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Found 10 results

  1. Hi! Noob here so apols if this has been asked 1000 times before or isn't appropriate. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of the following situation... I'm currently a self employed sole trader in the UK and will be relocating to Australia in Dec 2021 on a Subclass 100 Partner Visa. If I receive income from employment in Australia once I have relocated, should that income be declared on my UK tax return for 2021-22? Likewise, should any of the income I have earned in the UK prior to relocating to Australia need to be declared on an Australian tax return for the year 2021-22? Thanks, Frank
  2. https://www.ato.gov.au/Media-centre/Media-releases/ATO-watching-for-foreign-income-this-Tax-Time/ If are living in Australia, can't access the temporary resident tax exemptions, have UK source income and haven't been declaring it in Australia - be warned! Best regards.
  3. Our pension was decreed, by HMRC, as no longer QROPS. However we still need to report our annual pension. My question is which HMRC form do I have to use to report to them....as I am aware that we have to continue to tell them for 10 years.
  4. The HMRC publish a list of Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) around the world. These are arrangements that meet certain criteria and to which the HMRC will allow a transfer to take place. It only includes the arrangements that want their details published, but this should be any commercial scheme really if they want the business! If you are considering transferring pension benefits to an arrangement in Aus, you can check this list to see if the HMRC would permit it. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/pensionschemes/qrops.pdf Usual warnings about speaking to a qualified financial advisor apply!
  5. I am doing a skills assessment with Vetassess. I only need to get these from one prior employer. a) I dont have these anymore, and my prior employer can only provide screenshots of my records from their software. I dont think this will suffice for Vetassess. b + c ) I also dont have these. My question is, how would I go about getting a copy of these from HMRC? I cant see any request forms from their website.
  6. Hi all, My wife paid into several pensions in the UK, which we have recently transferred to an Aussie QROPS. The age at which one can normally draw on an Australian super fund without any tax implications is 60, but my wife's date of birth (11/57) means that she reaches what the ATO refer to as her "age of preservation" this year, when she will be 55 (it is later for people born from 1960 onwards). Given her DoB, she is able to access her super from age 55 and will not have to pay any tax in Australia as long as the total withdrawn doesn't exceed 160K AUD before the age of 60. However, I know that super fund providers are legally bound to report withdrawals to HMRC for a period of 10 years following a QROPS transfer, and I'm aware of the possibility of HMRC charging tax on withdrawals from Aussie super funds if the money came from the UK. Moving forward a couple of months... my wife will reach her age of preservation and she will have tax-free access to her super as far as the ATO is concerned. If she were to start drawing on her super - which is comprised purely of funds that came over from the UK in 2012 - might she be liable for tax to HMRC? (BTW: I've already asked this question to HMRC. They said that can't comment on "an individual's circumstances"!) TIA Tarby
  7. Hi Guys Can anyone out there help? I am looking to get my proof of continuous employment/trade from 2002 onwards from the HMRC in the UK. I need this to get the maximum 15 points for our 190 permanent visa, I am in Oz on a temp visa at the moment. I have my P60s from 2005 - 2012 but you need to prove 8 out of 10 years in the same trade (Fabricator). I have emailed them with no reply, has anyone else had to get these from so long ago and if so could you please tell me how to go about it? Thank you:confused::confused::confused:
  8. OK, so I was doing my self-assessment tonight (in the UK) and it said it can only be done if you are a UK resident. Otherwise you need "commercial software". How do HMRC contact you in Oz? I am sure I read they don't communicate by email. Can you do it yourself, or do you need an accountant? We aren't going to have a lot of spare cash for a while so would prefer to do it myself. Also, we are going on a 457 which I think I read (somewhere!) has different tax implications than for PR people. Can anyone shed any light on this please? I have been quite chilled out since we decided to go, but suddenly feel a bit overwhelmed! Thanks. x
  9. Hi all Question for any budding tax advisors out there... We are moving to Brisbane next month on a 457 visa. My girlfriend will be renting her property out and I will be renting mine back in the UK and was wondering if anyone knew what the deal with what tax on the rental income will be? We'll be ploughing what we can straight back in to the respective mortgages but dont want to have a nasty letter from HMRC on the doorstep! All other income will be Aussy based. I'd imagine the answer for my girlfriend should be fairly straight forward - she is from the UK. However I am from Jersey in the Channel Islands and technically non-domicile in the UK... does this make things more complex?! Any help appreciated. Cheers, Brett
  10. I;ve just received a letter from my bank saying that HMRC has asked them for personal information of customers who have opened Australian bank accounts via their London office. it is a standard letter so has anyone else received one? unfortunately the letter and FAQs are not very helpful I fail to see what it has to do with HMRC when i live here and why they need my old Uk address. i know the UK is hard up and on the verge of bankuptcy but chasing ex pats is a bit over the top