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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, we are moving to OZ this november. We r a family with 4 children, (13,11,9,3)permanent residents visa subclass 176. Looking for public schools in the area. We are trying to :unsure:decide between 1) staying in Gold Coast, that is the suburbs north of Coolongatta airport, like Robina, Varsity Lakes, Merrimac or Pacific Pines. OR 2) heading south of the airport, cross the state border and staying in Tweed heads NSW. Factors affecting our choice are the following - our 3rd son is dyslexic, and requires help reading. We would ideally like a school with good support for slow readers. - our youngest daughter will be 4 in early July. This means if we r in NSW, she gets to goto preschool in Jan2012, but in Queensland, she will start Prep in Jan 2014. The Big difference there is making us lean towards NSW of course. - We have lived in the city all our lives in Malaysia, and I wonder if Tweed heads area has all the perks like there are in the other Gold Coast suburbs : like movie theatres, malls, and parks. - Are halal meat stores easy to come by in Tweed heads? I know they are in abundance in Surfers paradise and surrounding areas. - a lower cost of living would obviously be the more desired option, but not at the expense of being too far away from amenities that we are used to. - will we feel far away from everything if we decide to stay in Tweed heads NSW, seeing that the capital city (sydney) is so far away, or do you think we will be travelling into Queesnalnd for most of our shopping and entertainment? - which is better, the NSW school system or the Queesnalnd one? Obviously we have been to Surfers Paradise and not been south of Coolonggata airport. It's amazing just how daunting it can be to pick a place to live, when you have nothing actually pulling you to a particular city / place! Whetever it is, we need to visit some schools in both places. Any suggestions for good schools? thanks.
  2. Guest

    Burrum Heads / Hervey bay

    Hi, Do we have any members who live in the Burrum Heads / Hervey bay areas. We have a chance to move there and I was wondering what its like.
  3. tonyman

    FREE shower heads @ Bunnings

    the water corp have arranged for Bunnings to give away free water efficient shower heads . all you have to do is take your old one and a water statement so they know your address and they exchange for a chrome head which has massage , normal & massage or just normal flows .........i got one for the girls bathroom and i used it last night (after slashing myself with chlorine) and they are very good , i am going back with our shower head to get another as you are allowed 2 per household............no screwing involved even a woman could fix it ...:wideeyed:......i dont think they have advertised it , they have them underneath the tills (where you pay ect) ...my daughter told me about it as the water corp were at the school encouraging the kids to use less and giving out 3 minute timers.....
  4. do we stay in the uk or move to oz.......i knew 100% what i wanted to do, oz all the way, now 50/50, why?? because its just hurdle after hurdle. SOL list..no longer have our jobs, cant get to speak to a human for more information, reading good and bad posts about oz/uk, where the hell do i start for the ball to be rolling. i am not a very patient person and want everything yesterday, if maybe i could start the ball rolling id have an idea of where i was heading in life, uk/oz. moan over!!!
  5. Guest

    IT heads give me your $0.02

    I'm graduating soon after this semester, doing Business IT and gotta get my skill accessed as Business Analyst afterwards. I have an option to consider which one of the 2 units, but have no idea which is more relevant to Business Analyst. 1. Business Problem Analysis 300 SYLLABUS: Introduction to systems concepts, epistemological mode of 'systems' contrast with ontological mode, problems and issues in analysing user information needs, traditional and contemporary approaches to information systems requirements determination and modelling, the use of Soft Systems Methodology (SSM), and relevant frameworks in managing systems development and as they relate to the above. 2. Business Software Tools 200 SYLLABUS: Entry, manipulation and presentation of data using contemporary spreadsheet and database software. Spreadsheet modelling (including financial, statistical, forecasting and simulation). Basic database design concepts and skills: queries, reports, forms. Import and export of data.
  6. tonyman

    Picture in Our Heads

    As Tink mentioned we probs all have a picture in our heads of many on here and what they look like ...............a lovely bunch of people............or not...........so what pictures do you have in your head of certain people on here ............send in your pics or descriptions ect of certain people and what you imagine them to look like to win a prize...........:biggrin:
  7. peggsgreen

    Our heads hurt !

    Hi all, We are just about to send cheque to veteesse to then apply for practical. Then its apply for visa time ..... we think ? I am a nurse and my hubby is a bricklayer and are going to apply on his trade. However idealy we are going to rent out our house in uk ( due to current climate ) and then rent in Oz, We would love to first spend 12 months there and see how it takes us ........ Sooo can we do that ? What visa do we need ? How much ? We spent the summer with friends that moved to Bunbury 3 years ago and we made lots of friends there, just abit confused and i supose scared about it all . So any advice would be greatly recieved ...... thankyou Help needed :chatterbox: lol
  8. Hi, I have just moved to the Tweed Heads area with my family, just getting settled & in a rental one of our children is now in school. We are just about to start work. Anyone out there in the area with any advice to a newcomer in this area?
  9. nicandjay

    Heads up on suburbs .....

