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  1. thewebweazel

    Feeling fed up in perth..?

    I reckon that some people "Made up their minds" even before they have unpacked the boxes, you have to give it at least 2 years and you have to make an effort. It's strange how so many people expect the perfect life after emigrating.
  2. thewebweazel

    Feeling fed up in perth..?

    Thanks Kate!
  3. thewebweazel

    Feeling fed up in perth..?

    More like penguins very poor cousins! P.S. I lurk every now and again.
  4. thewebweazel

    Feeling fed up in perth..?

    Honestly how can you take anyone that likes Tim Tams seriously ?
  5. It's great to see it all turned out for the better. Bit of a bummer to arrive with all this rain but soon we should have an awesome summer woohoo!
  6. thewebweazel

    Big swings in petrol prices

    Try using http://www.fuelwatch.wa.gov.au/ consumer protection website for fuel prices in WA. Supposedly petrol stations have to submit daily fuel prices to consumer protection by 12 the day before.
  7. thewebweazel

    PR Granted Yesterday!!!

  8. thewebweazel

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    How did it go?
  9. thewebweazel

    Lets all buy tents!!

    Just have to wonder when it all is going to all come crashing down, prices seem to be so inflated, it doesn't seem to be sustainable
  10. thewebweazel

    Wanted Down Under

    Bit strange that lot!!
  11. thewebweazel

    Tesco Burgers

    Yeah not to bad Settling in here in Perth!
  12. thewebweazel

    Tesco Burgers

    You should have checked the Salami aisle! I bought both Donkey and Horse Salami in France in the local supermarket. If they were willing to admit Horse or Donkey one can only imagine what "filler! they are using:twitcy::twitcy:
  13. thewebweazel

    Wanted Down Under

    WOW that Chantelle on yesterdays WDU was really HOT:happy_face_mummy_go I'm in Love !!!!!