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  1. "I would say its impossible to transfer the balance but i'm by no means an expert. When I got here last year I was advised to wait 6 months until getting a credit card here once they see pay going in regularly its fairly straightforward. UK credit rating is irrelevant in OZ in my experience. I think it may be a case of moving money home despite the bad but improving exchange rate" Hi can1983 , Thanks for the info - If i had any money to move home I would move it! On a more positive note, my sister who is in the UK spoke to the UK post office on my behalf and they said I can apply for their credit card if I have a UK address - which i do as I have a house which I am renting out to a friend. So I will give that a go. If it is successful i will post on here in case anyone else is in a similar position. Cheers Rachel (Hoops)
  2. Hello everyone! I am having a bit of a problem with my UK based credit card - I have fallen into the usual trap of intending to pay it all off before the special 0% rate ended - and failed. I am on a residence visa but have only been here since January. I have a good credit rating in the UK - don't know if that makes any difference here? I am not eligible for another UK based credit card b ecause I don't live there but also it seems I can't transfer a UK balance to an Australian credit card. I am supporting 2 people on my modest salary so I can't afford to pay it off quickly and I owe about 3000 pounds. In the mean time the interest rate on my debt is now 27% and within a few months we will have to go home because it will be so extortionate we wont' be able to afford to live. Help! Any suggestions? Rachel
  3. Hi all Thanks all for your ideas. She is too old for a working holiday visa and came here on a sponsorship visa ( I think it is a 457). She has got a return flight home (UK) but i'm hoping she might only have to go as far as NZ to apply for a holiday visa. Various people we have spoken to have different ideas about this! btw I did phone immigration but the lady i spoke to wasn't very helpful - she seemed very reluctant to make any suggestions or even answer questions fully so I ended up more unsure! I think we are going to have to pay for some advice! Cheers Rachel x
  4. Hello Can anyone offer any advice about our situation? I am on a permanent residence visa but my partner is on a sponsorship visa. We have been together for less than a year so she can't apply to go on my visa. Unfortunately her job didn't work out and it will end at the end of May. If she can't find another job within 28 days from then can she apply for a holiday visa? Has anyone out there done this and was it successful? I can afford to support both of us on my salary but I'm worried that they will only grant a very short holiday visa as they might be worried she will try to work? Any ideas or info? Thanks Rachel
  5. Thanks for that - I haven't heard of some of those places/events so we will definately investigate!
  6. Hi ! My friend and I moved to Sydney a month ago today and expected to find a huge lesbian community but we seem to have moved to the straightest place in Sydney (Maroubra Beach) and although we love it, we would really appreciate the company of some gay friends. We are 38 and 46 and enjoy all the usual things like eating out, cinema, coffee, beach etc. We like the odd night out but we're not big clubbers - bit too old now! If anyone fancies meeting up for a coffee/night out, (or just to tell us where the lesbians in Maroubra hang out!) please get in touch Rachel x
  7. Hoops

    Travel Insurance Dilemma

    Thanks Marc - maybe i just asked the wrong places. I will try travel supermarket now x
  8. Hi everyone I am flying to Sydney on December 29th but still haven't got any travel insurance! When I have tried to get some with some of the main insurers in the UK they will only insure me until I come back to the UK - which will probably be next Christmas for a holiday. Its going to cost me around £300 to £400 for a years insurance but I only want to be insured for the couple of days travelling. Has anyone else overcome this and where did you get insurance from? I'd be grateful for any suggestions Thanks Rachel
  9. Hoops

    Social Work in Victoria?

    Thanks Olly I've had a look at those and it does seem like there's a few jobs around - think I need to do some more research into the social services in Oz - I don't understand the job descriptions! Thanks for your help x
  10. Hi Are there any social workers out there working in Melbourne and suburbs? I just got an independent visa so I don't need sponsorship but am wondering how hard it is for a British social worker to get work there - either as a statutory social worker or in the voiluntary sector? Any information about the social care job market would be much appreciated. thanks, Rachel :biggrin:
  11. Hoops

    Help! Confused re medicals!

    Thanks Tania - I am feeling reassured now - may change my mood to 'hopeful'! x
  12. Hoops

    Help! Confused re medicals!

    Thanks Rammygirl It's only me who is migrating - I don't have any dependents - just a sister and 2 parents. I'm sure it said that all immediate family members have to have a medical for a permanent visa even if they are not migrating with me. I will try to find it again now. It does seem a bit odd that my family would have to have a medical even if they are not coming - I though it might be to check for genetic illnesses that I might develop! I really hope you are right about the medicals! it has given me some hope! x
  13. Hi Amanda Are you looking on www.immi.gov.au? They do have a list of visa types on there although the website is a bit confusing so it might take a while to find it! Also have you tried doing a free points test yet? I found i was able to get extra points by doing an IELTS exam - which is ridiculous because my first language is English but that helped me get enough points! I would suggest you have an initial conversation with an agent about how likely you are to get a visa - it does seem to be extremely hard and you don't want to spend months/years trying if you are never going to get one - would be better to save up for a holiday there! (can you tell I am disillusioned?!). xx
  14. Hoops

    Help! Confused re medicals!

    Hi everyone I am at the last stages of getting an ind. class 175 visa - I don't want to stay permanently in Australia but this is the only visa I was eligible to apply for. I have just read on the immigration website that all my family will have to have a medical - I can't afford this especially as I only plan to stay for 2 years ( I started applying 5 years ago!). Does anyone know if there is anyway I can get round this ? If this is the case then I can't go to Oz because I can't afford it - which will be devastating after 5 years of effort and £1500 spent already! Help! I have e-mailed immigration but typically - no reply! X
  15. I totally sympathise with you - I have been trying to get a visa ( Ind 175) for about 5 years - now I am at the last stages but some unexpected costs have come up which i can't afford - so it looks like I won't be able to go. There are so many hoops to jump through it can take over your life and while you are in the process it's hard to feel settled in the UK. I decided i couldn't afford an agent so I did it myself but if you could afford an agent I would do that as it would be much quicker and less confusing - and you're less likely to waste money which is what I have done (£1500 paid so far!). What sort of visa do you hope to get? - sponsored, independent...? Really hope things work out for you x