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  1. TheVet

    Capital gains

    I returned permanently to the UK a year ago after nearly 30 years in Oz. Dual citizen. My Oz house that I bought 20 years ago has been rented out for the last 5 years while I worked here and there. Right now I'm faced with the dilemma of going back to Oz to renovate and sell before CGT for non residents comes in on 1st July 2020 OR continuing to lease it knowing I would have to go back to live for at least 6 months in the future to sell when I have tax residency back! Can anyone confirm my understanding that as a non tax resident of Oz I won't have to pay CGT provided it sells before July 1st 2020. It's my first home and I paid a heap extra stamp duty on my UK flat declaring it an investment second home. Also I understand OZ withholding tax of 12.5% would be payable. When would this be returned? TV
  2. TheVet

    Partner wants to go back, I don't!

    Austaff, (I'm writing from the point of view of a never married 50+ Englishman in Australia) I'd say your relationship should be your upmost concern. If you are fully settled in Oz then you must be the nomadic type and thus you are also able to accommodate living back in the UK. I migrated to Oz 25 years ago and have been back to the UK at least 30 times, even to work for a year or so. Ive lived in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Neither country is better than the other - they are just different in so many ways. But Ive found the things that niggled me about Australiain the beginning (heat, humidity, culture, lousy tv, distance, Australians ;) get worse with time/age and I for one cant see myself getting much older here and end up in some old persons home with people I have little in common with. Your main focus should be on your relationship - if its the most important thing for you then the solution is follow him home. If its not THAT important to you - try being single here asap with a trial period apart. You both need to weigh up your priorities fast. Either way one solution could be to let him go back alone so you can both weigh things up at the same time) Andy
  3. TheVet


    From the album: Moi

  4. TheVet

    Moving to Melbourne in October

    My advice: Bring lots of jumpers - it's fricken freezin'! And frequently windy at the moment.
  5. 1992, 27:wideeyed: where did the years go?
  6. TheVet

    Feeling lonely in need of buddies

    Hi Tracey, When I migrated I thought it best to try integrate with Ozzies and not search out poms. Now I am sure that was the wrong decision for me. Poms understand you, know your difficulties and can be very good friends in your new country. Seek them out. meetup.com is a good start. We are orphans in this country - find other people like yourself Andy
  7. TheVet



    <p> </p>

    <p><p>Hi Barbaitch,</p></p>

    <p><p>Thanks for the message. I havent been on here for 3 or more months whilst studying hard for Airline Transport rating exams. I'm finally taking the required steps to getting an airline career.</p></p>

    <p><p>Trouble is there are no jobs and I'm probably too old but it is something I always wanted to do.</p></p>

    <p><p> </p></p>

    <p><p>No I never got my parents out. My dad has medical complications which means he is now quite tied to the UK medical system. He has multiple myloma which, although treatable with chemotherapy, the drugs have caused him to lose all feelings in his lower legs. They wont be coming out.</p></p>

    <p><p>I'm left feeling I should return to the UK to be closer to them in their final years. My sister is back on the scene in the UK after a 10 year disappearance which takes a little pressure off me but Im feeling very unhappy, single, voluntarily out of work not wanting to go back to I.T. and living off savings (not dole). Aaaaagh!</p></p>

    <p> </p>


  9. TheVet

    Why do I feel so lost in Aus?

    Sarahrob198, If you the suffered the same workplace/working hours situation in the UK I suspect you'd clearly see the job was the problem! Let the job go and find another - it's too soon to write off Australia. Make your goal your citizenship with a planned return to the UK at that stage. OOW
  10. TheVet

    Family of 4 Melbourne to Brissy - advice needed pls!

    I have a house in chapel hill available for rental to the right people
  11. TheVet

    ST rental close to Brisbane

    My lovely house in Chapel Hill Brisbane is available immediately. 4bedrooms,pool,aircon,double garage, furnished. Just bring sheets. Short or long term.
  12. TheVet

    Brisbane rental

    For long term rent I would accept a little less than market rates knowing it's in good hands - around $750 per week. For short stayers I would ask for a higher rate and bond. There are cheaper places but sometimes they can be depressing. My place is like a luxurious, inspiring designer home. Like a mini resort. Lovely pool, decks, split level lounge and ducted aircon throughout. I've rented it out occasionally before and had guests wanting to buy the place. That would now be an option given I have moved to Melbourne. TV
  13. TheVet

