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  1. ToowoombaBlue


    Haha,, I tried in IKEA, the sales assistant said ‘sorry mate, I’m not on commission’ No point asking in Freedom, Fantastic Furniture or Early Settler, but the commission margins are reasonable enough in Harvey Norman and Natuzzi. Amart are not the greatest quality, but they can give good discounts. For good quality, I enjoy going to James Lane, and they will do you a deal.
  2. ToowoombaBlue

    Australian TV - the best and the worst?

    I must admit I’ve enjoyed watching Frayed. Some really good cameos to look out for!
  3. ToowoombaBlue

    Australian TV - the best and the worst?

    Julia Bradbury is the presenter, I read that she had to have an emergency mastectomy last Monday, hope she recovers fully.
  4. ToowoombaBlue

    Same state removal fees, rip off?

    Hi there im in the process of organising a house move within Queensland from Toowoomba to Bargara and have sought a quote from some local removal companies. So far only one has come forward with a quote, this came out at $4100. Now I know it’s a five hour drive so they would have to either have a very long day or do it over two days, but is $4100 realistic? What experiences have others had and what is a reasonable price? Any recommendations from people who have done similar would be appreciated.
  5. ToowoombaBlue

    Australian TV - the best and the worst?

    Bluey, I think that’s about it!
  6. ToowoombaBlue


    I called Toowoomba Regional Council and was kept on hold for ages while someone tried to find the information you are requesting. Sadly they are driven by Brisbane and were unable to provide any worthwhile information. I was told to ring them instead. All I can say is that ceremonies are still going ahead in Toowoomba, just not huge amounts. I have called Home Affairs who are quite frankly useless and also emailed, but no reply to date.
  7. ToowoombaBlue


    Every day I read posts from people getting more and more impatient that the date for their citizenship ceremony hasn’t been set. Whats the rush? Why are people so keen to get the process completed, the test has been passed, most likely the status on the Immi account has been changed to approved, so why are people so desperate? Id be interested to know other peoples views, I’m waiting for my ceremony, but am not expecting it to happen for at least 6-8 months and that’s being optimistic!
  8. ToowoombaBlue


    My approval letter arrived nine weeks after sitting the test, not Australia Posts fault, my letter was dated three days earlier.
  9. ToowoombaBlue


    My son was born here and I didn’t need to include him on the application. You are getting conflicting information on this forum, best to ring Immigration or find the answer on your immi account. From memory there wasn’t a section I could put his details in, and because as he is a citizen of Australia, he didn’t need to be included in the application.
  10. ToowoombaBlue


    So I guess you know now, I hope you passed. As you and the many others on this forum have no doubt found out, the questions are more or less identical to the government practice test and all the answers were in the ‘Our Common Bond’ literature.
  11. ToowoombaBlue


    We have too! Hows the revision going?
  12. ToowoombaBlue


    Have to agree with this, I had my citizenship application knocked back in February because my marriage certificate wasn’t NAATI translated, despite the document on my PR application being approved previously. I duly provided a NAATI copy but haven’t heard anything since. Bottom of the pile I guess.
  13. ToowoombaBlue

    To renew or not!

    My UK passport expires in May and I’m nearly a year into my citizenship application. Question. Would you renew your passport or not bother and wait for the Aussie one? I’ve no desire to visit the UK anytime soon!
  14. ToowoombaBlue


    I doubt you will have the same issue. We got married in the Dominican Republic and the certificate was in Spanish, we had it translated in the UK but Immi insisted it needed translating by an Australian approved translator! Bit jobsworth if you ask me, but you have to jump through the correct hoops I suppose.
  15. ToowoombaBlue


    Hi there, I think we communicated in an earlier post, we too applied in July. our application was looked at in early February and additional information was requested. That was submitted a couple of weeks later and we have been waiting since then.