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Found 18 results

  1. Apriljcarlisle

    820/801 partner visa

    Hi guys! My partner and I are looking into the 820/801 partner visa as he currently lives offshore in Wales. Due to this we dont have anything joint..no bank accounts or anything! Of course, when he moves across we will live together and we will put each other on our car insurance and as NOK etc etc. My question is, is transferring money between our separate bank accounts and evidence of shared household bills/costs enough to satisfy the financial requirements? If anyone else can give me some advice of evidence to use/what immigration likes to see it would be much appreciated! Im also wondering if screenshot of messages and emails are satisfactory evidence (social, commitment etc) or do we have to download them into PDFS somehow?
  2. Hi Guys I was wondering if you could help me with a question relating to the statements you have to write about how you met etc. For a bit of background information - I had been living as a permanent resident in Australia since 2009 (originally from UK). I met my current partner when I was living with my previous boyfriend in Dec 2013. My current partner (also from UK) was in Australia on a 1 year working visa and was in the process of being sponsored by his employer for permanent residency. Our relationship became more serious however his sponsorship fell through and we found out in March 2014 that he had to leave Aus by 1 April. Obviously we were distraught and I moved to back home to England to be with him in May of the same year and we have been in a de facto relationship ever since. As we have now been in a de facto relationship for at least 12 months, we are applying for a partner visa so we can both return to Melbourne and live happily ever after :biglaugh:. My question is, do I mention in my statement that I already had a boyfriend when the relationship with my current partner began? I was still living with him until Feb 2014 (for financial reasons and had to wait until the end of the lease). If I didn't mention it, could they find out and would it be used against us? Thanks
  3. Hi all My son and his girlfriend are applying for a de facto partner visa in Australia for him on the basis of their relationship. He is in Australia at the moment on the second year of a WHV. They would like me to write a letter about my knowledge, acceptance and support of their relationship as part of their evidence for social acceptance. I was wondering if anyone knows what format this should take and most importantly, who do I have to get it witnessed by in the UK to make sure it is valid acceptable by the visa authorities in Australia. I live in London so should I go to the Australian Embassy to have someone sign it? Many thanks for any help Mary
  4. Hi all, I have a question regarding Partner Visa 309. Hope someone will be able to help me out. I am a PR holder in Australia, currently residing in Australia. However only been here for only a month. Therefore, I am still seeking employment. My wife and I are hoping to lodge her Partner visa application within this week, wanted to know if me not being employed currently would affect my wife's Partner visa processing in any way. Since it has been only a month since i got here, im sure i will be able to get a job within the next couple of weeks. However, I am also able to show a reasonable amount as savings, that I can show as proof saying I am able to support my wife for a reasonable timeframe even without a job. Pls let me know if this would be an issue or if there is a work around for this. Cheers, BMAP
  5. Hello, Myself and my partner are looking in to applying for a partner visa. His UK visa runs out in March 2016. Have people found it easier to do it yourself or go through a company? If going through a company which ones do people recommend. I have been looking in to both and the doing it yourself option looks very complicated. As well as this what evidence do I need to begin gathering together in order to prove our de facto relationship status. We are not yet married or engaged but by the time 2016 comes that should be on the cards. I have been advised by one agency not to go down the pre marriage visa route as its more or less the same paperwork but with double the fees. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello! Brand new to PomsinOz and hoping for some help as I begin the daunting process of applying for an 820/801 Visa. Quick facts: British national Currently on first WHV (expires 28/12/14) Unmarried but meet the 12 month de facto requirement Based in Melbourne I've had a look at a few existing Partner Visa threads (what a great community you have on here!), but am still conflicted about the best course of action. I'd really value some advice in relation to the questions below: Application - online, or hand in a paper-based in person? Police check and Health exam - in advance and submit with application, or wait for a CO to request it? Supporting evidence - can anyone give a rough idea of how many documents to provide for each sub-category? Trying to find the balance between submitting enough essential evidence to make the application watertight without superfluous documentation. I'd be very grateful for any 'do/don't include' suggestions! Registering the relationship in Victoria - worth it? Bridging Visa - I can't seem to find any clear-cut info on the immi.gov site about whether or not I will have working rights (assume I'll likely be given BVA?) and am a bit concerned as current processing time is 12-15 months. Can anyone share their experience? Thank you so much for any help you can provide! Sarah
  7. Dear members and visitors, I applied for my partner spouse visa for Australia. I have been asked to provide "Evidence of contact before marriage". My marriage is arranged and I don't have anything to provide for contact before marriage. What should I do? Any suggestions or guidance is welcome. Thanks Gudluk
  8. lawyergal