    Brisbane rental

    I have a lovely 4bed home with pool, ducted aircon, double garage sitting vacant right now. It's mine but I am working in Melbourne. Semi furnished - 2queen beds, sofa, plasma, dining table. 2 bathrooms. Lots of room for more furniture. Nice area - indooroopilly. Ideal stopgap for new migrants. Short or long term rental. TV
  14. Hi PPP2, How long were you out of Australia when you scored the RRV ? Would love an update of the details. My folks have been away from Oz nearly 12 years and I am wanting them to return. TheVet (Brisbane)
  15. Hi barbaitch, I have a few questions if you are ready. q1 What length of RRV did they grant you? 5years or 3 months? q2 Do you have to provide proof of ties beforehand or are they only asking for it now? q3 My folks left OZ a little over 10 years ago. Is that a problem? They have never had an RRV since their perm residency expired. TV
  16. Hi Barbaitch!, Thats fantastic. I can break the news of your win to my folks in the UK to. They will feel relieved with your precedent and more confident that they have the same chance. I would like to compare notes on the strength of the ties and timings etc. But for now please celebrate! Ecstatic, TheVet
  17. Hi Barbaitch, Have you (or anybody following this thread) researched the possibility of 'living' in oz on a tourist visa? ie. when tourist visa expires head over to NZ or Vanuatu for a day and come back on another tourist visa. I dont know the standard length of a tourist visa or how reliable it is to keep getting them. I dont know if anyone does it. I know it may not seem like a real comfortable idea at the moment but if its possible its an easy option. Far cheaper than fast-tracked retirement visas. My parents confirmed to me on my recent visit to UK that the older they get the more they would consider such a 'less permanent' option even after them jumping all those hoops 10 years back. Does anybody know if this is possible or know anybody doing it??? After all you wont be seeking work... if it was possible and guaranteeable it would be a cheap and easy way to go.If you ever got to the state where you cant fly - then cruises become another option I suppose! TheVet
  18. To be brutally honest I think your chances of getting permanent residency in Australia with a criminal record like that are nil.
  19. Barbaitch, you guys getting another RRV means a lot to me as I have parents in the uk getting old (75). Their 5year multiple-entry perm res ozzie visa expired 10yrs ago after they returned to uk after 1 year in oz unable to handle the Brisbane humidity. I am moving to Melbourne now as I have had enough of it too. If I can't get them back to Oz I will have to go live back in the UK as I want to look after them. Major life hassle as I can't continue my career in the UK either!
  20. Barbaitch, Any news yet? TheVet
  21. Hi Ilona, I have just got back to Brisbane 5 days ago after a long period in the UK. I'd be happy to meet for lunch or even a beer after work on Fri. PM me if you like. Andy
  22. TheVet

    Where's the excitment in oz ?

    If you found Melbourne dull I'd recommend avoiding Australia completely as I find it more lively than all the other cities put together (although I havent lived in Perth)
  23. Just take them as carry-on. They are saying NO because it easier for them to just say no than to interpret the regulations for you - to avoid them hassle examining/identifying it- and to avoid them having to handle them in the case they cant allow them in your baggage. Australian aviation regulations say ok to batteries as carry on but only up to a certain power (100Wh). The regulation tlk about Lithium Ion batteries as these are the current type and the most volatile. Nickel Cadmium are old and more inert. http://HTTP://www.casa.gov.au/scripts/nc.dll?WCMS:STANDARD::pc=PC_90372 Here's a section...... Lithium or lithium ion batteries (Low Power) - eg. Spare batteries on their own – must be individually protected to prevent short circuits. Lithium metal or lithium alloy batteries must not have a lithium content exceeding 2 grams; or Lithium ion batteries must not have a Watt Hour rating of more than 100Wh. Spare batteries must be individually protected so as to prevent short circuits (by placement in original retail packaging or by otherwise insulating terminals, e.g. by taping over exposed terminals or placing each battery in a separate plastic bag or protective pouch). TheVet (commercial pilot)
  24. TheVet


    The capital cities usually have a certain road where backpackers go on a certain day to try sell their vehicles. Sydney certainly has one but I cant recall the name. However, when I used to look they were all absolute wrecks - and mostly just vans with a mattress slung in. I ended up spending $6k on a beaut VW Kombi with full factory camper fitout from a private seller. Extending roof, 3way fridge but within 200k the engine seized and needed a replacement motor fitted for $1500 from VW King in Sydney but it came with a warranty which gave good piece of mind for the big trip. Got $5k back for it so given the time i used it it was a bargain. I wouldnt dream of paying less. TV