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Found 16 results

  1. launquee

    Brisbane Gay Community?

    Hi Poms My girlfriend and I have just been granted our 189 visa and will be moving to Brisbane early 2014. My brother and his wife are living there already so we already have an in-built social circle to stop us getting lonely, but would really like to know if there is much of a gay girl social scene in Brisbane. Im not on about clubs and bars but more meet-ups, meals and general chit chat. I've only ever spent a few weeks at a time in Brisbane so my knowledge of events and groups is very limited. I lived in Sydney for 6 months about 10 years ago and really liked the close scene they had in some of the suburbs. Anyuway, I've gone on way too much! If you have any advice or no of any community events please post me. Lau
  2. Hi all, I'm new to here, first post... I will be heading to Sydney in 3 weeks time on a 417 working holiday visa. The excitement is starting to kick in something else. Can anyone advise the best areas to stay in Sydney city? I am looking for gay friendly haunts, good bars, best clubs etc. Steve. PS. I'm single and up for anything
  3. Hi - My Name is Shaun and I am in a civil partnership, same-sex male couple living in the UK. We are considering emigrating to Adelaide in the coming year, my partner is a DR and we plan to make the move on a permanent basis. In 2011 we legally adopted our son in the UK, he is 2yrs of age. My question to anyone out there is Considering most states dont recognise same sex unions and same sex adoption is not legal in many places Do you know the legal status our son would have once we were in OZ? Would we be seen in the law as his parents ? his legal guardians ? he our dependant ? Does anyone have experience of same sex-couples with children in schooling in OZ - how do they find it for their children? Anyone have any other experiences of same sex couples in OZ that may help us ? M Thanks Shaun
  4. hello everyone, Im kind of new to the site and I was wondering if there were any gay/lesbian meet ups? Ive been in Melbourne almost a year and I have recently come out.... and well, am pretty interested in meeting people for hanging out and hopefully expanding my circle of friends. Cheers all xx
  5. Hi ! My friend and I moved to Sydney a month ago today and expected to find a huge lesbian community but we seem to have moved to the straightest place in Sydney (Maroubra Beach) and although we love it, we would really appreciate the company of some gay friends. We are 38 and 46 and enjoy all the usual things like eating out, cinema, coffee, beach etc. We like the odd night out but we're not big clubbers - bit too old now! If anyone fancies meeting up for a coffee/night out, (or just to tell us where the lesbians in Maroubra hang out!) please get in touch Rachel x
  6. Im recently after coming tout to my family and friends here at home. Im now moving to Australia to hopefully start a new life. I have got a job In the mining sector in a town called Muswelbrook north of Sydney. I dont look or act gay. I am just wondering is there any other gay men in or around the area or are there any ways to get in contact with same?... Being gay is one of the reasons Im moving. I cant live my life as I want to here at home. I cant get involved in a proper relationship, I am hoping that it may be different over there. Am I being too naive?...
  7. One of my girlfriends phoned me last night to tell me their 18 year old son had told them over dinner he was gay and was moving in with his boyfriend, we had all suspected he was gay, he is a smashing very good looking lad who I like very much and it did not shock me one bit. Problem is with the dad who went ballistic and almost physically attacked the lad :mad: he says he wants nothing to do with him and told him to pack his bags and get out of the house by the weekend, the lad and my friend are very upset and she is trying to explain tho here hubby that is his choice and he cannot help feeling this way but he is not listening. It would not bother me one bit if I had a son or a daughter who told me they were gay, in fact looking at some of the unhappy marriages down here I think I would prefre my daughter to have a female partner. What would you do in the situation?
  8. last night i was tickled pink .....i was arsed if i was gay.....:biglaugh::biglaugh:......well hello.........:biggrin:...5 children later , lots of lovers , lots of broken hearts ,lots of knock backs.......i would love to replay some moments ...:wubclub:.....but thanx Wicky , you made me larrrrgh and that dont happen too much in Eastenders does it........:wink:
  9. Hello there all, I am a young gay man who is interested in moving from Europe to Australia and I would like your opinion about the Australian mentality about gays...are they conservative like the American people or they are more open minded like European people? I have been for a long time in the Netherlands and would very much appreciate if someone has any experience of the Netherlands and can give a comparison between the mentality of the people of these two countries about gays. Any opinion welcome... thanks
  10. Guest

