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  1. aussiechick2006

    Shipping Costs

    I don't know about others but everything with ours was all sorted through the shipping company, they sorted it all. It was a lot easier dealing with one person and only one payment.
  2. aussiechick2006

    Shipping Costs

    Yeah, £4k seems to have been the ball park for quite a few years (well from what I've seen and our experience). Obviously it also depends on your final destination. Hopefully someone out there offers a nice (if there is such a thing!) figure.
  3. aussiechick2006

    Shipping Costs

    Ours was for just under half the 20ft container. When you get the quotes do confirm it is in fact to Sale. We had about 7 quotes and I was amazed that after looking at them carefully they had actually put in Melbourne - despite being told our destination was nowhere near! i had a few expensive items of jewellery as well as irreplaceable items. I took it all in my hand luggage. There was no way I was risking taking it any other way.
  4. aussiechick2006

    Shipping Costs

    I haven't posted on here in years, although this caught my eye as location wise we were similar. We we only shipped just under half a 20ft container from Oxfordshire (near Whitney) to a small town near Traralgon (about 45mins before Sale). It it was back in May 2012 and cost £2k (not inc insurance). That was door to door inc packing in the UK. They did say that only using a part container is the more expensive way. But as we didn't want to bring everything it worked out great for us. We used Robinsons. A family business from Oxfordshire and couldn't fault them at all. We got them down a little in price and did insurance through them which was 2%. Over this end they used Grace and couldn't fault them either. Nothing was damaged and only took 6wks door to door as they managed to get it on a ship straight away.
  5. <p><p>Hello you, how's it going, x x have a fab Christmas if we don't speak before</p></p>

  6. <p><p>How´s it going? x x x</p></p>

  7. Hey guys, I did ours myself. Personally I couldn't justify spending so much on an agent when we'd still have to find all of the information anyway. I filled everything in and kept getting my husband sign his life away which felt like every few minutes at some points, lol Ours was a straight forward case (married (in Aus), children, together over 10yrs and so on). But I still had to answer the same questions as everyone else and at the end of the day our case took the same as everyone elses. Good luck with it all (and make sure you have spare printer ink!) AC ps. it's not actually that bad
  8. My husbands medical results got sent to Sydney by mistake. It's no problem at all, I explained this to our CO, she looked on the system as thy a linked (or something like that) and got the details straight away. We only found out this happened after a phone call to where my husband had his examination. I was worried that this may cause a delay but it's no problem. Hope that helps. AC Forgot to say it was sent as a paper copy.
  9. aussiechick2006

    Shipping - shared container

    Ours is going with groupage. £2050 for 400 cuft to Melbourne. Mind you ours is a little extra as its being delivered 100 miles from port. Quotes are normally within a 30 mile radius. Hope this helps a little. AC
  10. aussiechick2006

    what white goods should we take??

    We're only taking our washing machine. As we're only taking 400cuft it works out about £70. Where as a new one the same in Oz was around $1200! AC
  11. aussiechick2006

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    Well we only went and received my husbands Subclass 100 today, woo hoo!!!! So I'm one very happy AussieChick :0) Does'nt change too much, the girls and I are still off next Sunday and he will follow us out when he's finished at work. But as it was me who completed all of the forms etc on my own I'm feeling a strong sense of achievement, lol... And it's one less thing to worry about. AC
  12. Hi everyone, I know how horrible the wait is, checking emails on a far too regular basis! So thought I'd tell you our timeline for my husbands application. Front loaded app sent 17/11/11 CO confirmation (SV) 22/11/11 Visa Subclass 100 granted today 24/04/12 A rough idea of our situation. Been together 11yrs, married 9yrs and have 2 children. Good luck to everyone. AC
  13. aussiechick2006

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    I know I've been extra quiet on here but I've been soooo busy. Tomorrows the day for the removal company, woo hoo.... Even though I'm knackered do you think I can get to sleep...... Nope! Can't believe this is our last night in our house, very strange feeling! 2wks Sunday till the mighty flight. Wish my husband was coming its us, so much for a relaxing flight with my gorgeous monkeys :0) Still I think I'd rather do it alone with them than go here he's off o with work, lol. AC
  14. aussiechick2006

    Too Hot!

    I can see a little bit of where your coming from. Although when i moved to the UK I knew it would get cold. But I wasn't expecting it to get to -18 and feel like winter was at least 6mths of the year. Yep, I'd even been over before I moved to live here. But that month didn't prepare me for over 10yrs of English weather! Maybe it was because I was just in holiday mode and didn't fully notice. AC
  15. aussiechick2006

    Cleaning shoes with Jeyes

    Oh fab, thanks for the info :0) Hopefully we'll be ok. Everything is done now ready for the removals in the morning. Very exciting! AC