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Found 145 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Adelaide Meet Up

    After talks with moneycorp this weekend we are considering a get together in Adelaide like the one we have in Perth. So far I have 15 people interested, if you would like to be kept up to date of any developments please let me know below.
  2. Hello! I've played in the Wednesday Night Elwood League (venue at Elwood College, Glen Huntly Road) for about a year and we have a core team but due to injuries and people heading home etc. we have lost some players and need some reliable people to become part of our team.We all play for a bit of fun, exercise and comradeship. It’s a very honest, supportive and positive team so if it sounds like something you’d like to commit to, then message back and we’ll sort out details etc. Cheers!Ian
  3. Afternoon All (UK time) I am moving to Melbourne from the UK in just under 3 weeks, fly on the 31st so I am sure everyone who has done this realises I am equally stressed and excited! Will be initially living in Brunswick in an AirBNB for a month, will then be looking for my own place / possible apartment share. I am single, 37 year old male professional (In computing but I'm not that 'dull') looking for anyone that can explain the pitfalls of moving there or even some advice on good gyms, good bars, places to live and some good places to visit. Cheers Dave
  4. BritInBrissyAndBeyond

    Sunday Nights in Geelong

    Hey guys, my partner and I have been house-sitting in Geelong West for about a month, tomorrow we are celebrating our one year anniversary together and I would love to spend the evening in Geelongs CBD or the Packington Street area in a cool, trendy bar and possibly finish up in a nice Indian restaurant. We've been out in the city a few times but I haven't really found anywhere with a vibrant, young feel and was hoping you lovely lot could throw some suggestions our way! Thanks in advance, Maxine ❤
  5. Hi guys, my husband and I (26 & 29) moved to Kincumber a couple of months ago and are looking to meet some new friends on the coast. Does anyone have a regular meet up or anyone interested going for a drink/food sometime? Also does anyone know of any groups/places to meet people around our age? Cheers Soph
  6. Hi All -if you are seeking work as a qualified Social Worker in Australia and are able to apply for a Working Holiday Visa we would love to hear from you as we have an abundance of Social Work posts in Melbourne, Sydney and beyond. My name is Rachel Perkins and I work in the Social Work Division of REED Melbourne and am a qualified Social Worker myself, having worked in the UK and here in Australia. REED have offices in Melbourne and Sydney and specialise in Social Care & Allied Health. Check out our website reedglobal.com or email me your resume for information on our agency and opportunities DownUnder. If you have child protection experience and are looking for Australian sponsorship I am currently managing a large UK recruitment drive for a government client in Victoria offering great salaries, relocation and 4 years sponsorship. Please email me your updated resume asap to be considered for these roles. rachel[dot]perkins[at]reedglobal[dot]com Looking forward to hearing from you.
  7. Hey I'm SJ, 27 yrs old from Bedfordshire Iv just come back over to Perth and all my friends were on temp visas so have all left so I'm looking to meet some new fun people - girls, guys, couples. I'm into drinking, beaches, Bbqs, shopping, anything new anyone looking to meet some new people? Theres a group on Facebook if anyone wants to join its called poms in Perth - meet ups https://m.facebook.com/groups/1458581221059371
  8. There are a few threads about DHCS and social work in canberra. I am wondering what social work is like (besides DHCS/canberra) in Australia. Many times I've read it's not the quality we know in Western Europe. What's your experience? I also read a lot about "child protection", but barely heard any other niches. What's your experience on the diversity of social work in Australia?
  9. beverlyblue

    Any info on social work in Melbourne

    Hi I have posted a couple of threads on the site so far and they have been really useful. I have a telephone interview for the dept of Human services on Thursday morning and was wondering if anyone out there has any tips or info on how the "system works" I have trawled the internet and it looks like Child protection procedures and legislation is very similar to here. If anyone can help I would be very grateful. Thanks:v_SPIN:
  10. Due to the late notice provided. I think it's best that I rearrange for the new year. Therefore, I will cancel and be in touch in the new year. Best wishes for 2014.
  11. Hi there :cute: We have just arrived in Sydney three days ago and it's been a roller coaster all the way. It would be great to meet others who have just arrived too (or have been through the experience and lived to tell the tale). My name is Suzanne and my partner is Gareth, we are in temporary accommodation in North Sydney at the moment but are hoping to find something more permanent in the Waverton area very soon. It would be nice to meet for a meal and drinks and exchange experiences, it would be even better to meet some lovely friends along the way! F-R-I-E-N-D-S do we really need them: Yes! One day years from now we could be reminiscing about when we considered getting straight back on the plane again! Do they have cinemas here? I've not seen one yet, the challenge is to get out, meet new people and find new things (and some old familiar ones) to get up to. Let me know if you are interested.. Suzanne and Gareth
  12. Hi I am a Mum of 2 girls, 10 and 8 and we live in Roseville Chase. I have been in Sydney for 2 years now. As yet I haven't met many British friends. I was wondering if there are any mums out there who fancy an evening out? I like Sydney, but I miss those nights out with my friends at the pub, having a good old chin-wag! Let me know if you fancy catching up one evening, maybe in Chatswood, or even the city somewhere?! Catherine
  13. Kayandjohn