    what the gay scene like in oz

    im not gay meself but i presume some members of pio are gay,and emigrating to oz--so i just wundered what the gay scene wuz like in oz,and where in the citys are gay bars,and clubs-i know sydney has a big gay festival once a year,but what about other areas--it seems in most town,and citys in the uk there are gay bars where you can relax with like minded people,i just wundered if oz wuz the same--and what about rural areas in oz,is there much happening there--ive put this thread up to try,and help people,so no bad taste stuff please:wubclub:
  11. OK folks a laugh is all. I know that there are many straight and a few gay people on PIO,:jiggy:. So my question is this. 'IF' you were go to either 'Dark Side', in other words straight people go 'gay' for a day, and 'gay' people go straight for a day who would be your ultimate partner. Strange question I know, but it is a 'IF' question, I'll go first. Too many to mention, :shocked:, but this fella would have done it for me in his younger days. Met him in a pub once in Regents Park, he was having a drink and me and my mate put Ant Music on the juke box, and all of a sudden up jumps Adam and with two forks he joined in the drum section of the track. Come on lets have a laugh is all. No offence meant as I hope you know.:wubclub: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  12. Hey there, I'm new to this forum and although not a pommy, I took the liberty to register as it's by far the busiest and best one I have seen so far regarding moving to Oz. My partner and I are looking into moving to Australia in the near future. Job-wise we wouldn't be tied down to a certain place but could basically choose were we want to live. It shouldn't be too hot but close to the ocean so we are looking at going to Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide or Sydney. Not aiming at living directly in the city but more in the suburbs. Anyway...I'm trying to find out how gay-friendly these cities are. I am so arrogant to assume that we wouldn't have a problem in any big city regarding homophobia. Is that correct? Furthermore I'm interested if there is a nice gay community. I found very nice things online about Perth (gay tennis club etc.) but read that Melbourne's gay community is very lame. I'm not so much interested in nightlife but places to make friends as my partner is away at sea half the year. Mind you I'm not interested to only make gay friends but it is a factor to be considered and as we might want to have children in the future, I don't want to live in a place where they'd have a hard time having two moms. Anyone willing to share their knowledge and/or experience?
  13. Guest

    Advice for a young artist

    Hey all, I'm finding this forum to be incredibly helpful and I'm hoping it will continue to be for me! I'm moving to Sydney in August from the U.S. having just graduated from college. I'm a young actor, working part-time for a production company in the CBD and I'm wondering where the best places to live are. I'm a gay male who loves the outdoors and nightlife, so I'm looking to live somewhere where I can be around lots of young, easy-going, fun, open-minded individuals. I tend to make my way around the gay clubs and bars more frequently than "straight" per se, but I'm not exclusive! If you're familiar with New York City, I've most enjoyed living in Hell's Kitchen and the West Village. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi, emigrating to WA arriving 02 July. Got job as Mental Health Social Worker and will be living in Fremantle at least initially. Any other Gay brits on here wanna chat? Cheers Andy from Jersey Channel Islands and before that Ipswich England!
  15. Hello - I am a gay man and my partner (who is Australian) and I met about 2 1/2 years ago. 13 months ago we decided to give our relationship a 'go', and have been in a committed relationship since - and been visiting each other every few months. We are now at the point where we can't go on conducting our life like this - nor can we afford it long term!! So I am looking to make the jump to join him. Easier said than done. We can't apply as interdependent partners as there is a one year relationship requirement (with living together as proof) - no chance there.:err: Nor am I able to apply for the skilled migrant visa as I'm missing a few points and don't fancy going into a clearing system for two years.:sad: One other way of going about it seems to be entering on an ordinary ETA (or as an e-visitor) and applying for an extended tourist visa (6 or 12 months) once in Australia and before the ETA (e-visitor) expires. This would then make it possible to live together for one year prior to appying for an interdependent partner visa (with the required proof). One other option would seem to be obtaining the ETA/e-visitor and stay 3 months at a time in Oz (go home for a while, come back..you get the idea). Of course, this'll mean great dependency on each other financially but we feel we could cope with that.. Has anyone experience with a similar situation? Is there someone who could offer advice? We really don't want to make any mistakes and mess up our chances of being together. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance! Chris
  16. Guest

    Gay couple. Help us please!

    Hello all We are a gay couple who have been together for 3 years and now want to leave the uk to make a better life in Oz. I have read that same sex couples are not recognised in Australia and the visa process is different to that of married couples. Can anyone offer any advice on the best way to go about things now?