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    Just a quicky really. We are happily living in Aus, after arriving to live here with a PR visa on 3/8/12. However, we came and activated our visa in April 2011. Does anyone know if we can apply for citizenship when we have clocked up 3 years (as we are allowed to be out of the country for 12 months) as we previously activated our visa, so August 2015. Or do we need to wait until August 2016, when we have actually lived in the country for 4 years? Cheers
  2. We moved last July and love it here. We have left nearly all our money in the UK. We didn't want to give our UK house away, so it is rented out. We are making a small profit on it each month, which should pay for any maintenance. We are now saving up to buy here, we plan to build and with the $23500 new construction/first home buyers grants, we'll be good to go in May. In the UK my husband worked for himself and did quite well, I was a senior teacher in a large secondary school and we were always hard up working. Now my husband works for someone, comes home at a reasonable time and I only work 3 days a week. We are far better off than we were in the UK on a weekly/monthly basis. But the main thing is we spend so much quality time together as a family. Our kids love it here and so do we. if the house prices in the UK pick up and the exchange rate improves we will sell up in the UK and pay off our very large Aussie mortgage. But for the time being when we buy here, with a small saved deposit, we will only be paying $30 per week more than our rent AND our kids are growing up with us not working 24/7!
  3. They asked me for something else and started the clock again. Very frustrating. It is worth it though when you get here
  4. We needed to either get state sponsorship or my OH's skills assessed, as we were both just over 35 when we put our visa in we needed the points. Worked out much cheaper and quicker to get state sponsorship than my OH doing the vetasses process. Also saved my OH time and money to get his class A electrical licence when we arrived. I'm a secondary maths teacher, so I was on the list for SA.
  5. angphil

    Shipping - shared container

    totally got the wrong end of the stick, we need both! Gutted
  6. Hi, we are just getting our quotes for removals and have been told that we could have a sole use 20 foot container for around £3800. But all our stuff will go in part of a container, the quote says £800 (hope it is not a typo). Just wanted to kniw if anyone had gone down the shared container route and if so what are the pitfalls. Thanks
  7. angphil

    Electricians In Australia

    We got some info through about it, but I don't think my OH will go as there wasn't much for SA.
  8. angphil

    Electricians In Australia

    We were the same, my OH has done the ATRC (but he can't get the certificate until we get to Australia) and then he needs to to the PEER exam in SA and apply for his class A licence. It is different for different states and it is all changing soon too - just to make it more complicated! We are in Bingley, so round your way. Where are you off too?
  9. I'd make her a deal, good AS grades and she can stay if not she's on the plane! Just think if she gets her A levels she'd probably be going to Uni in Autumn 2013 anyway.
  10. Hi, Please can you see what you think about our car. Details below. Cheers 1) 2007 Renault Scenic 1.5dCi 106 Dynamique 60K mileage with aircon Diesel Manual 2) Market value in the UK £6300 3) Market value in Australia $13 000 to $15 000
  11. angphil

    Electricians In Australia

    They wouldn't send my OH's out without evidence that we lived there (like a bank statement or rental agreement). My OH wanted his sent so he had it when we arrived.
  12. angphil

    Jealous People?

    I feel sorry for people who are negative. At least we have the guts to give it a try. I got upset about people telling me how upset my Mum and Dad are, how they couldn't leave their family, how they couldn't put their children through the trauma of leaving everyone they love/know. We are doing what we think is best for our family. We see the glass as half full and if nothing else it we will have had a once in a life-time experience. SOD THEM!!!
  13. angphil

    Teaching in South Australia

    I don't think it does. STEM is normally Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths. There are loads of IT teachers in the UK and many struggle to find work and you'll need to do your year induction before you move to Auz or you will not be a fully qualified teacher (you only have a few years to pass your induction year in the UK). If you have Maths or Science you may be better doing that as there is not enough decent teachers in these subjects. Physics is really in demand and I would definately reccommend that if you are confident in the subject. I got state sponsorship through SA (Maths teacher), but we are not going until August, so I can't comment on what it is like in Auz.
  14. angphil

    What would you do?????!!!!!

    Get yourself off. These opportunities don't come about that often. Good luck