    I have a job at QE II hospital, now for the stressful part finding an area with good school and decent affordable rentals !! What is Forest Lakes like and the surrounding areas? Please can anyone help as its driving me potty looking !! NIc xxx:wacko:
  10. Just a 'heads up" for anyone travelling with Qantas in the near future,whilst I was away on business I heard a rumour from a Qantas contact that they are going to start being very strict about hand luggage,my contact tells me that they will be weighing EVERY piece of hand luggage and anything over 7 kg's will be charged excess baggage rates on. I urge anyone travelling with them to ensure that you keep your hand luggage under 7 kg's and ensure that it meets the size limitations as stated on the QF website. Fly - Baggage - Carry-on Baggage - General
  11. Guest

    help us out , mi heads mushed

    Hello all . I am new :cute: ILL GET TO IT We are a family of 4 . me age 30 husband age 31 electrician and 2 girls age 5 and 7. We are thinking of emigrating to oz We have a big mort bt not a big house lol and my husband works away mon to fri its the nature of his job and we also need the extra money . We know there are probs woth electricians coming over as they have to retrain and take low pay for a yr ( were prepared for that but were doing it for the life change and for the childrens future) we just need to prepare properly Realisticly how much do we need to save to get us there and rent and live for the 1st 6 months . we need to save hard do we apply for visa whilst we are saving i think it will take 2-3 yrs to save enough i dont want to come and then have to come back or make it harder to settle cause were stuggling does anyone know were i can find a immigration show for advice i cant find one on web . We live in south yorks would travel a bit if need to were gonna look into sponsorship ect were taking babysteps lol we need to do this right :goofy:it all so confusing and not easy at all . You would think been on the skill list we would be fine . Oh no of course its us and after all the yr of qualifications ians is the one we have to retrain on sash
  12. Has anyone stayed at Key Largo Apartments at Burleigh heads. I've spent hours on the net trying to find somewhere to stay for 2 weeks in May/June and now i'm about to book i'm worried in case it's not nice. My daughter doesn't want to move to Oz so first impressions will definitely count. We need to win her over a bit lol.
  13. Guest

    Schools in Burliegh Heads

    Hi there We are Rob & Pen have 3 boys ages 7,10 & 13 have passed TRA(as a Fitter) in June sent Visa 175 off yesterday.We are hoping to move to Burliegh Heads or nearby area when we get visa's can anyone let me know what the schools are like in this area o any other info would be much appreciated. Many thanx ROB & PEN
  14. Hi all Heads up for all you dog owners ,as the weather is warming up watch your mutts on walks ,the long slithrey things are awakin from there sleep and they can be a bit cranky . Went on a jog wi oh and dog down from burns beach ,fb (mutt) on long run leash going past ocaen reef harbour a very kind lady gave us a heads up bout mr brown (snake) and his mates , he was sunnin himself at the base of the steps on the path ,big bugga as well ad we had not known soft lad would have been on a long rein and gone for a sniff ,we saw a further 3 and another long brown thing unfortunately in the back of my shorts lol. Be aware and esoecially near water where the tiger snakes are as they as cranky as a woman with pms Mally
  15. Sorry but we haven't been on for a while. On the 11th November we got our visa and on the 16th we sold the house,the people buying it wanted to move in within 3 weeks OMG can you believe it nearly 12 month waiting for visa and house sale and within a weeks we had both. Well 2 weeks into the sale we have had a moving date 12th december, shippers are coming on the 8/9 dec and flights are being held for the 30 dec so if everything goes ok we will be starting the new year with a new life. God how quick everything can turn around. SO STRESTED SO HAPPY SO S******G OURSELFS:goofy:
  16. Credit crunch causes fall of an Empire - Business - BrisbaneTimes Projects on hold as confidence hits wall | The Australian Its not a case of "IF" but "WHEN" and I predict soon.:wacko:
  17. Guest

    Just need a heads up!!

    Hello , I would be greatful for some advice re a job I have been offered within a specialist response team in Wacol. I am a learning disability nurse and the job is working with adults with Learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. The job sounds great, but I need some advice:- Wacol......Whats the place like. Where should we rent.... The recruitment have suggested Springfield Lakes Any one kow anything about the disability services in Wacol. Any help much appreciated. Cheers Andy, Rachel, Jack, Harry and new bump
  18. Hi All, Just having a look through this weeks TV Times and I notice that this week at 17:15hrs (5:15pm) GMT on BBC 2 they are running the programmes again all week. Episodes stated are : Monday-Adelaide. Tuesday-Ireland to Oz. Wednesday-Perth. Thursday-A joiner and his wife in Adelaide. Friday-A luton family sample life in Perth. I post in case anyone doesnt already know. I'm not responsible if the episodes are changed or not show:smile:
  19. Hello All We are new to this website, although have been viewing some of the threads posted here over the past few weeks. We are looking to move to the Gold Coast towards the end of next year (visas/home sale etc being well). We need some advice :twitcy: We have visited OZ in the past and been to Sydney and Cairns, but we would like to live somewhere with a more consistantly warm climate and have some friends who live in Burleigh Waters and have recommended the Gold Coast, so we are concentrating our search in that area. Does anyone know what Burleigh Waters and Burleigh Heads are like? What house prices are like there and whether there are good transport links to any areas of industry? Was also looking at Beechmont - is this quite a way in land though? looks a bit off the beaten track!? Totally confused by everything at the moment so any advice much appreciated. We would also be open to any advice on other areas to live with 3 small children (6 and under) on the Gold Coast. :spinny: Thank you Eloise (Lawyer), Craig (Mechanical Engineer), Molly, Sam and Baby George.
  20. Guest

    Toogoom/Burrum Heads

    Anyone living in these areas just north of Hervey Bay who can give me the good and bad sides and also tell me about the planned mine in BH?
  21. Hi All We are new to this website - its fab! We have only just made the definitive decision to move out the Oz and are just making preliminary enquiries about visas and exactly where we want to live. As we have 3 children, 2 of whom will be at school in January 2010 our main priority is a good school for them. The most important aspects are that it isn't too big (although if it is especially good then this is negotiable), it has a good P and C involvement, performing arts, and preferably lots of excursions (not asking too much then). Based on this info does anyone know whether Caningeraba Primary School or Burleigh Heads State School are any good. Have also been looking at Beechmont State School, although this seems to be quite a way off the beaten track :wacko: Any advice gladly received :notworthy: Thanks Eloise (Lawyer), Craig (Mechanical Engineer), Molly, Sam and baby George