. We've just done a joint statement for an update on the relationship and both signed it.
  8. JMcKie

    309 queries

    I would advise going for the full service if you can, personally for piece of mind alone made it worthwhile for me!
  9. Yeah it arrived yesterday. Everything is now ready for lodgement, my agent advised waiting until I hit the 2 year date even though the invitation email came through for submitting information.
  10. Okay great shouldn't be too far off now then.
  11. Out of interest how long did it take for your AUS police certificate to arrive in the post? I've been waiting 6 business days for it to arrive and it still hasn't.
  12. JMcKie

    Uploading evidence

    I would have thought having e.g. 9 images in a collage is better than an image across each page. I used this approach for the 309 visa.
  13. JMcKie

    Uploading evidence

    I would use befunky for creating collages (https://www.befunky.com/features/collage-maker/). It's very easy to use and does what's needed to consolidate images.
  14. JMcKie

    309 queries

    The only overseas documents I have had certified were for 888 forms, I would recommend passports for this (my agent advised this). My UK passport, driving licence and birth certificate for the 309 weren't certified.