    Partner visa sub class 820

    Could I ask when people applying for this visa had their medical? Did you do it before you applied or wait until immigration told you to have it? I was all set to have mine whilst preparing my application and then noticed the recommendation seems to be to wait if your visa is likely to take more than 6 months to process. Thank you
  9. My wife is here on a tourist visa. She doesn't have a "NO further stay" condition. Can she apply for a partner visa and remain in Australia until a decision is made on the visa application?
  10. Hi guys, I originally posted these questions in the Australia forum but was helpfully redirected here by the moderator and am hoping to find some answers from anyone who has been in/knows anyone in a similar situation. I’ve read so many threads about de facto / partner visa applications over the last few months and am now just after some clarification, preferably from people who have un/successfully applied for the 309/100 De Facto Visa in the recent past. My partner and I have been together for over 2 years and are in the process of putting all of our papers together to apply for the 309/100 De Facto / Partner Visa so that we can relocate back to Melbourne (where we met and both lived at the start of our relationship) in early 2014. I am an Australian citizen (by birth) and he is Italian. We are currently living together in London and have been for over 18 months now. Gathering evidence of the duration of our relationship isn’t an issue at all as we have a joint bank account, pay slips, rental agreement, photos etc. Can anyone who has applied for this visa please let me know how long it took for yours to be approved? Did you send police checks / medicals wit the initial application or wait for them to be requested? I’ve read on most places to expect a 5 - 9 month wait but has anyone had it take less/more time? Another major issue is that I’m living here on the Tier 5 (YMS) Visa at the moment but it expires at the end of November. We’re planning on leaving the UK for a few days for a holiday when it expires so that I can come back and hopefully stay here in the UK for a little longer on a general tourist visa (so that we can do a bit more travelling throughout the UK and enjoy a few more weeks here - I obviously wouldn’t be planning on working during this time). However, I’ve also read many forum posts about Australians who have tried to re-enter the UK on tourist visas almost immediately after their Tier 5 Visa has expired and the general consensus seems to be to expect major hassles by Border Control upon re-entry. So, for anyone who has been / or knows someone who has been in a similar situation, I ask... Should I apply for the official 6 month UK tourist visa? Can I even do that from within the UK if I am an Australian citizen and my tier 5 visa is nearly expired? While its not ideal I'll definitely seriously consider flying back to Australia upon my visa's expiration. However, as we're lodging this application off shore, what happens if we haven't received the request for medicals or police checks before my visa expires? From what I've seen, these seem to be occurring around the 4-8 week mark which SHOULD give us enough time before my Tier 5 visa expires but just in case it isn't... I would have to be in the UK, where the visa application was lodged, to do the medical & police check, right? Also, if anyone here knows anyone/or has themself been denied re-entry into the UK after their Tier 5 Visa has expired I'd really appreciate it if you could post your two cents on the situation and maybe tell me a bit about your experience. (Upon re-entry to the UK, I will have a P60 proving my previous work contract has been terminated, proof of purchase of a one way flight back to Australia and proof of funds to support myself... I've read that this evidence helps) Any help with any of my questions will be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance, Jiselle :biggrin:
  11. In the process of completing a Partner Visa (I'm the sponsor) and my mother has done one of the Statutory Declarations; however, she cannot find her birth certificate or old passport (and doesn't have a current one) so I just wondered is there a list stating acceptable evidence of Australian Citizenship? I have tried searching but with no clear answers... Would appreciate any direction! Advanced thanks!
  12. Hello Members. Great to see that you have been a limelight for all those who were in dark , I am writing to check if there will be any suggestion that you give to help my situation. I had completed my Masters back in 2009 and applied for subclass 487 (Family sponsored). The person who sponsored is an Australian Citizen ,who actually is my blood brother but since he was adopted by my uncle when he was 7 years old and lived with adopted parents longer than parents by birth -I was then suggested by immigration department that I have to refer him as first cousin. Anyway I have put him as first cousin and here I am 3 years 6 months and still in bridging visa. The main concern is , I am getting married in July 2013. She is a 22 year old B Tech graduate with 1 year 6 months experience in Tier 1 IT Company in India (Currently analyst programmer - will be 2 years on job on 31st May). I am looking for options to bring her in 1) First option that I looked at is getting her to apply directly on skilled migration programme since her role in in both sol and Regional Migrations scheme but she last than 2 years experience as of now -Is this a recommended option? 