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  1. Anks

    870 parents temporary visa

    A question to all who have been granted the 870. The 3 years - when does the 3 years start? Is it at the grant of visa OR first arrival?
  2. Anks

    870 parents temporary visa

    congrats @Suzyq
  3. Anks

    870 parents temporary visa

    there was another agent on the first page of this forum as well I reckon by the name of Lisa De Leon.. or just google for Chinese MARA agents in your town.
  4. Thanks Linda, more on that @Malik1234, while applying for Subclass 600 you can advise in the application that you want your parent to be granted a 3 years multiple entry visa. There may be a medical examination requested by the case officer or may not depends on case by case basis. Also there may be a 8503 condition applied on the visa which restricts from applying for any other visa while the 600 is active but looking at your timeline you have already applied for 173 so 8503 should not be a worry. I have also read if you are waiting for your Parent Visa then you may also be eligible for 5 years tourist visa with multiple entries similar to 3 years one..hope that helps
  5. That sounds promising, as I am 2017 September applicant which means 23 months have already passed and according to this it should be another 26-27 months.. so another 2.5 years...
  6. Hi @gagan1991, I would suggest to go on the timeline page for all your timeline inquiries.
  7. @Alan Collett always responds and is very helpful
  8. Anks

    870 parents temporary visa

    Answering my own query if it helps anyone, YES we can start the process of sponsorship while the applicant is onshore.
  9. Anks

    870 parents temporary visa

    Hi @Jessjessjess have you applied for the sponsorship approval? if so how long did that take for approval?
  10. Anks

    870 parents temporary visa

    Thanks @Suzyq, how long did the entire process took for you? Can we still apply for the sponsorship part when the applicant is onshore?
  11. Anks

    870 parents temporary visa

    Thanks @Alan Collett for clarifying, can you please also advise if it is viable to apply for 870 when one already has 600?
  12. Anks

    870 parents temporary visa

    Just trying to understand the denial of Permission to apply and if any existing visa conditions were the reason for it.
  13. Anks

    870 parents temporary visa

    Thanks Tina, were you having any other visa at the time the permission to apply was filed and did it had any conditions on it e.g. 8503?
  14. TinaD

    Hi there

    yes , my son completed  the permission to apply element in the sponsorship part of the visa , we thought we had given robust reasons for me to stay in Australia to apply me to apply for my part of the visa. It was declined - no reason. My sons sponsorship was approved in the same letter. So disappointingly, I have had to leave Australia to apply for the visa and await processing. Does that help?

  15. Anks

    870 parents temporary visa

    Hi all, does anyone know about the Permission to Apply in Australia option in the 870 visa or requested to get that permission during the sponsors application?