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Found 14 results

  1. BearnBob

    Shipping Costs

    Hi All, We are moving from Cheltenham to Sale (Victoria) in April and have had three quotes for shipping. For a 20ft container, prices range from £4,500 to £5,000, plus marine insurance. Is this a typical ball park figure? Many talk about this being the first quote. How do you bring the cost down from such a figure? Bear
  2. just had my quote from a local family company in lowestoft suffolk (BROADLAND REMOVALS) and it is for a sole use 20ft container, came in at £3950 which includes tax, insurance, door to door removals (lowestoft to perth) and everything export wrapped. this also included boxes and they do the inventory. Ive been monitoring all the big boys quotes from other people and i cant see how they are really any better getting them in as they will travel long distances just to quote. I am moving contents from a 4 bed house and i think going locally just might be my way forward
  3. Hi all, its probably been asked before but what fits into a 20ft container ? contents of a 3 bed semi or a garden shed ? In general what have people taken ???
  4. Hi Im shipping Feb 2012 and have got the following prices so far for a 20ft to perth self packed and loaded (self ded where door to door) £2600 Door to door - Simpsons £2770 Door to Port - Johnmason £3580 Door to Door - Migrateglobal WHAT PRICE YOU GOT? THANKS
  5. We are moving to Brisbane in July had a quote from Crown Relo for 820cuft (sole use of 20ft container) quoted £4999.00 :eek: inc packing, unpacking etc. I think this is too steep so have asked for another quote by Anglo Pacific and John Mason. What should the average figure range be for the above, just so I know....maybe Crown Relo is ok:goofy: Any info would be appreciated.....looking forward to the move, all excited now.:biggrin: sunilisa.x
  6. Hi, I got 3 shipping companies to quote for a 20ft container, sole use, and got 3 very similar prices: Crown-£4170 (includes AQIS fee, around $440) Doree Bonner - £4100 (included 8wks free storage) PSS - $4050 I was expecting prices of around £3600 based on other posters quotes. Does this sound reasonable, and how do you get them down if you dont have a cheap quote to play them off with? I ruled out PSS, and its between Crown and DB, would prefer DB. They said they had lots of 'other' offers, like putting $200 into your account if you open it with their recommended bank, pick up from the airport, half day orientation around Brisbane, and more to be confirmed. I would prefer money off the shipping though! Crown said they couldnt come down on the shipping price but could offer something on the insurance. Any haggling advice gratefully appreciated! Shaz
  7. Ok I know its a blond question but cant imagine how much stuff we could fit into it, and do things think beds, book shelves etc need to be dismantled?? Ok stupid question over thanks :twitcy: Em x
  8. Guest

    20ft container how much

    we think we have dicided that we have enouth good furniture to take with us and think we will need a 20ft container, how much have people payed or been quoted for this, what does this include, packing loading storing, how does it work, please, any one that has an awnser please reply need help
  9. We are not taking much with us other than personal belongings, clothing, toys etc. But hubby is a plumber and wants to take his tools with him as will be too expensive to replace when we get to Oz? the thing is he has a lot and have looked into putting them into boxes but he has a couple that are really big power tools and are too wide to fit in even the largest box I can seem to find. We were also thinking of taking my baby daughters furniture with us, so she has her cot, wardobe and drawers. The only containers I seem to find and read about are either 20ft or 40 ft and something about sharing a container, we don't need much space at all, like 2 ft! But it's too big for boxes! Any suggestions??
  10. Guest

    Help 20ft or 40ft

    Help we have a 3 bed house and three kids we are going to take all our furniture some we can flat pack however we do have a three seater and 2 seater sofa and the wife wants to take our wardrobes and we have all the rest like 5 bikes tools garden equpment you know we dont know if we would get it all in a 20ft or do you think we need a 40ft has anyone else had to use the bigger or have most of you used the smaller all your feed back will be great thanks Ron
  11. Guest

    How to fill a 20ft Container?

    We're nearly there now - flying out to Perth on August 17th. In 3 weeks time, our shippers will be packing up our house. We have plenty of room, so can anyone answer the following questions: 1. Televisions - take or leave (can they be easily converted in Oz?)? 2. Are there any items hard to get or expensive we should load up on (for example, ASDA is selling really good cotton t-shirts, 3 for £3, so I've bought a few packs, Matalan have really good value dinner sets so I've bought a couple of sets)? 3. Any recommendations for a car-dealer in Perth, near Padbury if possible? :yes: Thanks, guys!
  12. Guest

    20ft Containers

    Hi everyone:) Had a lady round today from one of the companies that are providing quotes for our removals to Brisbane. We are entitled to a 20ft container with Chris' work package but she does not think we will be able to fit all our stuff in:skeptical: I didnt think we had that much, especially as lots of our furniture and contents were lost when our house was flooded in June. Anyone else had this problem? She suggested moving up to a 40ft container but I think we will have to pay the extra ourselves (not more cost!!!) My little boy Dylan was getting quite concerned that all his toys would be going, bless! Byee for now Karen xx
  13. Hi Guys Have had Crown round for a quote and was really shocked they say we will need a 20ft container, they say it will only be 3/4 full, and have said it will cost £4k + Ins. (they have said if we fill it it will cost extra for packing/unpacking) I am shocked as before we moved into this house we put our furniture into storage and THE LOT fit into a 20ft container....we are only taking about 1/4 of what went into storage! Briefly will comprise of 1 King size bed, 1 chest drawers, 1 double futon, small dining table (which comes apart) and 4 chairs, 2 adult and 2 kids bikes, computer, washing machine, 28' TV, dvd with stand, some of hubby's tools (small drills) and some kids toys (about 5-6 large boxfuls) handful books, photo albums, pictures, 1 large box kitchen stuff then odds and sods. oh yeah and Christmas decs, tree etc (inc 4ft santa - cheers mum) So not taking the masses of outdoor toys, kids beds, bedroom furniture 3 pc suite, 20 odd boxes of carp from the attic etc which were in the unit! Does this sound right? Or are we being done? Have 2 more companies coming in the next 2 days...will be interesting! Crown relocations have also said we can take our daughter wooden play house from the garden as long as it is flat packed and cleaned...does this sound right? Don't want it destroyed over there if it's wrong as it was a pressie from my mum, was specially comissioned and cost £1k.....hate to see it go up in smoke, would rather donate it to local playgroup!
  14. Guest

    20ft Reefer - any good?

    Sorry to start another shipping thread! Can't find the answer to this anywhere I have had another person around to quote today...they said their company do not use 'reefers' as they are more likely to cause mildew and leak. Something to do with the fact they are refrigerated on the way over here for meat, and not always lined properly before being loaded with our stuff. They said that they could do our move a couple of hundred cheaper if we opted to use a reefer than a general purpose container. Any thoughts?