2)Second option that I thought of was to bring her in student visa for Ms in information technology (This was something that she has thought about long before we met). We are getting officially married in July but she will apply for student visa either in March or April as a Independent applicant. My intention is to bring her in student visa and change it to 489 dependent visa after I get approved.. ? In doing the second option ,I was advised by some people that Case officers may turn nasty when they access her for 489 since they may feel the entire student visa is a well orchestrated idea to bring her on-shore -As a result both of us may be thrown out(Not trying to exaggerate but just saying the worst situation). What would be your recommendation? Do you mind providing me some suggestion to help my situation ? Regards Victor
  13. Hello Can anyone offer any advice about our situation? I am on a permanent residence visa but my partner is on a sponsorship visa. We have been together for less than a year so she can't apply to go on my visa. Unfortunately her job didn't work out and it will end at the end of May. If she can't find another job within 28 days from then can she apply for a holiday visa? Has anyone out there done this and was it successful? I can afford to support both of us on my salary but I'm worried that they will only grant a very short holiday visa as they might be worried she will try to work? Any ideas or info? Thanks Rachel
  14. Hello there, I have just spoken to a lovely lady at the High Commission in London who informed me that processing time for partner visa could be up to 5-7 months. EEEEK! I explained to her that I work in a profession where positions are few and far between and that one had come up. The employer has extended the closing date for me to sort out my visa, but only until the middle of May. I'm not sure if they would consider a 457, I was told that it would be 'preferable' to have a visa before applying. I have been married to my husband 4 years he is an Aus citizen, my son has dual citizenship and we are going for his aus passport in May. We have a solid application, so I'm guessing that it would be a straight forward case. Has anyone else been told this kind of processing time then had their visa granted sooner? The lady at the High Commission suggested that I submit my application as it is now (I am waiting for Aus fed police check to come back and 1 stat dec from Aus friend), then I will get assigned a Case Officer after 10 days and I can discuss with them. This sounds really quite reasonable, but I'd be gutted to miss out on this job. Any help would be appreciated! Claire :arghh:
  15. Hello, everyone! My husband and I got married last January. We're both Filipinos, but I'm a PR of Australia since 2009. He is still in the Philippines and we have already lodged his application on 27 February. We have completed all necessary documents and he was already asked to undertake a medical examination on 2 March. He did so on 7 March. We haven't heard from a case officer though. How long should we wait? I've heard of somebody being given a visa in 18 days from another country. Is it possible for those from the Philippines? I will appreciate your input on this. Thanks!:cute:
  16. Not new on the visa scene...but confused at this partner visa! My husband is Australian I'm from London- applying for a partner visa...I know I have to be onshore when it's granted (as I am onshore when applying) but does that mean I can or can't travel in between that time? I'm lodging the application end of feb 2012 and have a ticket booked to go back to London for a month in June, if I go and the visa's granted will it be cancelled!? this is so stressful I hate visas!!!!:mad:
  17. LaurenKnowles

    Initial entry date

    I am being processed for a 309 partner visa. I'm in the uk at the moment, and have fallen pregnant- I'm 5 weeks in. I believe that when you are granted your partner visa they give you an "initial entry" date which goes from when your police clearances etc are valid from- so I'm calculating by my papers I'll be given august as this is when I revieved my clearances etc. Problem with this is that I'm actually at bursting point with baby! And if I leave any sooner I am not going to receive any maternity pay from my work. This is a real tricky one- if anybody can give any advice please do... Does anybody know if the date can be Saunders given the circumstances? Thanks x
  18. Hi all, We have applied for a onshore RSMS Visa 857, my de facto partner was in Oz on a working holiday visa, while i was in Ireland with our toddler. Today(13/01/2012), we got the decision from DIAC that my de facto partner was granted the visa and me and the child didn't get the visa because we were off shore, even through we were off shore when the visa was lodged. Our migration agent said we have to lodge a offshore partner visa in DIAC in London now and said that we should be able to get that within 1 month. Does anybody have any experience with this? I'm completely desperate and would appreciate any advise as we haven't seen my de facto for nearly a full year now and its realy hard on the little guy who just had his 3rd birthday. Thanks.