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    Medical Insurance - a whole load of questions.

    Fish, Thanks for all the detail - very helpful for when I spoke to GMHBA and the the Teachers' scheme today. We are well under 180 at present but if / when the OH gets work then we would be over and the fact we are 50 this year does make me think that the cost of the levy down the line might make it a no brainer Bear
  2. BearnBob

    Medical Insurance - a whole load of questions.

    Mhags, Thank you. Really, really helpful as we get our heads around it. Just to clarify as we are 50 this year the policies would cost an extra 20% if we didn't get med insurance within the first year. It isn't form 30 is it by any chance? Looking through rebates and exclusions as we speak ... sort of. Bear
  3. BearnBob

    Teacher jobs in auss

    Depends if you have a university degree - not QTS - with sufficient teaching practice days as part of your course.
  4. My better half has returned to the UK in order to collect our eldest daughter who has spent the last term in the UK to finish her studies. I have been left with two challenges - the youngest daughter to look after (quite easy tbh but I can spin that one for a while) but also to sort out the medical insurance. At present we have nothing in place and I would welcome information about: Ambulance cover - needed, I know, but do people have it as part of their insurance? Victoria charges $80 for Ambo cover but BUPA for instance appear to charge much less. We would be looking for a family policy for us two, the eldest (18) and youngest (12). Have looked at GMBHA (?) and the Teacher's scheme. Any recommendations? Having migrated in our late forties my wife tells me that when we registered with Medicare could offset the lack of years we have in a scheme. How does that work? Any experience? How does the claim back part work - i.e. three of us have glasses and how might the insurance help? At present only I am working but that is likely to change so we think paying med insurance would be better than the Medicare levy. Again advice welcome. Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer. Bear
  5. BearnBob

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    Cleaning the house for the nth day - packers arrive tomorrow and we fly Easter Monday. :wink::chatterbox::wacko:
  6. BearnBob

    Goods owned for less than 12 months

    Enquired with Crown. Was told that unless it was new and in the box there was no need to fill this in. Thankfully the leaving gifts are unpackaged. Bear
  7. BearnBob

    Starting to get nervous now

    Tina, You'll never know how much those few words of your help ... packers next Weds, Fly Easter Monday, start work the following Sunday. Yikes Bear
  8. BearnBob


    Ozmaniac, Thank you - really helpful. I managed to get my dates mixed up so in fact it was July and August 2013 when we last visited and 2011 when we validated. I'm therefore assuming the 2011 dates are far too far in the distance but might the 2013 weeks still count? For some reason I thought it was four years for citizenship: more than happy for it to be three if I have read your reply correctly. The only relevance of the question is for the eldest who is going to be a student in Oz and it might affect the loan system. As PR holders we don't qualify at the mo but it might help for her final year of study. Bear
  9. BearnBob


    Folks, Not an urgent but out of interest question. We are moving in a weeks time (Yikes) and were trying to work out how our citizenship might pan out in due course. We spent 7 weeks in Oz in 2012, whilst validating the visa, 7 weeks in 2014 job hunting an finally got the job at Christmas. Do these two periods of residence count towards our citizenship providing in due course we fulfil the other criteria. Of the other criteria am I right in thinking its four years and the 12 months prior to application being resident or on an RRV for no more than 90 days? Bear
  10. BearnBob

    PO Box Address

    Dear All, A strange one this which may be something or nothing. We move to Victoria in a few weeks and will live in the school where I have a job, effectively in accommodation provided by the school to look after the pupils who live in the school! I have just had the address through and at it is a PO Box so in effect our mail will come through the school, most probably through a pigeon hole type system. Its what I've had for the past seven years here so no major change but in the UK I don't have a PO Box address. Am I right in thinking this might be a problem for some utilities, banks, soothing else or is that simply an experience of a minority? Bear
  11. BearnBob

    National Insurance Contributions

    Very aware of the deadline implications and we have discussed the real possibility that not transferring might well work best for us given our circumstances: had I gone for a no fee advisor then I am sure of the answer i would have been given! Might I ask if you transferred your pension and are you in Oz to stay? I had thought that my state pension would be frozen from the time I left Australia. Paying NI would therefore seem to ensure index linked increase until 67 as things stand. Bear
  12. BearnBob

    National Insurance Contributions

    Folks, Am currently speaking to a pensions expert regrading my Teacher Pension where I have 26 years service to date. We don't know if we are moving short term or for good so will be interesting what advice he offers. We have paid a fee up front so it isn't as if he is on comission to move our money. With regards to state pension I had assumed it would be frozen at the point that I leave the UK - five weeks to go. Am I reading this right that I could pay Class 2 contributions of £700 approximately a year to maintain my UK state pension and that it would therefore increase untilI reach retirement age? The joys of financial planning Bear
  13. BearnBob

    6 months in - Long post

    What a brilliant post - as much about your spirit and determination as the basic nuts and bolts of moving overseas. Having lived on the Coast for a year (twenty years ago) I agree that it is hard done by - great climate and close to so many places to visit. That said my journey to Brissie was on a two lane highway through scrub (type) land in places. Can't believe I have four weeks of teaching left and that in six weeks time we will be en route to Melbourne. Bear
  14. BearnBob

    Shipping Costs

    Just had our fifth survey and are awaiting the last quote. The quotes range from £3,960 to £4,960, the highest including DAFF fees, usually £300 I'm assured but happy to be corrected. Once we have the last quote we will then see where the land lies but am delighted to get a quote under 4k from one of the top companies. Pays to shop around but by the end of next week everything needs to be booked, so wish us luck. Bear