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  1. mandymark

    RRV or WHV?

    I'm after some advice for my 22yr old son. As a family of 4 we held a 176 SS visa until October 2016. Our reasons for not being able to emigrate during the validity period are complicated and myself and husband had a RRV application rejected at the end of March 2019. I was going to start an appeal but then my Mum became ill and sadly passed away 2 months later. My son graduated from uni in August this year and now wants to travel to Australia. He last visited Australia in August 2016 and stayed with his grandparents who are Australian citizens (have lived in Qld since 1993). Obviously at the time of the travel facility expiring on our PR visa our son was only 16 therefore too young to be able to emigrate on his own and has spent the past 4 years at university. He would now like to apply for the RRV but as he has been outside of Australia for over 5 years now we believe that the process may take at least 2-3 months, therefore would he be able to apply for a WHV enabling him to travel there sooner or would this prevent him from applying for a RRV in future? Thanks in advance.
  2. mandymark

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    Hi - its not the '2 days' that bothers me, its what they say about processing timeframes for those that do not meet the residency requirement which I do fully appreciate this is the category that we fit into....up to 12 weeks - why quote this as a maximum when we have now waited 21 weeks without any update from them?
  3. mandymark

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    I really don't understand why they state their estimated processing time as between 2 and 67 days although "Applications that do not meet the residency requirement will take longer to finalise than the published processing times advertised above. Processing timeframes for these applications can be up to 12 weeks" - ours will be 21 weeks on Sunday! Why state it can be up to 12 weeks?
  4. mandymark

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    I didn't say that my husband has only seen his mum for six weeks out of five years did I? You have presumed that. She regularly visits the UK (due again in June) so he does see her frequently and skypes every week, therefore he has not needed to go to Australia to see her.
  5. mandymark

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    Hi, have visited twice within the 5 years but only for 3 weeks each time. OH's mother is Australian citizen, I had job offer in 2016 but due to other personal circumstances which have been listed in our application, I was unable to go ahead with that. Not sure if we have a strong enough case but hope so. We initially applied for the permanent visa in May 2009 when we had no ties at all to move once OH left the RAF in 2010 - unfortunately everything changed at end of 2009 and most unprocessed visa applications were put on hold due to economic change - we got our visa granted in October 2011 so took 2yrs 5 months.
  6. mandymark

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    Thanks for the reply Raul. I'm sure that the note '(Post June 2018)' was not there until the past few days - is there a reason for this date? Does this really mean that some have waited since before June 2018?? We're only 2 weeks off ours taking twice as long as the maximum predicted timeframe!
  7. mandymark

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    Just logged into my immi account this morning and noticed that under the applications 'type' it says Resident Return Visa (155, 157) (Post June 2018) - I've never noticed the 'Post June 2018' part of this before - could anyone confirm that this has just been added and what the implications of this are? It seems that the timeframes given are completely underestimated - we applied 28 October 2018, so over 18 weeks ago now.
  8. Myself and husband applied for a RRV on 28th October 2018 which is now 84 days ago. I understand that the processing time varies, particularly as neither of us have spent 2yrs within Australia, but as it has now gone over the published timeframe, I just wanted to hear from anyone else still waiting or have had their RRV granted recently. I may be able to gauge how much longer it is likely to take. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you all for your quick replies. I couldn't ring the export companies as I have lost my voice today but my OH has just spoken to one who has confirmed that we do not need the pet passport. Will still get the injections done tonight. Thanks again! Mandy
  10. Hi We have an appointment for our 2 dogs to have their rabies injections this evening but the Receptionist gave me two prices - one for the vaccination and one for the Pet passport which she said includes the rabies jab. Am I correct in thinking that they don't need a pet passport or is this something that they class as the documentation to prove that the dogs have had their rabies injection etc? I was going to arrange for the rabies injection this evening then the blood tests in about a month. Could the vet not just document all of this? Many thanks in advance, Mandy
  11. We applied for our 176 State sponsored visa in May 2009 but Dept of Immigration put this on hold on processing at the end of 2009 (as they did with many others!) and we finally had the visa granted in October 2011. Circumstances had changed enormously by then (OH was due to leave the RAF in June 2010 and we planned to move over to Australia then but we couldn't as visa processing had stopped). We validated our Visa in August 2012 therefore it will expire in October this year. We would still really like to move to Australia, have strong family ties out there (OH's mum lives in Qld), but we would like our youngest to complete his A-levels here (he's just about to sit his GCSEs, so another 2 years time). Eldest son is now doing a 4 year Masters Degree at Uni in the UK. We are now looking into our options - I know many people would say that we've had enough time- we've had the visa for 5 years in October but without going into all the details, we just haven't been able to make the move. Can anyone please advise - my understanding is that if we apply for a RRV, I believe we would only be granted an additional 1 year as we have not spent 2 of the 5 years in Australia - is that correct or is there any possibility we may be granted longer? Am I correct in thinking that we could apply for the RRV right up until August next year (as that will be 5yrs since we last left Australia after validating) but bearing in mind that our permanent visa will have expired by this time? Would there be any benefit to one of us moving over there before our 176 visa expires in October, leaving OH and son in the UK? Sorry for the long-winded message but would be grateful for any advice. Many thanks in advance.
  12. mandymark

