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  1. 457 to 186 query

    Thanks everyone, time for me to weigh up the risks
  2. 457 to 186 query

    Hi everyone, My boss put in our nomination for our 457 to 186 transion visa last week. Exciting to finally be at the point where we can hopefully progress to permanent residency. My question is this..... Do I risk putting in my visa application prior to the nomination being approved? It will be the first nomination for permanent residency that my boss has done although they have successfully sponsored 4 people previously via 457. I'm really tempted and I know a lot of people do this, so I think I'm just after people's experiences. TIA
  3. Countersigning passport help

    Hi everyone, No doubt a few on here have encountered my issue. I am renewing my daughters UK passport and she looks very different now to what she did on her expired passport, therefore she has had new UK compliant photos taken to reflect her current appearance. Now the dilemma, her photos need countersigning, but as we have only been in Australia for less than two years, we don't actually know anyone of standing that has known us for at least two years!! How on earth do I get around this one?
  4. Subclass 187 MA or do it yourself?

    Mmm this is interesting. I have just read the obligations between the 187 and the 186 and there does seem to be less on the 186. I couldn't see anywhere about having the stay with the employer though so will look into this further. Thank you Bungo, you've got the cogs in my brain working
  5. Subclass 187 MA or do it yourself?

    The only reason is because we are living regional and have no plans for this to change. Why is the 187 less straightforward than the 186? Always good to hear different opinions
  6. Subclass 187 MA or do it yourself?

    Hi everyone We are about to start the 187 process via the temporary residence transition stream. When we first moved to QLD we did the 457 sponsored application by ourselves and found it pretty straightforward. But we are deliberating on whether or not we should use a migration agent for the 187. What have people's experiences been seeking permanent residency on this basis? Would we be better using an agent? Or did you find the process as straightforward as the initial 457? Is anyone prepared to divulge what they paid an agent on top of the standard fees? Many thanks in advance.
  7. So what do you do when your uk licence expires?
  8. Poms in Toowoomba ! Where are you??

    If you could have experienced the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, you would have moved here at the drop of a hat. Toowoomba is quite possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth this time of year (its pretty good at the other times of year too). As with all places, there are areas to avoid, such as Rockville, Wilsonton, Harlaxton and parts of the northern area of the city, but the rest of it is rather lovely. There are more Brits in Highfields than anywhere else, although there are quite a few in Middle Ridge and Kearneys Spring. It very much depends on what you require from a place, if you love a hectic pace of life with a vibrant nightlife, then Toowoomba isn't for you. However if a more relaxed local lifestyle is your preferred option, then you could do worse than to explore the area.
  9. We are on a 457 and had every intention of using travel insurance to satisfy this aspect of the visa application until immigration told us quite firmly that it would not accepted as it had an end date of three months. They need to be certain that you will register for medicare during the lifetime of your insurance. Instead we opted for HiF medical cover and only paid for one month which worked out at £86, they provided us with a letter confirming cover which immigration accepted. On arrival in Australia, we registered for medicare within the first couple of weeks therefore satisfying the medical cover clause in the visa. Hope this helps.
  10. Life in Regional Queensland- Toowoomba and Darling Downs

    Hi thestantons1 We live in Toowoomba and are very happy here. We're lucky as my wife secured full time work before we moved here, but it took me 6 months and hundreds of applications to get a job. Funnily enough I didn't actually apply for my job, it was offered to me at a BBQ over a beer. What we found out is that many companies don't actually advertise their jobs as it is too expensive, so the key is to get chatting to people and just go into places and ask if they have any work going. You might find you have a little more luck and like others say, it's not forever. Good luck
  11. Fraser Island Camping

    Hi all We are starting to plan our next holiday and have decided on a camping holiday to Fraser Island. Has anyone tried this? Did you go to the fenced area or did you brave the dingos? Did you hire a 4x4 or take your own? Any help or recommendations appreciated.
  12. Poms in Toowoomba ! Where are you??

    Only just saw this post Claire and Ant, hows life in Toowoomba?
  13. Etihad

    I've done Etihad, Cathay Pacific and most recently Malaysian. Etihad wins hands down so far.
  14. Help! Narrowed down to 4 Gold Coast areas - advice appreciated!

    Robina is lovely, and if you like that sort of thing, very British.
  15. Summer in QLD - Brisbane - comments please

    Been here just over a year now, when we arrived in June 2014, we were amazed at how many people were 'rugged-up' whilst we were walking around in shorts and tee-shirts. One person actually asked if we were Brits based on our attire We have now acclimatised and are back in long trousers (pants) and jackets on the cooler evenings, still tees during the day though! I am located an hour and a half drive west of Brisbane so it is going to be 6 degrees cooler anyway, but virtually no humidity even in the peak of summer, yay!!