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  1. Hi all Apologies if im in the wrong chat! My parents are looking to visit for 6 months this year and im trying to find an insurance provider for them? Can anyone recommend> My parents are 77 and 65 many thanks
  2. HI everyone - i hope your all well I am looking at the 804 or 103 visa for my parents to join us in Brisbane - they are currently in Edinburgh. Can they come here on a tourist visa and apply whilst here, and the apply for a bridging visa whilst waiting or do they have to return to the UK? The contributory visa is not viable due to the cost for them - many thanks
  3. kellyjamie

    What life really like to live in Queensland?

    weve been here 3 years. Hubby has worked for the same employer since we got here never had an issue. My employers are great aswell. They do like to have a bit of a laugh and a joke at your expense but its kind of like an initiation into the lifestyle i found. As for commuting, i personally would not live on the gold coast and commute to the city but people definately do it. Its far too long and every night you hear of something on the radio that causes hold ups. We live North side and for your age, no kids and commute to the city i stronlgy recommend you look round the recliffe peninsula, we love it there its beautiful. Great cafe and restaurant strip, beautiful beaches for dog walking, fanatstic sunday markets, laid back lifestyle, new train link to open soon and all you need. 40 min up to the sunny coast, 40 min to the city and about 1.5hrs to surfers. We find the working hours here very long, be prepared to work hard during the week. Its dark by the time we get home, but that doesnt stop us throwing something on the BBQ with a bit salad most nights. Mozzies are absolutely an issue but if you prepare your home accordingly you can deal with them. We love nothing more on the weekends then jumping on the car and going for a drive to find new places, or into the city atleast once a month to try a new food place. A perfect Sunday for me if i lived at Redcliffe would be to walk through the markets, grab a coffee pick up some fresh veggies, to have with our sunday BBQ roast. Life here is definately different to how we initially thought it would be and it has taken us a long time to settle, even now we have off days. We find making friends extremely difficult and has been our biggest hurdle without doubt. You will really only get a good feel once your here!
  4. http://www.autorecruit.com.au/job/technician-working-holiday-visa-holders-wanted-ak4687 Hi all, Our client in Darwin is looking for a technician on a WHV to join them for 6 months during their extremely busy tourist season. There is the possibility of sponsorship after the initial 6 months for the right person. Darwin is booming, and is a great place to soak up the sun, fun, sea and sand on your working holiday. Apply via PM in the first instance Thanks Kelly
  5. Morning everyone, I have a role for a large major franchise in Brisbane looking for a qualified tech. Please pm for more details Thanks everyone Kelly
  6. kellyjamie

    Automotive Technician _ Sponsorship available

    Hi Alex, yep definately worth it. you can email me at kelly@autorecruit.com.au
  7. absolutely. we fought a hard fight trying to get here, thats why i know how hard it is, and more so now! Im glad i can maybe try and help someone else now :-)
  8. kellyjamie

    All Vehicle - Mechanics Thread

    Hi everyone, sorry to jump on your thread! Im looking for a Level 4 Land Rover and Jag Tech who needs sponsorship? If anyone is interested please pm me asap! Thanks
  9. Hi all, Is there any Jaguar Land Rover level 4 techs looking for sponsorship? I have a client based in Rockhampton who is one of the largest dealerships in the area. They a re building a brand new state of the art Jag/LR dealership and need a level tech asap. Full sponsorship is available Please pm me for more info Thanks Kelly
  10. Hi everyone, For all the old time members like myself we had a member on here from Brissy called Headstart Homestay. Hes not been on the page for a couple of years, but i wanted to let you know he passed away yesterday aged 42 after a week long battle after being hit head on in a motorbike accident last week on the Bruce Highway. It has truly made me realise today how short and cruel life can be. He was a good guy living his life, loving life and hes been taken too soon. RIP Dale
  11. kellyjamie

    Automotive Technician _ Sponsorship available

    Newstead , inner north brissy :-)
  12. Hi Guys, Im working for an automotive recruiter and we have a role available for a qualified motor mechanic in Brisbane who is willing to sponsor you. This is a large national company who have dealerships all over the country. They are looking at possibly 2 roles as this workshop is growing extremely fast. They are a great company to work for and this specific Service Manager is a top bloke. If anyone is interested please pm me asap. YOU MUST BE QUALIFIED AND READY TO GET THE BALL ROLLING Thanks Kelly
  13. Hi Guys i have been a member on here for several years now and it has seen me through our migration journey and out the other side! I know how difficult it can be to obtain your visa so im now in a position to maybe help someone else, I currently work for a Recruitment Agency and we are looking for Ag Techs for roles in WA. Sponsorship is available. If anyone has any interest please drop me a pm and we can go from there Thanks everyone
  14. Hi all, Ive recently started working with a recruitment company specialising in the Auto industry. I have had 2 roles come up based in WA for Diesel Techs with specific Agricultural experience. Any agricultural experience would be looked at but if you had Claas Harvester experience it would be favourable. There is the possibility of sponsorship available with these posts Both are rural, one is in the Wheatbelt between Perth and Albany and the other on the South coast. If anyone would have any interest could you please pm me. Im using my personal account instead of a business one on here just now Thanks Kelly
  15. kellyjamie


    soz just seen this im not on too often! we liked it, but work wasnt available so weve stayed where we are on the northside of brisbane. We went on a saturday afternoon and it was very quiet................ not sure if it would suit us being quiet so quiet, altho we loved the feel x