    Hi I'm looking to gather as much info on Townsville as possible, would love to make some friends hoping to move to the area or already living there. Kay x
  14. Hey everyone! I moved to Sydney about 8 weeks ago with my wife & two French bulldogs, we're living in the area of Balmain/Rozelle. We've built a good network of mates already but mainly through work and we're keen to expand this outside of work circles. Besides we love meeting new people and making friends! I'm 28 and a Manc and my wife is 26 and a geordie. We moved here from Amsterda after spending 5 years there. We're on 4 year business 457 visas and will go for PR as soon as we can but we LOVE it here! If anyone is looking to expand their social network and would like to arrange a meet up then feel free to get in touch! Have a great weekend everyone!
  15. G'day all, Expat Brit lving in near Albert/Middle Park, working on Collins. Already have a network of friends in Melbourne but still struggling to play enough sport. People seem a tad clicky about their teams.... In Dubai couldnt get enough, football (soccer), tennis, basketball, touch, etc etc wondering if any others in need...getting to a level of desperate as the gym is getting boring. Calling any sports teams or individuals who need a sporting fit competitor and growth of a social life. james
  16. ... and I still only know one person! Hello, I am a guy from London, 36 years old, moved to Brisbane last month and I now live in the city and work in the Valley. I am doing OK and love it here, but it would be GREAT to have some friends to meet up with for drinks and maybe some trips etc. (Sightseeing trips, not LSD/Acid). The one guy who I do know from home is not in my age group. I am pretty quiet and reserved with new people who I dont know, so find it hard to speak to strangers without reason and a bit unnerving meeting a group of 20 all at once... hence this little message! It would be good to hear from anyone in the same situation 10 years or so either side of my own age. Where do you go? What do you do? IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? lol
  17. Hi my partner and I have just moved to central Wollongong from Manchester about 3 weeks ago, we’re both 27, loving the area but really fancy meeting people! Let me know if anyone fancies meeting up for a coffee or a drink or two.
  18. Hi All I am 36 and my husband is 39. I am a qualified social worker with almost 10 years experience and my husband is a teacher and head of a successful business studies department. We are at the very early stages of exploring a move to Oz and have thousands of questions but obviously life is difficult anywhere without a job, can anyone offer tips as to the easiest ways to find out what jobs are available etc and any tips for applying.....and any other useful info that people want to share with us will be gratefully received (we also have two young children ages 3 months and the eldest is three years so obviously once we have sorted jobs we wil then get into the difficult arena of schools). The areas we are intersted in moving to are South Australia (Adelaide), Melbourne or Brisbane. Look forward to replies! Lesley and Paul
  19. JimAndShelleySydney

    Hello POI

    Hello everyone! Me and my girlfriend Shelley have recently moved from London to Manly, Sydney and thought we'd say hi as we have used your great forum in the past for many useful tips. We'll try to pay it forward and contribute as much as we can to this forum with our own experiences. We are late 20s (I'm so late, some people may call be 30), like pretty much everything from sport to music/comedy to chilling on the beach and everything in between. Would be great to make some new friends while here in Oz, if anyone is interested? Cheers, Jim
  20. We're a group of women who love getting together for movies, meals and a good chat over coffee. We also get out and about to concerts, theatre and events, always more fun when there's a group going. We even have activities for kids and partners. Most activities based in the Hills District or Northern Sydney. PM me for more details.
  21. hi just wondering if any social workers from UK have had any problems transferring their sillis and qualifications to work in oz, as I have heard this can be problematic. any feedback would be great thanks bec
  22. Hi there i've never done this before so if i ramble too long or give too much info - sorry! :wideeyed: my partner and i are both social workers and have been offered state sponsorship for WA. having looked through lots of posts on this site i am beginning to panic about trying to find work in the perth area. my partner has DipSW and i have an MSc in SW. are the local councils the best folks to work for or are there other organisations that offer better opportunities? were there any problems with qualifications as long as balanced with experience? (both of us will be 3 years post qualifying when we move out with 4-5 years pre-qualifying experience) it seems to be really hard to get any useful information from any formal websites and we are really struggling to find jobs on any websites that we would be interested in. my preference is child protection and his is community care. Any hints or tips that you could give us would be fab cos we really have no idea where to start!! Cheers Freyja
  23. Just a note to let people know if interested that ACT have advertised for Social Workers in this weeks Community Care mag. No good for me, we're off to Parramatta in Aug. I assume the Social Workers they got from their last round of international advertising back in 2009 have fled the nest already lol. No idea of the pay but they do offer relocation.
  24. Hi there, My name is Rachel and I run the Social Work division of REED Healthcare here in Australia. We are a specialised recruitment agency and I am sure you have probably heard of REED as we have a number of offices throughout the UK / Europe. Our Social Work consultants including myself are all social workers and we have worked in the UK and here in Oz. If you are considering social work in Australia we would love to hear from you and would be glad to assist so feel free to email me on rachel.perkins@reedjobs.com Cheers
  25. I may well be moving to Australia next year with my wife, who is in the process of securing a job in Gold Coast. I am a qualified social worker in England (qualified 7 years), and work in adult social care, and wondered whether there was many job opportunities in the Gold Coast? I am willing to do any social care jobs, including support worker, also be happy to work in mental health, for charities, drug and alcohol projects etc Does anyone know if there is much of this work in GC? or will I need to travel to Brisbane for work? This will obvously have a bearing on where we live... Any advice is gratefully received, Thanks.