    Physics Degree ANU, Melbourne or Durham?

    Hi again I've just had a quick look again and I don't believe that we would be entitled to get HEC (loan) assistance as they only seem to offer help to PR holders who need to do bridging study http://studyassist.gov.au/sites/StudyAssist so I just don't know how we could fund the fees which, presumably include the accommodation as well as the tuition fees so in the region of £15k per year (rough estimate). I know that he could accept his place at Durham but I don't think that the outcome of any potential Australian application would be known by the time he's due to start. He is quite certain that he doesn't want to take a gap year or defer any place in the UK so the only option we can see is for him to start his degree within the UK and I know that UK student finance would have kicked into place by then. Is your daughter studying somewhere else in the UK from this September/October then? Did she consider Australian universities?
  13. mandymark

    Physics Degree ANU, Melbourne or Durham?

    Thanks very much for the reply Caramac. Deep down, I would probably like him to study in Australia but I do have concerns primarily about funding and the logistics: 1. How do permanent residents (not Australian citizens) generally fund their child's education without access to student loans? 2. If he were to apply to an Australian University, as there is no guarantee to entry, he will still have to accept and start his degree within the UK later this year. Anyone got any experience of this? Thanks.
  14. Hi We are Permanent Resident visa holders but our 17 year old son is due to finish his A-levels (Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry) this year and has offers for MPhys (4 year Master's Degree) at 4 different universities in the UK, including Durham. Now for the dilemma - as our visa is due to expire at the end of next year, he doesn't want to feel that he has wasted the opportunity to study in Australia and finds the thought of this opportunity more exciting than studying in the UK. We really would like to hear from anyone else that may have been in this situation. We are aware that he would only have to pay domestic fees but wouldn't be entitled to any loans therefore (my understanding is) we would have to pay all fees in advance. The actual tuition fees seem to be lower than the UK although accommodation may be more expensive. How do people in our situation generally fund this without access to student loans? What about reputation? How does a degree from say Durham, compare to ANU or Melbourne for Physics? He is predicted to achieve A*, A*, A*, A. As the application procedure does not open until August for Australia, we cannot see how he can turn down his UK offer as he doesn't want to consider taking a gap year and cannot presume that he will be accepted for a place at either ANU or Melbourne. He is due to start university here in Sep/October this year therefore if he were to apply for a place at an Australian university, the outcome wouldn't be known by the time he is due to start his degree in the UK. Incidentally, as a family, we are all still living the UK, planning to start looking at work availability in Australia towards the end of this year with the possibility of moving out mid 2016. I'd be really grateful for any advice or information! Thanks in advance.
  15. Ally01 - many thanks for your reply, thats been really helpful. Did you move out on a permanent visa also? Hope you don't mind me asking where your daughter is now studying and how has she found the level of study - is she finding them more difficult then the GCSEs as I read conflicting information about whether the Y11/Y12 is equivalent to the difficulty of A-levels? Another consideration is that our son is not interested at all in sport, and although it may seem like a minor issue, he really was looking forward to just studying the 4 subjects at A-level and getting away from the high school environment - I presume that Years 11/12 is like a continuation of high school education in Australia. Thanks again, I really appreciate your reply! Mandy